All About A Used Electric Scooter. Second hand electric scooter

All About A Used Electric Scooter

Many individuals are abandoning cars in favor of more environmentally friendly modes of transportation, particularly in metropolitan areas, as they become more conscious of the environmental effect of fossil-fuel automobiles. Electric scooters have already developed a sizable place in the market, inspiring many individuals to start moving toward eco-friendly alternatives.

Electric scooters are increasingly popular in recent years due to the epidemic. Many of these may be found on the secondhand market. You may get a new electric scooter. Unfortunately, many of them are too expensive. Is buying a used electric scooter worth it?

Part 1. The Advantages of Buying a Used Electric Scooter

Electric scooters are not all pricey, although some are comparable to automobiles. Perhaps you’ve had your eye on a high-end variant but lack the finances to purchase a brand-new option.

You might consider purchasing a secondhand electric scooter if you’re on a constrained budget. The following are the most significant advantages of purchasing an electric scooter used by another owner.


If you can acquire an electric scooter for a low price, updating or repairing it won’t be expensive. You got a great bargain if you can get and patch up a used e-scooter for less than almost half the price of a new unit.

Reducing Waste

Electric scooters are more environmentally friendly than conventional motorized transportation, one of their greatest selling features. However, although the scooter may be environmentally friendly, the transportation techniques utilized to deliver a brand-new version may not be.

You are saving a used electric scooter from winding up in landfills by purchasing it. If you buy from a local merchant, you will be reducing your environmental impact by avoiding the need for international shipping.

Interested in Researching E-Scooter

Some people can assemble electric scooters out of scrap parts. Maybe you’re the kind who likes figuring out something works. If this interests you, buying a used electric scooter is ideal.

Part 2. The Disadvantages of Buying a Used Electric Scooter

Not Safe

Electric scooters can have substantial flaws that aren’t always obvious at first but can cause big issues that could lead to injury. You cannot confirm what form of care the scooter has had during its history unless you know the previous owner. It may have been exposed to the elements for weeks, or it could have been exposed to the rain daily.

Potential Issues

There’s no denying that a brand-new electric scooter will be in better shape than an electric scooter used previously. Even though many have been properly cared for, there is no assurance that the former owner rode cautiously or performed essential maintenance. So, there can be potential issues with the scooter itself.

Limited Buying Options

If you’ve always desired a specific scooter but couldn’t purchase it, you may have to wait a little while for such an option to show up for purchase. This only demonstrates that when purchasing a secondhand electric scooter, you just have limited options.

Waste Money

If you’re in desperate need of a scooter, a used one may wind up costing more than a new model. Even the scooter that appears to be in perfect condition may have costly issues to fix.

Part 3. Is It Worth Buy a Used Electric Scooter?

Purchasing a secondhand scooter that was initially more costly has the potential to be a wonderful deal. However, purchasing a used scooter that was originally less expensive carries more risk.

People with higher incomes will likely buy costlier scooters, and when it comes time to sell them, they will not be as concerned about getting the most money possible. In reality, they’re probably simply looking to get rid of it most of the time. As a result, you may find some fantastic bargains in the price range.

Still, if you want to buy something from the local market, a refurbished TurboAnt X7 Pro can never be the wrong choice for you. This scooter will provide excellent options and a long-lasting lifespan, whether old or new. Therefore, you can truly save some money and still enjoy a top-notch riding experience with this model.

Though most electric scooters specialize in one category, such as incredibly fast speeds, a long-range, or a truly clean design, TurboAnt combines elements from each category to create a nearly flawless electric scooter. The TurboAnt X7 Pro is an essential addition to your life if you’re hoping to become engaged in ecological transportation or lightweight outings.

With a continuous peak speed of 20 mph and a range of up to 30 miles on a single recharge, the X7 Pro is an outstanding cheap electric scooter. The scooter is powered by a strong 350-watt motor powered by a 36-volt, 10-amp-hour lithium-ion battery. The power motor works in tandem with a very sensitive throttle for a faster acceleration trajectory.

The scooter also has a brilliant 3W headlight and taillight and a pair of side reflectors for increased nighttime safety. The handlebars are a tad cluttered with a left brake lever, an LED indicator, a soft rubber throttle, and a bell. However, with a price tag of 549.98, TurboAnt X7 Pro is the ideal option for you. A refurbished model would cost even less. So, it’s a win-win for you.

Part 4. How to Buy a Used Electric Scooter

If you genuinely want a specific used electric scooter and are serious about purchasing one, here are the topmost tips to help you.


Find out the cost of a new unit of the electric scooter you wish to purchase. This might offer you an advantage in bargaining. Don’t enter a price discussion without knowing what the seller most likely paid for it.

Quality of Scooter

Before purchasing a scooter, consider taking it out for a trial run. If you think this electric scooter to have been lightly handled, it should seem and operate in the same manner. Take a 10- to 15-minute ride on it. This will assist you in identifying issues that may not be apparent at first. This can help determine the quality of the scooter.

Battery Condition

Another important element is the battery of the scooter. See if it provides the same range as a new unit would. Otherwise, compare the difference and lower the price according to the available range. Know that e-scooter batteries cost a lot, and if you buy a worn-out battery, you will have to spend your savings on buying a new battery.


Lastly, look for the warranty of the scooter. If you can find a used electric scooter with a warranty, that will be great since you can contact the original manufacturer in case of issues.


Is it a good idea to purchase a used electric scooter? Yes and no.

Why should you go for a new scooter? Many studies demonstrate that purchasing a secondhand electric scooter is terrible since you don’t know who you’re purchasing from or what the scooter could require. Unlike a secondhand automobile, you can’t see how aggressively the previous owner used the scooter and how many users it has had.

Why should you go for a used scooter? If you know the scooter’s background and maybe even the owner, buying a used one for the cost savings alone might be a Smart choice. So, it depends on the scooter and the former owner who managed the scooter.

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How to Safely Buy a Used Electric Scooter

Buying anything used can be a daunting process. Buying used scooters can not only be confusing, but they can also be dangerous. Below, I am going to give you a checklist on what to look for so you can be confident on how to purchase a used electric scooter

I’m going to tell you how I got a Kaabo Mantis Pro used for 150 and how it could have ended up in injury. If the seller wasn’t honest with me about the issues, I would have overpaid and could have ended up breaking some bones.

I am glad I was able to get a hold of this scooter because it has helped me learn some major issues to look for when buying a used one.

The Ultimate Checklist to Buying a Used Electric Scooter

This is a quick checklist that will make you confident in buying your next used scooter. Some of the items are just minor but some are extremely major. I’m going to elaborate on the items that I think are the worst issues.

The Worst Used Electric Scooter Issues

Tires – You can always watch YouTube videos on how to change tires but a lot can go wrong if you don’t do it correctly. You can crimp cables, bend rims and brake discs. Worst is that you could install it incorrectly and have it blow when riding.

If you are not handy and the tires are not in great shape, I would make sure you are getting a good enough deal on the used scooter to hire a professional to change the tire. A ton of Xiaomi M365 scooters are on the market due to how tough the tires are to change.

The cost for a tire change will vary depending on the scooter. Tires are normally 30-50 so if you can do it yourself, it won’t be too expensive. Cost of tire change by an expert will vary depending on location.

Batteries – A replacement Kaabo Wolf battery is 915.00, so its important to check if it works. However, checking a battery is the toughest thing to check and its the most expensive component to replace

You can ask the buyer to charge it fully and you can see if it reaches the max voltage stated. For example if a Wolf Warrior 11 is fully charged it should reach 67.2 volts. If the seller fully charged it and is stating less than 67.2 volts there may be an issue with the battery.

You can also research and see if the scooter dies before the dead battery voltage. For example, a Kaabo Wolf 11 dies at 48 volts. If the scooter dies before that, it is typically due to a bad battery cell.

A bad battery cell is the worst because you must know how to rebuild the battery pack or buy a new one. Most electric scooters do not have an app and they do not show individual battery voltage. I’m hoping that one day there will be a easy way to check on this.

Bad Motor – If there is a bad motor it is not the easiest fix. You will have to open up the scooter and disconnect the motor. You will also have to put the old tire on the new motor.

Most electric scooters are so tight with all the wiring, battery, and controller so you will most likely have to pull some things out to switch out the motor. Motors are also expensive so you may not want to buy a used scooter with a motor issue.

Bad Controller – Changing a controller can be tedious task so tread lightly if you are not handy. You have to disconnect a lot of wires and reconnect them correctly, so make sure to take good notes. Controllers are very expensive so if a seller is saying it is acting funny, you may not want to buy that used scooter.

Electric Scooters are Normally Dependable

These are some things to check on, but overall electric scooters can be extremely dependable. Most used commuter scooters will be fine but when start getting into the higher tiered scooters there is a lot that can go wrong.

I was able to purchase a used Kaabo Mantis Pro for 150 but the motor had sheared bolts around the split rim. I was able to change out the motor but the brake disc was bent from the sheared bolts so I’m going to have to replace that as well. Still not a terrible deal but if I were not handy, it could be costly.

I was lucky the seller was honest with me because he could have sold the damaged scooter to someone for 1500 since it retailed for 2200. It would not be worth it at that price. If I would have rode it without knowing the issues, the tire could have popped and caused major injury.

It was a great experience buying this used scooter and I learned a ton. I hope this guide can help you in making a Smart and safe purchase.

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Really helpful local bike shop. Had some troubles fitting a new tube and was back and forth all day to the shop. They were friendly each time and threw in a free tube for my new spare. Will be back for a service/parts in the future.

This shop put my new e-scooter tyre on while I waited, on a Saturday, for a fair price (and seemed happy to do so). I appreciate the service guys. No one else I phoned was helpful and one shop (ending in roo) wanted 80 for ten minutes work. Five stars.

Micheal and Steven are such friendly, kind and generous men who helped me find the right bike for me, with much assistance, advice and support for my biking endeavours ahead. I’m grateful, thankful and appreciative of their time and effort with me 🙂

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I thought there was no one there, but they’re actually on the back. I told the guy that I need a light bike for my daily commute within certain budget. He showed 3 bike options and I tried 3 of them. The size was perfect for me and all in great condition. I was very happy that I found a bike that suited me best and he helped to fit it into my car. Great service!

Awesome service. Incredibly friendly and helpful. especially for someone who knows nothing about bikes!Bought a second hand bike after a couple of trial rides and pleasantly surprised to hear that it’s guaranteed for a year. Would recommend.

The shop has a good range of seconds and new. After visiting several shops, we’ve both found what we want here. And good price! We were served by Mike and nothing was too much to ask. Steve fitted our accessories and was very sleek about it.

Not just a bike shop. these guys will look after your escooter needs as well. Good, old fashioned service. Wish more businesses were still like this.

I went to movement systems to get a bike for my commute. I don’t know a lot about bikes and the staff were so friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend and I’ll be back when it needs a service. Thank you and thanks especially to Michael! 🙂

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Was a great experince. with no fuss. Every bike up high was not a problem for the guys to get down for us and let us go for a ride on every bike till we made our choice. Great service thanks Mike and Steve ?

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Huge range of new and 2nd hand bikes and accessories. Really cool collection of old choppers hanging from the ceiling and walls. The staff are knowledgeable and helpful. They’ve helped me fix issues with my bike as cheaply and as well as possible.

Absolutely top class customer service from Mike and Aaron. They went above and beyond to help me choose a bike within my budget and helped me fit it to it on my car bike rack as well as tips on how to look after it. So friendly and shared a nice conversation with them. I would highly recommend. Thanks guys

Giving these guys an upgrade in rating and putting my first experience 5 years ago behind me. So far the communication over the phone as an anonymous caller has been top notch. I am about to take a different bike to them that I purchased privately last year. I will update again after the bike has been inspected and works completed.

Have brought bikes from Mike and Stephen for years now and get our bikes serviced there.Alway get great service and any spare part needed are at a very good price.

Awesome service, what great people!! Also they have a good range of new and second hand bikes and parts.

I had a problem with the on/off switch on my Kaabo e-Scooter so I first took it back to where I bought it. a big name scooter chain. and was told it needs a new display, and I had to pay 180 upfront and leave it there for at least two weeks before their technician would fix it. I wasn’t happy with that so I tried Movement systems. The guy at Movement Systems had a fiddle with it for 30 seconds and it was fixed for no charge! He said it’s a common problem.Great stuff. thanks, and I’ll be going straight back there anytime I need something scooter-related.Thanks Movement Systems. very happy!

Fantastic service, great people. Look for Mike! Movement Systems are supporters of the Perth Scooter Group ! They sell bicycles, E bikes and E scooters!

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Had been looking around for a spoke for an ultegra hub rim from about 2015 and was surprised how hard it was. not even Shimano could supply spares. Then I found this shop. There’s an amazing array of bikes for sale both new and some very cool second hand bikes plus a well stocked workshop and a lot of spare parts. The owner was able to fish out exactly what I needed in about 30 seconds to get on the road again and I know where I’ll be going next time I need spares or advice.

Came across this store today while looking for parts to convert my Norco VFR into an everyday commuter. Friendly staff and had a HUGE help in sourcing parts. Not pushy at all and no upselling, so will definitely be coming back for other accessories!

Huge range of bikes and boards in here. Lovely helpful staff, speedy service and a fair price. Thanks for fixing up my board ?

Found all the staff very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Thanks for a great experience, highly recommend!

Came here after a recommendation from a friend. I was looking for a second hand commuter bike. Steven made for a very relaxed and no-pressure buying experience. All second hand bikes come with a 12 month warranty and a basic service is approximately 40. The bike has been fantastic to date.

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Highly thoroughly recommend this place. Deceptively small frontage, leads into a large showroom, of remarkable comprehensive selection of cycles, scooters even skates etc.Steve was so helpful obliging in resolving my problem, even though I did not get my e-scooter from them. They were recommended as the specialists, to do my servicing any repairs, from interstate supplier.Knowledgeable, competent professional I cannot ever remember being more impressed with a Perth based business, prior to my visit with them this morning. Please do yourselves a favour by checking out Movement Systems before going anywhere else. Fantastic place!

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Bought a second hand hybrid bike for my daughter (15) who hadn’t ridden for a few years. The guys were super helpful with tips and advice for getting started. The guys were not pushy at all and suggested several different styles of bike to test. Bike came with a 12 month warranty. We grabbed a helmet and drink bottle holder, the holder was fitted while we paid for the bike without us even asking. The selection is huge for both new and used. The service/ repair area looked very professional. We’ll definitely be taking all our bikes back there for servicing. Thanks guys.

Brilliant shop. The boys put together my MTB that runs a Bafang mid-drive system. They are always thorough, well priced and extremely knowledgeable. Highly recommended.

I am so pleased with my second hand bike. I would never want to spend the type of money its takes to get a brand new Giant bike so second hand was such a fantastic option. Had a test run for 3 days over at rotto and its amazing. The customer service is outstanding they made sure I had a bike that was perfect for my hight and lightweight as requested. After picking the bike it was ready for me to pick up within 3 hours looking brand new. They removed the basket off my old bike and put it on my new bike at no extra charge. The staff were friendly and accommodating. The bike was registered with the cops and comes with a 12 month warranty. If you want amazing customer service and a unique shopping experience I suggest going here. Just awesome!

I just purchased a new electric bike from this store, being my first e bike i had no idea what i was looking for, but the staff at Movement Systems were so helpful, and their range was huge. I am very happy with my new bike and can not recommend this bike shop more highly, thank you.

We went to motion systems to day and left with two second hand bikes. The service and support they offered was fantastic and went far beyond expectations ️. They do get busy based on our experience making it hard for someone to come to us. The second I asked for assistance it was fantastic and could not be happier over all. I later found out I was dealing with the owner and definitely seems like a top bloke.

Should You Buy Used Electric Scooter?

Becoming more aware of environmental impact of fossil-fuel vehicles, many people are ditching cars for more eco-friendly means of transportation, especially in urban settings. With the variety of different designs available, electric scooters have already carved a pretty broad niche and inspired many people to take a step towards greener tomorrow.

Not all electric scooters are expensive, but some cost as much as a car. Maybe you have your eye on a high-end electric scooter, but don’t have the funds to get a brand new one. Buying a used electric scooter is something you can consider, especially if you are on a tight budget. Also, according to the “reduce-reuse-recycle” principles, buying second hand products is good for the environment, but can also be good for your wallet.

Let’s break down the pros and cons of buying a pre-owned scooter:

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Used Scooter

Used Scooters Can be Unsafe

Unless the scooter is owned by someone you know, you have no way of knowing what kind of treatment that scooter has been through in its lifetime. It could have been left out in the cold for weeks, or left out in the rain regularly. It could have been ridden over bad terrain or in a way that left it mangled. Electric scooters can have serious issues that may not be detectable at first, but can cause major problems that can potentially lead to you getting injured.

Many Potential Issues

There are so many things that can go wrong with an electric scooters, most of them are not obvious at the first sight. Battery could have been stored or charged inadequately, which can make it faulty. The tires could be about to blow, and replacing a tire can be a big hassle. There also may be issues with electronics, so you should know what to look for to spot an e-scooter with issues.

Waste of Money

If you are really down on your luck, a used scooter may end up costing more than a new one. Even the scooter that looks pristine may have issues that are expensive to repair. The most expensive part of an electric scooter is the lithium battery, and if a battery is faulty it may end up costing as much as the scooter itself. When you are buying a new scooter, you know what you are getting, you are covered by a warranty, and many seller offer various financing options to allow you to pay for your scooter in installments.

Why You Should Buy Used Electric Scooter


If you can get an electric scooter super cheap, than upgrading it or fixing it won’t be such a financial burden. If you can purchase and fix up a secondhand e-scooter for less than half of what it would cost to buy a new one, you got a really good deal.

Reducing Waste

Yes, this practice of recycling and buying used items in general helps maximize them instead of just throwing them away, which will only add to the huge pile of non-biodegradable trash. Not to mention that a lot of energy goes into making a new electric scooter in the first place, as well as in recycling one that could have been saved. Aside from huge savings, you get to do your share in caring for the environment while enjoying the ride in your used e-scooter

A Fun Project

Maybe you are a kind of person that enjoys learning how an electric scooter works. Some people are capable of building electric scooters from spare parts. If this is what interest you, purchasing a used e-scooter should pose little to no problem.

There are so many sources online for fixing up a scooter that seems beyond repair. If you are highly motivated, buying a used electric scooter can be a great project. Maybe even a side hustle, buying used electric scooters, fixing them up and selling them at a higher margin.

Tips for Buying Pre-Owned Electric Scooter

If you have your heart set on a particular electric scooter and you really want to get that one, there are a few things that we recommend you do.

First, know the price of the electric scooter you want to buy new. Don’t go into a negotiation on price without having an idea what the seller probably paid for it. That might give you some leverage in negotiations.

Always make sure that you test drive the scooter before you decide to buy it. If you are expecting that this particular electric scooter has been used gently, it should look and run like that. Don’t just ride it for a minute or two. Take it out for a 10 to 15 minute cruise. That will help you to identify problems that might not be evident initially. Check the brakes multiple times when going at top speed, as well as when going slow. Take note if the brakes make noise, of if the scooter does not brake very fast. You may not get a true sense of how well (or bad) the brakes work until you are 10 minutes into a ride.

If the electric scooter has a phone app that can store data such as mileage, average speed, etc. ask to see that on the seller’s phone. If they are unwilling to show you it could indicate that the scooter has been ridden a lot more than what was claimed.

Check the underside of the deck (usually this is where the battery is placed) and look for damage. If the scooter has been banged or ridden across surfaces it shouldn’t have been, there are going to be excessive scratches or even dents.

Ultimately, it’s highly recommended that you know something about the scooter you want to buy before you agree to purchase a used one. Know what the particular model of electric scooter is capable of doing and be prepared to pass on buying it if there are potential concerns.

Final Thoughts

It is not an easy choice of selecting between used and new for any type of good that one would like to purchase.

Go for a used electric scooter, if you know the previous owner and have tested the scooter before making a purchase. For example, some e-bike and scooter shops sell refurbished scooters. These models are usually well inspected and are have been taken good care of prior to the reselling.

Go for a new electric scooter, if you have budget flexibility and are willing to try the latest technologies. You should go for a new scooter if you would like to be able to choose your options, have specific features, and have peace of mind with the manufacturer’s warranty.

Here’s how we solved the mystery of what this viral video truly showed.

Published Nov 30, 2022

A video shows a sea of lined-up electric scooter bikes that were abandoned because of the high cost of EV battery replacement.

On Nov. 28, 2022, the @Xx17965797N account tweeted a video with a misleading caption that claimed the clip showed a sea of lined-up electric scooter bikes that were abandoned because of the high cost of electric vehicle (EV) battery replacement. The tweet read, Electric green scooters that have reached end of battery life. Due to the batteries being so expensive to replace, electric scooters are abandoned because disposing of them any other way is dangerous and expensive.

This was not true, despite the tens of thousands of combined retweets and likes that the tweet received.

The same video upload from @Xx17965797N was also misleadingly reshared by accounts including @PeterDClack, @JamesMelville, and @MillerForTexas. The former two tweets received thousands of engagements, despite the fact that the information pushed in the original tweet was not true.

In cases like these where a caption is incorrect but the picture or video is real, we issue a fact-check rating of Miscaptioned.

The Origins of the Video

Days before the @Xx17965797N tweet was posted, the @ElevaBrasilES account also misleadingly tweeted that the same video was shot in France. The tweet went up on Nov. 21 with an incorrect caption that read, Green energy… Cemetery of electric motorcycles in France. Now designated as a ‘biohazard zone.’ (Note: This mention of France reminded us of other rumors we’ve debunked in the past, in particular about two photos of other car graveyards. The two pictures showed false captions that claimed the cars had been abandoned due to the high cost of battery replacement, just like the video we’re looking at in this fact check.)

The oldest upload of the video that we could find came from TikTok user @smartsetting. The video was uploaded on Nov. 7 and by the end of the month had received nearly 5 million views.

Based on watching the video, the scooters appeared to be parked in a parking lot near a basketball court, perhaps in a university complex or public park. Several blurry Chinese characters were visible on the side of the bikes. At the end of the clip, a tall building could be seen on the right-hand side of the frame. Other than those pieces of information, we didn’t have much to go on.

How We Researched the Rumor

In order to find the truth behind this video, we first used Adobe Media Encoder to export a JPEG file for each and every frame from the video. The results of this export were 440 individual images from the 14-second video. We then performed numerous reverse image searches with these picture files using Google Images and These reverse image searches provided several clues as to where other users had reposted the video. However, we did not find any further details from these searches.

Next, we tried several searches on Google. and YouTube with phrases such as electric scooter China and electric bike graveyard China, among other terms. This helped to find several reposts of the video. The searches also showed results for many of the sites in China that are the final resting places for massive stacks of bicycles dumped by bike-sharing companies with failed business models. Perhaps the most striking video we found was titled, No Place To Place——The Wonders of Shared Bicycle Graveyards in China.

At one point in our research, we stumbled upon an AFP video from 2021 that appeared to show the same yellow color and model of electric scooter bike. The caption for the clip said that it was captured outside the city of Shenyang. The end of the video showed a stadium with special colors for seating zones.

After an exhaustive search, we were able to find this same stadium by using the map tools on the Chinese website Unlike Google Maps, has street-level views of nearby roads. However, this part of our effort wasn’t very helpful. It remained unclear if this was the same location where the viral clip was shot.

Finally, a Lead

In the end, it was going back to TikTok that helped us find the origins of the video. A search on TikTok for electric share bike China brought us to this video from @evstevepan. The video showed the same kind of yellow electric scooter bike with a similar logo. A scan of the logo using a mobile phone camera and Google Translate revealed the company name Meituan, which is known as an all-encompassing platform for local services.

The logos appeared to be similar. (Courtesy: @smartsetting/@evstevepan on TikTok)

We then searched the internet for Meituan and electric scooters, which produced plenty of pictures on For a moment, the two large characters on the side of the scooter didn’t seem to match those from the viral video. We then horizontally flipped a still-frame from the viral video, which led us to discover that it had been mirrored, meaning that all words and numbers were backward.

It’s blurry, but it’s a match. App appears on the left, too. (Courtesy: @smartsetting/@evstevepan on TikTok)

All of these developments in our research led us to news articles that helped to show our findings were lining up.

Meituan ‘Walked Away’ from Bike-Sharing

In April 2018, news broke that Meituan had purchased the company Mobike for 2.7 billion. According to the story, Mobike is a Chinese startup that helped pioneer bike-sharing services worldwide.

But by November of that same year, TechCrunch reported that Meituan would be [walking] away from bike-sharing and ride-hailing, as there wasn’t enough demand from customers for the supply of its bike-sharing venture:

In April, Meituan entered the bike-sharing fray after it scooped up top player Mobike for 2.7 billion to face off Alibaba-backed Ofo. Over the past few years, Mobike and Ofo were burning through large sums of investor money in a bid to win users from subsidized rides, but both have shown signs of softening their stance recently.

Mobike is downsizing its fleets to avoid an oversupply as the bike-sharing market falters, Meituan’s chief financial officer Chen Shaohui said during the earnings call. Ofo has also scaled back by closing down many of its international operations.


During its third quarter that ended September 30, Meituan posted a 97.2 percent jump on revenues to 19.1 billion yuan, or 2.75 billion, on the back of strong growth in food delivery transactions. The firm’s investments in new initiatives – including ride-hailing and bike-sharing – took a toll as operating losses nearly tripled to 3.45 billion yuan compared to a year ago. Meituan shares plunged as much as 14 percent on Friday, the most since its spectacular listing.

Just as so many electric bicycles from bike-sharing companies had piled up across China, so had electric scooters like the ones seen in the viral video.

In sum, social media users falsely claimed that a video showed tons of lined-up electric scooter bikes that were abandoned in a graveyard due to the high cost of EV battery replacement. All evidence pointed to a simple answer: supply and demand. The number of electric scooter bikes and bicycles far outnumbered the number of people who requested to use them (or else they went missing or were stolen), which resulted in downsizing by some companies, and the closure of others. The clip appears to have been shot in China, although its precise location is unclear.

We reached out to Meituan for comment on Nov. 29 but did not receive a response in time for publication.

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