50Cc electric moped.

What Electric Motorcycle Can I Ride?

Unknown to most people the basic principles behind the legalities of riding an electric motorcycle are infact no different to that of riding an ICE (internal combustion engine) motorcycle, all of which are listed at the bottom of this page. The only real difference is that, unlike internal combustion engine (ICE, or petrol engine) motorcycles which are rated on peak power, electric motorcycles are rated and homologated on continuous power. The continuous power of an electric motor, for licence validation, is measured over a set period of time. Peak power is not factored so although for example one of our electric motorcycles continuous power may be restricted to 11kw (15bhp) the same as a 125cc motorbike, it could peak at more like 45kw (60bhp) which is more like a 500cc motorcycle.

Also never forget that the power rating (kw or bhp) of an electric motorcycle is almost irrelevant to the MASSIVE torque delivery that even the smallest of our electric motorcycles can produce which is many times higher than most ICE bikes. The fact is we have many customers used to riding big 1000cc sports bike who quite happily have made the move to owning 11kw variants of some of our range!

Electric Scooters and Electric Mopeds

Electric Mopeds and Scooters are often put in the same category, to avoid confusion we will explain about Electric Mopeds, these are often large vehicles which are fast and the perfect urban travel companion. Electric Mopeds and very similar to their ICE (Internal Compustion Engine) sister.

Electric Motorbikes

Electric Motorbikes are the pinnacle of electric bike travel, they are large and robust, with massive battery capacity and even better speeds. They travel at faster than 30mph and therefore it is important that you know the laws before you jump on and ride away.

Electric Scooters and Electric Mopeds

Generally electric mopeds are restricted to 28mph (45kmh). These are seen in the same way as a 50cc petrol moped. As a moped, they can be ridden by any rider 16 or over who has either passed a CBT course or has category AM or P on their existing driver licence. These are classed as L1e-B.

Car drivers who passed their test before February 2001 generally will have this category AM or P already on their licence, or have a full motorcycle licence, and are not required to take a CBT course (please double check that this is the case).

Electric scooters / motorbikes that are capable of speeds in excess of 28mph / 45kmph are classed as L3e-A1. There is no speed restriction however you must be 17 or above and have passed a CBT course OR have a full motorcycle licence.

Please view full licence requirements on the government website here.

Venom E-Moped | 2000W Brushless Electric Moped Scooter | BD576Z

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Venom E-Moped Boom Scooter BD576Z

We are excited to introduce the All New Venom Motorsports 2000 Watts Electric Brushless Moped Scooter, a scooter driven by a 72 Volts Re-Chargeable battery and can reach over 40 MPH covering up to 40 miles in one charge!

Fuel is unnecessary as this wonderful scooter was designed to be ready for the road with a charge time of just 8 hours. The New Venom 2000W is environmentally friendly since it gives off zero emission while ridden. The motor can be started electrically with a simple push of a button, which makes it easier and faster in case of any stall.

This model is perfect for various ages and all levels of experience as it is fitted with a fully automatic transmission, which makes it one of the most user-friendly bikes. All the rider needs is to twist and go which makes it perfect for all traffic conditions.

This durable bike comes with large, strong tires that were designed for all terrains. Ground clearance of 6.5 inches, stylish blacked out aluminum wheels that are rust resistant makes this two wheels wonder a perfect choice for all.

One of the many safety measures is the use of front and rear disc brake. It makes riding safer and better. A quicker, better and steady stop can be assured when the brake is applied. Disk brakes offers minimal risk of wheel overheating and they can easily be replaced.

50cc, electric, moped

Be prepared for many years of enjoyable rides as the seat is heavily padded and designed to last long. With a lower seat height of 31 inches, lower centre of gravity inspires more confidence in new and less experienced riders.

The 2000w Venom Boom Moped has dual bright headlights which not only provides clear visibility when riding in dark places, but are also essential for riding on the road.

Moto Power: 2000WType: BrushlessVoltage: 72VController: 24TubesCharger: 72V20ACharger time: 8-10HPower supply: BatteryDrive Distance: 45 MilesStart: Electrical Push ButtonTop Speed: 40 MPHFrame: High Strength IronicFront Suspension: Telescopic ForkRear Suspension: Unit SwingFront Brakes: Disc (130 mm)Rear Brakes: Disc (110 mm)Front Tires: 120/70.12Rear Tires: 120/70.10Wheel: Blacked Aluminum RimsWeight Capacity: 300 LbsNet Weight: 230 Lbs

Ground Clearance: 6.5 inLength Assembled: 77.2inWidth Assembled: 30.4 inHeight Assembled: 43.6 inSeat Height: 30.8 inWheelbase: 57.2 inAge Recommendation: 16

Colors available: Black, Red, White

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Fully Automatic transmission ensures easy, twist-the-throttle-and-go operation.; 12 inch Aluminum front and rear DOT tires offer great traction.

Come with Aluminum Wheels which are more lighter and stronger than steel wheels.; Wide, thickly padded seat ensures incomparable rider and passenger comfort and style.

The Different Types of Mopeds

You’ve probably heard of mopeds, but what exactly are they? Mopeds are two-wheeled motorized vehicles that date back to the early 20th century. They are small, typically weigh less than 100 pounds, have three wheels, and are capable of speeds of 30 miles per hour. While mopeds vary greatly in style and features, they all share a few common characteristics. Learn more about each type below.

Class 1 mopeds

Despite the decline in overall vehicle sales, Class 1 mopeds continue to gain popularity. Shipments of these motor vehicles are down 11.4% year-over-year (YOY). This decline is attributed to the increased popularity of scooters, motorcycles, and other three-wheeled vehicles. But there are a few things to consider before making your final purchase. Listed below are some tips to make the most informed decision.

Smart DEALSNOW Brings Brand New TaoTao Model TBR-7 Enduro Bike.; BIG Rugged Tires : Front 90/90-19/Rear 110/90-17 Tires

Fully Automatic transmission ensures easy, twist-the-throttle-and-go operation.; 12 inch Aluminum front and rear DOT tires offer great traction.

Come with Aluminum Wheels which are more lighter and stronger than steel wheels.; Wide, thickly padded seat ensures incomparable rider and passenger comfort and style.

Electric mopeds

Unlike gasoline-powered motorcycles, electric mopeds don’t require fuel to run. They only need to be recharged occasionally. over, you won’t have to spend money on fuel as you can simply plug your electric moped into any outlet and start riding. And because these electric vehicles are emission-free, they don’t harm the environment. That’s just one of the many benefits of riding an electric moped.

Class 2 mopeds

The average age of Class 2 mopeds is 37.5 years, and it’s important to check the legal limit before purchasing one. Most mopeds in the Netherlands are classified for speeds under 25 mph, while the speed limit for a 45-mph bike is 45 kph. While the cylinder head on both types of bikes is the same, the pressure is different. This makes them more difficult to drive in the city.

Class 3 mopeds

A driver’s license for class 3 mopeds is required in most states. These vehicles are smaller than a motorcycle, so they can be operated in tight spaces such as city streets. They must be registered, insured, and equipped to be able to operate safely on the road. As with motorcycles, they must be parked in parking spaces designated for motorcycles, but are allowed to drive on some types of private property. This article outlines the laws governing these vehicles.

Class 4 mopeds

While e-mopeds do not use pedals, most states classify them as scooters. Gas-powered e-mopeds must have an engine with a maximum displacement of 50 cubic centimeters. Drivers of 30 mph or less are not required to have motorcycle licenses to operate e-mopeds. However, they must have a regular driver’s license. Here’s a closer look at these vehicles.

The best electric mopeds you can buy

Urban mobility is being redefined by the electric revolution. In this post, we’re looking at some of the best electric mopeds and scooters you can buy today. Electric mopeds and scooters fill the niche between electric bicycles and full-sized electric motorcycles. Many modern electric mopeds feature smartphone integration, removable batteries, and powerful, but quiet motors. They are perfect for urban commuters, allowing users to minimize time spent in traffic and maximize comfort and safety. Also check out: The best electric dirt bikes Here are our top picks for the best electric mopeds on the market.

Are electric mopeds and electric scooters the same thing?

Before we proceed with our list, a note on terminology. Some people refer to electric mopeds as electric scooters, or vice versa. For others, the term mopeds is used interchangeably with motorbikes. For clarity, when we say electric mopeds, we mean two-wheeled vehicles with seats, step-through frames, and larger wheels. If you’re looking for electric kick-scooters (no seat, stand-on decks, small wheels), here’s our list of the best. If you’re looking for electric bicycles (lightweight, equipped with pedals), check out our list here. Finally, here’s our picks for the best electric motorcycles. Make sure to look up the legal definition of a moped in your country, which is usually based on the power of the motor. This is important for things like driving licenses and insurance.

Vespa Elettrica

Scooters don’t get more iconic than Vespa. The legendary Italian brand jumped on the electric bandwagon in 2017 with the Vespa Elettrica, a battery-powered version of the stylish Primavera.

The Vespa Elettrica oozes Italian style, and with its top speed of 45 mph (70 km/h) and range of 62 miles, it will happily take you around town in near total silence. Featuring a large TFT screen, regenerative braking, Bluetooth connectivity, and a reverse mode, the Vespa Elettrica delivers plenty of features for the modern scooter driver.

The battery recharges in 4 hours, which is not amazing, but more than enough for the average city commuter.

50cc, electric, moped

Key Vespa Elettrica specs

Vespa Elettrica price

Zapp i300

UK-based Zapp markets itself as a high-performance, advanced electric vehicle maker with a green bent. The company’s first product is the i300, and it definitely fits the bill when it comes to performance. The i300 can reach 30 mph – the speed limit in many cities – in less than 2.4 seconds, thanks to this electric scooter’s 14 kW motor, which produces 587 Nm of torque at the rear wheel.

The Zapp i300 can be charged both “in situ” and by taking out its twin batteries, which weigh about 5 kg each and are about the size of a laptop. Very convenient for people who don’t have easy access to a charging station or outlet at work or office.

Key Zapp i300 specs

Zapp i300 price

50cc, electric, moped

BMW C Evolution

The BMW C Evolution is probably one of the most intimidating machines on our list of best electric scooters. At 606 lbs (275 kg), the C Evolution is a big chunk of German engineering and there’s nothing humble about it. It’s plenty fast too – you’ll be able to comfortably beat most ICE motorcycles off the stoplight, thanks to a 0-to-30 mph time of just 2.8 seconds.

The BMW C Evolution’s range is among the best on the road too, at 99 miles (160 km), but at that weight, it kind of has to deliver. The 80 mph (129 km/h) top speed is more than good enough, even for a cruise down the autobahn.

You probably guessed it already, but the BMW C Evolution isn’t cheap. That said, if you really want the best electric scooter out there, this is probably the one you’ll want.

Key BMW C-Evolution specs

BMW C-Evolution price

Super Soco CPx

The Super Soco CPx is designed to handle demanding big-city commutes. It’s available in single and dual-battery configurations, the latter offering a range of 87 miles (137 km) on a single charge. The batteries are removable too, meaning you’ll be able to take them inside for charging or to swap them for a fresh set. The 4 kW motor is the equivalent of an 125 cc internal combustion engine with none of the emissions.

The Super Soco CPx delivers plenty of features at an accessible price. You’ll be able to easily back up from tight parking spots thanks to the reverse function. There’s USB charging, keyless ignition, an alarm system, and app integration.

What more could you want from a great electric scooter?

Key Super Soco CPx specs

Super Soco CPx price

Rieju Nuuk Urban 8,5

Rieju is Spain’s top electric two-wheeler maker, and its products are now available throughout Europe. Part of the company’s Nuuk line of electric scooters and mopeds, the Nuuk Urban 8,5 delivers all the essentials an urban commuter will need. The Urban 8,5 is capable of speeds of up to 115 km/h, meaning you could comfortably take it down the highway if you needed to. That’s thanks to the 125 cc-equivalent 8kW motor.

The batteries are removable for convenient charging, but you’ll want to take advantage of the onboard fast charging system if you can. With fast charging you’ll be able to top up 50% of the battery in just 1.8 hours.

Key Rieju Nuuk Urban 8,5 specs

  • Top speed: 71 mph (115 km/h)
  • Range: Up to 174 miles (280 km) with multiple batteries
  • Weight: 330 lbs (150 kg)

Rieju Nuuk Urban 8,5 price

Peugeot E-Ludix

Peugeot is a leading seller of scooters in Europe and the Ludix is one of its best sellers. The E-Ludix is the electric version of said best-seller, and it promises to bring the power of modern electric mobility to the familiar Peugeot experience.

The E-Ludix is a 50cc-equivalent scooter, capable of reaching 31 mph (50 km/h). The rated range of 31 miles (50 km) isn’t the best, but it’s decent enough for the average commuter.

The Peugeot E-Ludix electric scooter comes with regenerative breaking and removable batteries as well. The manufacturer boasts about the “complete Bosch system” the machine incorporates, including the battery, motor, controller, and dashboard. Plus, the extensive Peugeot sales and service network is a big selling point.

Key Peugeot E-Ludix specs

Peugeot E-Ludix price

Super Soco CUx

Shanghai-based Super Soco has expanded to over 30 countries from around the world, thanks to the mix of style, power, and affordability it offers. The Super Soco CUx is a perfect example of why Super Soco has been successful. This cool electric scooter is available at a decent price of £2,800 in the UK, for which you get plenty of features.

This is another 50cc-equivalent electric scooter, capable of going for 40 miles (64 km) on a charge at speeds of up to 28 mph (45 km/h). The batteries weigh around 22 lbs (10 kg) and can be removed.

The Super Soco CUx Ducati edition adds a little Italian flair, though it’s mostly skin-deep. Regardless which version you get, Super Soco offers two years of warranty, as well as a generous three-year warranty for the battery and motor. How’s that for your peace of mind?

Key Super Soco CUx specs

Super Soco CUx price

Yadea C-line

Another electric scooter from an up-and-coming Chinese manufacturer, the Yadea C-line is marketed as “the first Smart e-scooter.” That’s an awfully big claim, but we’ll give it to Yadea: the C-line does look like a pretty Smart purchase.

For €1,800, you get an electric moped that can go 28 mph (45 km/h). This is not something you’ll want to cruise on, but it’s more than sufficient for everyday errands. It’s in a light body too, at just 137 lbs (62 kg). The removable batteries will charge in about 6 hours.

A good-sized LCD screen, USB connectivity, and an integrated alarm are some of the other niceties offered by the Yadea C-line electric scooter.

Key Yadea C-line specs

Yadea C-line price

Segway eMoped C80

Technically, the Segway eMoped C80 is a “Smart moped-style ebike.” You are probably familiar with the old Segway self-balancing scooters – the Segway brand has been acquired by the Chinese company Ninebot, which has turned into an electric mobility powerhouse.

While it may not be the most powerful entry in our list of best electric mopeds, the Segway eMoped C80 is probably one of the smartest. Its RideyGo system uses sensors to determine when the owner gets on/off the scooter and automatically lock it and unlock it. There’s also a GPS-enabled anti-theft system for added safety.

The eMoped C80 is dead-simple to operate, with only two buttons acting as controls. However, the 20 mph (32 km/h) top speed and 47 miles (75 km) of range mean you’ll need to keep your expectations low.

50cc, electric, moped

Key Segway eMoped C80 specs

Segway eMoped C80 price

Horwin EK3

Winner of a Red Dot design award, the Horwin EK3 comes in standard and deluxe variants. We’re partial to the deluxe model, with its metallic paint and brown leather seat, but the standard model is not too shabby either.

The Horwin EK3 is what you’ll want if you’re after some extra performance in your electric scooter. It can hit 60 mph (95 km/h) and accelerate to 37.5 mph (60 km/h) in just 6 seconds, outrunning many mopeds and scooters out there, both electric and ICE. The range is great too, at 63 miles (100 km).

The EK3 features daytime LED lights – always a good idea – and triple-lamp LED headlights. The USB port means you can charge your phone while riding, and the Smart key means the scooter will unlock itself when you approach. Just tap on the button and away you go.

Key Horwin EK3 specs

Horwin EK3 price

And that’s a wrap! These are the best electric mopeds and scooters you can get in 2021. Stay tuned as we’ll keep this roundup up to date.

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