5 Of the Best Electric Recumbent Trikes. Electric recumbent trike bike


A perfect solution for sports enthusiasts, families, and seniors as well as for persons with disabilities. With the BamBuk E-Trike it is so easy to go on tour in a chilled-out and environmentally friendly way.


This e-trike is ideal for rides for two. The bike is tilt-proof, comfortable as a full suspension chair bike, with low entry, and easy to ride. With a range of about 70 kilometers (43.5 miles) on a fully charged battery, the trike makes it easy to enjoy wonderful excursions together – without getting out of breath.

The highlight: thanks to BamBuk’s patented telescopic solution, the tandem can be pushed together to 200 cm (78.7 inches) and can be transported comfortably and safely on a special bike carrier with attachment to a trailer hitch. So your BamBuk E-Trike can also be your companion on vacation, for example.

The advantages of the E-Trike tandem from BamBuk​ at a glance

​The length of the trike is between 2.6 m (8.53 ft) and 2.9 m (9.5 ft) (depending on body size) x 0.95 m (3.1 ft) x 0.95m (3.1 ft) (LxWxH). Thanks to our patented telescopic solution, the E-Trike Tandem can be pushed together to 200 cm (78.7 in). Transport sizes of the tandem pushed together are: 2.0 m (6.56 ft) x 0.95 m (3.1 ft) x 0.95 m (3.1 ft) (LxWxH)

​As a result, it can be easily transported on a special bicycle rack with the attachment on a trailer hitch or in a larger passenger car with the rear seat bench folded down.

​The BamBuk E-Trike Tandem has an electric motor integrated on the middle crank axle. The battery is removable and can therefore also be easily replaced by an additional battery for longer trips.

The modern electric motor of the tandem tricycle ​ for relaxed cycling

​BamBuk installs a powerful electrical engine to make sure you don’t strain yourself while riding your E-Trike tandem. The engine model provides start-up assistance up to 6 km/h and has 4 support levels. Engine support is provided up to 25 km/h (15.5 mph).

The battery is removable and replaceable. The battery is secured by a safety lock on the E-Trike and is charged with the help of the included charger.

​Many customers order an additional battery. This can be plugged in while driving and thus the range can be doubled.

of the Best Electric Recumbent Trikes

Looking for a recumbent trike that’s electrically powered? In this article, I’ll be sharing 5 of the best electric recumbent trikes currently available. Whether you’re looking for something to help you tackle hilly terrain or just want a little boost while riding, having a recumbent trike with e-assist is a game-changer!

Recumbent Trike with Electric Assist

One of the great things about recumbent trikes is that it’s easy for manufacturers to spec an electric version. Unlike regular bicycles that often require a specific frame (for mid-drive motors), the only thing you need to change on a recumbent is the boom.

This opens up a whole world of possibilities for the manufacturer and owner alike. Some owners prefer to build their own electric recumbent trike and others prefer to buy one ready-built from the factory.

Benefits of Riding an Electric Recumbent Trike

There are many benefits to riding an electric recumbent trike. Some of the top benefits include:

Increased fitness – Riding an electric recumbent trike is a great way to increase your fitness level. The pedalling motion is a great workout for your cardiovascular health, leg strength, core strength and mental well-being. Plus, the added electric assist makes it easy to cover more ground and enables you to get a longer workout.

Increased independence – Riding an electric recumbent trike can help increase your independence. The low-impact motion is easy on your joints, and the e-assist makes it easier to explore new areas further from home.

fun – Riding an electric recumbent trike is a lot of fun. You no longer have to worry about getting exhausted, out of breath or dealing with muscle aches. Electric assist brings a whole new dimension of enjoyment to recumbent cycling!

Why Riding a Recumbent Trike Feels Different

I consider myself to be reasonably fit and ride between 100-150 miles a week on a road bike. The first thing I noticed when riding a recumbent trike is feeling that familiar lactic burn but in an unfamiliar way.

When riding a recumbent trike, you’re targeting the same muscles as you would on a regular bike, but due to the physical positioning on a recumbent, they’re being worked in a slightly different way.

Best Electric Motor for a Recumbent Trike

I’ve had the benefit of riding both a rear hub motor and crank drive-powered e-recumbent. Both types of motor work very well, but for me personally, I prefer the crank motor.

Crank-drive electric motor: Also known as a mid-drive, as on a regular bicycle it’s mounted where the bottom bracket would be, hence ‘mid-mounted’. On a recumbent, these motors are located at the end of the boom, where the crankset would usually be. Typically, Bosch or Shimano Steps electric motors are used.

These motors transfer power to the rear wheel through the drivetrain and are exceptionally good for climbing steep hills. Torque output on these motors is usually in the 60Nm – 85Nm range. Assistance is provided by measuring pedalling force from the rider (via a torque sensor).

Rear hub motor: These motors are much simpler and cheaper than crank motors. Although they’re not as refined and don’t produce the same amount of torque, they are, nonetheless a very effective form of electric assist. A hub motor won’t be quite as adept at hill climbing and won’t be as efficient, but they are generally very reliable and easy to fix if they go wrong.

Here are 5 of the Best Electric Recumbent Trikes

I’ve based the selection below on specification, brand and positive customer reviews. Recumbent trikes are generally quite expensive and adding e-assist increases this price substantially. My personal favourite would be the Ice Trike as they’re a company local to me, but all the other e-trikes are excellent.

Catrike Expedition / Trail eCat

The Catrike eCat is the perfect choice for those looking for a high-quality, efficient electric recumbent trike. With its reliable Bosch Active Line Plus drive unit powered by a 400Wh battery, and SRAM NX 1 x 11 drivetrain, the eCat provides a dynamic riding experience with minimal pedalling resistance.

Ice Trike

Ice Trikes are fully customizable and the option to add electric assist is a great bonus. Ice Trikes now offer the latest Shimano EP8 motor along with the excellent E6100 motor as e-assist options. The former is the more expensive of the two, but if you plan on riding steep hills or off-road, then the EP8 would be the one to go for. Batteries are available in 504Wh or 630Wh sizes.

TerraTrike E.V.O.

If you’re looking for a recumbent trike that’s electric, check out TerraTrike’s E.V.O. This recumbent trike is powered by the excellent Bosch Performance Line Cruise motor and the PowerPack 400Wh battery, so it’s great fun to ride. With a whisper-quiet motor capable of 65Nm of torque, this system will really help to make things easier on the climbs.

HP Velotechnik Scorpion Plus

If you are looking for a new riding experience, the HP Velotechnik Scorpion Plus electric recumbent trike might be just what you are looking for. This trike allows you to pedal and exercise, while a powerful motor gives you support up to three times your output, depending on the system. You can conquer the local climb with a smile on your face or ride to work fast and yet completely relaxed. Particularly convincing is the cycling feeling with your recumbent bike maintained – giving you an enjoyable experience each time you take it out for a spin.

best, electric, recumbent, trikes, trike

Sunseeker eco-tad

If you are looking for a tadpole trike that is engineered with quality and affordability in mind, the E-Eco Tad Electric Assist Tadpole might be just what you are looking for. This trike offers a 350-watt pedal-assist rear drive motor as well as a 36-volt / 10.4AH LiOn Battery pack to help get you where you need to go quickly and easily. With its fully adjustable mesh-back saddle, this trike is perfect for anyone who wants an enjoyable ride without having to break the bank.


I hope you’ve found this article useful and it’s given you some food for thought when considering buying an electric recumbent trike. Riding a recumbent trike is an experience like no other. If you’ve never tried one, I highly recommend it – especially if you live in a hilly area. The electric assist makes conquering hills a breeze, and the reclined position takes all the pressure off your back and neck. Plus, there are some great health benefits to riding a recumbent trike.

Have you ridden an electric recumbent before? What did you think? Please feel free to leave a comment below.

Meet Tony, a passionate e-bike advocate and enthusiast who discovered the life-changing benefits of electric bikes back in 2016. Tony’s technical experience within the e-bike field was gained while running a successful electric bike conversion business for 5 years in his home county of Cornwall, UK.

AR-3ES Recumbent Suspension E-bike Peddle Assist Tadpole Tricycle

AR-3ES Recumbent Suspension Peddle assist Trike complete.

AR-3 Recumbent with Suspension E-bike, Tadpole trike with articulating all wheels tilting into the corners and Electric peddle assist.

Delivery In approximately 6 weeks.

Peddle assist with 350 Watt Bafang rear hub motor and 36 Volt lithium E-bike battery. Also available are Mid-Drive motors in a variety of sizes. Price adjustments are based on selection.

The AR-3 is for people that want to have a bicycling experience, with the comfort of a recumbent trike.

Remember the first time you learned to ride a bike? Banking into the corners like some of the experiences first felt like flying.

Natural feedback from the machine like being one with it. This makes for a special enjoyable experience.

Lightweight and simple design like a bicycle but with more efficiency, because of its low frontal area reduces wind drag.

Uses all bicycle components, including E-Drive components.

All the Benefits of three wheel recumbents, but with all the virtues of a bicycle.

Guaranteed to open up a whole new Window to the world, of your biking experience.

Stay comfortably on top of your health while adding a whole new dimension to biking.

The Patented steering design is like no other and follows the natural feel of a bicycle because of its center axis steering system, which emulates the feeling of a bicycle while banking into turns with all three wheels. Now AR3 Recumbent E-bike Tadpole Trike.

What you’re seeing is a design I personally invented in 1980 and perfected over the next 2 years. After a several decade hiatus while starting a business and family, I feel the advent of electrified bicycles and pedestrian bike trails the time is right to reintroduce the world to this tried and true design.

Incidentally there were almost no trike designs on the market back when I developed this configuration. The natural bicycle feel, gives the rider the experience of being one with the trike as they negotiate traffic and obstacles.

Specifications AR-3E:

The frame was FEA static tested to Rider weight of 480 pounds but we recommend 250 pounds for best riding results. I would keep the cargo balanced for a more pleasurable ride.

We are not calling out each component here as availability is changing so much right now. Please contact us for current information.

The Website may not calculate SH Correctly. I will send you a PayPal invoice when I have your address.

How the AR-3 works:

Being prone also gives a great aerodynamic advantage lending itself to going further and faster with the less effort than a conventional bicycle. Obviously many of us don’t wish to or can no longer perch on a standard bicycle seat. The seat on the AR-3 is comparable to a high performance sports car bucket seat.

Articulating all wheel tilting steering for recumbent tricycle and other vehicles providing stability and controlled lean of all three wheels simultaneously.

Consisting of a single front steering yoke that rotates or steers, on a pivoting axis neck, with a negative castor angle and bearing on the stationary frame which forces the rear wheel and frame to actively tilt into the direction of the turn.

The active front wheel leaning linkage consists of, the front steering yolk with horizontal bushings on the outer ends, which only allows the front wheels axles and control arm assemblies to lean in toward the turn producing a camber to both front wheels.

Tie rods, connected to the front wheel’s spindle assembly and anchored to the frame, forward of the pivot axis, actively linking handlebars, front wheel and frame tilt together thus causing all wheels to lean together when directional force is applied.


Electric assisted human power is a great way to get and stay healthy, while saving money on second vehicles. Not to mention helping our sacred planet.

Today technology is usually associated with the semiconductor revolution but before that it was associated with the machine revolution. This is an example of mechanical technology challenging the technology that has been accepted as “the norm”. This more practical solution is a replacement for the standard diamond frame designs and age old technology.

HISTORY OF THE DESIGN AR-3 Recumbent E-bike:

Conventionally steered recumbent tricycles suffer from handling and wheel scrub problems. The tricycle may experience undue amounts of roll when the rider turns or corners as the centrifugal force of the body mass is thrown to the outside in a corner. The roll feeling is unsettling to the rider, makes steering progressively more difficult with speed and can cause the rider to lose control or tip over.

It is most desirable to have a tadpole tricycle that overcomes these problems. The sure way to overcome the roll and center of gravity issues is to lean into the corners. Tilting all three wheels and main frame into the corners changes the center of gravity and provides stability and steering control.

Tadpole recumbent trikes by definition, “Recumbent” means that you are in a reclined or seated position with your feet in front of you. The Peddle crank is on a boom out in front. These “trikes” have three wheels with two in the front and one behind the rider. Power moved to the rear driving wheel by a chain or belt. This style of trike is known as a “tadpole”. The tadpole trike can be completely human powered, peddle assisted with electric motor or other motor drives. Steering the front wheels by levers or handle bars. The advantages of a low center of gravity, improved aerodynamics and comfort are the results of this configuration.

Following the commercially available recumbent tadpole trikes for many years, I discovered they all typically use the same steering systems. Similar to an automobile they must design an interference angle in the steering systems named Ackerman compensation, whereas when steering around a radius the wheels are steered at different angles following their own perspective arc.

Most of these designs inherently have “wheel scrub” and a twitchy steering control inherent in these steering designs produce side load on the wheels, spindles and spokes. Furthermore steering input is a side to side action opposite of the desired steer direction.

best, electric, recumbent, trikes, trike

My idea was to simplify the steering theory to include a central pivot and yoke system similar to a headset on a bicycle or motorcycle, basically mimicking bicycle steering geometry. The yoke is acting as the fork on a bicycle and the similar steering input to point in the direction of the turn.

Because the frame has to lean into the corner, I gave it approximately 45 degree angle where the pivot shaft of the yoke connects to the main frame. This insures the ratio between the Body/frame lean was on a one to one angle with steering input.

To tilt the front wheels and follow the approximate frame/body lean and subsequently stabilize any ill effects of the extreme negative castor, I attached tie rods to the control arm pivots of the spindle assemblies. Then anchored the tie rods to the frame at an adjustable location.

This actively links the frame/body lean to the front wheels tilt, also stabilizing the overall steering. In this configuration while in a turn, the outer front wheel track becomes progressively further away from the center of the frame acting as a stabilizing “outrigger”. At the same time the inner wheel tracks closer to the center of the frame and tracks more closely to the rear wheel path. This way the vehicle gives the experience of riding a two wheel bicycle.

After riding this design and comparing it to standard recumbent designs, it became apparent the nature of the bicycle leaning. Whereas the mass of the rider is shifted to the inside of the corner, thus mitigating the feeling of centrifugal force of the body’s mass being thrown outward on corners. This also reduces roll, flipping and loss of steering control.

Unlike conventional recumbent trikes this design can be ridden “hands off” by merely leaning into the turns as it’s possible to do on a two wheeled bicycle.

Fat Tire Folding Electric Recumbent Tricycle

You can use it as a regular tricycle; simply just pedaling (good for exercise), or you can use it as a scooter; with the motor power only, or you can pedal it while using the motor at the same time!

best, electric, recumbent, trikes, trike

No License, No Registration required!

Why Fat Tire Trike?

It takes you places you’ve never biked before

You can bike regardless of weather

Increased comfort during the ride

Better balance for beginners

A new way of having fun

You can take part in unique competitions

Recumbent trikes are a unique solution that helps riders sit back in a reclined position, spreading the weight over a larger surface area. This makes it a far more comfortable ride, reducing the stress and pressure on your back, shoulders, neck, and wrist. They also provide fantastic lumbar support, which only helps to increase the comfort further.

A recumbent tricycle provides the rider with additional support, allowing them to travel further and with less resistance. These unique trikes are becoming increasingly more popular, and many riders are discovering the benefits of switching from two wheels to three.

Not only are they comfier, but a recumbent trike also provides riders with a wide range of additional benefits, including:


Trikes are far more stable than traditional bicycles, meaning riders do not have to worry about the inherent balancing act. A recumbent trike will also not send the rider crashing to the ground should they have a puncture. Thanks to the low center of gravity and the three wheels, these trikes also require no balancing, particularly on slow speed uphill climbs.


When you are out riding on the road, a recumbent trike is also more visible. This means that drivers will be able to see you more clearly and will likely give you a more room when driving past.


Recumbent tricycles are also a very aerodynamic solution, allowing them to slice through the air with minimal resistance. This means they require less energy to power through, allowing riders to FOCUS on their ride.


With all of this combined, recumbent tricycles are very easy to ride. They are surprisingly lightweight, which, combined with the comfortable position, means you can go for longer distances than a traditional bike.

Recumbent trikes are also easier to maneuver and turn, thanks to their innovative steering systems. This means that they are smoother and safer to navigate around the roads, which makes them far more accessible for riders of all skill and fitness levels.


Riding a recumbent trike offers you a wide range of benefits, but it can also transform your next workout. Using these trikes provides a full-body workout and can help you to keep fit and maximize your stamina. There are many health benefits to riding a recumbent tricycle, including:


Riding a trike is a fantastic cardiovascular workout. As you pedal along, you will be getting your heart pumping and your body active. Regular cycling on your trike will strengthen your overall heart health as well as helping to boost your lung capacity and reduce blood pressure.

Research has shown that riding a recumbent trike gives you all of the same benefits as a normal bike but from the comfier position of the seat.


Although they are far comfier than a traditional bike, riding a recumbent trike is also a full-body workout that can increase your muscle strength. Despite being sat in what might seem like a strange position, you will be able to target a whole range of muscles, including your quadriceps, hamstrings, calf muscles, and your glutes.

Riding a recumbent trike can target the entire body, helping you to increase the strength and stamina of every major muscle while reducing the risk of pain or injury. This is particularly useful for those riders who are already dealing with an injury or are suffering from other conditions.


When we get active and use our muscles, it improves the flow of blood throughout our bodies. In turn, this helps to improve the elasticity of the tissue in our joints, which increases our range of movement and flexibility. Getting out peddling on your recumbent tricycle can help you to enjoy these benefits, particularly in key areas such as your hips and knees.


Of course, riding a recumbent trike is not just about improving your flexibility or muscle strength; it is also a fantastic way to burn calories and lose weight. Any time you are getting active, you will be helping to burn calories, and the amount you burn will depend on a range of factors.

Everyone will burn calories differently, for example, a 120-pound person cycling for thirty minutes will, on average, burn around 190 calories. However, a 180-pound person cycling at the same pace and distance would burn closer to 290. It is important to remember that riding a recumbent tricycle is not the only solution and will need to be combined with healthy eating.


Another major benefit of using a trike rather than a traditional bicycle is that it places no stress on your joints or muscles. Riding a normal bike requires balance, and the seating position can put a lot of stress and pressure on your back, wrists, and knees.

Riding an incumbent trike removes this stress on your joints, giving you a more comfortable experience and allowing you to ride further for longer. Due to the stress-free position of the seat, it also makes them a fantastic solution for those riders with injuries or arthritis.


When you combine all of these factors together, riding a recumbent tricycle is a fantastic workout. Regularly riding these trikes can significantly improve your fitness and stamina, helping to improve your overall health. They are also a lot of fun to ride, which can make you more eager to get out and discover the benefits of riding a recumbent tricycle.

The seat can be adjusted to make it a very comfortable ride regardless of your size and weight.

The fat tires provide you with a very smooth ride even in mud and snow! Your electric tricycle comes on a pallet, carefully packed, secured, insured and shipped to your door at no extra cost. Are You Ready to Ride?

Recumbent Trikes. Annual Super Sale!

Save up to 35% on your recumbent trike bike (indicated in bold/red ) during this annual sale event. All recumbent tricycles also ship for a flat rate of 39 within mainland USA during this sale! The selection below includes Performer Worksman trikes.

All recumbents site-wide are covered by our industry-leading customer satisfaction policies: 200% Lowest Price Guarantee and 6-Month Satisfaction Guarantee.

Check out our impressive selection of the best recumbent trikes in the industry, below, and be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to learn about the benefits of using a recumbent trike vs. a standard upright tricycle.

Performer JC-70 Recumbent Trike (2 Speeds Available)

Performer Trike-F Folding Recumbent Trike

Performer JC-26-X Recumbent Trike

Performer JC-26-X Folding Recumbent Trike

Performer Futuro – Delta Recumbent Trike

Performer Cantus Carbon Recumbent Trike

Why Buy a Recumbent Trike?

We’re often asked why someone would want to get a recumbent tricycle vs. a traditional tricycle. Other than the obvious fact that they look much cooler, there are also other benefits of a recumbent trike.

best, electric, recumbent, trikes, trike

People with bad backs are definitely appreciative of a recumbent trike. There’s an actual seat back on a recumbent tricycle. Switching to a recumbent trike is like moving from a bar stool to a recliner!

Even if your back is pain-free, there are important reasons to switch to a recumbent trike or bike. While exercise is important, overdoing it can be worse than no exercise at all, particularly when too much stress is being put on certain muscle groups or joints.

A recumbent trike takes the pressure off of your wrists and shoulders that is present with a traditional tricycle. And, let us not forget the actual part of the body doing the sitting. You can say goodbye to uncomfortable wedgies and saddle soreness when you ride a recumbent trike.

Everything about a recumbent trike is far more comfortable than a traditional upright trike and when you are more comfortable, you are more likely to ride your trike longer and more often.

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