21700 Ebike battery pack. 21700 ebike battery pack

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    • Sustainability Report
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    Samsung SDI, the Total Battery Solution Provider

    Samsung SDI’s high-capacity and high-quality cell technology enhances the mobility of E-Bike with its differentiated design and performance.

    Product features

    It’s the perfect cell solution for an E-bike

    Extend driving distance Samsung SDI provides high capacity 3.5Ah (35E) cells for E-bikes. High capacity cells such as 3.5 Ah improve the driving distance of the E-bike and provide convenience to the customers.

    Enhance design flexibility Samsung SDI’s high capacity 3.5Ah (35E) cells enable the design of battery packs with less number of cells but with the same capacity. Using the lighter and slimmer battery packs, the customers will be able to develop E-bikes with varied and differentiated designs.

    Improve safety and quality Since the cells in E-bike battery packs should be connected in serial-parallel, cell balance is one of the most important factors determining the product quality.Samsung SDI’s superb cell balance technology contributes to the uniform quality of the packs and driving units, and ultimately to the quality of the E-bike. Our batteries help to provide E-bikes with reliable quality to the consumers. As a testimony to their outstanding quality and safety, Samsung SDI’s Li-ion battery cells are preferred by high-end E-bike makers and driving unit companies that lead the E-bike market.

    Product specifications

    Cell Model, Type, Thick/Diameter(mm), Height(mm), Capacity(mAh), Nominal Voltage(V), Max Continuous Discharge Current

    Cell Model Type Thick/Diameter(mm) Height (mm) Capacity(mAh) NominalVoltage(V) Max ContinuousDischarge Current

    Cells with specification different from the above products can be provided upon customer’s request.

    Cell Model, Type, Thick/Diameter(mm), Height(mm), Capacity(mAh), Nominal Voltage(V), Max Continuous Discharge Current

    Cell Model Type Thick/Diameter(mm) Height (mm) Capacity(mAh) NominalVoltage(V) Max ContinuousDischarge Current

    Cells with specification different from the above products can be provided upon customer’s request.

    Surron X Bike (Black Edition)

    The latest most updated version of the Sur Ron X Bike. Save up to 500 with free shipping for our lowest price of the year. Free shipping is a limited time offer.

    Also this bike is offered with the 38ah battery upgrade. The upgraded battery will give you a few extra miles of range and uses the Samsung 35E cell instead of the standard Panasonic PF cell.

    This has the X-controller with Regen breaking and quieter operation. 80amps of power. Programming instructions can be found (here)

    The Surron X bike is the same as the original Sur-Ron Light Bee with the added above features. The most significant upgrade is its state of the art sine wave controller which makes it quieter and more powerful with much smoother throttle response.

    ( Click Here for a Close Up)

    Incredible Battery

    On any electric bike, you should take a good look at the battery since it is by far the most expensive part of the bike. Lightweight power dense batteries are not cheap, and if they are cheap they are probably not safe or reliable. The Sur-Ron has a gigantic 60v 32ah pack which is 2000 watt hours. To give you an idea how much range to expect it has 4x the capacity as most of today’s production bikes.

    The battery consists of panasonic PF cells (or Samsung 35e for the 38ah version) cells i in a well built case that slides in and out of bike, a microprocessor based battery management system and extra goodness.

    Awesome Engineering

    Every detail of this bike is thought out and no expense is spared when needed to make a reliable high performance off road machine.

    It has one of the best constructed battery packs ever offered in a small EV.

    The Surron is designed for serious off road riding and we have done tests with many drops that confirm the suspension system on the Sur Ron is rock solid.

    The Surron comes with an 8 inch travel for both front and rear suspension.

    Upgrades Available

    Surron Gates Belt Kit Upgrade is now available installed by our shop (See on This Upgrade), and pairs great with the Moto Kit in mind, but still works without.

    Super Moto Kit Swap is 17″ Smooth Tire install upgrade that is ideal for riding on smoother terrain. Ideal for Moto racing, this kit lowers your Sur-Ron a little due to the smaller size, but don’t worry you’ll have the same top end speed. If you want both sets of wheels, purchase a Separate Moto Kit Here. If you want both drivetrains, the belt kit is available here and the stock drivetrain is available here.

    We at Luna take our flagship products serious and we have many upgrades for this bike including a Super Moto Tire upgrade, Sprocket upgrades, and

    Batteries for Electric Scooters: 18650 Vs 21700

    E-scooters are fitted with batteries which are like the gas tank in automobiles. They store energy that powers up the motor and other components such as the controllers, display, headlights. Usually, numerous individual cells are assembled to form a battery pack embedded deep inside the deck or stem of the scooter.

    The majority of e-scooters have a battery pack comprising lithium-ion battery cells. However, some inexpensive e-scooters, especially those for kids, are fitted with lead-acid batteries.

    21700, ebike, battery, pack

    650 and 21700 Batteries Explained

    The battery is the most important part of an electric scooter, so understanding what you’re getting with each option is critical if you are trying to get the best value possible. Here’s the reality… there are benefits and drawbacks to both 18650 and 21700 batteries, so choosing between them requires an in-depth look at how they measure up to one another in various categories. The chances are that your existing or future e-scooter will likely come equipped with either type of battery, but it’s essential to know the differences.

    Lithium-ion batteries are preferred mainly on e-scooters thanks to their ability to deliver a higher capacity output with fewer cells. The vast majority of battery packs for e-scooters comprises 18650 and 21700 cells. 18650 cells were first developed in 1994 by Panasonic and quickly became the preferred standard for electronics across the globe. However, 21700 cells have become the preferred standard in recent years, especially in e-scooters with powerful motors due to their higher capacities and discharge rates.

    18650 and 21700 are rechargeable Lithium-ion cells named based on their diameter and length. 18650 cells measure 18mm in diameter and 65mm in length, hence the name 18650, while 21700 batteries measure 21mm in diameter and 70mm in length, hence the name 21700.

    Both batteries are available in flat top and button top forms. However, they are pretty different, even in their physical aspects. 18650 batteries are slightly smaller than 21700 batteries. Being marginally more significant, 21700 batteries store more energy and offer a higher discharge rate than their counterparts.

    18650 batteries and 21700 batteries also have different mAh capacities. mAh’s on 18650 batteries will range from 2000 to 3500, while 21700 batteries have mAh’s ranging between 3000 and 5000. These batteries can be either protected or unprotected. Protected batteries are integrated with preventive mechanisms (battery management systems) such as overheat protection and PCB, which safeguard against overheating and overcharging. These mechanisms come in handy to make the battery safer for use and also prolong its lifetime.

    650 Batteries

    18650 batteries are lithium-ion rechargeable batteries used to power portable electronic devices such as electric scooters. These batteries are the predecessors of the most recent 21700 batteries, which generally have a higher capacity and discharger rate. However, this doesn’t mean that they are less efficient or can not be used in modern e-scooters.

    18650 cells have a diameter of 18 mm and a length of 65 mm. They have a standardised market size of 3.6 and 3.7 volts with a capacity of between 2000mAh and 3500 mAh. They can store about 10 to 13 Watt-hour (Wh) with such ratings. A 18650 battery marked as 3.7 v 18650 3000mAh means:

    • The peak voltage is 3.7v.
    • 18650 is the dimensions of the battery.
    • 3000mAh is the charge capacity in amp-hours that the battery can provide.

    Some phrases can also be added to the battery’s information section, such as “protected mode”, meaning that it’s fitted with an overdraw or overcharge circuit protection and “low self-discharge” to indicate that it can hold a charge in storage. Protected batteries are integrated with the protective electronic circuit in the battery casing to prevent issues such as overheating and overcharging. These issues may ruin the charger, and worse even, cause harm to the users through fire incidents and explosions. While unprotected 18650 batteries are cheaper, they are not usually recommended as they can easily overheat, explode or start a fire.

    The charge time for 18650 batteries varies based on the specific type of battery and the charger in use. Usually, it takes about four hours for a 18650 battery to charge fully. Apart from e-scooters, 18650 batteries are used in several gadgets, electronics and accessories, including laptops, high lumen flashlights, vaping devices and more.

    What’s the Time Taken to Charge a 18650 Battery

    The time a 18650 battery takes to charge depends mainly on its capacity and the type of charger used. As outlined earlier, 18650 batteries have a capacity ranging from 2000 to 3500 mAh. At maximum capacity, at the 3500 milliamp level (mAh), it takes approximately 4 hours for the battery to charge fully. This charging time may drop to even 3 hours when using a fast charger.

    Take note that the charging time varies based on the battery capacity and the type of charger used. What’s more, the charging time increases as the battery gets older. This is also accompanied by a decreased ability to hold a charge.

    The time taken to charge the battery and the charge holding capacity are factors that can be used to indicate that the battery is dying. So, if you notice that your e-scooter takes a longer time than it usually does or it offers fewer miles per charge, it may be time to get a new battery.

    18650 Battery LifeSpan

    A standard 18650 battery has a lifespan of between 300 to 500 charge cycles. This means they can be recharged from as little as 300 to as many as 500 times before they die. A Lithium-ion battery pack is considered dead when it can no longer hold any charge.

    While 500 cycles are the standard lifespan for 18650 batteries, a cell’s lifespan is dependent on several factors such as the frequency of recharging, amount of time they are in use and how they are cared for.

    For the most part, the lifetime of an individual 18650 battery is dependent on two main components: the amount of time the scooter is used with energy being drawn from the battery and the number of times the battery is charged. These two factors go hand in hand. If you frequently ride your e-scooter, then you’ll be charging the battery regularly. Frequent recharging damages the cathode causing the battery to lose its capacity.

    Nonetheless, it’s possible to increase the lifespan of a 18650 lithium battery pack through best practices such as preventing the battery from draining completely (deep discharge), removing the battery from the charge immediately it reaches capacity, charging the battery just before use and charging only when it’s below 50%. Actions such as charging the battery at freezing temperature, overcharging, and under-charging can significantly reduce the battery’s lifespan.

    How Much do 18650 Batteries for Electric Scooters Cost?

    18650 batteries for e-scooters cost an average of 20-100. However, the price is primarily guided by several factors such as the brand, model, quality, capacity and more. Brands such as LG and Samsung are pretty expensive but manufacture the highest quality battery cells.

    Magicycle Ocelot Pro Long Range Step-Thru Fat Tire Electric Bike

    -52V 20Ah LG Battery.3.0A Fast Smart Charger.750W Hub Motor with 96Nm Torque.Tektro 180mm Hydraulic Disc Brakes.Color LCD Display.80 Miles Range Per Charge.Equipped with Kenda 20”x4” Tires.Total Payload Capacity 350lbs.Accommodates Riders 4’10” up to 6’2″ Comfortably

    Ship in 2 Business Days from US


    Range Per Charge (estimate)

    Max 28 MPH with Pedal Assist

    Tailor-fit for various height

    Various heights can be adjusted. The Ocelot Pro is equipped with adjustable seats that can be freely tailored between a height of 4’10” and 6’2″ (148 cm. 187 cm). Almost everyone can find the most suitable riding position by simply adjusting the seat.

    Long Range Electric Bikes

    A single charge can last up to 60 miles on purely electric power and over 80 miles with pedal assist. Get on Magicycle Ocelot Pro and have a fun trip with your friends this weekend.

    V 20Ah Large-Capacity LG Lithium Battery

    Magicycle Ocelot Pro combines the new 52V 20Ah LG lithium battery technology with 56 5000mAh single cells capacity in larger size. Compared with 18650 cells, this 21700 cell efficiently improves the range, stability,and safety of Magicycle ebikes.

    Safe and Steady

    The innovative frame design leads to a stronger downtube strength that most ebike brands have yet to achieve. Combined with hydraulic disc brakes, you could keep balanced without shaking violently while riding downhill or off-road

    Hydraulic Disc Brakes

    The Tektro 180mm hydraulic disc brakes provide ample stopping power even in the harshest condition super sensitive brakes make even steep slopes a piece of cake.

    Pets Companion

    Bring you lovely pets together on Ocelot Pro to embrace exploration. This time, you will be able to catch up and run with them let your pets feel your love.

    Battery box

    Magicycle The hidden battery box design is adopted which is integrated with the down tube of the frame. A double lock design is adopted, one lock is anti-theft, and the other lock is anti-fall. Others The appearance is not beautiful and the battery box is easy to fall off when riding on severe off-road roads. What are the Pros? The appearance is more beautiful the front and rear center of gravity of the vehicle is uniform and body is more compact, the wheelbase of the front and rear wheels is effectively controlled and the handling is better, safer and safer to prevent the battery box from falling off when the battery is riding on violent off-road roads

    Vegetable Basket Mounting Bracket

    Magicycle Unibody design bracket Others Welding brackets, and the appearance after sticking to the head tube is not beautiful What are the Pros? Better strength and better appearance

    Standover Height

    Magicycle The span height is only 15.35 from the ground Others ≥15.35” What are the Pros? Easier to cross easier to get on and off

    Seat Stay Chain Stay

    Magicycle Pentagonal diamond section customized die opening, better rigidity, and strength Others Common male mold square design. Cheap pipe materials on the market What are the Pros? High torsional strength and good body rigidity. Comfortable and stable riding easy and sensitive control

    Controller Installation Position

    Magicycle The controller box and the frame are welded as a whole and the controller is installed in an independent closed aluminum alloy controller box Others Independent box outside the body, weak protection for the controller What are the Pros? The design of the whole bicycle has a strong sense of unity, the appearance is beautiful and simple, and the controller is well protected from external impact and damage

    Down Tube

    Magicycle Multi-cavity variable diameter oil injection molding process, the wall thickness is designed to be 4.0mm-5.0mm process plan Others The industry usually has a thickness of only 3mm and is a single cavity What are the Pros? Solve the problems that the strength of the industry male model down tube is not enough, the riding frame is soft and the handlebar shakes the rear wheel when going down hill

    • Battery 52V 20Ah LG lithium battery
    • Charger Short-circuit proof 3.0A fast Smart charger
    • Range 60-80 miles
    • Controller 52V 750W FOC Smart controller, Current Range 7-22Ah (IPX8)
    • Hub Motor 750W brushless gear motor
    • Recommended Rider Heights 4’10”. 6’2″
    • Display Color LCD Display with USB Charging
    • Charging Time 4. 6 Hours
    • Total Payload Capacity 350lbs
    • Weight 73lbs/33kg
    • Frame size 20″
    • Pedal Assist Intelligent 7 levels pedal assist with 12 magnet cadence sensor
    • Tires Kenda 20″x4.0″
    • Front Fork Alloy Hydraulic lockout suspension fork
    • Brake Lever Aluminum alloy comfort grip levers with motor cutoff switch
    • Throttle Half twist throttle
    • Lights Integrated front and brake lights
    • Pedal Wellgo alloy pedal with reflectors
    • Freewheel Shimano-14-28T BROWN/BK
    • Bike Frame 20″ 6061 Aluminum Frame
    • Brake Tektro 180mm Hydraulic Disc Brakes
    • Front Light 6V LED light
    • Chain KMC chain
    • Saddle Super Soft Cushion
    • Stem MA-400 SSABK
    • Seat Post Diameter 30.9mm length 300mm
    • Crank 48T, 170mm forged alloy, dual-sided bashguard
    • Kickstand Heavy Duty Aluminum
    • Gearing Shimano 7 Speed Gear Shift System
    • Spokes 13 Gauge on the Front / 12 Gauge on the Back
    • A.- Total Length 67.7″
    • B.- Handlebar Height 42.52″
    • C.- Wheelbase 46.46″
    • D.- Chain Stay Length 12.99″
    • E.- Wheel Diameter 21.65″
    • H.- Maximum Seat to Ground Height 35.83″
    • I.- Minimum Seat to Ground Height 29.71″
    • J.- Maximum Seat to Pedal Length 35.04″
    • K.- Minimum Seat to Pedal Length 27.56″
    • L.- Standover Height 15.35″


    What’s the frame difference between the Ocelot Pro and other brands?

    The down tube of the Ocelot Pro is formed by a multi-cavity oil injection process. The thickness of the tube wall is designed to be 4-5mm, while the ebike industry usually has a thickness of only 3mm, and it is a single cavity. This technology solves the problems of insufficient strength of the step-thru model down tube in the bike industry, soft frame, handlebar shaking and rear wheel throwing when going downhill or getting off the bike.

    What’s the special point of the Ocelot Pro’s battery box?

    ①The battery box adopts the hidden design, which is integrated with the lower tube of the frame, which makes the appearance of the Ocelot Pro more elegant and smooth, evenly dividing the front and rear center of gravity of the bike to form a more compact body.

    ②The battery box with a dual lock design, one lock is anti-theft, and the other one is anti-fall. Prevent the battery from falling off when you‘re riding on a tough paved road, keep your battery safe.

    What are the effects and functions of the hydraulic suspension front fork?

    Alloy front suspension fork with lockout and adjustment, 80mm travel distance. The hydraulic suspension front fork allows the wheel to “travel” along the fork for a few inches. This dynamic movement helps absorb the jarring impact of rough terrain and gives the rider a more comfortable ride.

    How fast does Magicycle Ocelot Pro go using the throttle?

    The default speed setting is 20mph, Magicycle Ocelot Pro is able to reach 28mph.

    How many miles can Magicycle Ocelot Pro go if going 20mph?

    Generally, you can go 60 miles with throttle only and 80 miles with pedal assist.

    21700, ebike, battery, pack

    The default speed setting is 20mph, Magicyclebike is able to reach 28mph (45km).

    First, press the “” and “-” buttons at the same time. Then the setting page shows up in the display.

    Second, select the “Advanced” option and press “i” button to open the advanced setting page.

    Third, select the “Power Set” option, which determines how many levels the pedal assistance provides. The default value is 0-7. Set it to 0-5 and then press the “i” button to save it. After this, a small sub-page will come up showing the voltage percentage that is put on each level of pedal assistance. Set level 5 from 96% to 100%.

    Does my height suit Magicycle Ocelot Pro?

    The recommended rider height is 4’10” ~ 6’2″. The Lower step-thru frame and ground clearance of only 286mm, make it easier and more comfortable for riders with small heights to ride.

    Can I use the throttle in pedal assist mode?

    Yes, both models can be used.

    How water-resistant is the Magicycle Ocelot Pro?

    The Magicycle Ocelot Pro controller is IPX8, and other electronic components (Battery/ Motor) are IPX6.

    What kind of weather can I ride in?

    Magicycle is built to the IPX6 water-resistant standard. It indicates your bike is resistant to multi-directional water splashes, meaning it is okay to ride or park your Magicycle in rain. Light to moderate raindrops or splashes from a wet road will not harm your ebike, but be weary of harsher weather and rainfall conditions. Additionally, do not stay too long in heavy rain.

    The general rule of thumb is, if weather impacts your visibility and has the possibility to affect your bike’s functionality, it is likely not a safe riding condition. With that in mind, safe riding!

    What’s the Ebike Classification of Magicycle Ocelot Pro?

    Magicycle Ocelot Pro belongs to the Class 3 ebike.

    Magicycle has 3 ride modes: throttle-only, pedal-assist, and pedal-only (with 7-speeds). All of them are really easy to use and you can switch between them on the go depending on the terrain, your energy levels, and how much battery you have left!

    What is the recommended tire pressure of Magicycle Ocelot Pro?

    Magicycle Ocelot Pro should be between Min: 5 PSI ~ Max: 30 PSI.

    Usually, you can check the recommended pressure on the tire sidewall which is how much you should inflate your tires.

    What’s in the Magicycle gift package?

    ①Bike Repair Tool (19 Value): We carefully selected the following repair tools according to our ebike features: 3 wrenches, 6 Allen Wrenches and 1 screwdriver.

    ②Magicycle Full Fenders (118 Value): Reducing the amount of water, mud, and grime that sprays up into your face, all over your bike and your backside is enough to warrant their use.

    21700, ebike, battery, pack

    ③Magicycle Rear Rack (99 Value): Provides a stable framework to hold gear on your ebike.

    ④Front Rear Lights (44 Value): Integrated front and rear lights keep you to be seen all the time.

    Does the ebike come with a charger?

    Yes, our eBikes come with a charger. All Magicycle ebike comes with a 3.0A fast Smart charger. Additional chargers are available on our accessories page.

    Where can I compare all of the ebike models?

    Check MODELS COMPARE to select the perfect ebikes for you!

    Can I have a test riding before purchase?

    Sure! Here is the Dealer Map. You can put your address in and choose the nearby shop for a test drive.

    How long for the delivery times?

    Place your electric bike order now, ship in 2 working days from the warehouse in California, and another 3-7 days delivery by FedEx.

    How can I use the Magicoins?

    We welcome our customers to use the Magicoins! Here is an article on how to earn Magicoins.

    Can I come see a bike in person?

    Yes! Our warehouse is located in Ontario. You could precontact our customer service team to appointment. We also have Authorized Dealers in the US. Click here to find an Authorized Dealer near you.

    Do you have free return policy?

    We want our customers to be able to buy what they really like. We offer a 15-day free return service. details for return click here.

    So since you think our products look good so far, feel free to place your order and you won’t lose anything if you’re not satisfied. Order now

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