72V24AH Ultra Light Triangle Battery Pack for 5000w fast ebike motor. 72v ebike battery pack

V24AH Ultra Light Triangle Battery Pack for 5000w fast ebike motor

Ultra powerful and ultra light 72V24AH Batteries with charger and free shipping.

Lithium 72V24AH Ultra Light Battery Pack with BMS, charger and free shipping for fast ebike 5000W motors.

New! Rechargeable Electric Bicycle Batteries 72V 24AH Lithium Ion PVC Battery Attention: These are ultra high speed batteries ultra high speed ebikes. The controllers must support 72V. These are US stock. I am electrical engineer and we check each battery individually before shipping.

  • Heavy duty 2 Amp charger
  • XT90 connector output
  • Spare XT90 connector cable
  • 3C BMS which can output 72V24A for 1 hour or 72v 48a for 30 minutes or 72v 60a for 20 minutes.

US supplier. These use 21700 cell based batteries. Similar 21700 cells are used in Tesla cars. We check the batteries before selling it. We ship from US so you don’t have to wait for 6 week shipping. Use it for ebike, scooter etrikes. Battery has 3C BMS and can support 5000w motor. Look at my feedback I am now top seller of 48v lithium ebike batteries on ebay. We ship promptly so you should get your batteries in 3 to 10 days of ordering.

Achtung Alert Warning Caution: I have 4 in stock but many times some people buy in bulk leaving me no stock. Please contact me directly at http://www.calibike.com/?page_id=39 to check on immediate availability if you need the battery in a hurry. Free Shipping (within continental US by ground only)

Quality check in USA 1. Check each battery’s voltage 2. Check power supply voltage 3. Verify battery gets charged

Calibike has sold over 500 batteries with very happy customers

In fact I am the #1 US seller of Lithium ion batteries on ebay

Type: Li-Ion Brand Name: Calibike Type: 21700 cells Rating: 3C (Can support 5000 watt motor)

Battery Model 72V24T
Voltage (V) 72
Capacity: 24AH
Type: Li-Ion 21700 cells
Brand Name: Panasonic
BMS Rating: 3C
Size: Triangle 10.5″ x 15.0″ x 18.0″ x 3.75″ wide
Weight: 7 KG (15.4 lbs)
Cycles 800
Charger 110V/220V in 72v AH out
Source Resistance 40 (mO)
Cell Combination 5P20S
Cell Quantity (parallelseries) 520
Discharge Cutoff Voltage 57.9V
Charge Cutoff Voltage 84.6V
Rated Discharge Current 60A
Instantaneous Maximum Discharge Current 90A
Maximum Continuous Discharge Current 60A
Maximum Continuous Charge Current 6A
Charge Mode CC-CV
Standard Charge Current 2A
Charge Time Standard Charge Current 8 Hrs
Fast Charge Current 4A
Charge Time under Fast Charge Current 4 hours
Charge Temperature Range -20C.55C
Discharge Temperature Range -20C.55C

1 x 72V24T Battery in Calibike Triangle Bag 1 x 72v4A charger 1 x Spare power cable with Anderson connector

Model Number: 72V24T Includes 110v 4a charger

This is a high voltage high power battery. It has same capacity as a Toyota Prius traction battery. The controller used with these batteries must be a high voltage controller.

Lawyers Legaleze Warning: The batteries, kits and ebikes sold are experimental. There is some risk of accident and fire. By purchasing this kit(s) you acknowledge the risk and agree to hold Calibike harmless in case of any adverse circumstances.

Read a Calibike battery review at

Battery: By the time I got back to starting point total distance was 24.7 miles. Display still showed all full bars except the half bar that is at the right side of the icon (961 display) When I got home, the battery took 1 1/2 hrs to fully recharge. I estimate the battery was about 25% depleted with 75% left to cutoff voltage.

Calibike Battery Endurance Test Review

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Current vs speed test for a 1.5 year old battery

Calibike races eskateboard cars and road bike in the streets of San francisco

Lombard street 20% grade hill climb

Powell street 20% grade racing with audi

Night ride cruise at 30 35 mph (Using Midnite Sun headlights)

11 Mile run faster than car in urban traffic

33c3 ebike goes to Superbowl

7 mile run to metro link station

My personal fav first legal ebike ride on I5 (managed to pass a bunch of cars stuck on 5 traffic mess)

48v15 battery powered ebike puts out 1700 watts takes ebike to 37 mph

Metro station stair climb

Plain English USA Warranty

Warranty includes all parts and labor for a period of 1 year from date of purchase.

Warranty excludes shipping charges.

Warranty excludes battery abuse.

Escooter/ Motorcycle Lithium Battery 72V 60Ah Lithium Battery Pack-3

SmarPropel motorcycle lithium battery can be widely used in electric motorcycle/Tricycle/Two-Wheeler/Four-Wheeler, etc. Replace 99% lead acid motorcycle battery in the global market. Exported to US, EU, Canada, Russia and other countries for more than 5 years.SmartPropel is a lithium ion battery factory with an annual lithium battery pack production capacity 3,000,000 pcs. Serve for plenty of electric vehicle factories, wholesalers, and distributors, won a good reputation and harvest hundreds of old customers and friends.

Features of 72V ebike battery: 1. Lighter weight, smaller size. Install easily.2. Lithium battery pack 72V 60Ah,Can be customized,1 piece sample order acceptable.3. Extremely safe, no explosion, no fire under collision.4. Strong over-discharge resistance and charge retention.5. Strong charging acceptance and quick-charging capability.6. Maintenance-free and no acid or water for maintenance in usage.7. Lithium ion battery 72V 60Ah, large capability and long life for all high power output applications.8. Environmentally friendly non-toxic, non-contaminating, no rare metal.9. 72V lithium ion battery pack low self-discharge and good discharge performance at low temperature.10. Optional Bluetooth function, APP can monitor the lithium-ion motorcycle battery voltage, capacity status.

Motorcycle 72 Volt Lithium ion Battery

SmartPropel is a professional moped scooter lithium battery factory, we have 15 years rich production experience, more than 50 standard bike lithium battery models. These lithium ion battery packs, are produced with long cycle life and strong power, can be fit well in the ready electric vehicle on the market directly. 72V ebike battery model provided: ◉ 72V 20Ah lithium ion battery◉ 72V 30Ah lithium ion battery◉ 72V 40Ah lithium ion battery◉ 72V 45Ah lithium ion battery◉ 72V 60Ah lithium ion battery

SmartPropel 72V lithium battery can be customized according to electric vehicle factory customers demands.We have cooperated with 500 factory customer for lithium motorcycle battery customization.48V lithium battery, 60V lithium battery and 72V lithium battery can be provided.

We can customize the battery : ◉ Dimension ◉ Voltage◉ Capacity◉ Interface◉ Wire length

Lithium Motorcycle Battery Accessory

SmartPropel high quality excellent motorcycle lithium ion battery cell

Cheap price poor quality 18650 motorcycle battery cell on the market

72V lithium ion battery pack adopt high quality prismatic lithium Battery Cell

Adequate capacity, no false advertising, high discharge lithium ion battery

Lasting electricity, long cycle life, strong endurance for long range driving

Poor quality lithium battery products, serious aging ,lack of power

Badly under-marked and under power, have potential safety hazard

Moped scooter battery power in short supply, high resistance and short cycle life

Cells – A-grade lithium-ion battery cells to make sure 72V battery pack are in high and full capacity.2. Protection – Intelligent BMS, that can anti-short circuit, anti-over charger, anti-over current, anti-overload, etc.3. Compose Type: Injection Technology to make lithium-ion battery more stable.4. Motorcycle battery meter included. Electricity screen display can show the motorcycle battery voltage and capacity.5. Optional function: Phone APP monitors motorcycle battery status by Bluetooth.6. Certification: CE

Test: The electric scooter lithium battery cells and 72V 60Ah battery packs are tested before delivery to ensure excellent quality.

SmartPropel Lithium Battery Specification

Voltage Model Size(LWH) Weight BMS PowerDisplay Charger
48V 48V20Ah 170160175mm 6kg 14S40A LCD 54.6V/5A
48V25Ah 230180180mm 7.5kg 14S40A LCD 54.6V/5A
48V30Ah 190145280mm 9kg 14S40A LED 54.6V/5A
48V40Ah 220180260mm 13kg 14S40A LCD 54.6V/5A
48V45Ah 220180260mm 14kg 14S40A LCD 54.6V/8A
48V50Ah 220180260mm 15kg 14S40A LCD 54.6V/8A
48V55Ah 180155325mm325215165mm 16.5kg 14S40A LCD 54.6V/8A
48V60Ah 215180310mm 18kg 14S40A LCD 54.6V/8A
60V 60V20Ah 190145280mm280175145mm 8kg 17S40A LCD 71.4V/5A
60V30Ah 215180310mm 10.5kg 17S40A LCD 71.4V/5A
60V40Ah 215180310mm 180155325 mm 13.5kg 17S40A LCD 71.4V/5A
60V45Ah 215180310mm T Shape 18kg 17S40A LCD 71.4V/8A
60V50Ah 215180310mm 19kg 17S40A LCD 71.4V/8A
60V60Ah 220180355mm 22kg 17S40A LCD 71.4V/8A
60V80Ah 420220195mm 31kg 17S50A LCD 71.4V/8A
72V 72V20Ah 190145310mm 12.5kg 20S40A LCD 84V/5A
72V30Ah 215180310mm 15.6kg 20S40A LCD 84V/5A
72V40Ah 220180355mm 17.4kg 20S40A LCD 84V/8A
72V 45Ah 220180355mm325215170 mm215165325mm 19kg 20S40A LCD 84V/8A
72V50Ah 220180355mm 21.2kg 20S40A LCD 84V/8A
72V60Ah 230185350mm350×235×172mm 23kg 20S40A LCD 84V/8A
72V80Ah 420220195mm 32kg 20S50A LCD 84V/8A

OEM: Except above model,SmartPropel also can customize the battery 12V/24V/36V/48V/60V /72V 30Ah,40Ah,45Ah, 50Ah,60Ah,80Ah, 100Ah,200Ah,300Ah,400Ah,500Ah with metal box. The size and shape and flexible according to your given size.

We support OEM with your logo design. Welcome to c ontact and tell us your requirement, we will provide you with total solution immediately.

SmartPropel Lithium ion Battery

SmartPropel Lithium Battery Workshop

High Quality Top A quality Cells

72v24ah, ultra, light, triangle, battery, pack

Automatic Laser Machine For Cell Welding

72v24ah, ultra, light, triangle, battery, pack

100% lithium battery tested before delivery

SmartPropel Lithium Battery Package

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SmartPropel is a 15 years high tech lithium battery enterprise, specializing in Lithium Battery Production. We has 4 production bases in Hubei, Shenzhen, Dongguan and Huizhou, complete covers the whole lithium battery industry line, including cylindrical cells production, prismatic cells production, and battery pack production. With the research team and automatic production support, we master the core battery technology and key accessories of lithium battery pack, which highly enhance production efficiency, ensure battery excellent performance and strengthen competitiveness. We strictly control every detail for lithium battery customize and production, insisting on not accepting incoming defective materials, not producing defective batteries, or not shipping defective batteries.

SmartPropel Focus on providing power supply one-stop solution for the worldwide market. Main products include Ebike lithium battery, E-scooter lithium battery, Motorcycle battery, Golf Cart battery, AGV/Robot/Forklift Battery, Powerwall, Home Battery Backup, 12V/24V Deep Cycle LiFePO4 Battery. etc. SmartPropel RD team consists of elites with nearly 15 years technical production experience in the lithium battery industry. With the low-energy, pollution-free production processes, we strictly control every detail in terms of quality inspection.committed to the development of high capacity, high quality, high-performance lithium battery products. SmartPropel have the national invention patent technology which is leading in the country and first-class in the world. It has applied for more than 18 national patents, 3 invention patents and 15 utility model patents in the battery package structure,especially has a very competitive cylinder battery package liquid cooling patent. SmartPropel, Propel Your Smart Life!

How to Charge an E-Bike for Maximum Battery Life

From safe charging to the longest possible lifespan, here’s everything you need to know about your electric bike’s power source.

72v24ah, ultra, light, triangle, battery, pack

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If you bought a bike in the last couple years, chances are good it’s an e-bike. Electric bicycles are the fastest-growing type of bike in the U.S. today; in 2021 they surpassed road bikes as the third biggest category of bikes overall and in 2022 e-bike sales were over 800 million. E-bikes still outsell electric cars, and for good reason. The lightweight electric motor on an e-bike gives a powerful boost to all kinds of riding, especially utility cycling like commuting and errands. (Plus, there is a nice tax incentive for some e-bike riders.)

At the heart of that system is a powerful lithium-based battery. Taking proper care of that battery and knowing how to properly charge it is key to safely getting the best range and long-term battery life. Here’s what you need to know about charging your e-bike battery.

Safe charging basics

You should charge your battery inside, on the proper charger, and with the motor system powered off, says Kunal Kapoor, senior manager for quality and compliance at Bosch, a leading supplier of e-bike motor systems. While e-bike motors, batteries, and wiring are weather-resistant, “chargers aren’t intended for outdoor use,” he notes.

Using the proper charger is primarily a safety issue. With a modern lithium battery, Kapoor continues, when the battery signals it’s ready to accept a charge, “the battery monitoring system in the charger makes sure that the temperatures inside the battery are optimum to receive the charge,” and shuts off if needed. An off-brand charger—even rated to the same output—doesn’t have all the features of that battery management system, so current can flow to the battery even if temperatures rise, which is a fire risk.

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The risk of battery fires is low, but Kapoor recommends people not leave batteries unattended while charging. You can leave the battery on the bike to charge or take it off, as long as it’s not sitting on or near flammable stuff (like the spare gas can in the garage, for example). If you’re looking at lower-priced e-bikes with house-brand or unbranded motor and battery systems, make sure the battery and charger carry a UL 2849 certification stamp from Underwriters Laboratories. This is the industry-wide standard for safe electric systems and battery charging for e-bikes. Some bike shops won’t work on e-bikes with motor and battery systems that lack this stamp, citing fire risk when left overnight in the store.

How to optimize battery range and lifespan

Let’s start with some definitions. Range is essentially runtime: how long a battery will last on a single charge, expressed in miles of riding. Range, even on the same bike, will vary; a flat commute to the office with just a light backpack will see better range than a fully loaded uphill ride home from Costco. Most e-bikes today get between 25-75 miles of range, depending on these factors.

Lifespan is how many times a battery can be discharged and recharged before it starts to lose significant capacity. When capacity starts to dip, you won’t notice less power while riding, but you will see range start to shrink. A common lifespan benchmark for e-bike batteries is 500 “full” discharge/re-charge cycles (if you use half the battery capacity and recharge, that’s half a cycle), which works out to about three to five years of normal use before capacity begins to drop noticeably.

Even though battery range and lifespan aren’t the same thing, they are linked, and actions that reduce range will also, over time, shorten lifespan. A big culprit, Kapoor says, is running the motor hard, like leaving it in Boost or Turbo mode all the time, which means a ride of a given distance relies progressively more on motor power than at lower assist levels. You’ll run the battery through charging cycles more quickly, which will shorten its life.

A less-obvious factor that strains motors and batteries is pedal cadence. Most e-bike motors are optimized for efficiency around a 70-90 rpm pedaling cadence. You can lower efficiency by pedaling too fast (Bosch motors, for instance, max out at 100-120 rpm depending on the system). common is sub-optimal efficiency from pedaling too slowly in a large gear. This is the same as “lugging the engine” in a car; whether gas or electric, the motor works harder. “Choose your gears wisely,” says Kapoor, to stay in that 70-90 rpm sweet spot.

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Mistakes that kill your battery

When you buy a new e-bike, you should charge the battery to full before riding it because it’s likely been inactive for a while. But lithium batteries do not have “memory;” that is, they do not need to be fully discharged and fully recharged every time to hold their full capacity. In fact, it’s best if you don’t run a battery to zero, says Kapoor. “If you let the battery deplete completely, that may permanently damage it,” he says, and it will never recharge to its full original capacity.

If you’ll go a few weeks or more without riding the bike, store it (or at least the battery) in a dry, room-temperature space with the battery between 30-60 percent of full charge, says Kapoor. That’s the most stable level for long-term storage, and will lower the chance of a deep discharge that would damage your battery. Don’t leave your battery plugged in to the charger for long periods. It’s not necessary, and can create a short discharge/recharge cycle that will eventually reduce capacity. If you go long periods without riding the bike, check the battery charge monthly and partly recharge when it drops below 30 percent.

Lithium batteries are less affected by cold weather than other types of battery and you shouldn’t see reduced range while riding unless the temperatures are truly arctic. But researchers at the Department of Energy recently found storing lithium batteries below freezing for longer periods can damage part of the battery’s cathode, which will reduce its capacity. Lithium batteries also won’t charge effectively in cold temperatures. If you store your bike outside or in an unheated space and live in an area with sub-freezing temps, says Kapoor, bring the battery inside when not in use.

Also, keep your battery protected from extreme heat, like sitting next to a sunny window or a hot car. Excess heat can raise battery temperature enough to damage its components; in an extreme situation, it can contribute to what’s called thermal runaway, where a battery enters an unstable, uncontrollable self-heating state that can result in fire.

You don’t need to recharge after every ride. Topping off your battery sounds Smart, but over time it will reduce capacity more quickly. If you get 50 miles of range from a charge and ride 10 miles a day, you only need to recharge every three to four days.

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When it’s time to replace

Even if you take great care of a battery, over time it will lose capacity. You’ll notice this on your bike’s range estimate on the controller unit. Capacity is a primary indicator of the health of a battery, so if you notice your range dropping to 70 percent or less of what it was when your bike was new, that’s a sign to start planning a replacement. If your battery is less than two years old and is well under original capacity, it might be a warranty claim (terms vary by manufacturer).

If it’s not a warranty issue, the decision on when to replace is personal preference, says Kapoor. “If you got 50 miles (of range) out of the battery originally and let’s say now you get 40, I wouldn’t classify it as ‘end of life’ if you can live with that 40-mile range,” he says. A battery with reduced capacity should still be safe, Kapoor adds.

Always purchase a name-brand replacement for your battery. Just as batteries and chargers should be paired, batteries and motors are designed to work together. And, says Kapoor, never try to repair a damaged battery or let someone else do it. Despite guides that claim you can, this is not just corporate greed or legal butt-covering by manufacturers. While e-bike batteries are almost always made from standard 18650 cells that are widely used in various products (even electric cars), those cells have a variety of different chemistries, capacities, and amperages, and that’s before we even get into connecting a string of them and repackaging the battery in the housing. The slightest mistake in any of that increases fire risk. If you need a new battery, just buy one.

Dealers that sell your brand of bike can order you a direct replacement for that bike or motor brand. Costs vary depending on battery size and brand, but plan on spending 400-800 for a new unit.

A dealer can also recycle your old one. A new program from Call 2 Recycle offers free e-bike battery recycling (paid for by bike and motor brands) through partner shops in almost every major city and many smaller ones. No participating dealers near you? Request an easy DIY shipping kit online.

Why recycle? Even a spent battery contains raw materials that can be re-made into fresh ones, at moderately less energy cost and less environmental damage than producing from virgin materials. Spent lithium batteries also have a fire risk in landfills and can leach toxic metals and other chemicals into the soil and air.

In case of fire

Though rare, battery fires do happen. If your battery gets hot to the touch while charging, unplug the charger from the wall immediately. If you can, put the battery in a metal container like a bucket (better yet, one filled with sand) away from anything flammable.

But if it’s not safe to handle, call 911 right away and tell the dispatcher that you have a lithium battery fire, which requires different firefighting methods than conventional fires. Don’t pour water on a battery fire; water and lithium react to produce hydrogen, which is highly flammable. A standard fire extinguisher may help, but in the event of a fire, special tools may be needed.

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