9 Best Electric Tricycles For Adults With Comfort And Style. Small electric trike

Best Electric Tricycles For Adults With Comfort And Style

Are you looking for a quick and efficient way to get around town? Then an electric tricycle may be the perfect solution. With their combination of stability and power, electric tricycles are becoming an increasingly popular choice among adults and teenagers alike who need reliable transportation that won’t break the bank.

With a variety of models available, from well-known brands to lesser-known ones, there is a suitable adult tricycle for every budget and preference. Whether you are looking for extra stability or more power, electric tricycles provide plenty of benefits that make riding fun and accessible for everyone. Read on to find out which ones offer top-of-the-line features at affordable prices!

Best Electric Tricycles For Adults

We have handpicked a variety of top-notch models so that no matter your level or budget, there’s something here for everyone. Don’t miss out check it out and take the ride of your life today.

Addmotor Motan Electric Tricycle for Adults

The perfect ride for any adult, the Addmotor Motan Electric Tricycle offers an extraordinary experience. With its 85 Mi Long Range and M330 20” Fat Tire with a 750W 48V 20Ah Samsung Removable Battery, you’ll clock miles quickly and securely. And to top it off – two Big Baskets front and back make sure you can bring your gear wherever go. The experience that this electric tricycle provides is nothing short of remarkable.

From its strong batteries to its sturdy design, the Electric Tricycle by Addmotor Motan is built to last. This tricycle can easily handle any terrain you throw at it due to its impressive 85 Mi Long Range. You’ll find yourself breezing through even the toughest of obstacles with ease when riding this bad boy.

With its strong battery life and highly durable construction, this tricycle will provide you with years of fun and reliable performance – no matter how complicated your route may be! Overall, everyone should consider investing in an Addmotor Motan Electric Tricycle if they’re looking for a long-lasting electric tricycle that can handle any terrain while still providing comfort and convenience.

DWMEIGI Adult Electric Tricycle

The DWMEIGI Adult Electric tricycle is incredibly well-made, with strong and durable materials that make it a great choice for an outdoor ride. It has a low step-through design which makes it easy to get on and off, while the 24-inch wheel size provides a smooth ride that is perfect for cruising around town or even taking on some light off-road action.

The battery is definitely one of the highlights of this tricycle, boasting 36V 13AH Lithium-ion technology to power your ride. It’s also removable so you can store it indoors when not in use or if you need to charge it up. Furthermore, the battery is extremely efficient and will last you up to 15 miles on a single charge! In addition, there is a cargo basket included so you can take all sorts of items along with you during your ride.

Overall, this tricycle comes with many high-quality features that make it an excellent choice for an electric bike. It’s extremely easy to assemble and use, and has a great range for its battery thanks to its lithium-ion technology. If you’re looking for something reliable and reasonably priced, then this tricycle should definitely be at the top of your list!

Price:Â 1399

CozyTrike Adult Electric Tricycle

The CozyTrike Adult Electric Tricycle is an excellent choice for anyone looking to have a fun and convenient way to get around. This tricycle features both a powerful 1000w motor and a strong 36v battery, making it incredibly easy to power through any terrain. The high-quality aluminum frame is lightweight yet sturdy enough to handle anything you throw at it, with the ability to reach speeds of up to 20 mph. Additionally, the adjustable seat ensures comfort during long rides, while the folding basket makes it easy to transport groceries or other items.

This Adult Electric Tricycle has some great convenience features that make it a great choice for daily commuters or recreational riders alike. It comes equipped with a rearview mirror so that you can easily stay aware of your surroundings while riding, as well as an integrated Advanced Electronic Command Center that shows speed, battery life info, and details of the various functionalities it offers.

All in all, you can enjoy a safe and secure ride with the CozyTrike Adult Electric Tricycle! Also, you can easily commute around town or explore country roads in style. This great feature-packed option offers reliability for all of your trips – whether it’s leisurely sightseeing or running errands.

VIRIBUS 24 Inch Electric Trike for Adults

The VIRIBUS 24 inch Electric Trike for Adults is the perfect blend of convenience and power. This trike features a powerful 250W ELECTRIC MOTOR that provides plenty of torque and speed to get you from A to B quickly, while its convenient cargo space allows you to easily transport your belongings with ease. Additionally, the removable 36V 10Ah Lithium Battery gives you plenty of range as well as portability when needed. The LCD display makes it easy to control and monitor your battery life so that you never have to worry about running out of juice in the middle of your journey.

Not only does this electric trike offer great power and convenience, but it also offers incredible durability. Constructed with a lightweight carbon steel frame and steel forks, this trike is designed to last through years of use. Plus, with its 220-pound weight capacity, it can easily carry heavier items without compromising its performance or integrity. On top of that, it offers 3 riding options Moped Mode (pedal-assist), Bicycle mode (all pedal) and Electric Power Mode (all electric) allowing you to ride according to what suits you best.

In short, this 24-inch electric trike by VIRIBUS is an all-in-one solution for anyone looking for a powerful yet convenient way to get around. With its potent motorized trike features combined with its durable construction and excellent weight capacity, this electric trike has got everything you need for an efficient ride every time!

Buzz Cerana T Blue Electric Bike

The T Blue Electric Bike by Buzz Cerana is an impressive trike featuring a step-through frame, roomy storage options, and an LCD control screen. This bike is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that locks into the frame and offers up to 40 miles of range per charge. The seamless pedal assist motor provides additional power when needed, making this bike a reliable and efficient way to get around.

It is quite easy to assemble all you have to do is attach the wheels, handlebars, and seat. The step-through frame makes it easy to hop on and off the bike without worrying about maneuvering around traditional bicycle frames. The LCD control screen allows you to quickly check the battery level, speed, distance traveled, etc., which is great for monitoring performance. One of the great features is the lithium-ion battery it locks into place in the frame so you do not have to worry about it coming loose while riding or being stolen when parked up.

On top of that, there are plenty of storage options on this bike as well both rear luggage racks, as well as a built-in basket in front, make carrying groceries or other items a breeze. Overall, the Buzz Cerana T Blue Electric Bike has been an excellent investment reliable performance combined with plenty of features makes this one of the best bikes out there!

EVRY journey 250W Electric Tricycle

The EVRYjourney 250W Electric Tricycle is the perfect balance of comfort and power. Featuring a 250-watt motor, you get great speed and performance in a lightweight package. The ergonomic frame is designed for ultimate comfort, with adjustable handlebars and a wide, cushioned seat. The 26-inch wheels come with 1.95-inch semi-slick tires that offer great traction and grip on any surface.

With a lithium battery, this tricycle can go up to 18 to 40 miles in full electric mode and 20 to 60 miles in pedal assist mode, which is perfect for getting to work or running errands around town. Plus, the tricycle also features LED lights for nighttime riding and an LCD display that shows your speed and battery life.

Talking about more specifications of the EVRYjourney 250W Electric Tricycle, it includes an adjustable handlebar stem so you can adjust the height and angle for optimal comfort during your ride. It also comes with two heavy-duty disc brakes for quick stopping power and optimal control over your speed. The tricycle’s frame is made from lightweight aluminum alloy which ensures durability without compromising portability. The best part? It comes with a two-year warranty on electronics, and a 10-year warranty on the aluminum frame.

3SCORE Electric Fat Trike For Adults

The 3SCORE Electric Fat Trike is the perfect way to get around in comfort and style. The trike has a powerful 750W motor with a 48V lithium rechargeable battery that gives you plenty of power when you need it. The tires are 4 inches wide, making them perfect for riding on most surfaces.

Additionally, the front and rear baskets give you plenty of cargo space for carrying whatever you need to get around. The anti-shock suspension ensures a smooth ride over bumps in the road or pavement. On top of that, the parking brakes make it easy to keep your trike secure when you’re not riding it.

The 3SCORE Electric Fat Trike is a reliable, powerful and foldable transportation option that’s terrific for both recreational use on trails or daily commutes. Its wide tires give you ample traction no matter the terrain, while its motor keeps your ride smooth at any speed. Plus it won’t break the bank! If you’re looking for an electric solution to get around town – whether leisurely or in a rush – this trike has got you covered!

MALISA Electric Trike for Adults

When it comes to finding a quality trike for adults, the MALISA Electric Trike is one of the best options on the market. This three-wheeled electric bicycle is loaded with features that make it perfect for long rides and tough terrain. It features a powerful 750W motor and a robust Li-ion battery. This allows you to get up to 40 miles per charge, depending on your terrain and weight load. The big wheels offer superior stability and control while its foldable design ensures easy storage and transport.

The construction of the MALISA Electric Trike is solid and well thought out, using only high-quality components to ensure durability and reliability. The aluminum alloy frame offers great stability and also has an adjustable handlebar that can be adjusted to suit different riders heights. The tricycle is designed with safety as a top priority; it comes with extra wide tires, a responsive front disc brake system, and reflective details for added visibility at night.

As far as looks go, the MALISA Electric Trike has a sleek modern design that will turn heads wherever you go. The frame comes in two colors black or white so you can choose what best fits your style or preferences. There are plenty of accessories available with this tricycle to make your ride even more enjoyable such as baskets, bags, bells, etc just name it!

Overall, if you’re looking for an electric trike that can take you places quickly but also keep you safe along the way then the MALISA Electric Trike should be your top choice.

OTIGA Adult Electric Tricycle

With the OTIGA Adult Electric Tricycle, you can ride in style and convenience. This 4″ trike is equipped with a powerful 350W motor plus pedals that let you glide wherever your destination takes you! Not to mention the convenient cargo basket which lets 25 kg of whatever-you-need join along for the journey.

It also features an LCD display that helps provide you with easy access to your bike’s current status and settings. The removable 36V12Ah lithium battery provides a maximum range of 40km; this ensures plenty of power for all your needs. And, thanks to its three riding options, you can choose how fast or slow you want to go while still enjoying the same great ride quality.

What really sets the OTIGA Adult Electric Tricycle apart from the rest is its safety and comfort features. It uses an adjustable stem that guarantees your body will remain in the ideal position during rides – no more sore or cramped muscles! The spacious rear basket has 2.3 cubic feet of storage space, allowing for hauling groceries or other items without hassle.

Additionally, it employs a durable alloy steel frame complete with an anti-rust coating; this ensures long-term use and reliable performance no matter where you take it. Finally, it has been equipped with a powerful brake system that provides excellent response time as well as smooth stopping power.

Best Electric Trike for Adults – Buying Guide

Battery Capacity: When looking at an electric trike for adults, it’s important to consider the battery capacity. Battery capacity is measured in Watt-hours (Wh) and will determine how long you can ride your electric trike on one charge. A larger battery capacity generally allows for a longer range and more power during acceleration. Consider the range that you need, as well as any hills or uneven terrain that you might encounter when choosing a battery.

Motor Power: The motor power of an electric trike is also an important factor to consider before purchasing. Motor power is usually measured in watts (W) and determines how much torque will be available when accelerating or climbing hills. Higher motor power ratings are typically associated with higher top speeds and better hill climbing abilities, but they can also be accompanied by higher costs and heavier weights. Consider all your needs before choosing a motor power rating for your electric trike.

Carrying Capacity:Â Carrying capacity is another feature to look into before buying an electric trike for adults. This refers to the weight that the trike can support, including both the rider’s own weight, as well as additional passengers or cargo items like groceries or camping gear. Make sure to check what kind of loads are supported by the model you are considering, especially if you plan on carrying multiple passengers or large items frequently.

Top Speed: When looking for the best electric trike for adults, it’s important to consider the top speed of the model you’re considering. Generally speaking, faster models feature higher wattage and more powerful motors, resulting in greater speeds. However, these models may also come with a heftier price tag. It’s important to consider the user’s intended use-case before making a decision, as well as any local laws concerning maximum speed limits.

Budget: Budget is an important factor when selecting the best electric trike for adults. In general, price increases with speed and power capabilities; however, it’s possible to find bargains if you know where to look. Additionally, pay attention to any additional costs associated with purchasing a model including taxes and shipping fees. If possible, try to purchase from a store that offers free shipping or discounts on certain payment methods such as PayPal or Bitcoin.

LCD Displays: Most modern electric trikes feature an LCD display which can be used to monitor and control various aspects of the vehicle such as battery life, speed settings and trip information. Choosing a model with an LCD display provides more visibility into the performance of your trike while also allowing you to make adjustments quickly and easily if necessary during your ride. Consider whether you prefer a digital or analog display before making a purchase decision based on your personal preferences and comfort level with technology.

Designs and Frame Dimensions: The design of an electric trike should be chosen based on how comfortable it is for someone to ride in terms of sizing and frame dimensions. Different designs offer different levels of stability depending on the rider’s size and weight distribution when riding;

Safety Accessories: Safety accessories are essential when choosing the best electric trikes for adults; helmets are highly recommended at all times while riding but other features like reflectors or brake lights can also be included depending on what type of legal requirements exist in your region or country.

Storage: Storage capacity will likely depend largely on the design chosen but most adult electric trikes have decently sized baskets located either under or behind their seat area that can carry items ranging from groceries to school supplies without much trouble at all – some even come equipped with foldable frames allowing you store them away neatly when not in use without taking up too much space inside your house or garage!

Waterproofing:Â Depending on where you live and how often you plan on using your trike outdoors (especially during wet weather), waterproofing can become an important factor in selecting which model is right for you – after all nobody wants their bike getting ruined by water damage!

Smart Charging Features: Smart charging features allow users more convenience since they don’t have to worry about manually connecting power sources every time they want to charge up their trike. Some brands even offer app-enabled services where riders can monitor battery levels remotely for a perfect ride.


It’s important to read about each model before you make your purchase in order to ensure you’re making the right choice. And don’t forget to test out your tricycle prior to purchasing if possible even if it’s just a test ride around the block! Lastly, be on the lookout for special offers since electric tricycles can usually be found at discounted depending on the time of year. All things considered, electric tricycles are an excellent choice when it comes to reliable and energy-efficient transportation.

Electric Assist

Electric recumbent trikes allow you to enjoy longer rides and extend your workout time. It takes less effort than riding a normal bike so you can go further faster and can conquer rough terrain, hills, and distances for the ultimate recumbent trike experience.

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Take charge and harness the potential of electric assist without sacrificing quality or your wallet.

TerraTrike’s latest Electric Vehicle Option, the E.V.O., is powered by the powerful Bosch Performance Line Cruise motor and the PowerPack 400Wh battery. With a whisper-quiet motor capable of 65Nm of torque, this system is wickedly fun.

Bigger isn’t always better, at least when we talk about recumbent trikes. When it comes to the Catrike. a small frame doesn’t mean small features.

The Villager brings together engineering and innovation into one easy-to-use machine.

Go farther, faster, and with greater ease aboard an eCAT. The sense of freedom that comes with taking the path less traveled can be yours with just a pedal stroke of a Catrike Expedition.

At the heart of the Trail, there are features and design that makes this Catrike perfect for almost any rider.

Go farther, faster, and with greater ease aboard an eCAT. The innovative Catrike 5.5.9 is a premium Grand Touring Catrike. Experience high performance and spirited long-distance rides with extraordinary comfort.

Go farther, faster, and with greater ease aboard an eCAT. Catrike’s 16 years of engineering and experience have come together to create the Dumont. The Dumont is a folding, fully suspended Catrike with a 26″ rear wheel.


This Buying Guide Will Help You:

About Electric Assist on Recumbent Trikes

If you want to enjoy the experience of a recumbent trike but you have issues when it comes to keeping it going with your own leg power, electric assist may be precisely what you need. With an electric recumbent trike, you can enjoy longer rides and lengthen your workout times with a little boost from an electric motor. With electric assist, you can still enjoy all the benefits that a recumbent trike has to offer, but you don’t have to miss out on conquering rough terrain, hills, or longer distances because you can get a boost when you need it.

As the name suggests, electric assist helps you out when you need a little extra power, but it doesn’t use the electric motor all the time. You still have to use your own muscles and can still get a great workout. If you’re getting older and haven’t been able to ride in the same areas you did before, or you’re having trouble keeping up to your group, an electric recumbent trike is a great solution. Electric assist lets you exert yourself as much as you’d like while making it easier to travel the routes and trails you choose. There’s less stress on your body with an electric recumbent trike because you get to choose when to push harder and when to ease off and let the electric motor take over.

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Electric Trike on the Cheap

About: Check out ThriftStore Hacker on YouTube! Where junk makes neat stuff! Follow me on TikTok @ThriftStoreHacker About ThriftStore Hacker »

hello everyone. first of all thanks for all the question/Комментарии и мнения владельцев on my electric bike build. Now we go to the next level. An Electric Trike made on the cheap with an old electric wheelchair and a standard trike.

Step 1: Find a Trike. and Motor(s)

i picked up my trike from Craigslist for 50 bucks. As for the motors and control box i got a broken power chair from a friend in exchange for some auto repair work.

also going to need a front sprocket from a donor bike pile. the bigger the sprocket the faster the bike will go (horsepower permitting)

the wheelchair has all needed parts. motor, controller, batteries, and controls.

other bits are from ACE hardware.

Step 2: Mounting the Motors

this is the tricky bit. i disconnected the chain from the pedals to hook the electric motors up to the drive.

connected into the 3 speed hub i have 3 gear choices 1st gear is 50% underdriven (more power for hills) 2nd gear is 1 to 1 and 3rd gear is 50% overdriven (for more speed)

if you dont have a 3 speed you can connect the motors straight to the chain gear on the rear axle.

since it is an electric powerchair with 2 motors and the gearboxes had a 5 bolt hub i went to ACE and got some couplers and dug up an old front sprocket from a donor bike. placed the sprocket between the hubs and bolted the hubs together.


motors are mounted on a board that is attached to the bike by the brackets that held the basket on originally.

you want to mount the motor solidly because it is going to put out 3 or 4 times the force of an average person pedaling.

also make sure the sprockets are perfectly aligned. If they are not the chain will slip off.

also make sure all bolts are on the bike frame or it can cause problems later on. i built this with absolutely no welding.

Step 3: Mounting Your Batteries and Building You Motor Cover.

this is the 2nd time i have rebuilt this bike. in the original build i placed the batteries over the motors making the bike very top heavy with little weight on the front tire.

in this build i placed the batteries as low as i possibly could on the frame and it handles very nicely.

batteries are heavy. find a good way to mount them. i used 1/2 in particle board to make my battery boxes.

while you build your motor cover keep in mind that you will need to get back into it regularly for maintenance. also you need a slot to engage and disengage the gearboxes.

most importantly the motors and power controller will need air circulation or they can overheat and fail.

i cut 3 boards for the verticals making sure they all matched up in height. then put a large board on top. the boxed structure keeps the bike very rigid.

all of the wiring is pulled from the powerchair with no cutting or splicing. make sure to zip tie the wires up and keep them away from the chain drive.

Step 4: The Throttle Control

since i am using 2 motors that are bolted to each other it is important that the motors operate at the same speed. if you try to turn the chair’s control stick to the left or right it will cause the motors to turn different directions (very bad) and the motors will rip themselves apart from each other.

i put a thin slotted board over the control stick that lets it only go forward and backward. OR you can go to an electric power chair store and have them reprogram the control box. but that costs money.

so after you have that sorted out. mount your control stick to the handlebars where you can easily reach it.

the control stick i have has a charger port on it so i can easily charge the batteries.

Step 5: Riding, Limitations, and Other Stuff

riding an electric bike requires a bike helmet in CA. the bike cannot go over 25mph. also must have a continuous wattage of under 750 watts.

also in CA (Sacramento area) you cannot ride it on bike trails (American river bike trail) must use bike lanes on streets. use google maps. they have great biking directions.

any more power and u will need to register it as a M2 (motorcycle under 149cc or electric) which requires license plates.

this bike has a power output of 700 watts. can reach 25mph very easily.

now the limitations of the mechanicals.

this bike does not go in reverse since it is hooked to a 3 speed hub. if i need to make a fast emergency stop i can throw the throttle in reverse activating the coaster brake in the 3 speed hub.

if you need to back the bike up you can throw the disengage levers on the gearboxes.

make sure you have both gearboxes re engaged before you ride or you can screw up your hubs.

make sure the chains are tight on the gears. no slack. but dont make it super tight or you will lose power due to the friction from the chain.

this bike can go about 25 miles @ 18-20mph on a full charge with no pedaling. charges in 6 hours.

you will need to tinker with the drivetrain a lot till you find mechanical weaknesses and get everything aligned.

I now have about 300 miles on this build and have had 0 problems.

if you have any questions about the build feel free to ask. i will keep posting any mods i have made to the bike.

Step 6: Finished Product

here is my trike after a little paint and a basket added. i also cut some thin plyboard to cover gaps around batteries.

dont forget to add rear reflectors and a red blinking light so you can be seen by other drivers. and its the law to have them.

Step 7: By Popular Demand.

hello all. here are some videos for ya.

EUNORAU NEW-TRIKE. 500W Step-Through Folding Electric Tricycle

  • 2,499 00
  • Estimated Delivery: Between Jun 18 and Jun 29 unless otherwise noted Free Shipping on All Orders Over 100(Continental USA)
  • EUNORAU NEW-TRIKE. 500W Step-Through Folding Electric Tricycle

    EUNORAU NEW-TRIKE is a 500W Step-Through Folding Electric Tricycle designed for urban living, offering a powerful, efficient and environmentally-friendly transport solution. Its compact folding design makes it easy to store and transport, while its 3-wheel design provides superior stability and safety. Powered by a 500W motor, the electric tricycle offers a top speed of 18 MPH and a maximum range of up to 30-40 miles per charge.

    The NEW-TRIKE has a max speed of 18 mph and can be powered with Pedal Assist, a Throttle, or by just pedaling like a normal bike/trike without electric assistance, if desired. The ability to fold this tricycle makes it a little easier to transport and store in smaller areas.

    EUNORAU NEW-TRIKE Specifications

    MOTOR: 48V/500W hub motor with 80 N.m torque installed in front wheel

    CONTROLLER: 48V / 20A

    FRAME: Aluminum Alloy

    PEDAL ASSIST INTELLIGENT: 0~5 level pedal assist


    RECOMMENDED RIDER HEIGHT: 5’1 ~ 6’1 BATTERY RANGE: 30-40 Miles (Note that ElectricBikeReview estimates a range of 10-25 miles.)


    BATTERY TYPE: Lithium-Ion


    GEOMETRY MEASUREMENTS: 17.25 Seat Tube, 20.5 Reach, 29.5 Stand Over Height, 31.25 Minimum Saddle Height, 25.75 Width, 68 Length

    FOLDED DIMENSIONS: 41.33 L x 33.46 W x 31.10 H

    FRAME REAR DETAILS: 33.5 Rear Axle, 12mm Threaded Axle with 18mm Nuts

    BOX DIMENSIONS: (cm):122 L x 89 W x 76.2 H

    THROTTLE: Half Twist Throttle

    DISPLAY: C3 LCD Display

    HEADLIGHT: Front LED Headlight

    REAR LIGHT: Integrated Brake Taillight



    RIMS: 20 inch Black Alloy

    SPOKES: Stainless Steel

    TIRES: CST Tires 20 x 3.0

    GEAR SHIFTING: Shimano 7-Speed Tourney

    SHIFTER: SHIMANO 7-speed

    CRANK: 170mm forged alloy

    CHAINRING: 46T chain-wheel crank BRAKE LEVER: Promax Disc Lever with motor cutoff switch

    BRAKE ROTOR: EUNORAU Design 160MM Disc Brakes

    HANDLEBAR: Adjustable Stem for Comfort. Matte Black

    SADDLE: Comfort Saddle, Height to Ground 32.7-40.2

    PEDALS: Aluminum Alloy


    FREE SHIPPING on Orders of 500 or more in the continental (lower 48) USA

    NO SALES TAX except for orders from Ohio.

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    • Electric Bike Zone does not pay or reimburse any labor costs undertaken by the customer under any circumstances.

    If you believe that an item has arrived damaged or with a defect, contact us at support@ElectricBikeZone.com and send a picture and description of the damage and we will happily file a warranty claim with the manufacturer on your behalf. This must be done within 10 days of receiving your electric bike. We will not be able to ship you replacements if you send us photos after 10 days of receiving your electric bike. Replacement parts orders typically take between 1 to 3 weeks to fulfill.

    • We do not issue refunds/returns because of defective batteries. The bike warranty will cover the battery, and a new battery can be shipped to you once we are provided with proof that the battery is defective. See the Defective Battery Policy below.
    • We do not issue refunds/returns for minor cosmetic blemishes. The cost of returning an electric bike and shipping out a new one would be rather expensive. Instead, replacement parts and/or paint can be shipped to you to address any concern or problem.


    Sometimes shipping carriers can damage the box during shipping. This can lead to the battery becoming damaged and not working. If you believe your battery to be faulty, you will need to provide us with proof.

    To do this you can take your battery to a Batteries Plus store or use a voltmeter at home to test the battery and send us a picture of the reading on the voltmeter. Once you send us a photo of the reading showing the voltage is low, we can have a shipping label sent to you to return the battery. Once the defective battery is received, we will have a new battery shipped out to you as soon as possible.


    If you have any questions or would like to initiate a return, alert us about damage or defects, or ask us any other questions, please contact us.

    EUNORAU NEW-TRIKE. 500W Step-Through Folding Electric Tricycle

    EUNORAU NEW-TRIKE is a 500W Step-Through Folding Electric Tricycle designed for urban living, offering a powerful, efficient and environmentally-friendly transport solution. Its compact folding design makes it easy to store and transport, while its 3-wheel design provides superior stability and safety. Powered by a 500W motor, the electric tricycle offers a top speed of 18 MPH and a maximum range of up to 30-40 miles per charge.

    The NEW-TRIKE has a max speed of 18 mph and can be powered with Pedal Assist, a Throttle, or by just pedaling like a normal bike/trike without electric assistance, if desired. The ability to fold this tricycle makes it a little easier to transport and store in smaller areas.

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