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Are Electric Bikes Good for Commuting?

People are always looking for ways to be more cost-effective with their daily commute. That, along with government incentives, has increased the pressure being put on cities to develop better – and more bicycle lanes. As local governments gain a better appreciation of the need for quality bike lanes, they are providing increased availability for a larger population to make use of them.

Are electric bikes good for commuting? Electric bikes provide a good viable option for daily commutes. With their electric motor, it makes it even easier for more people to bicycle commute regularly. Bike commuting is a great way to get exercise, spend time outside, save money, and feel better about yourself.

Unlike electric cars, electric bicycles have a removable battery, or the entire bike can plug directly into an outlet, allowing your battery to recharge during the workday. The following are some facts about electric bikes that will help you decide if having one is the right decision for you.

Four Personal Benefits of Commuting by Electric Bicycle

Lower more than your commuting cost

Biking to and from work saves you the obvious costs of gasoline, wear and tear on your automobile, more frequent car maintenance, and the exorbitant parking fees you have to pay regularly. It may also contribute to saving money on bus or subway passes. If you completely ditch the car you won’t need to pay for car insurance and registration fees either.

The Standard Mileage Rate in the United States is.58 cents per mile. Depending on where you live it costs about a penny per mile to charge an eBike. This means that you would be saving.57 cents per mile if you chose to commute by electric bike.

That’s some good money that you can keep in your bank account!

E-bikes have four main components:

  • The bike’s frame and spokes. These are heavier and sturdier than most other bicycles. Besides supporting a rider, they also have to hold the weight of the motor and batteries.
  • The bicycle’s enhanced brakes. E-bikes can go faster than the average bicycle, so they need enhanced brakes to help you stop more effectively – without sending you over your handlebars!

Depending on the model, your E-brakes will either cut the power of the motor or will activate the regeneration feature, meaning that the energy the motor would be using is transferred back to the battery.

  • The battery or batteries to power the motor. Your battery will typically last for 10-45 miles, depending on the battery’s size, the terrain, and how much power you’re using.

Here’s another way to think about it. The batteries used for electric bicycles are defined in “watt-hours.”

If you have a 500-watt hour battery, and your motor is a 250-watt motor, you simply divide the battery’s hour life by the motor’s energy use to determine the average amount of time your battery charge will last. In this example, 500 divided by 250 is 2 hours.

Top-end, high-capacity batteries last between two and a half to six hours. An electric bike battery can take anywhere from 2 to 7 hours to fully charge. You can read more about charging an electric bike from this article.

  • The small motor to assist your pedaling. The motor may be either built into the front-wheel hub, the back-wheel hub, or in a more central location.

The location of the motor works exactly like it seems it would. The front-hub motor pulls the bike, whereas the rear-hub motor pushes the bicycle. Some prefer the centrally located motor, which powers the bicycle’s drivetrain and provides a more natural-feeling riding experience.

If you think about it, if you have ever had a light on your bike that was powered by pedaling it was actually an electric-powered light. The gears sat on the wheel, so they were powering the light as you pedal, and your wheel rotated the gears.

The e-bike works similarly, except the battery is powering the motor rather than the electricity being generated by the rotation of the wheel.

It’s important to remember that you have the choice of how much power you’re going to require the battery to expend.

Three Modes of Electric Bicycles

When you’re deciding to look at electric bicycles, the first thing you need to decide is what type of electric bike is going to best meet your needs. There are three different kinds of electric bikes for you to investigate.

No assist

This is when you want your bike to be a human-powered bike only – or when you’ve let your battery die. Because the frame is sturdier and there is extra equipment on your bicycle, your e-bike weighs more than a traditional bicycle. This means that when you have your bike in no assist mode you have to work harder to move it down the road.


When the bike is in pedal-assist mode, the engine’s computer chip notifies the engine when you have pedaled a couple times. Once the engine is aware of your motion, it engages to assist you in your pedaling. You are still burning calories in this mode, but you do not have to work as hard as you would in no assist mode.

On-demand throttle powered assist

The throttle on the e-bike works similarly to one on a motorcycle. It adds a power boost to your bicycle to move the bike down the road. You do not have to pedal when you are in this mode, but you will use less battery if you do. This is a nice way to get started after you’ve stopped for a stop sign or a red light.

Finding the Right E-bike for You

You know that you still want to be able to get your daily exercise, so an electric moped is not what you’re looking for. So, you’re pretty sure that an electric bicycle is in your near future, but where do you begin to look?

The nice thing about e-bikes is that most reputable bicycle shops sell them and know how to repair them!

It may be tempting to get the best, most powerful electric bicycle available, but in most cases, that is going to be overkill for what you really need, or even truly want.

One other thing to note: many of the small electric scooters brand themselves as electric bikes, but they do not have a pedaling function – only footrests. Carefully read the full description before purchasing your new electric bicycle to make sure you’re getting exactly what you intend to end up with.

Prepare for Potential Sticker Shock

When you consider that your new electric bicycle is an investment in a quality, electric vehicle, it isn’t a surprise that it is going to cost you more than an average street bicycle would. E-bikes can run anywhere from 400 to upwards of 20,000 for a top-performing model.

Here are some examples of electronic bikes and their features.

NAKTO 26” Adult Electric Bicycle (View on Amazon)

This bicycle offers a large capacity Lithium Battery and advertises a riding range of between 22-28 miles. It has a 250-watt brushless gear motor that will allow you to speed on down the road at up to 24 miles per hour.

With this bike, you can choose to either E-bike or use the assisted pedaling option, so you still get your exercise. Because the manufacturer is concerned with your safety, the bike comes mostly assembled – you only need to put on the front wheel and the handlebar. This is a great entry-level electric bicycle.

ECOTRIC 26” Fat Tire Electric Bike Beach/Snow Bicycle (Buy on Amazon)

Because of its 500-watt brushless rear motor, this bike can reach a maximum speed of up to 23 miles per hour. It comes with both pedal-assist and walk assist modes and two types of braking systems – outage and mechanical. The larger tires provide for better balance and road safety.

This beast of an electric bicycle is great for commuters who plan to ride through the winter. Yes – you can ride an electric bike in the snow, but you’ll want to make sure have a bike like this to handle it. The wide tires are great for on and off-road riding.

HOTEBIKE 26” E-bike for Adults with 21 Speed Shift (View on Amazon)

This bike offers all three modes: E-bike, five different levels of pedal-assist, and normal bike. It also has both front and rear mechanical brakes which provide better all-weather stopping power. Its 21-speed gear improves hill-climbing, increases range, and provides better adaptability to different terrain conditions.

This bike also offers an LCD display panel and an LED headlight. By using the 36-volt 10AH removable Lithium-Ion battery, you can experience extra-long ranges of up to 35 to 50 miles per charge. This would be a great first commuter.

W Wallke Electric Bike (See on Amazon)

This e-bike’s Samsung lithium battery offers approximately 5-7 hours of cruising range or about 25-35 total miles. Its 750-watt brushless motor can reach a top speed of 24.8 when the bike is in electric mode. It also offers pedal-assist and no assist modes.

This model comes with a phone holder on the handlebars and an available USB port. It has double-disc hydraulic brakes for better braking control and safety as well as an LCD display that shows you how long you’ve been driving your bike, how far you’ve gone, and how much remaining battery power you have.

Addmotor MOTAN 26” Fat Tire Electric Bicycle – (Check on Amazon)

This bike offers three modes – e-bike, pedal-assist, and no assist. It has a maximum speed of up to 23 miles per hour and can go between 40-55 miles per charge. It offers a night-mode LDC panel to allow you to read your digital display when you are biking in the dark.

It also has a rear rack to carry your briefcase, duffel, or groceries. This bike can carry adults weighing up to 300 pounds, so is a great option for larger riders.

CIVI BIKES Vintage Electric Bike (See on Amazon)

This bicycle has seven gears and travels at speeds up to 28 miles per hour. It has excellent Tektro brakes to ensure your braking safety and has the retro-look of a 1970s café racer bicycle. The 48-volt Lithium-Ion battery is long-lasting and can propel you for up to 40 miles per charge. This bike offers five levels of pedal-assist and throttle level choices of ECO, Normal, and Sport modes. Its LCD display is in full-color and is touted to be very clear during strong sunlight.

FLX Blade Electric Mountain Bike with Suspension

Want to go fast? This is your bike. This electric bicycle can go up to 35 miles per hour in electric bike mode and even 20 miles per hour in pedal-assist mode. This model offers a high-range charge of up to 90 miles, and maybe a little more. It is street-legal in the United States but may not meet requirements of some other countries due to its high speed-ability. The manufacturer describes the bike’s color LCD display as a “cockpit for your bike.” You can even plug your USB cable in to allow your phone to charge while you’re riding along.

Tricycle Options for Those with Balance Challenges

You may have seen motorcycles in a tri-wheel fashion, well, there are adult electric bikes that also have three-wheels available for those who don’t want to have to or aren’t able to, work as hard a balancing.

Like their motorcycle cousins, some models have two wheels on the front, and others have the more traditional two wheels in the back.

The tricycles are heavier than their two-wheel counterparts, so it is recommended that you get used to the feel of steering the trike and the electric start before you take it on busy roads.

Emojo Caddy 24” Fat Tire Electric Tricycle (See on Amazon)

In addition to the front basket, this model has an oversized rear basket perfect for your groceries or taking your favorite pet for a ride. It has a battery range of about 40-55 miles when you use the level-one pedal-assist function and goes up to 23 miles per hour in electric bike mode.

Addmotor Motan Electric Tricycle (See on Amazon)

This sturdy bike can carry up to 350 pounds. It has both a front and rear basket for carrying cargo and making running errands much more convenient. This electric tricycle can go up to 23 miles per hour and as far as 40-55 miles on a single charge when you use the level-one pedal-assist function.

This 3 wheel electric bicycle would be great for an elderly rider or anyone who has trouble balancing on a traditional bicycle. Great for leisurely rides or going to the grocery store to pick up food.

What to Wear When Riding Your Electric Bicycle or Tricycle

There are a lot of factors to consider when thinking about appropriate attire for your daily commute on your electric bicycle or tricycle, but safety is the first and foremost item for discussion.

addmotor, motan, m-150, m-140, folding


It doesn’t matter where you are riding; you need to have a good helmet that will effectively protect your valuable brain. Some people like to use a full-face helmet like those worn by some motorcyclists.

These full-helmets not only protect the back and top of your head but also protect your face from too much sun exposure and gross bug splatter if nothing else. Some full-face helmets have a “lifting face mask” but still have a sun visor for your eyes.

Top-end full-face helmets even have webbing over your ears, so if you lift the face mask, you can still talk on your phone without having to remove your entire helmet.

Many people (myself included) prefer the traditional bicycle helmet that straps under your chin and mainly protects the top of your head. These are more light-weight and provide better airflow for a cooler helmet experience.

Regardless of which type of helmet you choose, you can count on having helmet hair when you reach your destination. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be a trend-setter.

Clothes that are Comfortable

I’m of the opinion that you should wear clothes that are comfortable and appropriate for work when bike commuting. You don’t need special clothes to bike to work.

One of the benefits of an electric bike is that you’re less likely to sweat while riding to work. This allows you to wear your work clothes on the bike and be ready for the day. Do you need spandex and cycling specific clothing while bike commuting? Absolutely not!


In the wintertime, you may want to wear gloves that are meant for use with snowmobiles or ATVs. These will keep your hands warmer and are still meant to allow for you to have the dexterity you need to maneuver.

Regular mittens work well too if you live in an area that isn’t freezing, but cold enough to chill your hands. Simple gloves or mittens will block the wind and keep your fingers nice and toasty.


Ok. You don’t wear the lock, but you’re definitely going to want to have one to protect your investment. Thieves will look at your eBike and see flash across their eyes.

My recommendation is getting a U-lock and chain lock if you’re planning on storing your eBike while at home or work. Two locks will better ensure that no one messes with your beloved bicycle. I’d recommend reading the bottom half of this article on stolen bikes for ways to prevent your bike from being taken wrongfully and things that can help you get it back.

Disc brake locks are a good way to secure your electric bicycle or tricycle. They are a lighter-weight option that protects your vehicle from thieves. Some say that it may be possible to hot-wire your bike or trike so that a key isn’t needed, but they certainly won’t be able to move it anywhere if you have disc brake locks on it.

Another recommendation is to secure an orange stretch reminder cable from the brake lock to your handlebars. This will help you remember that your vehicle is locked and will prevent you from causing your own damage.

A Carbon Emission Reality Check

Although using electric vehicles is a more environmentally friendly option at the local level, it is important to acknowledge that the more electricity we demand and use, the more carbon emissions are generated by many of the electric power plants.

Most power plants in the United States are powered by either coal or some other type of fossil fuel. The harder we make these power plants work, the more pollutants are released into the atmosphere.

Solar, wind, and waterpower are working to become more viable, but at present, they still require traditional electricity means to assist them in the generation, storage, and transportation of the electricity they produce.

The EPA offers several different types of calculators to help you identify your personal household carbon footprint as well as a local power profile.

In Conclusion

Electric vehicles are a great way to begin to lower the overall environmental carbon footprint. When we use them to commute, we begin working toward a healthier future for our children and their children.

Using an electric bicycle or tricycle as part of your daily commute routine will not only provide you with a better way to enjoy some fresh air but will also get your gym workout in when you use either the pedal-assist or the no assist modes. Because the bikes are heavier than traditional bikes, you actually have to work harder when you use the no assist mode, which burns more calories.

If you want to be able to go straight to that meeting from your commute, you can wear your suit, use the electric bike option, and not even break a sweat.

Many of these bikes or trikes will serve you well regardless of whether it is winter or summer, so feel free to get out there and feel the breeze on your face!

Posted on Last updated: February 17, 2023

Hey, I’m Tyler. I’ve been cycling mad ever since I was knee-high to a bike pump. True story. I once cycled for a week from California to Mexico just to get some tacos. The tacos were OK, but I’m not sure they were worth the chafe. Anyway, if you’re into cycling in any shape or form then come on in and take a look around.

Addmotor MOTAN M-150 R7 and M-140 R7 Folding E-Bikes

This will be a first, covering together in one review the Addmotor MOTAN M-150 R7 (high step) and Addmotor MOTAN M-140 R7 (step-through) folding fat tire e-bike models. Both carry identical specs with the only difference being the folding frame style.

Addmotor was originally founded in 2011 and has been designing electric bikes for a diverse community of riders. Addmotor’s flagship store is located in California, however, they also sell their e-bikes through a network of dealers.

Addmotor M-150 R7 / M-140 R7: Motor and Battery

Right from the start the Addmotor M-150 R7 and M-140 R7 use a powerful custom 750W rear hub motor with 80nM of torque. This rear hub motor is more than capable of riding you up most hills and rough terrain as well as easily speeding up to 28 mph (unlocked of course).

The 750W rear motor is well supported by a 48V 16Ah lithium battery. While the manufacturer claims this battery can provide 65 plus miles of juice we think that would probably be the limit assuming you are partly peddling.

Like most folding fat tire e-bikes these both weigh in at close to 70 pounds so the size of these batteries and hub motors are needed.

Addmotor M-150 R7 / M-140 R7: Tires and Brakes

The Addmotor M-150 R7 and M-140 R7 both use mag rims and Kenda 20″ x 4″ tires. We have seen manufacturers of late substitute parts so if Kenda is important to your riding then you should confirm this spec before ordering.

Addmotor folding e-bikes use Tektro MD-M300 Mechanical Disc brakes with 180mm rotors and motor cut-offs for their stopping power. The debate goes on about mechanical versus disc brakes, especially for the speeds these Addmotor electric bikes are capable of obtaining, but it’s nice to see the upgraded rotors.

Addmotor M-150 R7 / M-140 R7: Gearing

Both the Addmotor M-150 R7 and M-140 R7 are equipped with a 7 speed (14-28T) cassette, Shimano Altus derailleur, trigger shifter, and 48T front sprocket. While this will get the job done at some point you may find it worthwhile to upgrade the front sprocket to a 52T or 56T.

This is a more ideal setup for a folding e-bike sporting a powerful 750W motor. That is of course unless you are more of a full-throttle rider.

Addmotor M-150 R7 / M-140 R7: Conclusion

Addmotor has been at this e-bike game for a number of years which is a good thing. We already have seen a number of e-bike brands come and go which leave the consumer with nowhere to turn when an issue arises.

The Addmotor M-150 R7 and M-140 R7 are great looking folding fat tire e-bikes with powerful 750W hub motors. The M-150 R7 and M-140 R7 have well designed specs, and are at an affordable for fat tire folding e-bikes that include front and rear integrated lights, a rear rack, and fenders.

Depending on your riding abilities you may find a larger front sprocket more suitable for these e-bikes, especially in the higher gears.

The Addmotor M-150 R7 and M-140 R7 both offer a full range of color choices. By and far the Army Green, with its similarity to the Amp Rides Limited Volt DS, would be our color of choice.

Addmotor M-150 R7/M-140 R7 Folding E-Bike: Pricing and Specs

The Addmotor MOTAN M-150 R7 (high step) and Addmotor MOTAN M-140 R7 (step through) folding fat tire electric bikes are currently priced at 1,599 and 1,799 USD respectively and include free shipping. If you are looking to shop locally check our map of Addmotor dealers.

The Addmotor M-150 R7 and Addmotor M-140 R7 folding e-bikes come mostly assembled as shown in the video below. Tools are provided to install the typical front fat tire, handlebar stem, and folding pedals. Addmotor offers for all their e-bikes a 1-year all-inclusive (non-transferrable) warranty from manufacturing defects from the date of purchase on accessories and hardware components. Please review all warranties before purchasing.

The main features are as follows:

MOTOR Addmotor 750W rear hub motor, 80 Nm TorqueBATTERY 48 volts 16 Amp, 800 Charge CyclesRANGE Up to 65 milesPEDAL ASSIST 5 levels of PAS, Cadence sensorMAX SPEED 20 mph (Class 2), can be unlocked to 28 mphDISPLAY Addmotor 5 Inch LCD Display with USB PortTHROTTLE Variable Speed, 1/2 Twist ThrottleFRAME 6061 Aluminum alloy folding frameFORK Addshox Spring Suspension with 70mm of travel, adjustable and lockoutBRAKES Front/Rear Tektro MD-M300 Mechanical Disc brakes with 180mm rotors and motor cut offGEARS Shimano Altus derailleur with a 7-speed cassette (14-28T), thumb shifterHANDLEBARS Low Rise, Aluminum AlloySTEM Adjustable HeightRIMS Mag RimsTIRES Kenda 20″ × 4″ Fat TiresPEDALS Aluminum FoldingSADDLE Addmotor saddleSEAT POST Quick Release 30cmLIGHTS/RACK Front and rear lights powered by main battery, FENDERS/REAR RACK IncludedWEIGHT 69 lbsFOLDING SIZE 42.5″ L x 29.5″ H x 21.5″ W (M-150-R7), 44″ L x 29″ H x 21″ W (M-140-R7)

AddMotoR MOTAN M-66 R7 Spec Review – 2022

Welcome to our spec review of the AddMotoR MOTAN M-66 R7! We haven’t had the chance to try out the latest M-66 R7 for ourselves, but we’ve ridden and reviewed other eBikes like this AddMotoR MOTAN in the past.

We also keep track of the latest changes made to the moped/eBike hybrid and make a list of the components it shares with other eBikes we’ve reviewed. By doing so, we feel ready to release our spec review of the AddMotoR MOTAN M-66 R7, which provides much of the same information as our full performance review.

While we can’t tell you what the exact feel you’ll have with this eBike, we hope to provide some general impressions and expectations of the performance of the AddMotoR MOTAN M-66 R7 eBike!

Electric bikes and mopes exist in two different spheres, but they overlap in many ways, and some of our readers aren’t sure which one to get. With the AddMotoR MOTAN M-66 R7, you get the best of both worlds at a very affordable price given the performance and feature list of this eBike.

The 6061 aluminum frame can support two people and comes in three different colors, consisting of a Pearl White, Black, and Yellow options as pictured in our review. The Bafang 80 Nm motor will push you and your friend along with ease around town, with a 55 mile range due to the Panasonic 555 Wh battery.

There aren’t many gear options, but the 7-Speed Shimano drivetrain is enough to help you control your cadence while riding. There is extensive drivetrain protection to reduce the maintenance needed to keep it in good shape.

The Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes are impressive with their 180 mm sized rotors, as are other vital accessories like the banana seat, headlight, tail light, kickstand, and more. If you want an eBike you can have fun cruising around the city by yourself or with a partner, read our review of the AddMotoR MOTAN M-66 R7 eBike!

Who It’s For: Cyclists who want an eBike/moped hybrid they can ride alone or with a partner. Great for touring around town,riding to work or cruising the beach.

Bike Specs

  • FRAME: 6061 Aluminum Alloy
  • UI/REMOTE: AddMotor 5’’ LCD Control Panel with Independent Button Pad
  • BATTERY: Panasonic 555 Wh Lithium Battery
  • CHARGER: 2.5 Amp Charger
  • MOTOR: Bafang Rear-Mounted Gear Hub Motor, 750 W / 80 Nm
  • CHAIN: KMCe Chain
  • SHIFT LEVERS: Shimano SIS Index Right Thumb Shifter
  • CASSETTE: Shimano MF-TZ500-7 Cassette, 14-28 T
  • CHAINRINGS: 42 T Chainring with Double-Sided Alloy chain Guard
  • DERAILLEUR: Shimano 7 Speed Altus M310 Derailleur
  • RIMS: Double Walled 6 Cast Alloy Rims
  • TIRES: Kenda Krusade Sport, 20’’ x 4’’ Tires
  • SADDLE: Faux Leather Banana Seat
  • STEM: Promax Alloy Adjustable Angle Stem
  • HANDLEBARS: High-Rise, Swept Back Aluminum Alloy Handlebars
  • GRIPS: Ergonomic, Stitched Faux Leather Grips
  • BRAKES: Tektro Aries Mechanical Disc Brakes, 180 mm Rotors
  • PEDALS: Wellgo Aluminum Platform Pedals
  • KICKSTAND: Rear-Mounted Adjustable Length Kickstand
  • BELL: Integrated Bell
  • HEADLIGHT: Integrated Headlight
  • TAIL LIGHT: Independent Rear Light
  • FENDERS: Aluminum Alloy Fenders



  • 6061 Aluminum Alloy FrameSturdy, durable frame meant to blend a traditional eBike design with a moped. 74 lbs frame weight is heavy for a solo rider, but the AddMotorR MOTAN M-66 R7 is equipped to simultaneously support two adult cyclists.
  • Panasonic 555 Wh Lithium BatteryEasy to remove or mount electric battery mounted just beneath the banana style eBike/moped seat. Able to travel over 55 miles on a single charge with optimal riding settings and road conditions.
  • 2.5 Amp ChargerSomewhat better than the average charger, cutting down on the overall recharge time for the mid-sized eBike battery. Full recharge time from 0% to 100% is about 3 to 4 hours.
  • Bafang 750 Rear-Mounted Gear Hub Motor, 750 W / 80 NmStrong rear-gear hub motor included providing fast acceleration and the pushing power to help you climb challenging city hills. Able to support two cyclists at the same time, especially at higher pedal-assist mode settings.
  • AddMotoR 5’’ LCD Control Panel with Independent Button PadExtra-large LCD display for cyclists who want to track their vital riding metrics while cycling with the AddMotoR MOTAN M-66 R7 electric bike. Five pedal-assist levels to choose from, along with a walk mode on the M-66 R7 eBike.
  • Shimano 14-28T Cassette with 42 T Chainring Drivetrain7-Speed eBike with reliable shifting and gear control to help you cruise around town or tackle occasional uphill riding challenges. Good drivetrain coverage, with a freewheel, so you can pedal backward or forward on the MOTAN M-66 R7.
  • Kenda Krusade Sport, 20’’ x 4’’ TiresShort, fat tires built with stable, comfortable low and high speed riding in mind. While the frame itself isn’t built for trail riding, the premium Kenda Krusade Sport tires themselves are good no matter what terrain you ride them on.
  • High-Rise Swept Back Handlebar with Addshox Suspension Fork, 80 mm TravelSwept-back handlebars that are great for cruising through the city with a friend behind you. Spring suspension fork with preload adjust, and 80 mm of travel improves shock absorption significantly for a better riding experience
  • Tektro Mechanical Disc Brakes, 180 mm RotorsVery responsive mechanical disc brakes with strong feedback helping you and your partner come to a smooth, easy stop. 180 mm sized rotors are capable of handling high speed stops, even when riding downhill.
  • Wellgo Aluminum Platform PedalsHigh-quality pedals with reflectors make it easier to spot you and your bicycle while you’re riding. Aluminum pedals are also sturdier and have better traction compared to your typical basic plastic platform pedal.

In-Depth Review


The AddMotoR MOTAN M-66 R7 may be a bit of a unique design, but it’s constructed very similarly to other electric bikes. The M-66 R7 has a 6061 aluminum base, which is the same material used in many other eBikes and in boat, automobile, and aircraft construction. 6061 aluminum alloys are so popular because the metal offers an outstanding balance of being lightweight and affordable, yet highly durable. The total assembly weight of the Motan M-66 R7 isn’t the lightest around at 74 lbs, but the frame weighs so much so it can support two adult riders at the same time.

We’re okay with the weight, but we’re a bit let down that the frame is only available in one size. It is a step-thru design, so shorter cyclists aren’t going to have trouble riding or mounting the MOTAN M-66 R7 electric bike.

However, bicyclists who are 6’2’’ and taller have had problems riding the eBike comfortably, mainly due to the limited handlebar and seat customization. AddMotoR does have other frames that are better suited for taller cyclists. But shorter to average height adults should feel fine on the MOTAN M-66 R7.

Motor Battery

The AddMotoR MOTAN M-66 R7 is a class 2 eBike, with pedal or throttle activated motor assistance up to 20 MPH.

Because the eBike supports up to two adult riders, a stronger motor to compensate for the added weight is needed. The Bafang 750 Rear-Mounted Gear Hub Motor with a 750 W / 80 Nm torque output passes this test with flying colors. Whether you need motor assistance to climb a challenging hill or keep up with traffic, you’ll be able to do so on the MOTAN M-66 R7. The motor can be activated by pedaling or by making use of the throttle system. Both work great and provide steady motor power.

We’re primarily satisfied with the battery and charger included with the eBike. The Panasonic 555 Wh lithium battery helps you travel over 55 miles on a single charge–though if you’re riding with a second person, that range shrinks to about 45 miles.

A 2.5 amp charger is included, and while it isn’t significantly more powerful than a standard eBike charger, it does cut the full recharge time down to three or four hours. You can plug the charger directly into the bike while the battery is mounted, or you can dismount the battery and charge it indoors while at work or dining at a restaurant. We also want to highlight that since the battery is mounted beneath the banana seat, it’s tough to damage even if you suffer a hard crash.

Display/Assist Modes

While it might not be the most advanced display we’ve had the chance to review, the included display is one of the largest. The M-66 R7 has an AddMotoR 5’’ LCD control panel with an independent button pad, combining ease of use with a large screen that prioritizes the most essential riding metrics you need to understand your riding performance.

The backlit screen can be used while riding day or night. And with an independent button pad, it’s easy to change settings while pedaling without having to look down. The included readouts and riding metrics for the MOTAN M-66 R7 are as follows:

AddMotoR MOTAN M-66 LCD Display Readouts, Metrics, and Settings:

  • Current Speed
  • Average Speed
  • Max Speed
  • Pedal Assist Level (Five Levels Walk Mode)
  • Battery Level (Five Bars)
  • Wattage Output
  • Odometer
  • Light Settings

The throttle will always provide max power to the motor when used, but the power level provided when pedaling can be changed through the control panel. You can set the motor for lower pedal assist levels if you want to minimize battery drain for greater riding range or drain the battery quicker with higher pedal assist levels for greater motor power and acceleration.

Make sure you familiarize yourself with each of the included pedal assist levels since using a combination of all of them while riding will help with the best overall eBiking experience.


  • On Streets- The AddMotoR MOTAN M-66 R7 is designed for riding on city streets, and for the most part, it handles well–as long as the motor is on. The powerful motor helps you reach 20 MPH quickly, and due to the moped-style frame and suspension support, you hardly feel bumps or potholes. As long as you have the motor on, this is a very fun eBike to ride (even by yourself) though without the engine it can be difficult to grapple wiith its heavy and awkward frame.
  • Turn Radius- The MOTAN M-66 R7 struggles with the turn radius. While the eBike does have shorter 20’’ wheels, the 4’’ wide tires greatly reduce the bike’s ability to make tight turns. Furthermore, the moped style M-66 R7 is longer than an average eBike frame, needing even more space to pivot and turn in a circle. Take your time around corners, and you’ll have fun, but don’t expect to make any tight turns while riding the MOTAN M-66 R7 electric bike.
  • Low-Speed Handling- At 74 pounds, the AddMotoR Motan M-66 R7 is tough to handle without the motor at low speeds. With the motor on, make your life easier by using the control panel to set your bike to a low pedal assist level, providing a small boost as you pedal so you can FOCUS on handling. If you get off the eBike, you can turn on walk mode, which will cause the motor to help push the M-66 R7 along–even without having to pedal. Just don’t make the mistake of using the throttle, as the throttle will always provide max power no matter what pedal assist level you set your eBike.


The MOTAN M-66 R7 has a Shimano 14-28 T cassette with a 42 T chainring making up its drivetrain. It is a 7-Speed eBike, and while some advanced cyclists might prefer more gear options, you won’t need to shift often when riding through the city with this eBike.

While the gear options might be a bit of a mixed bag, the comprehensive drivetrain protection is not. There are aluminum alloy fenders, an aluminum derailleur guard, and a double-sided alloy chain guard and guide, all included to help protect the drivetrain.

The fenders are especially helpful in keeping your drivetrain from getting gunked up by mud when you ride on rainy days, while the derailleur and chain guards help with guiding the chain when you shift. Suffering a chain drop with the MOTAN M-66 R7 is highly infrequent, saving you and your partner from having to stop and put yourselves at risk while fixing the bike on a busy city street.


Because of the added frame weight and the second adult rider that may come with you on the M-66 R7, you need extra braking power compared to traditional eBike setups. The MOTAN M-66 R7 mostly meets the mark as it relies on mighty Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes with 180 mm rotors for the front and back wheels.

180 mm sized rotors are often used in mountain bikes, so as long as you’re riding in the city, you won’t have any trouble coming to a quick and steady stop, even when riding downhill. Mechanical disc brakes aren’t as advanced as hydraulic brakes, but they help keep the bike price down and are easier to service when they need adjustments. Whether you’re riding by yourself or with a friend, you can trust the Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes to work when you need them.


One component we’re surprised to see included is the Addshox spring suspension fork. Many city commuters and moped-style bikes don’t have any suspension at all. So seeing a mid-level fork with 80 mm of travel along with preload adjustment is a very welcome inclusion.

You can ride over bumps, potholes, cobblestone paths, gravel, and other rough terrain more easily with the MOTAN M-66 R7, especially given the natural shock absorption of the heavy bike frame. We wouldn’t recommend taking it trail riding due to the frame design. Still, for everywhere else in the city, you’ll have a very comfortable riding experience with AddMotoR’s moped eBike hybrid.


Let’s discuss the MOTAN M-66 R7 aluminum platform pedals. Pedals aren’t the most important feature on an eBike, but you’re going to have a more enjoyable riding experience overall with aluminum pedals than plastic pedals. Besides being more durable and supporting more weight, aluminum pedals also have better foot traction to grip better while riding, especially with cycling shoes.

We want to highlight side reflector panels on the pedals, which makes you easier to spot while riding, significantly reducing the risk of suffering a collision. Many entry-level bikes encourage you to upgrade the stock model pedals, but you won’t have to with the AddMotoR MOTAN M-66 R7 eBike.

Grips and Saddle

We’ve repeatedly described the MOTAN M-66 R7 as a moped/eBike hybrid, but it’s only now that it becomes apparent. The handlebars have a high-rise, swept-back design with an adjustable angle, pairing well with the banana style seat that comprises the eBike saddle.

Measuring 23’’ by 8.5’’, the faux leather banana seat is very cushy to sit on, and given its size, it’s a seat that’ll genuinely fit almost any adult cyclist– since up to two adults can ride on it at the same time.

Whether you’re by yourself or with a friend, you’ll appreciate the matching stitched faux leather ergonomic grips, which look as good as they are comfortable to hold. With an ergonomic design, you could ride for several hours without tiring out or irritating your hands. But the same probably can’t be said for your legs due to the heavy bike frame. Be sure not to push yourself too hard when riding the MOTAN M-66 R7 eBike!

addmotor, motan, m-150, m-140, folding

Wheels and Tires

The final major performance component on the MOTAN M-66 R7 is the wheel setup. You can expect Kenda Krusade Sport tires that measure 20’’ by 4’’, mounted on double-walled six cast alloy rims. The tires themselves have a recommended inflation range of 5 PSI to 30 PSI, with 5 PSI much recommended for riding along the beach, while 30 PSI is better for city riding.

The wheels are highly reflective, reducing the risk of suffering a collision from those coming from your side, while the pedal reflectors are good for those coming towards or from behind you.

The only area where the tires are a bit lacking is they have rather basic puncture protection. Puncture protection is important for eBikes. While you’ll mostly be riding in the city, tires tend to blow out easier when riding at high speeds, something you’ll often do due to the motor on this bike. Keep an eye on how your tires are looking. and you’ll have a blast every time you go out riding with the ultra-stable Kenda Kursade Sport tires.


The value of an eBike isn’t just determined by the price tag and performance alone, but by the number of accessories and premium upgrades included with the eBike as well.

In this regard, the MOTAN M-66 R7 is more than worth its price, because the necessary accessories we look for are all included. A bell system, kickstand, headlight, tail light, aluminum pedals, and several other vital accessories are all included with the M-66 R7!

The only one accessory that’s even partially a letdown is the tail light since it runs on AAA batteries rather than integrated into the bike’s electrical system. However, as long as you remember to check the tail light about once or twice a month you’ll have everything you need on the stock model.

Luckily, AddMotoR has a terrific lineup of additional accessories and upgrades worth considering to make your next trip even better, with a few of our recommendations including the following:

  • AddMotoR Mirrors
  • AddMotoR Rear Rack
  • AddMotoR Backrest
  • AddMotoR Rim Reflective Tape Stripes
  • AddMotoR Water Bottle Holder
  • AddMotoR Phone Bag Holder
  • AddMotoR Rear Basket and Liner


Whether you ride an eBike by yourself to work or are exploring your town with a partner, you can do both with the AddMotoR MOTAN M-66 R7 electric bike. The 6061 aluminum frame is on the heavy side, but it has excellent weight support with a hybrid eBike/moped design that can easily carry two adult cyclists at the same time. The Bafang 750 W / 80 Nm motor is strong enough to help you and your friend climb the most challenging hills in the city, while the Panasonic 555 Wh battery provides a good range that’ll let you travel over 55 miles before needing a charge.

The Shimano 7-Speed drivetrain is steady and reliable, with aluminum fenders, a double-sided chain guard, and a derailleur guard for smoother shifting and great drivetrain protection.

The Tektro Aries brakes will help you and your friend come to a safe and comfortable stop, with 180 mm sized rotors great for braking even when riding downhill.

The banana seat, ergonomic grips, and adjustable handlebar further add to the overall comfort of this eBike. The premium accessories like the headlight, tail light, and make this a safe bike too.

This is one of the most affordable eBike/moped bikes on the market, so if you and your partner want a bike you can share, we highly recommend considering the AddMotoR MOTAN M-66 R7 electric bike!

Thank you for reading our spec review of the AddMotoR MOTAN M66 R7 electric bike! Please leave a comment below with any questions you still have or if you would like to see a full performance review or video review from our team.

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Exercise bike reviews, advice, features comparisons. Incl: upright, recumbent, airdyne, air/fan, spin bikes, indoor cycles, outdoor road bikes, plus other home gym machines. Top discounted exercise bikes

Monday, 3 July 2017

Addmotor MOTAN M-550 Fat Tire Electric Bicycle, Review

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The Addmotor MOTAN M-550 Fat Tire Electric Bicycle is nimble, fun and easy to ride and suitable for all terrains including road, trail, hills, city/town and even the beach and snow!

The Addmotor MOTAN M-550 E-Bike has a 17” lightweight 6061 aluminum frame and huge 26” by 4” wide fat tires for super smooth rolling, making it one of the most comfortable bikes to ride over any terrain.

Get where you need to go faster and easier with the Addmotor MOTAN M-550’s rear direct drive 500 watt brushless hub motor and removable 48V 10.4AH Samsung lithium ion battery that combine to offer full electric mode (with variable speed control 1/2 twist throttle) or pedal assist modes (0-5) with the following speed and distance ranges:

5 LCD display shows speed, power battery life

The Addmotor MOTAN M-550 Fat Tire Electric Bicycle comes with a 5” LCD display that shows speed, power and battery life.

A US Standard DC Smart Charger is supplied with the MOTAN M-550 which can recharge the battery in around 3-4 hours.

Additional features of the Addmotor MOTAN M-550 Fat Tire Electric Bicycle include: Tektro mechanical disc brakes; Shimano 7 speeds TX55 gears; black aluminum handlebar; quick release 20cm seatpost; snow bike pro crank; black aluminum pedals; high performance front hub; Shimano pro freewheel 7 speeds; integrated bell; and LED headlight.

The Addmotor MOTAN M-550 E-Bike is available in a choice of black, black/orange, or black/green colors and allows for a maximum load capacity of up to 350 lbs.

UPDATE. New design for 2017/18. Addmotor MOTAN M-550 P7 with more powerful 750W motor now available:

Let’s take a look at the features and specifications in detail of the Addmotor MOTAN M-550 to help you decide if it’s the best fat tire electric bike for you:

Note: Speed distance ranges are dependent on the type of terrains cycled on, the cyclist’s weight and input. Check local bylaws in your area for legal use of this product.

UPDATE. New design for 2017/18. Addmotor MOTAN M-550 P7 with more powerful 750W motor now available:

See what customers who have bought the Addmotor MOTAN M-550 Fat Tire Electric Bicycle have to say about it:

“The Addmotor MOTAN M-550 is so much fun! I’ve had this bike for a week and have put almost 100 miles on it already. I weigh around 220 lbs and this bike goes a steady 22 mph on flat ground with no effort at all. With moderate pedal assist up steep hills I can still go around 19-20 mph. The battery is removable so it’s perfect for taking a spare with you. Love it!”

“The MOTAN M-550 is a great bike and great buy. I’ve tried more expensive e-bikes and they haven’t ridden as smoothly or as nimble as the Addmotor 550. I weigh around 225 lbs and am 62 years old and wouldn’t be riding at all if it wasn’t for this e-bike. I still pedal as I would with a conventional bike but with much less effort and find rides of 15-20 miles a breeze. The seat is very comfortable. I haven’t tested the full range of this e-bike but I think it would go 30-35 miles without any trouble. This bike looks awesome and gets some great reactions from people who see it.”

UPDATE. New design for 2017/18. Addmotor MOTAN M-550 P7 with more powerful 750W motor now available:

N.B. It’s advisable to consult your doctor or health care professional before undertaking any new exercise regime.

Prices/discounts/shipping correct at time of writing/publishing and may be subject to change anytime. EOE.

Types Of Electric Bikes You Can Get From The Addmotor Motan Collection

Electric bikes have recently seen a surge in popularity as people look for more sustainable and affordable ways to get around. If you’re thinking of buying an electric bike, it’s important to understand the available different types.

In this blog post, we’ll look at the Addmotor Motan collection – a range of electric bikes that offer something for everyone. We’ve got you covered whether you’re looking for a leisurely ride or want something more performance-oriented. So read on to find out more!

There are many different types of electric bikes on the market today, but not all are created equal. If you’re looking for an electric bike that can go the distance, you’ll want to check out the Addmotor Motan collection. Here, you’ll find a wide variety of electric bikes that are perfect for everything from commuting to long-distance riding.

Fat Tire Electric Bike

If you’re looking for an electric bike that can handle any terrain, an electric fat tire bike is the way to go. These bikes are equipped with beefy tires that can easily tackle sand, snow, and mud. Fat tire electric bikes are perfect for those who want to explore the great outdoors without worrying about getting stuck in the middle of nowhere.


– Excellent traction and stability on all types of terrain

– Can be ridden in all weather conditions

– Low center of gravity makes them easy to handle

addmotor, motan, m-150, m-140, folding

Folding Electric Bike

A folding electric bike is a great option for those needing a compact, portable bike. These bikes can be folded up and stored in small spaces, making them perfect for city living. A folding electric bicycle is also great for those who frequently travel, as they can be easily packed into a suitcase or car trunk.


– Can be easily stored and transported

– Perfect for commuting or traveling

– Available in a variety of styles and designs

– Many models come equipped with built-in lights and reflectors

Mid Drive Electric Mountain Bike

An electric mountain bike is perfect for those who love to hit the trails. These bikes are equipped with powerful motors that give you a boost when riding up hills. Mid Drive Electric mountain bike also has great suspension systems that keep you comfortable on rough terrain.


– Perfect for off-road riding

– Excellent suspension systems

– Powerful motors for climbing hills

– Available in a variety of frame sizes


A cruiser electric bike is a great choice for those who want a leisurely ride. These bikes are designed for comfort, with plush seats and upright handlebars. Cruiser electric bikes are also great for city riding, with built-in lights and fenders.


– Smooth and comfortable ride

– Stylish and classic design

– Available in a variety of colors and designs

– Ideal for leisurely rides

City Electric Bike

A city electric bike is perfect for those who want to zip around town. These bikes are designed for speed and agility, with narrow tires and lightweight frames. City electric bikes also have built-in lights and fenders, making them safe and practical for urban riding.


– Fast and agile for city riding

– Narrow tires for maneuverability

– Lightweight frames for easy carrying

addmotor, motan, m-150, m-140, folding

– Safe and practical for urban riding

– Many models come equipped with built-in lights and fenders

Electric Trikes

An electric trike is a great option for those who want a stable and comfortable ride. These three-wheeled bikes are perfect for cruising around town or a leisurely ride on the beach. Electric trikes are also great for carrying cargo, as they have large baskets or trailers that can be attached.


– stable than a traditional bicycle

– Can be ridden without pedaling

– Ideal for those with balance issues or limited mobility

– Great for carrying cargo or traveling with young children

All-Terrain Electric Bikes

An all-terrain electric bike is perfect for those who want to explore off-road. These bikes have powerful motors and large tires that can tackle any terrain. All-terrain e-bike also has great suspension systems that keep you comfortable on rough terrain.


– Can be ridden on any terrain

– Powerful motors for climbing hills

– Large tires for stability and traction

– Excellent suspension systems

– Available in a variety of frame sizes

Hunting Electric Bikes

If you’re an avid hunter, you know that getting around in the woods can be tough. That’s why Addmotor created a line of electric bikes specifically designed for hunting.

These bikes have powerful motors that can help you get up steep inclines and over rough terrain. They also come with various features that make hunting easier, like racks for carrying your gear and large tires for stability.


– You can go long distances without having to pedal

– You can travel at high speeds

– Electric bikes are great for people who enjoy the outdoors


Electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular as people look for an efficient and environmentally friendly way to get around. Addmotor offers a wide variety of electric bikes and fat tire electric trikes.

The Motan collection offers something for everyone; whether you’re looking for a leisurely ride or want something that can handle tougher terrain, there’s an electric bike in the Motan collection that will fit your needs.

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