48V 20Ah E-Bike Battery. 48v 20ah ebike battery

V 20Ah E-Bike Battery

According to customer’s rquirement, this 48V 20Ah Battery are packed with 13S8P 18650 2500mAh cells. ELB Energy Group is a customized battery solution manufacturer, welcome to have a consultation about the Ebike battery.


Brief Parameter of 48V 20Ah Battery as below,

Nominal Voltage 48V
Nominal Capacity 20AH
Stored Energy 960Wh
Self Discharge Rate
Maximum Continous Charge Current 20A
Maximum Continous Discharge Current 60A
Charge Cut-off Voltage 54.6V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 40V
Cycle life(25°C) 1000 times@80%DOD
Dimensions (mm) L110×W75×H500
Weight 7kg around
Case Material SS
Enclosure protection IP64

The Certification that ELB Got:

ELB Battery certification


Q1. Can I have a sample order about ELB 48V 20Ah Battery? A. Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check quality.

Q2. What about the lead time? A. Sample needs 5-10 days, mass production time needs 3-5 weeks, it depends on order quantity.

Q3. Do you have any MOQ limit the ELB 48V 20Ah Battery? A. Yes, we have MOQ for mass production, it depends on the different part numbers. 1~10pcs sample order is available. Low MOQ, 1pc for sample checking is available.

Q4. How do you ship the ELB 48V 20Ah Battery and how long does it take to arrive? A. We usually ship by DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT. It usually takes 3-5 days to arrive. Airline and sea shipping is also optional.

Q5. How to proceed with an order about ELB 48V 20Ah Battery? A. Firstly let us know your requirements or application. Secondly, We quote according to your requirements or our suggestions.Thirdly customer confirms the samples and places a deposit for formal order. Fourthly We arrange the production.

Q6. Is it OK to print my logo on the product? A. Yes. Please inform us formally before our production and confirm the design firstly based on our sample.

Q7. How about cycles life of your battery? All of batteries are 1000 cycles life beyond 80% DOD.

Battery knowledge:

v 20ah ebike battery

First of all, the most common and popular voltage for high-end e-bikes and ebike kits is 48V or 52V. This is different then most lower-cost ebikes and ebike kits which run off 36V. This can also differ by sales region since in the United States 48V 52V is the standard while in Europe 36V is the standard. Lower voltage batteries are cheaper but the main difference between lower and higher voltage batteries are that the higher the voltage the better the power and performance!

Note: Our Mid Drive motors are compatible with with both 48V or 52V batteries however our Front hub motors only work with 48V batteries.

Why would you choose a 52V battery over a 48V battery?

range. 52V batteries when compared against 48V batteries with the same rated Ah will have more range as they have a larger battery capacity (Watt-hours rating).

Power. 52V batteries can provide more power to a motor when the motor needs it. 52V batteries also provide a better voltage range for the motor to operate in when compared with 48V battery.

Efficient. 52V Batteries can allow your motor to run at a lower current (amp) draw when operating at the same conditions when compared to a 48V battery. This can help reduce the amount of heat being built up in the motor and reduce overheating and premature failure

Versatile. 52V batteries will provide better performance than a 48V battery when used in cold weather

Why you may not need 52V battery and a 48V battery maybe enough?

You are not needing any additional power for offroading or climbing steep hills and you are just looking to do city riding and commuting.

The key…

The 52V is more effective, meaning better performance.

The reason is that a 52V e-bike battery provides greater efficiency using fewer amps generating the same or better power for your bike.

A 52V e-bike battery provides a faster speed to the motor than a 48V.

One of the most important differences is related to the range, a 52V e-bike battery offers a range wider than a 48V.

A 52V battery fresh off the charger will produce almost 59 V while a 48V battery will produce around 54.5V.

Putting Together Battery Voltage and Motor Operation

Keep in mind that BBS02 and BBSHD Mid Drive motor controllers can take a range of voltages from 40V to 59V, so clearly these units perform better at the higher end of the range however if the voltage drops so will the power.

20ah, e-bike, battery, ebike

As a battery drains and the voltage drops a rider will experience that they are no longer be getting the same power from the motor which will also be noticeable with the throttle lag. This difference in power will be more noticeable with a 48V battery than with a 52V battery.

Which is the best battery to get?Unfortunately, it is not that easy as ebike battery packs are in no way a one size fits all item which is why we offer so many different battery options! In order to see the estimated range based on the motor and battery pack that you are looking at we recommend clicking the button below to learn more about our range estimates!

How Long to Charge a 48v Ebike Battery? Don’t Overcharge

The battery of an ebike supplies power to the motor and there are various types of ebike batteries available such as 36v, 48v, 52v, 60v, and 72 volts. The majority of electric bikes come with 48v batteries because of their excellent efficiency, superb power, longer range, and speed.

Charging an ebike battery with the right charger is very simple but most people don’t know how long to charge 48v ebike battery to maintain its performance for a long period of time.

Don’t worry! This article will help to understand the charging time of a 48v electric bike battery, factors affecting charging time, and important faqs related to your query.

How Long to Charge 48v Ebike Battery?

You need a charger that is compatible with your 48v battery. When you have the right charger for your ebike battery, it may take somewhere around 4-6 hours to fully charge the 48v ebike battery from zero percent.

I mean your charger voltage must be equal to your battery’s voltage i.e., you need a 48v charger to charge 48v ebike battery. And the charger comes with different Amp ratings such as 2-Amp, 3-Amp, 4-Amp, and so on.

Avoid overcharging your ebike battery as it may get damaged internally which will reduce its lifespan. It is advised to charge your ebike battery to 80% only. However, If you are charging the 48v battery for the first time, 8 to 12 hours of charging time are recommended.

Honestly, I charge my 48v 10ah step-over ebike for 4 hours with a 3 amp charger. Also, I set up a reminder alarm so that I do not forget to disconnect the charger. As well as I have done a charging experiment with different types of chargers with 48v 10ah battery, here are the results:

48V 10Ah charging time according to the charger type

Most ebikes are equipped with a 48V 10Ah lithium battery i.e., 480Wh. This battery can easily manage up to a 500-watt ebike motor. You know, It’s very simple to calculate the charging time for an ebike battery, Here is the formula:

Ebike battery charging time = Battery’s AH/Charger Amp

Charger Capacity (Power)Charging Time (Approx.)
2 Amp Charger 5-6 hours
3 Amp Charger 4-5 hours
4 Amp Charger 3-4 hours
5 Amp Charger 2-3 hours
6 Amp Charger Upto 2 hours

As you can see the high amp chargers are taking less time and vice-versa. I would not recommend using high amp chargers to charge a 48v ebike battery. Use only those chargers that your brand recommends. Let’s see the charging time for 48v batteries with various AHs.

48v 20Ah charging time according to the charger type

48v 20ah ebike battery is a very powerful battery i.e., 960Wh. It takes more time to fully charged as compared to a 48v 10ah battery. As it is a powerful battery so it does not come with a 2-Amp charger. Therefore, we have tested this battery with 3-Amp to 6-Amp chargers.

Charger Capacity (Power)Charging Time (Approx.)
3 Amp Charger 6-7 hours
4 Amp Charger 5-6 hours
5 Amp Charger 4-5 hours
6 Amp Charger 3-4 hours

Also, charging time may vary because there are many factors that affect charging time. Let’s discuss them.

How Long Does a 48v Battery Last?

As you know that the 48v ebike battery is powerful and generally takes around 4-6 hours to fully charged with a 3-Amp charger. However, It’s also important to know how long does a 48V ebike battery last on one charge, and for what distance (48v ebike battery range).

Ebike battery’s range is dependent upon its Amp-hours (AH). Higher AH provides more range on an ebike and vice-versa. Also, there are other factors such as type of terrain, rider’s weight, weather conditions, and so on.

Let’s discuss in detail how long will a 48V battery last with various AHs.

How long will a 48V 10AH battery last?

48V 10Ah ebike battery is the basic model for an ebike battery which has electric power up to 480 WH (It can provide 480w electricity in an hour to an ebike motor). And this ebike battery can be paired with a 250w ebike motor, 350w ebike motor, and 500w ebike motor.

20ah, e-bike, battery, ebike

A 250w ebike consumes less power than the 350w and 500w ebike motors resulting in more range, hence a 48V 10Ah battery lasts for around 2 hours with a 250w ebike motor.

A 48V 10Ah electric bike battery would last for:

Ebike MotorEstimated Time
250-Watt 2 hours
350-Watt 1.5 hours
500-Watt 1 hour

How long will a 48v 20ah battery last?

A 48V 20Ah lithium battery has electricity power of up to 960 WH, Which means it can provide 960 watts of power to an ebike motor in an hour. Below is the table which shows how many hours will a 48v 20Ah battery last with various ebike motors.

Electric Bike MotorEstimated Time
500-Watt 2 hours
750-Watt 1.5 hours
1000-Watt 1 hour

Is a 48v Battery Good for Electric Bikes?

48-volt electric bike battery is the most popular because it is powerful, efficient, lasts for long hours, longer range, and provides amazing speed to ebikes.

However, ebike batteries with 48 voltage have more weight than the 36v battery. It adds some extra weight to the ebike which affects the speed of the bike as well as takes more time to get fully charged.

Well, everything in this world comes with some pros and cons. So 48v ebike battery is. Overall, I have been using a 48v ebike, I must admit that it’s an amazing battery for an ebike in all aspects.

As well as 48v electric bike battery charging time is also not so long, it usually gets charged in around 4-6 hours.

How to Charge 48v Ebike Battery? Remember this Simple Process

Charging an ebike battery is not rocket science, whether you have a 36v or 48v battery or any other type of ebike battery. It’s very simple to charge them using the correct charger.

Regular charging your ebike is one of the important tips for electric bike riders. You might not know if you are a beginner and riding an ebike for the first time. Don’t worry here it is.

Take the battery out of your ebike if it is detachable and plug the charger into the socket and connect it to your battery, turn on the switch and your battery will start charging.

If your ebike battery is fixed inside the frame, you are given a socket nearby the frame where you have to plug the charger and connect it to the electric board and turn on the switch. Your battery will start charging.

How long does it take to charge a 48v battery with a 3 Amp charger? If you are charging the 48v ebike battery with a 3 amp charger, it will take around 4 to 6 hours to charge fully. Results may vary from battery brand, type of battery, charger amperage, state of charge of the battery, and temperature.

Watch this video tutorial to charge a 48v ebike using the right charger:

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LRSA 48v 20AH Lithium Ion Battery for E-Bike E-Scooty Toto with BMS Protection 48v 6Amps Fast Auto Cutoff Battery Charger Included | Li-ion

This battery is protected with a BMS connection. This means the battery is with overcharge protection. Low discharge protection. This battery weight is very low than your normal lead-acid battery. And can provide appropriate Power to your Motor. This Battery provides a lifespan of max 10 years.

20ah, e-bike, battery, ebike

This Lithium-Ion Battery Charger (Auto cutoff) with indicator. Fast Balance Charger. This is E-bike/ E Scooty, Toto Lithium-Ion Battery Charger. This charger is suitable for 48v(13s) Lithium-Ion Battery and 48v(15s) LifePO4 Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery. A Special Cooling fan is inbuilt to cool the inner circuit. Special Fuse protection is also there.


Battery TypePVC Pack
Battery Chemistry Lithium-Ion
Cell Type/Assembly Method Cylindrical cells/welded
Voltage (V) 48V
Capacity (Ah) 20Ah
Energy Stored (Wh) 960 Watt-Hours
Weight 11.46 lbs. (5.20 kg)
Dimension (L x W x H) 255 mm x 155 mm x 70 mm (Customization Available)
Cycle Life 1000 cycles
Normal Charge Current 2.0 Amps
Maximum Continuous Charge Current 5.0 Amps
Nominal Continuous Discharge Current 10.0 Amps
Maximum Continuous Discharge Current 20.0 Amps
Maximum Pulse (Peak) Discharge Current (2 sec.) 40.0 Amps
Charge Temperature 0°C to 45°C
Discharge Temperature -20°C to 60°C
Operating Humidity 60±25%R.H
Storage Humidity 60±25%R.H
Automatic Battery Protection Module/System Low Voltage Disconnect, Over Voltage Disconnect, Short Circuit Protection, Reverse Polarity Protection, Cell Balancing

Charger Specification –

Charging Voltage – 54.6v

Charging Current – 6Amps

Special AutoCutoff Features with balance Charger will Cutoff charging when the battery is full charge.

Package Include –

1 x 48v charger Battery

Note: Use only a lithium Iron Phosphate battery charger for this battery. Do not use a Lead-acid Battery Charger.


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