5 Best Dual Motor Electric Scooter | Grip on Off-Road Tracks 2023. Electric scooter twin motor

Electric scooter twin motor

Introducing the new Neozin Orno Dual Motor e-scooter, bringing joy to movement. Available now for PRE-ORDER.

Quick Folding: Foldaway in 3 seconds. Fast, efficient and concise.

Creative Bells: Buzzer bell to remind pedestrians or vehicles ahead to drive safely.

High Brightness LED Display: Layout high brightness control panel illuminated by strong light.

Neozin Orno
BRAND Neozin
MODEL Orno Dual
DIMENSIONS 1100430490mm FOLDED, 11001140490mm UNFOLDED

Max speed and range are calculated by the manufacturer under controlled factory conditions. Factors such as rider weight, terrain, hills, power mode and heavy acceleration can greatly reduce these figures.

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Best Dual Motor Electric Scooter | Grip on Off-Road Tracks 2023

If you are riding electric scooters for a while, there is an urge that demands more power for extreme fun. The regular electric scooters are not a beast for taking you on off-road rides. Single motor only provides limited torque and acceleration. The best dual motor electric scooter is the right choice to get the most out of your ride for high speed, Rapid acceleration, and extraordinary torque.

These electric scooters have added strength to handle abuse from rough rides and high-speed hitting on road bumps. There are several electric dual motor electric scooters available in the market with varying levels of abilities.

To find the best dual-motor e scooter, we have selected top-quality products. These are the most ferocious and jacked electric scooters for all-around performance. If you want to take your riding experience to the next level, these are the best you can get right now.

Hiboy Titan PRO Electric Scooter

Hiboy Titan PRO

Motor Power: 2400W Top Speed: 32 MPH Travel Range: 40 miles Max Weight Capacity: 220 pounds Wheel Size: 10 inch Warranty: 6 months

best, dual, motor, electric, scooter, grip

The Hiboy Titan PRO electric scooter is a multi-purpose vehicle that is enjoyable and exciting for fun rides. Its Dual 1200W DC motors allow you to attain a top speed of 32 miles per hour under ideal conditions. It has perfect ride comfortability due to its wide tires. This best dual motor electric scooter is a little on the heavy side, but you cannot get stuck at any terrain due to its power and agility.

The Titan PRO dual motor electric scooter frame and structure can withstand the demands of extreme riding. Consequently, it has a strong stem and a strengthened frame for increased longevity. However, it is heavier than others but still manageable for portability. In addition, it comes with retractable handlebars, which allow it to fold down to a compact size for transport and storage.

Two 1200W motors power up Hiboy Titan Pro that makes it is a powerful tool to explore new roads. It can reach a top speed of 32 miles per hour on these dual motors. With the help of quick acceleration and abundant torque, you can expect it to go up steep hills of up to 35% with ease. The added power and its application are extraordinary for this beast.

The maximum range of 40 miles makes it an excellent choice for leisure riders or those who have a somewhat long daily commute. You can expect between 25 and 30 miles when the throttle is up all the time and you ride at top speed. However, the recharge takes 8 hours which is still manageable by plugging the charging overnight.

Hiboy Titan PRO features 10 tires that are perfect for urban riders. However, you may feel them providing limited support on off-road tracks. It is the cheapest dual motor electric scooter, but not everyone buys an electric scooter for off-road adventures. Those looking for rough terrain can consider buying the best off-road electric scooter for commuting.

  • Smart monitoring using the built-in display
  • It can handle 35% incline
  • Portable for carrying and storage
  • Design that is long-lasting and sturdy
  • Design that is long-lasting and sturdy
  • Wide wheels for good road traction

Speedway 5 Dual Motor e-Scooter

Speedway 5

Motor Power: 3600W Top Speed: 40 MPH Travel Range: 75 miles Max Weight Capacity: 265 pounds Wheel Size: 10 inch Warranty: 12 months

The Speedway 5 is one of the finest dual motor electric scooters for versatile riding through urban and rough terrain. It is excellent for urban riders who seek a good ride for speedy and fun travel inside the city’s busy road. Its 3600W dual-motor system allows it to produce exceptional power and range while maintaining a low weight for better portability.

It can travel up to 75 miles on a single charge, thanks to a powerful 1385Wh Li-ion battery that extends its range for a long ride. However, if you’re an aggressive rider, your distance can reduce to this range. The recharge time takes 13 hours with a standard charger. However, you can buy a fast charger to reducing it to 4 hours for your convenience.

Speedway 5 has hydraulic suspension on both the front and rear axles to add more to ride comfort ability. This suspension system is not ordinary as it carries one of the best suspension systems available in the market. This suspension system drives you without impacting your knees from road bumps in combination with the wide and huge wheel.

Everything about this scooter is appealing, but 3600W power output by dual motors stands out. This e scooter motor generates incredible power. A maximum speed of 40 miles per hour is possible, which is best for both urban and off-road travel. In addition to making it a more reliable uphill ride, the torque facilitates its ability to maintain speed while riding up steep inclines.

The Speedway 5 is the lightest dual-motor scooter with a reinforced frame and a spacious deck, ensuring optimal longevity and convenience for the user. It can sustain 265 pounds rider weight, making it a suitable scooter for heavy riders. Furthermore, because of its folding handlebars, it is easy to store conveniently and compactly.

  • Excellent braking power with front and rear brakes
  • The dual motor generates powerful torque and acceleration
  • Good top speed for better pace
  • EYE LCD for monitoring functions
  • The comfortable air suspension system

Wolf Warrior Dual Motor Scooter for Off-Road

Wolf Warrior

Motor Power: 2400W Top Speed: 50 MPH Travel Range: 70 miles Max Weight Capacity: 330 pounds Wheel Size: 11 inch Warranty: 6 months

The Wolf Warrior is the best off-road dual motor electric scooter for extended travel and high top speed. To climb hills, undulated paths, or conquer the urban roads, this is the best option that you need. It is a giant scooter monster, offering everything an electric scooter lover can get in a single purchase.

The entire design of Wolf Warrior targets off-road riding as everything from its architect to the wheels is extraordinary. Its sturdy frame is strengthened in all the appropriate places, allowing it to hold a maximum weight of 330 pounds. Furthermore, it has a sophisticated suspension system that includes hydraulic front shocks and spring shocks at the back for shock absorption.

The Wolf Warrior has an astonishing top speed of 50 mph that becomes possible due to its dual motors. These collectively generate a nominal power of 2400W and can reach a peak power of 5400W. The Wolf Warrior produces incredible torque, enabling you to speed up steep slopes of up to 30% as effortlessly as riding on urban roads.

The Wolf Warrior is a truly amazing electric scooter. The scooter’s huge 35Ah LG battery can provide up to 70 miles of riding time on an average paced ride with a single motor. If both motors engage, you will get less mileage, but still better than many other scooters and can reach approximately 40-50 miles. Furthermore, it has an 8-hour recharging duration, which is quite impressive considering the total mileage it covers.

An EYE display on the handlebars helps you keep an eye on the stats of your ride, like speed, range, and remaining battery. The Wolf Warrior has all the safety light options that you could require for night riding. There are two large headlights at the front for the best visibility. The ground lighting effect of the deck lights increases the visibility from every direction.

  • Best LED setup on an electric scooter
  • Extended travel range with dual motors
  • Huge tubeless tires for all-around performance
  • Dual suspension prevents shocks from bumps

Dualtron Ultra Dual Motor Scooter

Dualtron Ultra

Motor Power: 5400W Top Speed: 50 MPH Travel Range: 75 miles Max Weight Capacity: 265 pounds Wheel Size: 11 inch Warranty: 6 months

The Dualtron Ultra is a true off-road beast for its extended travel and dual motors that generate immense torque and speed to conquer roads. This scooter can handle the terrain, including slopes and off-road paths, thanks to its peak power of 5400W. The bike’s excellent torque and acceleration are unmatched, and its strengthened body can endure any kind of abuse on the road.

With a 5400W output, it translates to a top speed of 50 miles per hour. This power on the scooter is so robust that it even includes heat sinks to prevent overheating and maintain peak performance. It can conquer slopes as steep as 47% while keeping the pace. Overall, the stellar performance is the real strength of this scooter.

The build quality of Ultra is robust as it has a strengthened body composed of an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy that can sustain heavy rider weights. The stem looks sturdy and well built to withstand any type of pressure. The main thing about this stem is its wobble-free experience, even on bumpy roads. Furthermore, the deck seems more spacious for a good standing posture.

One of the advantages of the Dualtron Ultra best dual motor e scooter is its ability to travel for long distances without recharging. Its extended range of 75 miles becomes possible by the great strength of the dual motors and the massive 32Ah LG battery. Charging times can vary depending on the type of charger you choose, with a regular charger taking a whopping 20 hours to complete, take nearly 5 hours with the fast charger.

Dualtron Ultra is best for off-road use due to its heavy-duty battery and dual motors. It has extra-large wheels that are perfect for off-roading since the unique texture establishes a good grip on every terrain. Dualtron has included dual front and rear disc brakes in Ultra with an anti-lock braking system. It keeps you in full control even if you ride at full pace.

  • Extremely fast and with a vast range
  • A body that is both durable and long-lasting
  • Because of its portability, it is simple to move
  • Because of its portability, it is simple to move

Dualtron X2 Best Dual Motor E Scooter

Dualtron X2

Motor Power: 6720W Top Speed: 55 MPH Travel Range: 93 miles Max Weight Capacity: 300 pounds Wheel Size: 13 inch Warranty: 6 months

Dualtron X2 is the most powerful of all the dual motor electric scooters as it touches the real extremes of the scooters. The dual motors provide an incredible 6720W of power, allowing you to reach a top speed of 55 mph. You can fulfill your riding fantasies and thirst for powerful riding while accelerating on X2 with the top-notch build quality.

The Dualtron X2 shows a remarkable build quality that is enough to declare it bombs proof, which best suits its dual motor design. The overall build is chunkier and looks heavier. However, both the stem and wide is big enough to accommodate a heavy grown-up adult quite comfortably. Overall, the construction is extremely durable, ensuring the safety of riders weighing up to 265 pounds.

Certain safety features in Dualtron X2 make it safer and more practical even at this powerful acceleration. It has dual hydraulic disc brakes with an added anti-lock braking system. Upon riding experience, the braking looks smooth and precise. Besides that, the EYE display allows you to keep track of your vital riding information and contain a fingerprint scanner for the lock.

Two massive BLDH hub motors power Dualtron X2 that produces a mind-blowing 6720W of maximum power. This motor can generate a top speed of 55 miles per hour at a peak to simplify things. The torque it generates is extremely brutal, and it can conquer slopes with a gradient of approximately 70%. The power packs define a new era of electric scooters.

A massive 60V 49Ah battery power the extremely powerful dual motors. Considering the price, the travel range is out of this world as it can cover a range of 93 miles. No matter how aggressive you drive, you won’t get anything lower than 70 miles on this beast. The most amazing thing about this scooter is that it recharges in 7.5 hours with a fast charger, even with a hefty battery.

  • Extremely powerful and versatile
  • Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes
  • The deck is enormous to hold heavier riders
  • Good lighting for night rides
  • The construction quality is outstanding.

Optimal Factors To Consider

Buying Guide for Dual Motor Electric Scooter

An e-scooter is a fun and practical mode of transportation that is also environmentally friendly. Selecting a scooter with high speeds, quick acceleration, extreme torque, and a second engine injects a good dose of adrenaline and excitement into every ride. These beauties are ideal if you are ready to amp up your scooter game.

The information in this article will cover all you need to know about choosing the suitable best dual motor electric scooter as per your desire.

Build and Design:

Dual electric scooters are great for short and long-distance riding, and they offer a good range and build quality for daily commuting. They are light enough that you can fold them up and put them away on occasion. Examine the scooter’s construction as a key factor, especially if you’re searching for a commuter electric scooter to help you solve the last-mile issue on your daily commute.

Furthermore, when it comes to the design, all the controls should be easily accessible. You may be able to change the colors of your scooter to match your taste. While it may not be your main concern to appear good on your ride, it is something to consider.

Size and Weight:

Most scooters with a decent range greater than 20 miles weigh more than 24 pounds, but weighing more than 30 pounds will be tough to transport for extended periods. As a result, some scooters feature additional wheels or a foldable design that allows them to roll like small, commuter-friendly scooters.

If you’re looking for a vehicle for recreational joyriding or beast mode off-roading and not concerned with mobility, weight is less of an issue than build quality and maximum speed. On the other hand, if you’re searching for a commuter electric scooter to help with the final mile on your daily commute, the scooter’s weight is an essential factor to consider.


Most commuters don’t care about top speed as long as the scooter can reach 15 miles per hour. In reality, several towns have regulations prohibiting electric scooters from exceeding 15 miles per hour, and most prohibit scooters from operating on pedestrian walkways.

Riding at 15-18 miles per hour in a car or on a motorcycle feels different from riding at the same speed on an electric scooter. This speed is sufficient while riding on highways or bike lanes. If you often ride in city traffic, scooters with excellent acceleration and maximum speeds in this range may help you avoid accidents.

Motor Power and Torque:

The watts of power of the motor show how much electricity it will use. None of us would like a motor that consumes a lot of energy from our battery, resulting in a lower driving distance range. Therefore, it is essential to choose one that is compatible with the battery you are currently using.

High-capacity twin motors will aid in acceleration and will increase the highest speed possible. A high-capacity twin motor improves the ability to climb steep slopes and carry a greater amount of weight. Torque is the force that propels you ahead by rotating the wheel of the electric scooter. Consequently, purchasing twin motors with increased torque is preferable.

Dual BLDC Motors:

BLDC motors, also referred to as brushless DC motors, are the most advanced technology available. If you prefer to have a quieter, less overheating, and lasting motor, BLDC twin motors are ideal. These motors are most often used in electric scooters because they provide superior weight performance and durability.


To guarantee your safety, make sure your e-scooter has enough illumination. Of course, you can always buy extra lights for your e-scooter. However, the finest scooters come with standard and excellent illumination, providing after-dark riding necessitates that uses both front and rear led lights.

Brakes and Tires:

Many e-scooter brakes are available, like electric or regenerative brakes, disc brakes, foot brakes, and drum brakes. Disc brakes are the most effective and dependable of these kinds, although they are usually only found on the most expensive electric scooters. Electric brakes need little maintenance and perform well when coupled with a foot brake.

Electric scooters have pneumatic or airless tires. While pneumatic tires absorb more stress, they also require more care than airless tires. The tires should accommodate stress absorption, enabling you to enjoy a smooth ride without fear of a flat tire.

Price and Warranty:

When purchasing an electric scooter, you have a wide variety of pricing choices, but the quality and built-in features usually rise with the price. Most high-end adult scooters cost at least 1500 but spending more will offer you additional features.

Not all e-scooters come with a reliable guarantee, and you should exercise extra caution when purchasing directly from a foreign nation. Always prefer local vendors for better warranty coverage and low cost in case of a warranty claim.

If you are looking for a dual motor electric scooter only for power and range, Dualtron X2 is the best you can buy with money. After our extensive testing, we concluded it, winner, due to its enormous ability to provide top speed and extended range.The safety features like tires, braking, and lighting fully justify its top position. Choosing the second-best dual motor electric scooter is challenging because all the scooters are top-notch with similar performance. We announce Wolf Warrior as a runner-up as its packs an amazing torque, acceleration, and extended travel range to amaze anyone. However, you cannot go wrong when selecting any of these electric scooters.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

That is a difficult question. There’s no exact estimate about 2000W dual motor electric scooter top speed. Other factors may affect the speed of any scooter, regardless of watts. Rider size, battery power, and road conditions all influence speed. Conversely, e-scooters with a 2000W engine hover at 38-40 mph. keeping that speed is also hard over longer durations. It becomes reduced under bad circumstances.

Dual motor electric scooters provide a tremendous amount of power. The usage of Dual motor e-scooters may help you reduce your reliance on radiation-emitting modes of transportation. They are handy, long-lasting, and simple to ride, and they may save a significant amount of time while travelling inside the city. Furthermore, these dual-motor electric scooters are lightweight and compact, making them easy to transport.

Electric scooters are usually safe to ride. Despite the dual motor’s great performance and fast speed, the bike is safe to ride and has a high-performance braking system. However, we recommend that you use safety equipment whenever possible.

Dual electric scooters cost more than a single electric scooter. A dual-motor electric scooter costs between 1500 and 5,000. Electric scooters with two motors that are more durable and feature-rich are very costly. In our review, Dualtron X is a full scooter with high-end amenities that costs about 4500.



Quantity ( 0 in cart) Decrease quantity for ELECTRIC SCOOTER- DRAGON GTR V2. DUAL MOTOR 1800 watts Max 2400 watts

Increase quantity for ELECTRIC SCOOTER- DRAGON GTR V2. DUAL MOTOR 1800 watts Max 2400 watts

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Australia’s most popular and best-selling Dual Motor Electric Scooter- The all-new 2023 DRAGON GTR V2

We have listened to feedback from our customers over the past few years, and these are the improvements-

Improved comfort and handling with new front air-filled shock suspensions and enormous rear suspension shock.

Australia’s most powerful electric scooter has now hit the market! Designed and engineered for the Australian Terrains, there is no better electric scooter on the market that can compete on price, quality, power, and off-road capabilities.

The Dragon GTR V2 is a portable, foldable, powerful OFF-ROAD Racing electric scooter. If you are searching for more power and torque that can handle the steeper inclines and the ability to go off-road, then this electric scooter is for you!

This Electric Scooter boasts a peak power of 2400w, which makes it suitable for just about any terrain, from roads to gravel and grass.

The Dragon GTR V2 electric scooter has been built tough using aviation-grade alloy and quality components. Equipped with dual front and rear shocks aids in a smoother ride when the terrain is rough. In addition, the massive 10-inch OFF-ROAD wheels, front and rear disc brakes, and a sizeable anti-slip platform make riding safe, fun, and comfortable.

best, dual, motor, electric, scooter, grip

Dual motors deliver a massive 2400w of peak power. You can select single or Dual motors with a push of a button.

All our Dragon Electric Scooters have a 2-year warranty on the structure and frame.

MOTOR 2 x 900w
MAX SPEED 50km/hr
RANGE 60km
BATTERY 21 AH Lithium
MAX LOAD 150kg
TYRES 10-inch inflatable tubeless all terrain
BRAKES Disc brakes Electric
SUSPENSION Front. air shocks, Rear. heavy-duty suspension shock
DIMENSION 1.15m (L) x 0.22 (W) x 1.22m (H)
CHARGE TIME 8hrs-10hrs
LIGHTS LED Front and Rear

Please refer to the user manual for the completed and comprehensive instructions on the assembly and safe user of your Electric Scooter. Your scooter arrives 99% assembled in the box. All you have to do is tighten the handlebar accessories. The brakes may need some adjustment before riding. While it is simple enough to do this yourself, we recommend assembling this scooter by an experienced scooter/bike mechanic.

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1- The credit card used for the transaction 2- Drivers Licence 3- Proof of address 4- Proof of payment. For all Zip, After pay, and PayPal verified Customers. Identification checks are not required.

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Customers will need to provide proof of ID before the order is handed over if requested by the delivery company.

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Refer to the user manual for the complete Warranty on a particular make and model.


All manufacturing faults or defects

Your item may be repaired or replaced (if repair is not possible) if you are the first purchaser/user of the product and it has any of the following manufacturing or design faults under regular use:

Boards or Computer Control faults


If you have an issue with your purchased product that is not manufacturing fault, not

When the warranty period has expired

Failing to maintain or perform scheduled servicing

When the Warranty or serial label is altered or removed

When the product or any of its components have been opened, altered, or modified by someone other than the manufacturer or authorised repair centre

Wear-and-tear Damage of vulnerable components such as wheels, tyres, lights. consumables or battery lifespan

Damage caused by product misuse or abuse like (but not limited to) dropping, collision, jumps, grinding, heavy shaking, abrasion, or incorrect storage

Attempts to ‘flash’ or reset a product’s software/firmware or change from factory settings.

Damage caused by Water ingestion. Most of our item has some level of proofing against dust and wet conditions, but they are NOT water-proof.

┬ĚDamage caused by overloading, over the designed maximum load

┬ĚLimited Warranty of 3 months for commercial use.

Do I have to return the product to Bike Scooter City?

Bike Scooter City has authorised service centres located around Australia. In some cases, these service centers can deal with warranty issues. Please contact repair@bikescootercity.com.au or

call 1300 883 773 to find a local service centre.

You, the Customer, will bear the costs of returning the goods. If we deem the issue upon investigation to be a manufacturing fault, we will repair, refund, or replace the faulty goods. Any transportation of the replacement product will be arranged at the Customer’s expense. If we receive a returned product under a warranty claim and deem the claim to have no basis, the cost of returning the product to the Customer will be at the Customer’s expense.

We will replace or repair any Product deem DOA without a delivery charge to the Customer. However, you must notify DOA within 3 business days of receiving the product.

If my product is replaced entirely, does the warranty period reset?

The Warranty period does not resets if the Customer’s product is entirely replaced by Bike Scooter City. The Warranty will expire 12 months from the original product’s purchase date and remain unaffected by any product replacement within that 12 months.

I’ve had parts replaced under Warranty. Does their own 12-month Warranty cover these parts?

Any replacement parts fitted to a product are covered for the remaining duration of the original 12-month product Warranty and do not have their own warranty period.

Upgraded DUAL motor power, 10-inch lightweight and foldable, off road air tire

Most powerful electric scooter has now hit the market! Designed and engineer for the Off Road Rover, there is no better electric scooter on the market that can compete on price, quality and power and off-road capabilities

T10 Off road is a 10Inch portable, foldable, powerful OFF-ROAD Racing electric scooter. If you are searching for more power and torque that can handle the steeper inclines, and the ability to go off-road than this electric scooter is for you!

Boasting a peak power of 2400w, this electric scooter is suitable for just about any terrain from roads to gravel and grass.

The T10 electric scooter has been built tough using aviation-grade alloy and quality components. Equipped with dual front and dual rear shocks, aids in a smoother ride when the terrain is rough. The massive 10-inch OFF-ROAD wheels, front and rear disc brakes and a large anti-slip platform make riding safe fun and comfortable.

Dual motors delivery a massive 2400w of peak power. You are able to select to use single or dual motors with a push of the button.

All our Fanco Electric Scooters comes with a 12 Months warranty on the structure and frame.

T10 Off Road electric scooter for adults, get highly recognized for it’s well-made quality and comfortable riding experience.


Model T10 Off Road
Weight 26 kg
Max Loading 150kg
Suspension Front- Quad shocks, Rear- Dual shocks
Brakes Disc brakes Electric


Speed Mode 15/25/40km/hr
Max Distance 60km
Unrestricted Speed 50km/hr
Max Torque 50NM
Base Motor Power Dual Motor 900w2


Battery 15.6Ah / 20.8Ah Lithium
Charge time 8hrs-10hrs
Voltage 48v
Drive (Switchable) Rear-wheel/ dual-wheel drive


Wheels 10-inch inflatable tubeless all terrain
Frame Aviation grade Alloy
Accessories Can purchase a seat Separately. most accessories will fit

Minimalist Folding Design. 3 sec fast folding

Digital Display Non-slip Handle

The LED panel clearly displays your current speed, battery level, and settings.

Dual Brake, Bouble Protection

25 MPH / 40km/h SpeedThe powerful 1800 W motor enables a swift speed of up to 25 mph and a climbing capacity of 15┬░.

Powerful 900W2 brushless high performance motor ( Max 2400W )

37 Mile / 60km RangeA full charge of the 36 V, 15Ah/20Ah high-capacity battery powers the Off road electric scooter for up to 24 miles.

Cruise ControlLock in your desired speed by holding the throttle in the same position for 6 seconds, allowing for personal freedom while traveling.

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Built to LastConstructed with a robust aluminum alloy frame, the off road electric scooter for adults is capable of supporting a max load of 275 lbs.

LED HeadlightThe LED front headlight greatly increases your safety and peace of mind while riding a scooter in the dark.

S3 Dual Motor Electric Scooter

S3 | 120km Range| 60V 38Ah | Dual Motor | Foldable Electric Scooter for Adults with Seat. 11 Wheels This Teewing S3 electric scooter for adults provides a powerful dual-motor system, and a 60V 38Ah lithium battery. X5 has a range of up to 120km and is constructed with 11 inch off road tires and front and rear hydraulic disc brakes for enhanced safety and stability. S3 e-scooter offers front long-distance hydraulic shock absorption and rear high-end damping hydraulic shock absorption for a smoother ride.


  • High-Speed CPU Inside / Fast Reaction Speed
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery / 38Ah / 60V
  • 120km Driving Range on a Full Charge (depending on riding style, rider’s weight, surface conditions, and grade angle)
  • Powerful Dual Motors Provides the Max 45 Degree Gradient.
  • LED Display for Speed /Range /Power
  • Front Long-Distance Hydraulic Shock Absorption, Rear High-End Damping Hydraulic Shock Absorption
  • Front and Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes and E-ABS Anti-lock System
  • 11-inch Vacuum Off-Road Tires
  • Double Bright LED headlights, Side LED Stripe Lights, and Turning Lights
  • Aluminum Alloy Shell for Max 200kg Payload
  • Foldable Anti-skid Handlebars


  • LCD display, all in one screen
  • One-click unfold fold
  • 2 Keys to lock the scooter
  • 11-inch inflatable off-road tires
  • Equipped with front and rear light. Safe drive in the dark


Battery Capacity: 38Ah

Battery Voltage: 60V

Motor: DC Brushless Dual-Motor

Mileage: 120km

Weight: 45kg

Dimension Unfold: 12305201300mm

Dimension Fold: 1300280450mm

Tire Type: 11” tubeless front/rear off-road tires

Charging time: 7-8 hours (4-5 hours for dual charging)

Max load: 200 kg (440 lbs)

Grade ability: 45-degree slope

Speed: Three-speed


1 S3 Electric Scooter, 2 Adaptors, 2 keys, 1 Saddle, 1 Scooter Bag, 1 Code Lock, 1 Phone Holder, 1 Tool Kit, 1 Air Pump, 4 Pedal Screws, 1 User Manual

S3 is equipped with a front and rear HYDRAULIC DISC BRAKES system and the ELECTRONIC BRAKE system makes your riding safe and worry-free.

The brand new S3 is a newly-designed and stylish portable intelligent foldable scooter. The S3 focuses on a lightweight traffic concept. The foldable and flexible design brings a new experience to city commuting and general entertainment transportation and travel.


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