5 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Recumbent Trike. E bike recumbent trike

Things You Should Know Before Buying a Recumbent Trike

Before purchasing a new recumbent trike it is important to consider the different factors that make these types of trikes unique. Consider what your needs and goals are before your purchase: are you looking for speed, comfort, ease in transporting the trike to-and-from trails? Are there medical factors to consider such as back or neck pain, or are you seeking more stability and balance than traditional trikes? There is a type of recumbent trike for you no matter what your needs are.

Types of Recumbent Trikes

First things first, to know which kind of recumbent trike is best for you it is important to know the different types of trikes available. Recumbent trikes have a seated-back position, with legs in front of the rider, as opposed to the seated-upright position of a traditional bicycle or tricycle. There are two main types of recumbent trikes: Delta and Tadpole.

Delta recumbent trikes have two wheels in the back and one wheel in the front. The front-wheel does the steering for these trikes, which can make them easier to steer around smaller spaces compared to other styles of recumbent trikes. Delta trikes are heavier and have seats higher from the ground than other lighter designs of recumbent trikes, which can make it easier to get in-and-out of.

Tadpole Trikes have the opposite of Delta wheel positions with one wheel in the back and two up front. Tadpole trikes are designed to be lower to the ground and allow for more speed with smaller, lighter, more aerodynamic frames than their Delta counterparts, which makes them popular with people who are used to traditional trike speeds. These lighter frames can also come in foldable models, making for easier storage and transportation to-and-from trike trails. Tadpoles do not steer in small spaces as well as Delta trikes, but are better for speed.

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There are also other types of recumbent trikes that are made with these styles such as racing trikes, recreational trikes, or even tandem trikes.

things, know, buying, recumbent, trike, bike

Pros of the Seating Position

The laying-back-feet-first position offered with recumbent trikes shakes up the traditional cycling position with some great benefits for the body and for safety.

  • The lying back position is more comfortable for your back, especially for extended time. This causes less hunching and less back pain.
  • The position allows for a more neutral neck position, keeping the neck and back straight. This causes less strain on the neck as well as creating more visibility to view surroundings while riding.
  • Wrists also benefit from this position as there is less weight and strain on them from holding handlebars out in front of you.
  • The wider seats make for more comfortable sitting, causing less strain and pain to the rider while giving more stability.
  • The lower seat provides a better center of gravity for the rider, creating a safer ride with less chance of tipping over. This also makes them very safe for the rider.

It should also be noted that for some the lower seats may be difficult to get in and out of compared to other trikes. For those who have difficulties sitting or standing from lower seats, or are concerned with low seats in general Delta model trikes are a great option because the seats are higher off the ground and wider, providing easier access and more stabilization.


The distinct design of recumbent trikes allows for different travel than traditional trikes. There is less wind resistance with a recumbent’s low-to-the-ground design and reduced exposure, creating an aerodynamic ride. This is true for all recumbent trikes but especially the Tadpole models, which are smaller and lighter. After a rider gets used to the difference of riding a recumbent trike, they can reach faster speeds than those on traditional trikes. Recumbent trikes can reach great speeds with less effort.

Physical Exertion

Though recumbent trikes can go faster, the design also requires less physical exertion due to the leg positioning compared to traditional trikes. This means recumbent trikes can reach greater speeds with less effort from the rider.

Recumbent trike rides can be considered less of a work-out for some because less effort is put into the same speeds and distances, while others consider this a great advantage to trike travel. Depending on your goals with cycling, recumbents can be a great option for accessibility to cycling and for distance riders.

Customization and Accessibility

On top of the different designs of trikes, recumbent trikes are easily customized to meet the rider’s needs and can be adapted for any rider to enjoy cycling. For riders who want to take their trikes off road, larger tread tires can be added to allow for easier trail riding, a trend becoming more and more popular. Rear cargo packs are another popular add-on, allowing for storage space in the back of the trike to store emergency supplies, outdoor gear, and other things to make for a better ride, which has created the growing community of those taking their recumbent trikes for longer overnight trips. trikes can also include flags to add visibility, mirrors to allow riders to see around them with more ease, extra water bottle cages for easy access, and seat cushions for added comfort. Also, power assists and electronic shifting are becoming more popular add-ons; these electrical pieces can increase speed and give boosts in needed moments, like taking on hills and assist in changing gears seamlessly. Other options include handcycles and or other adaptive trikes to ensure cycling enjoyment for everyone.

Health Benefits When Using An Electric Recumbent Trike

DINExperts suggest that humans get an average of 30 minutes per day of physical activity. However, people have been quick to assume that means lifting weights or running. Luckily, there are more creative (and fun) ways to stay active. For some, this means riding an electric recumbent trike. Electric recumbent trikes have grown in popularity over the last few years. It’s a healthy way to enjoy the outdoors and get the blood pumping. We’re going to dive into the healthy benefits of these electric trikes! To learn why you should incorporate one into your exercise routine, keep reading.

Why You Should Use An Electric Recumbent Trike

It’s important to understand what one of these unique tricycles are exactly. After that, we will discuss health benefits. These trikes are 3-wheeled electric vehicles. They have been carefully engineered for a safe and reliable driving experience. One wheel can be found in the back of the product and two wheels are in the front. You can find an electric recumbent trike that has features that fit your preferences. Some trikes have full suspension and weather protection. You can even find options with passenger seating. The seats are usually very comfortable for a smooth ride. Many trikes feature lighting and mirrors. Electric recumbent trikes can be either stationary or outdoor.

What Muscles Does It Work?

This is to say that your quadriceps, shins, calf muscles, glutes, and hamstrings will all get a good workout. Your lower body will feel the burn from the pedaling.

Health Benefits

There are many benefits to using electric recumbent trikes. If you’re looking to get in shape or increase your health, using one of these trikes is an excellent option. You can purchase a stationary trike for winter use and use an outdoor one for summer adventures.

The gentle electric assistance will provide help and resistance as you power up. You can tailor the options to challenge your health as required. This means that your trike can assist in your fitness journey on many levels.

Some of the positive results include:


Cardiovascular health refers to the health of your heart and blood vessels. It can help ward off problems such as coronary heart disease, arrhythmias, and stroke. In order to work your cardiovascular health, it’s important to get your heart rate up. This can be done through aerobic exercise.

For the electric trike to work your heart, it’s important to keep the challenge going. You can take these trikes on a leisurely stroll. You can also increase resistance and pedal faster for a stronger workout. This is more effective and will keep your heart healthy.

Provides Lumbar Support

Your lumbar refers to your lower back. It accounts for five vertebrae near the bottom of your spine. To keep your lumbar healthy, it’s important to work it regularly and provide rest when needed. Many older adults complain of lumbar pain. This is an unfortunate and sometimes debilitating problem.

Electric recumbent trikes allow you to recline during use. Therefore, it eases pressure on the lower back. Many other exercises increase lumbar discomfort. For those who suffer from lower back pain, this is an excellent option to keep it strong and supported as you get a workout in.

These trikes are relatively low impact with high reward.

Builds Muscle

For those who struggle with traditional weight lifting, a trike is a good option. It helps to strengthen muscles without becoming overwhelmed. It’s low impact, but it will make you feel a healthy burn. As your muscles strengthen, you can increase resistance. This will continue to challenge you over time.

If you’re looking to tone or strengthen your body, an electric trike is a great option.

Fat Loss

Many Americans struggle with insecurity regarding weight. In order to shed pounds, you have to eat in a calorie deficit and burn calories. Not everyone wants to go for a run though. That’s why electric recumbent trikes are an excellent option for fat loss.

You can burn up to 300 calories in a 30-minute ride. Of course, this will depend on the intensity of the ride. This is an excellent way to feel confident and lose fat.

It’s important to implement other healthy habits with your trike routine. This will include limiting food intake with a healthy diet.

Abdominal Muscles

We all dream of having a strong core (and maybe a six pack). Having advanced core muscles will improve your balance and stamina. Simple daily tasks will feel easier by improving core strength. An electric recumbent trike allows you to engage your abdominal muscles.

By engaging your lower abdomen, you’ll begin to work those muscles and take some pressure off of your legs. This will help tone your stomach, improve balance, and burn calories.

Minimize Back Pain

Back pain is very uncomfortable, yet many people suffer from it. Because a trike provides lumbar support, it’ll limit lumbar pain. It will also help you improve flexibility and strengthen lower back muscles.

things, know, buying, recumbent, trike, bike


Get ready to have fun and enjoy your electric recumbent trike. Not only will this be exciting, but it features many health benefits. This way you can balance health with fun. Enjoy several health benefits such as improving your cardiovascular stamina and building muscles. For a unique, exciting way to exercise, a trike is an excellent option.

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Electric Bikes and Trikes on Sale (Up to 25-35% Off)

Why pedal all the time? Adding an electric motor to your adult tricycle not only will save you some energy but, because it doesn’t use gasoline, an electric trike motor is environmentally friendly, too!

Although many of our adult tricycles have an electric kit available for them that can be added as an option, ONLY the trikes that have an electric kit option are listed in this section.

Check out the tricycles that we offer an electric motor add-on for, below, and be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page where we provide more information on the benefits of adding an electric motor to your adult trike.

Worksman Side-by-Side Team Dual 3-Speed Recumbent Trike

Worksman Side-by-Side Team Dual 1-Speed Recumbent Trike

Trailmate 24 Desoto Classic Adult Tricycle

Trailmate 26 Desoto Classic Adult Tricycle

MODEL S | Electric Bike Company

MODEL C | Electric Bike Company

Save Energy, Protect the Environment. Add an Electric Motor to Your Adult Tricycle!

Whether you are using your tricycle to run errands or you are using it to commute to and from work, sometimes you simply can’t pedal anymore. You get tired over long distances or a hill is just too tough to climb.

Never run into that problem again! Adding an electric motor to your adult tricycle allows you to pedal when you want to and switch to an electric powered bike whenever you don’t want to pedal.

When you reach your destination, you will not have to lug your adult tricycle inside to recharge it. The Lithium Ion cell battery can be easily removed and recharged. Then, just pop it back into the frame when you are ready to go again!

Sure, there are gas engines available for bicycles that could be easily used for adult trikes. But, is that what you really want? If so, why not just drive your car? An electric trike motor is clean burning and better for the environment so you can rest assured (literally) that when you need a break from pedaling, the motor your tricycle is using is not doing harm to the environment.

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Recumbent Trikes

The most popular trike in our range. You might ask how this differs from the JC20. It comes down to the back wheel. The JC70 will take a 700c wheel (vs the JC20 20″ rea wheel). The JC70, moreover, has a longer wheelbase at 116cm vs the JC20 with its 97cm wheelbase, and the seat angles are different.

For taking the edge off a bumpy ride on a long day. You’ll be sporting a recumbent grin no matter what … it’s just that your grin will be a little wider with the extra impact dampening effect. A bit more of a cushier ride— Why not?!

The Ultimate Folding Trike. No need to purchase expensive bike racks. Fold and stow in the back seat or the trunk and you’re good to fast-track your way to the trailhead.

Carbon Trike

Add lightweight carbon to a trike’s natural aerodynamic profile. What you get? A machine that is close to the ultimate FREEDOM machine. You really can “Ride Like The Wind” with this one!!

Recumbent Trike Range Overview

The 4 trikes in the Performer range have you covered. The JC20 is a sound choice for either your first trike or an upgrade. You’ll certainly not find better value for money trike-goodness anywhere else. You’ve got a range of options to choose from so you can dial in your budget according to your needs. The FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) seat with cushion mesh is standard. You can also install a full mesh seat if that’s a better fit for you. The JC20 27 speed sports a triple chainring with a 9s cassette. The gear ratios here are such that you can get up a very respectable head of steam on the flats as well as being able to power downhill. Plus you’ll be able to get up all but the steepest climbs on the lowest gear ratios. The mechanical disc brakes will give you exactly the level of control that you need when you need it. The 30 speed gives you that little bit of extra choice in gear selection along with exposure to more of Shimano’s super-awesome 10 speed Tiagra groupset. The JC-26X gives you rear suspension and a wide range of options across the 27 speed, 30 speed and XT choices. This is deluxe triking in, again, a great value-for-money package. The 27 Speed is characterized by the 9s Sunrace cassette and the Novela Mechanical Disc Brakes. The 30 Speed gives you the key components of Shimano’s fantastic Tiagra 10 speed groupset along with Avid’s powerful BB5 mechanical disc brakes. The X.9 gives you the choice of installing SRAM’s X.9 long cage 10 speed derailleur and TRP’s powerful SPYRE Disc Brakes. Or for the same price you can choose the XT package which basically swaps out the X.9 long cage with Shimano’s XT derailleur. The Performer Trike-F, or “folding” trike is convenience wrapped up in a neat package. If you live in an urban area which means a commute through traffic to get to the trail, this is what you need. No need for expensive, bulky, inconvenient trike racks on your car. Fold your trike, put it in the trunk, the backseat or the truck and off you go. The 27 speed model will give you all you need to get that triking recumbent grin. The 30 speed has more Tiagra 10 speed goodness included as well as TRP’s powerful SPYRE Disc Brakes.

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