48V 50Ah Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery. 48v 50ah ebike battery

V 50Ah Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery


【Monitoring with Renogy ONE Core】 Add Renogy ONE Core to achieve Smart energy monitoring with intuitive visuals and real-time data. It is an upgraded streamlined energy with our 3-in-1 Smart panel.

【Uncompromising Quality】 Renogy’s latest 48V battery delivers a breakthrough in quality by offering an exceptional lifespan of more than 4500 cycles (reducing to 80% capacity after 4500 cycles), a 50A maximum discharge current, and most importantly, an extensive five year warranty.

【Self-Heating Function】 The intelligent self-heating function will start operating automatically once the battery’s core temperature drops below 41°F (5°C), effortlessly keeping your battery charged in cold environments.

【Reliable BMS System】 The upgraded battery management system (BMS) with high performance dual-processors provide load fluctuation resistance while maintaining balanced voltage across all cells.

【Low Temperature Protection Function】 The lithium battery has low temperature charging and discharging protection function. When the temperature is below 0℃, it will stop charging. When the temperature is below.20℃, it will stop discharging.

【Auto-balancing Function】 Easily connect multiple batteries in parallel with the auto-balancing function to improve the average charging efficiency of your batteries over extended use.

【Real-time monitor】 Featuring advanced RS485 communication ports—your batteries will be able to communicate with each other, external devices and host computers allowing you to monitor the charging status in real-time. (A BT-2 Bluetooth Module or Monitoring Screen is needed).

The latest 48V Renogy Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery is taking the Smart batteries to the next level. With built-in intelligent self-heating, you can keep your battery charged in cold environments effortlessly. The 48V nominal voltage ensures more than 4500 life cycle, low heat generation and high efficiency during high power transmission. The modular design easily scales to meet a range of configurations—making it improve the average charging efficiency for your batteries in the long term. The state-of-the-art battery management system (BMS) enables comprehensive protection features and real-time monitoring.

With the highest safety standards and five years of prorated warranty, your Renogy battery is the Smart point for the future of your amazing off-grid living experience.

With a single cell temperature measurement discrepancy of ±1℃ and voltage measurement discrepancy of ≤5mV, the new Renogy 48V LiFePO4 is our most reliable battery yet. Powered by an upgraded intelligent BMS circuit, the Renogy 48V LiFePO4 battery is resistant to load and temperature fluctuations.

After extended use, the battery’s chemical composition will start to deteriorate, and the over-voltage protection function will be triggered more often, stopping it from fully charging. However, the latest Renogy auto-balancing function ensures that all internal battery pouches charge consistently, improving your battery’s charging efficiency and extending its service life.

This battery has smashed the free drop test,ElectroMagnetic Compatibility testing, forced overcharge/discharge test,and crash test. With more than 4,500 cycles, a minimum 10 year life span, it’s everything a quality battery should be.

Meet our revolutionary self-heating function. This technology allows you to charge your batteries in cold environments effortlessly. When connected to an input, the self-heating function will start operating automatically once the battery temperature drops below 41°F(5°C).

Say goodbye to the old external switch connector. With a built-in switch button, activating and de-activiting the battery can all be done with one touch. This will minimise the battery’s internal power consumption. Not to mention, you can avoid electrical sparks when installing your solar system by being able to control the de-activation process yourself.

With the improved RS485 UP Communication Port, your batteries will be able to communicate and transfer data in real time. Using a Renogy Bluetooth Module BT2 export the data into comprehensible information streamed straight to your cell phone, or watch it live with a Renogy monitoring screen.

  • The normal operation of the self-heating function requires a stable charge current greater than 3A
  • Please secure all cable connections to the proper specification in order to ensure good contact between the cable lugs and the terminals. Over-tightening cable connections can cause terminal breakage and loose cable connections can cause terminal meltdown or fire.
  • DO NOT string the battery in series. ONLY connect batteries of the same manufacturer and model in parallel.
  • Please avoid too high a voltage difference between paralleled batteries, despite the auto-balancing function, to avoid triggering the over-current protection.

If you have any questions regarding this product, please call us at 1 (909) 287-7111 or contact us with livechat

Package Includes

48V 50Ah Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

Cell Type: LiFePO4 Rated Capacity (0.2C):50Ah
Cycle Life (0.2C, 25℃):4500 Cycles (80% DOD) Nominal Voltage: 48V
Connection Method:Parallel Voltage Range: 42V~55.5V
Communication Port: RJ45 (RS485 Protocol, CAN protocol) Maximum Charge/Discharge Current : 50A
Dimension: 22.7 x 8.46 x 7.87 inch / 576 x 215 x 200 mm Charge Voltage:54V
Weight: 60.8 lb. / 27.6 kg Charge Temperature Range: 32℉~131℉ / 0℃~55℃
Discharge Temperature Range:.4℉~140℉ /.20℃~60℃ Storage Temperature Range:.13℉~149℉ /.25℃~65℃
Protection Rating:IP55 Certifications: UN38.3, MSDS. FCC, PSE, CE

What are Renogy 48v battery’s greatest advantages?

Firstly, Renogy 48 volt lithium batteries apply up-to-date pouch cell technology. Some batteries on the market use used battery cores, which hurts the battery’s life span and presents safety risks. In addition, Renogy 48v lithium ion batteries feature self-heating functions, an auto-balancing system, and an advanced and efficient BMS system. over, Renogy 48v batteries have passed the free drop test, elector-magnetic compatibility testing, forced overcharge/discharge test, and crash test.

What exactly are pouch cells?

Soft pouch cells use a lightweight aluminum-polymer film to house the battery core, however most Li-ion batteries on the market today still use outdated hard metal battery casings. Comparing metal casings and pouch cells of the same capacity, pouch cells are substantially more light weight and have good cycle performance. When a pouch cell is damaged the gas and heat can escape through a sealing port, preventing further violent reactions. However, hard metal battery casings made from aluminum and steel are much more likely to explode when damaged.

My current RV is using a 12V system, if I upgrade to a 48V system what obvious life improvements will I see?

The advantage of upgrading from 12V to 48V is that you can use high-power electrical appliances in your RV. Suppose you need to use high-power electrical appliances such as an air conditioner, refrigerator, or oven. A 48v battery will meet your energy needs and greatly enhance your off-grid living experience. Also, thinner cables can be used to connect the 48v LiFePO4 battery to the rest of this system. This will reduce transmission loss, save on space and improve the safety of your solar setup.

How long can this 48v lithium ion battery be used for?

This 48v battery can complete 4500 full charge-discharge cycles, and 48 v battery efficiency will drop to 80% of factory performance after this. If you live entirely off-grid and charge and discharge the 48 volt lithium battery once a day, it will last for more than ten years.

How many 48v lithium ion batteries can be connected together at once?

Up to 8 48v lithium ion batteries can be connected in parallel. The auto-balancing function allows you to connect in parallel more safely.

I’ve never seen a switch button a 48 volt lithium ion battery before, what function does it have?

We have added a one-touch activation function to this battery. When the 48v lithium battery and BMS system aren’t needed, they can be turned off with one touch, reducing wear and tear, making storage safer, and extending 48v lithium battery’s lifespan.

Is 48 volt lithium battery suitable for a golf cart?

Yes, Renogy 48 volt lithium batteries make perfect 48v golf cart batteries. Over lead acid and AGM batteries, 48v lithium golf cart batteries provide a number of benefits. One is that they are significantly lighter. They also don’t need to be maintained. Due to their better efficiency and longer longevity, 48v golf cart batteries are also less expensive in the long run.

Terms and Conditions of 1 Renogy ONE Lightning Deal:

The promotional products offered herein are subject to the same warranty terms and conditions as our standard products. https://www.renogy.com/content/files/Manuals/Warranty.pdf

In the event of any defects in the product, warranty claims shall be processed in strict compliance with our standard warranty policy. Should the Renogy ONE M1 be found defective and out of stock, with no possibility of replacement, the seller shall issue a refund of 1.

Non-warranty related returns of the promotional bundle shall require the return of the entire bundle. Should the buyer wish to retain Renogy ONE M1 and return the other products in the bundle, Renogy ONE M1 will be valued at 99.99.

Renogy ONE M1 and the other products in the bundle will be shipped separately.

Prep for summer lawn chores with RYOBI’s 48V 30-inch electric riding mower at 2,299 (1,700 off) in New Green Deals

While smaller yards can use a walk-behind or self-propelled electric mower for summer lawn chores, some homes need something a bit larger and more powerful. That’s where electric riding mowers come in. While riding mowers are typically expensive, and electric mowers can be several thousand dollars, RYOBI has your back in an effort to help people cut fossil fuel usage this summer. Right now, you can score the RYOBI 48V 30-inch electric riding mower on sale for 2,299, which is a full 1,700 off its normal going rate and even matches the all-time low that we’ve only seen once before. We also have a wide selection of Tesla and e-bike discounts in today’s New Green Deals, so you won’t want to miss that either. Head below for other New Green Deals that we’ve found today and of course Electrek’s best EV buying and leasing deals. Also

Cut fossil fuel usage with RYOBI’s 30-inch electric riding mower

Home Depot is offering the RYOBI 48V 30-inch Electric Riding Lawn Mower for 2,299 shipped. Normally going for 3,999 when in stock at Home Depot, today’s deal comes in at a match of our last mention from back in March. It’s only the second time we’ve seen it this low, and matches the best price we’ve seen all-time. While this mower might be a bit smaller than other riders out there, the 30-inch deck actually comes in with some nice benefits. For starters, it’ll fit through most fence gates, which means you can easily transition from the front to back yard with it. And, while it’s not the latest lithium-ion mower from RYOBI, you’ll still find that this rider doesn’t need gas or oil to function, making it a greener alternative for tackling lawn chores this summer. Powered by three brushless motors and a 30-inch cutting deck, this mower is great for reducing pollution, fossil fuel usage, and even noise when mowing the lawn this summer. The 50Ah 48V lead-acid battery will net around an acre of mowing before having to plug it back in. This mower’s deck has seven height positions that range from 1.5 to 4.5 inches tall, meaning that you can really dial this mower into whatever height you want to cut your yard at. Of course, yearly maintenance (as well as monthly gas trips to get fuel) will be cut by your moving to an electric mower here. Plus, like we mentioned, RYOBI’s electric mower produces less noise all around, making it nicer to use at any time of the day.

50ah, smart, lithium, iron, phosphate, battery

Automate lamps, fans, heaters, and more with Govee’s dual Smart plug

Govee’s official Amazon storefront is offering a 4-pack of its Wi-Fi Dual Smart Plugs on sale for 29.99 shipped once you clip the on-page coupon. Today’s deal delivers a full 25% in savings and comes in at 10 off. Not only that, but it’s 2 below the previous best pricing and marks a new low that we’ve tracked. Smart plugs have a lot of uses around your home, but one you might not think of is the energy saving implications of using them. Today’s deal is actually pretty unique, too, as it’s a 4-pack of dual Smart plugs for just 7.50 each, and each one is individually-controlled, meaning you’ll have eight Smart outlets in your home once picking the kit up. All you’ll have to do is plug in various items in your home and the Smart plug can begin automating your life. One great thing to use Smart plugs for is lamps or other lights around the house. Simply program it to turn them off when you leave and on when you come back home. Not sure how much power that’ll save? Well, even if you’re using LEDs, most bulbs are around 10W or so of power draw. Leave that light on for 10 hours throughout the day, and you’ve now used 100W of electricity. Multiply that by a few lights in your house, five days a week, and you’re burning several kW of power every month for lighting a home that nobody’s in. On top of that, you can use Smart plugs to turn on things like mini air conditioners, fans, or heaters depending on the season, ensuring those aren’t left on when nobody’s home, either. The Smart plugs here can be controlled by the Govee app as well as either Alexa or Assistant, allowing for full programming as well as voice commands.

Leave behind gas and oil when you use Greenworks’ 80V electric mower

Are you tired of having to remember to get gas for the mower when it comes time for summer lawn chores? Well, Amazon has you covered. Right now the Greenworks Pro 80V 21-inch Cordless Electric Lawn Mower is on sale for 372.81 shipped. You’ll normally pay 497 for this mower, and today’s deal comes in at a match for the second-best price we’ve seen all year long. In fact, we’ve only seen it this low once before at the beginning of May, and before that it hit 345 one time back in April, showing just how good of a deal this discount is. Not only will you get the 80V electric lawn mower, which Greenworks says has “gas-like performance,” but also two 2Ah 80V batteries which deliver up to 60 minutes of runtime per charge. Powered by a TRUBRUSHLESS motor, this Greenworks 80V electric lawn mower has “twice the torque, power, and longer runtime” compared to normal brushed alternatives. While traditional mowers require gas every time they run, and yearly oil changes and tune ups, electric mowers need none of those things. All you have to do is charge the battery and it’s ready to mow. Occasionally, you might need some new blades, but outside of that maintenance will be next to none here. Starting it is even simple, as you just have to press the button and the quiet electric motor will whirl to life. So, if you’re ready to enter the 21st century of mowing and leave gas behind, then the Greenworks Pro 80V 21-inch model is a solid upgrade for your lawncare setup. Joining this price drop on this more powerful Greenworks electric mower at 156 off and a series of ongoing seasonal deals from the brand, you’ll find a series of offers now live from 8 on Amazon highlighted below to kit out your yard prep setup at a discount as well:

  • Up to 54% offGreenworks electric pressure washers
  • Up to 23% offGreenworks string trimmers and blowers
  • Up to 26% offGreenworks mower bundles
  • And even more…

New Tesla deals

After checking out the RYOBI electric riding mower on sale above, if you keep read, you’ll find a selection of new green deals that will make your Tesla experience better in multiple areas. From storage to keep recordings on to phone mounts, car chargers, and anything else we can find, it’ll be listed below. Each day we’ll do our best to find new and exciting deals and ways for you to save on fun accessories for your Tesla, making each trip unique. For more gift ideas and deals, check out the best Tesla shop. Keep reading on for e-bike, Greenworks, and other great deals.

  • Spigen All-in-One Cable Holder Wall Mount for Tesla Model 3/Y/X/S: 24 (Reg. 30) | Amazon
  • SimpleTire offers up to 20% off thousands of tires
  • Discount Tire offers up to 100 off or more on Cooper, Bridgestone, and other tires
  • Model 3 CupHolderHero: 12 (Reg. 14)
  • Spigen OneTap MagSafe car mounts now up to 38% off starting at 27 via Amazon
  • Bring MagSafe to your ride with iOttie’s premium Velox car mount at 42.50

New e-bike deals electric scooter discounts

If you’re looking to get out and enjoy the sunshine still after using your new electric mower, than we recommend you experience it than on another e-bike or electric scooter you just got at a fantastic price through one of our deals and sale below. You can use it for fun, exercise, or even transportation to and from work or the coffee shop. We have several people here that will regularly commute to coffee shops or offices on their e-bike, as it cuts down on fossil fuel usage as well as allows them to enjoy some time outdoors on nice sunny days. Below, you’ll find a wide selection of new e-bike deals and electric scooter deal in all price ranges, so give it a look if that’s something you’d be interested in picking up. As always, the newest e-bike deal and electric scooter discounts and sales will be at the top, so shop quick as the discounts are bound to go away soon.

  • Save 700 on Rad Power’s RadRover 6 Plus eBike at 1,399 low
  • Segway’s Ninebot P65 electric scooter has never sold for less with 33% discount to 1,000
  • Juiced e-bikes 0% APR financing available
  • Micah Toll’s favorite low-cost folding electric bike, the Lectric XP 2.0: 999 (Reg. 1,099)
  • Kent Electric Pedal Assist Mountain Bike: 698 (Reg. 998)

Additional New Green Deals

After shopping the RYOBI electric riding mower on sale above, be sure to check out the other discounts we found today. These new green deals are wide-ranging from outdoor lawn equipment to anything else we find that could save you money in various ways, be that cutting gas and oil out of your life or just enjoying other amenities that energy-saving gear can bring. As always, the newest deals will be at the top, so shop quick as the discounts are bound to go away soon.

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Softpack Battery 48V 50Ah BMS 50A with 50E. rectangular

The 48V batteries in softpack, which we manufacture in Berlin, have 2 versions square and rectangular. The batteries are manufactured in plastic cell brackets. Charging and discharging via a discharge cable with XT90 connector (male). In This battery is no fuse integrated.

In the square version, 10 cells are used on the longest side (200 mm). We manufacture this type of battery in the formats 13S3P (construction 10×4), 13S4P (construction 10×6), 13S5P (construction 10×7) and 13S6P (construction 10×8) etc.

In the rectangular version, 13 cells are used on the longest side (260 mm). We assemble this type of battery in the formats 13S2P (construction 13×2), 13S3P (13×3), 13S4P (13×4), 13S5P (13×5) and 13S6P (13×6) etc.

The Battery Management System (BMS) is always mounted on the longest side of the battery. At this side the battery is approx. 10.15 mm thicker.

50ah, smart, lithium, iron, phosphate, battery

We manufacture the Softpack batteries with FR4 insulation, flame retardant composites made of epoxy resin and glass fabrics. FR-4 is used, among other things, as an electrically non-conductive carrier material for electrical circuit boards.

Compatible with 48V motors

250 Watts / 500 Watts / 540 Watts / 750 Watt / 950 Watt / 1200 Watt / 1440 Watt / 1800 Watt / 2000 Watt / 2400 Watt

50ah, smart, lithium, iron, phosphate, battery
  • High-quality production. Made in Germany
  • Production Just-In-Time
  • Smart BMS with an integrated passive balancer and protection against overcharge, over-discharge, over-discharge (temperature monitoring)
  • Direct from the manufacturer
  • Rechargeable. After 300 charging cycles, still maintains 80% of the original capacity
  • No memory effect. charge the battery whenever you want
  • Environmentally friendly in accordance with EU Directive 2002/95 / EC (RoHS)

Technical Specifications

  • Li-ion Cell: Samsung INR21700-50E
  • Voltage (nominal): 48V (46.8V. 48.1V)
  • Capacity: 50 Ah
  • Power: approx. 2400 Wh
  • Configuration: 13S10P (set up: 13×10)
  • Internal resistance: 0

Weped CYBERFOLD Mini Z Electric Motorcycle

This article was a product of teamwork between staff members and external contributors.

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Unleash the Need for Speed: Reach 27 mph and experience the exhilaration of high-speed riding with the Weped CYBERFOLD Mini Z Electric Motorcycle.

Experience the thrill of speed and the joy of riding with the Weped CYBERFOLD Mini Z Electric Motorcycle. This exhilarating electric scooter packs a punch with a top speed of 37 mph, allowing you to zip through the streets with excitement. Priced at 4,800, it’s a premium ride that offers unmatched performance and style.

  • Top Speed: 37 mph (60 km/h)
  • Price: 4,800
  • Motor: Silky Controller/Dual hub motor
  • Range: Up to 93 miles (150 km)
  • Battery: 60V with a capacity of 30Ah or 60Ah (Samsung SDI 21700 50E cells)
  • Brakes: Hydraulic brakes (front and rear) with included E-BRAKE
  • Suspension: Front and Rear Dual Spring Shock Absorbers
  • Tire Size: 15-inch Vespa Retro Style Tires
  • Weight: 99 lbs (45 kg)
  • Dimensions: 47.6 x 9.8 x 37.4 inches (1210 x 250 x 950 mm)
  • Foldable Handlebar: Allows for easy storage and portability
  • Colors: Red, Black, Dark Silver, Sky Blue, Rose Gold
  • Display: LCD display for speed, battery level, and distance traveled
  • Lighting: Headlight and taillight for enhanced visibility
  • Maximum Load: Not specified (Please refer to manufacturer specifications for weight limit)

Go the Extra Mile: Enjoy the freedom to explore with an impressive range of up to 93 miles on a single charge, ensuring long-lasting adventures.

The CYBERFOLD Mini Z is designed to deliver an unforgettable riding experience. With its powerful Silky Controller/Dual hub motor, this scooter offers quick acceleration and a thrilling ride every time you hop on. It’s the perfect choice for those seeking an adrenaline rush on two wheels.

Covering impressive distances is a breeze with the Mini Z’s range of up to 93 miles on a single charge. Say goodbye to range anxiety as you explore the city or embark on longer journeys. The 60V battery, available in either 30Ah or 60Ah capacity, ensures you have the power you need for your adventures.

  • High Speed: The Weped CYBERFOLD Mini Z Electric Motorcycle offers a top speed of 37 mph, providing an exhilarating and fast-paced riding experience.
  • Premium Price: Priced at 4,800, this electric scooter is a premium option that delivers exceptional performance and quality.
  • Fun and Exciting: With its powerful Silky Controller/Dual hub motor, the Mini Z guarantees a thrilling and enjoyable ride every time you hop on.
  • Long Range: Cover impressive distances with a range of up to 93 miles on a single charge, ensuring you can explore without worrying about running out of power.
  • Reliable Braking: Hydraulic brakes in the front and rear provide responsive and dependable stopping power, ensuring your safety during your rides.
  • Smooth Ride: The Mini Z is equipped with dual spring shock absorbers, delivering a comfortable and smooth ride even on uneven terrains.
  • Portable and Convenient: Thanks to its foldable handlebar design, the scooter can be easily folded and unfolded in just one second, making it convenient for storage and transportation.
  • Stylish and Eye-Catching: Choose from a variety of vibrant color options and enjoy the sleek design of the Mini Z, turning heads as you ride in style.

Not only is the Mini Z fast and powerful, but it’s also a blast to ride. The foldable handlebar design allows for easy storage and portability, making it ideal for urban dwellers or those on the go. In just one second, you can fold or unfold the scooter, ready to hit the road and embrace the excitement.

Powerful Performance, Unforgettable Fun: With its Silky Controller/Dual hub motor and thrilling features, the Mini Z guarantees an exciting and unforgettable riding experience.

The Mini Z is a head-turner with its sleek design and vibrant color options, including Red, Black, Dark Silver, Sky Blue, and Rose Gold. Stand out from the crowd as you ride in style and make a statement with this premium electric scooter.

Experience the thrill of riding with the Mini Z’s impressive performance and speed. Its LCD display keeps you informed about your speed, battery level, and distance traveled, ensuring you stay in control at all times. The integrated headlight and tail lamp enhance visibility and safety during night rides, adding to the excitement and adventure.

Get ready to have fun, feel the speed, and embrace the future of electric scooter riding.


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50ah, smart, lithium, iron, phosphate, battery

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