48V All Road Electric Scooter Battery Urban Glide (Battery Only). Glide electric scooter

Glide electric scooter

If you need increased hill climbing performance and acceleration in a portable electric scooter for daily use. Then the e-Glide D150 v2 Dual Motor is your ticket to ride.

Take Two To Go

With a quick-release folding latch and a total weight of 14kg, the e-Glide D150 is ready to be carried in seconds so you can take it with you wherever your day goes.

Reassuring Ride

Head out on every ride with confidence thanks to the e-Glide D150’s iP54 water resistance rating and anti-slip rubber footplate, just in case you forget to check the weather.

The Power of Two

With it’s dual 350W motors mounted in the front and rear, the e-Glide D150 v2 will help you eat up the hills. You can dial in just the right amount of power by selecting the front, rear or dual motor torque modes at the push of a button. All three torque modes are selectable in speed levels 1 2.

Fitted with 8.5” pneumatic tyres the e-Glide D150 v2 has a smooth responsive feel, while the internal 15AH battery travels a maximum range up to 45km.

To counteract the sporty performance of the e-Glide D150 v2 a low-maintenance, a cable pull rear disc brake with large rotor delivers amazing braking performance so you’re always in control.

Stay safe and stand out with the bright LED headlight and tail/brake light as well as front and rear side reflectors equipped on the e-Glide D150 v2.

Max speed and range are calculated by the manufacturer under controlled factory conditions.

e-Glide D150 v2 Electric Scooter Specifications
Brand e-Glide
Model D150 v2
e-Scooter Weight 14kg
Max Speed 30km/h
Max Range 45km
Motor Powerful and Quiet Dual 350W Motors
Battery 36V 15Ah Battery
Tyres 8.5″ Pneumatic Street Tyres
Brakes Front Electric and Rear Cable Pull Disc Brake
Suspension N/A
IP Rating IP54 Water Resistance Rating Protecting From Water Splashes At Any Angle
Power Modes Instant Swap Between Front, Rear or Dual Motor Drive

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V All Road Electric Scooter Battery. Urban Glide (Battery Only)

3 to 4 times free of charge or up to 48 times possible

Delivery 48/72h

2 years warranty

Description Battery For Electric Scooter Urban Glide All Road 48V

  • load control
  • Discharge
  • Cell balancing
  • Urban Glide All Road battery thermal protection.

Why change your Urban Glide All Road 48V battery?

Your electric scooter has a powerful autonomy and a good speed. However, like any device, your product has a lifespan.

When your product reaches the end of its life, your Urban Glide All Road electric scooter will lose performance and will no longer be able to operate to its full potential.

To remedy this, it will be necessary to establish a replacement of its Urban Glide All Road battery so that it can find its performance previous.

  • Favor an original original lithium battery specially designed to suit the power circuit of your electric scooter.

Attention ! Sellers of counterfeit Lithium ion battery products have appeared on the internet with the aim of exploiting and scamming consumers with false information.

Pay attention and realize your purchases-products on sites you trust!

How to change your Urban Glide All Road 48V electric scooter battery?

To replace the battery of your Urban Glide All Road electric scooter and increase its lifespan, it is first of all important to guarantee your safety by wearing protective gloves in order to avoid any risk of electrocution and an experience of quality.

  • turn off your machine.
  • Fold your scooter and place it on a flat surface.
  • Disassemble so as to open the place where the battery is located
  • Take a picture of the controller connections for the purpose of keeping them in memory.
  • Check that there has been no water infiltration, if so, wait for it to dry.
  • Disconnect the battery then the auxiliary connections.
  • Remove the battery from the scooter.
  • Take the battery that corresponds to the original or compatible one.
  • Connect the auxiliary connections then the battery.
  • Close, unfold the scooter then turn it on.
  • Let your battery charge to 100% before riding the first time.

This is the procedure established by our professionals. designed especially for you!

How to Charge your Urban Glide All Road 48V Electric Scooter Battery?

For optimal use of the 48V battery for electric scooters, we give you our best advice!

Our Battery Maintenance Tips for Urban Glide All Road 48V Electric Scooter:

  • Adapt your driving according to the battery level: 100%: You can fully utilize your electric scooter while riding in the highest gear mode. 70%: it is advisable to switch to a moderate speed mode. Below 50%, choose a more moderate pace by switching to intermediate speed mode.
  • Always stay above 35% to 40% battery, in order to maintain optimal performance in terms of autonomy and speed.
  • Store the battery in a dry place at room temperature (20°).
  • Use the original charger. This is the one that will be best suited to your battery.
  • Wait at least 30 minutes after switching off your product before charging it. Time to allow your battery cells to cool.
  • Recharge the product at least once a month even if you don’t use it. This avoids damaging the battery and losing autonomy.
  • Unplug your device plugged into the mains as soon as it reaches 100% battery.

How to increase the battery life of your Urban Glide All Road Electric Scooter?

For that, there is nothing simpler! It is possible to add a second battery that you will connect to the main battery of your Urban Glide All Road 48V electric scooter and totally doubled its autonomy!

find here THE right external battery for your Urban Glide All Road electric scooter!

Why Buy Your Urban Glide All Road Electric Scooter Battery at Weebot?

By purchasing a lithium battery LG M50LT or Samsung 50E at Weebot, you are guaranteed to receive a spare part compatible with your electric scooter.

The warranty period on a new lithium battery is 1 year at Weebot (see terms: Warranty and after-sales service ).

We have a solution for any type of problem and we strive every day to provide you with a better user experience.

When you buy from us, it’s not just for the product, but also for the service. Our teams are mobilized by email and telephone to satisfy our customers in our service centers.

We guide you step by step by giving you all the necessary information in your decision making in order to offer you “THE” compatible battery that corresponds to your electric scooter!

If you have any questions, the entire Weebot team is at your disposal by phone and email: sav@wee-bot.com

IMPORTANT: In view of the plurality of different possible batteries and to offer you the most recent and efficient cells, we create each battery to order. This implies that it is a personalized product not eligible for return or the right of withdrawal.

Technical characteristics of Urban Glide All Road Electric Scooter Battery

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Glide electric scooter


The e-Glide Swift is also powered by a front mounted 500W motor to give the scooter zippy acceleration and a top speed of 30km/h.

The E-Glide Swift also rolls on 8.5” pneumatic tyres. This makes the ride quality smooth and grippy. The e-Glide swift is ideal whether you need a portable daily commute or a fun recreational ride as it w eighs only 13.6kg.


Ride with confidence and enjoy a shorter stopping distance wherever you go.

The Swift is also equipped with a rear mechanical disc brake paired with an E-ABS regenerative anti-lock braking system. Thus, it is useful for responsive stopping power.

With the pull of a single lever you can slow down or stop as you need.


The E-Glide Swift also has under its hood a 36V 12.8AH battery. This is one of the biggest in it’s class. You are no longer limited to shorter trips with the scooter’s maximum range of 45km.

That’s more than enough fuel to get you there and back again.


E-Glide Swift is powered by KingSong App. Thus, it utilise all the amazing features of the KingSong smartphone app. Simply open the app and connect the scooter via Bluetooth to get started.

over, you can view real-time riding stats, examine parameters, change settings and run diagnostics. A camera feature that allows you to film your ride with live scooter is also available. The location stats is also visible on screen.

Lastly, the app allows you to create a profile, share your adventures and interact with other e-Glide and KingSong riders from around the world.

  • A Great Choice for First-time Electric Scooter Buyers
  • Super Portable with Only Weighing 13.6kg
  • Top Speed of 30km/h on Private Property
  • Go Further with the 45km Max Potential Range
  • Front Mounted 500W Motor with Zippy Acceleration
  • IP56 water resistance
  • KingSong Smartphone App Connectivity
  • Powered by KingSong

The E-Glide Swift at Ride Hub is now available for full service support. Free Shipping.

Greta Electric Glide

Glide is a Scooter scooter from Greta Electric. Least expensive Greta Electric Glide variant is V3 60v 30Ah which is sold in Indian automobile market at an ex-showroom price of Rs. 80.00 K.

Latest On Greta Electric Glide

Last updated on 31st May’23 Greta Electric Glide Design: The sleek and unique design of the new Greta Electric Glide is what makes it stand out and compete with its rivals like Bounce Infinity E1 and Hero Electric. The scooter not only boasts great storage capacity but also gets a passenger backrest for greater practicality. The scooter also gets heavy-duty telescopic suspensions, subtle design and alloy wheels. In addition to this, the scooter gets a number of practical elements like a large footboard, Round LED headlight and more

Greta Electric Glide Segment: With a maximum power output of 1000 W, The Greta Electric Glide boasts a maximum top speed of 80 kmph. This makes Greta Electric Glide a high-power electric scooter and hence it does require a registration. The user needs a valid license to operate the vehicle on the roads of India.

Greta Electric Glide Battery and motor specs: A 1000 W BLDC hub-mounted single-motor setup is offered with Greta Electric Glide. The motor is powered by three different types of battery packs. 60V 30 Ah, 48 V 24 Ah and 60V 24 Ah Lithium Ion battery which offers a claimed range of 100 km per charge. The claimed Greta Electric Glide charging time is up to 4 hours depending on the variant picked. The scooter also gets a reverse mode in addition to its standard driving modes.

Greta Electric Glide Features: The Greta Electric Glide Electric scooter offers DRLs, an all-digital console with a digital speedometer and a trip meter, sporty LED headlights and tail lights, comfortable seating with a backrest, front disc and rear drum brakes, mobile charging USB point and alloy wheels wrapped in tubeless tyres. In addition, the electric scooter gets keyless riding, telescopic suspension and a reverse mode in addition to the standard driving modes

Greta Electric Glide Colours: The Greta Electric scooter offers the new Greta Electric Glide in seven colour options. Yellow, Grey, Scarlet Red, Candy White, Orange, Rose Gold, and Jet black. For those wondering, the brand is offering the Greta Electric Glide in three variants with a starting price tag of Rs 80,000 (Ex-Showroom, India).

Greta Electric Glide Price

Price of Greta Electric Glide in India starts at Rs. 80.00 K.The Greta Electric Glide variants start from 80.00 K. V3 60v 30Ah and goes upto 80.00 K. V3 60v 30Ah. Greta Electric Glide is also available on EMI with interest rates varying from 9.00 to 28.30% through various banks.

Greta Glide Electric Scooter Launched In India: Price, Specifications

Greta Electric, an Indian EV startup, has launched their new scooters in the market today. Their newest product, Greta Glide, claims to offer a driving range of up to 100 km on a single charge. The electric scooter gets a retro design which helps it reach a wider target audience and comes with four battery options and a battery that is able to be topped up fully in under 3 hours.

Greta Glide Electric Scooter Specifications

The Greta Glide is being offered in four options with varying battery sizes. The scooter comes with 3.5-inch wide tubeless tyres, conventional telescopic forks at the front, and a Dual Hydraulic Cell Shocker at the rear. There are dual hydraulic disc brakes on both the front and rear for better braking. The scooter has a claimed range of 100 km, which is starting to become the norm these days.

Greta Glide’s options include:

  • Greta Glide-V2 48v-24Ah battery option offers 60 km per charge
  • Greta Glide-V260v-24Ah battery option offers 60 km per charge
  • Greta Glide.V3 48v-30Ah battery option offers 100 km per charge
  • Greta Glide-V360v-30Ah battery option offers 100 km per charge

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Greta Electric has customised the scooter with DRLs (daytime running lights), EBS (electronic braking system), ATA System, and Smart Shift. The scooter offers a lighter design and extra-large leg room for a comfortable driving position. Other notable features on the scooter include 3-speed drive modes, a separate reverse drive mode, an LED digital instrument cluster display, an anti-theft alarm, a front glove box, and a keyless start option.

Greta Glide Electric Scooter Price

The Greta Glide electric scooter is being offered in yellow, grey, scarlet red, candy white, orange, rose gold, and jet black colour options. The scooter is priced at ₹80,000 for the base variant, and the price goes up from there, depending on the battery on board. It is up for pre-order right now with an additional ₹8,000 discount.

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