2024 Beta Explorer First Look All-New Electric Trail Bike. Apollo electric dirt bike

Apollo X-15 125cc RFZ Dirt Bike

The NEW Apollo X-15 RFZ (Double Spar Frame)125cc manual (clutch) 4 speed dirt/pit bike is perfect for all experience levels from beginners to pro’s. It is a step down in size to the X18 with smaller front rear tires! The unit comes with Upgraded Tubular Steel Frame Custom APOLLO Pro Decals! APOLLO 125cc Dirt Bike is also equipped with a 4-stroke Honda clone styled engine that provides high performance capability Sound, High Quality Inverted Front Forks long travel rear mono-shock ensures better suspension and a much more comfortable ride with Upgraded Steel Fuel Tank! Once you’ve seen this bike up close you will understand the High reviews the Apollo Dirt Bikes receive! Feel free to stop by our shop and inspect this unit and you too will be impressed at the value of this Quality Dirt Bike!

Remember 1. Based on the vehicles’ nature and intended use, it is strongly recommended that assembly and PDI be performed by trained, licensed mechanics.

All units, including those which have been fully assembled, are subject to unforeseen conditions during transit. All units must be inspected prior to initial operation in order to prevent unnecessary damage and ensure a good riding experience. Available colors:



Engine TypeDisplacementIgnitionStarterCoolingMax SpeedMax PowerTransmissionFrameFront SuspensionRear SuspensionFront BrakeRear BrakeFront TireRear TireSeat HeightNet WeightGross WeightFuel Capacity
4 Stroke, Single Cylinder
Kick Start
Air Cooled
50 mph May vary depending on road condition, rider weight etc.
6.0 kW/7500 rpm
4 Speed Manual Clutch
Single tube high strength steel
Non-Adjustable 760mm
Non-Adjustable 320mm
Hydraulic disc
Hydraulic disc
33.4 inches
147 lbs
180 lbs
1.24 gal

The pictures provided on this website are only a representation of the actual Dirt Bike being sold. On occasion the factory may without notice make minor changes to the Dirt Bike that are not represented in the pictures provided. HR Enterprise will make every attempt to keep all of it’s pictures, specifications, and color changes as up to date as possible. At no point will HR Enterprise be held liable for factory authorized changes in design, specification, or color variations.

Having difficulty paying? Don’t want your Credit card on the WEB! We gladly except all major Credit/Debit card payments over the phone.

Call (877) 937-2666 To speak with someone on our sales team.

If you chose “FREE SHIPPING” your unit will require some assembly. Here is a quick rundown of what you can expect to assemble when you get your unit! All engines/gear cases are filled with shipping oil that needs checked prior to starting and changed after approx. 4-8 hours of service!

Dirt Bikes / Pit Bikes – Typical installation include mounting up the handlebars, installing the rear shock, mounting up the front tire, and a possible other small item or two.

Parts – Parts purchased from us may be returned within 15 days of purchase. We require that the product is in original packaged NEW condition. Customer is responsible for shipping costs to send it back. Original shipping is not refunded and there is a 20% restocking fee for all parts returns.

Crated Units – Crated Units purchased from us may be returned within 3 days of delivery as long as the unit is in original packaged NEW condition. Customer is responsible for shipping costs to send it back. Original shipping is not refunded and there is a 20% restocking fee. Please ship to:HR Enterprise – 2893 US Hwy 22 SW; Washington C.H., OH 43160

Assembled Units – Assembled Units may NOT be returned once the shipping service has picked the unit up or customer has taken local delivery of the unit.

There’s only one thing better than getting ready to ride your ATV, UTV, Dirt Bike, or Scooter – and that’s learning how to do it safely. We want to help you to make the right decisions about your riding. We want to help you choose the right unit for your skill level, assist you in making the right judgments when riding and determine the proper helmet and equipment that will keep you as safe as possible.

Remember: safety starts with the rider. Read your owner’s manual and safety materials.

Be a Responsible Rider

Riding an ATV, motorcycle, UTV and dirt bike is an exercise in responsibility to yourself, to others, to the environment and to the sport. So remember: wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing whenever you ride. Never ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol, inspect your bike before riding read your owner’s manual. Always obey local laws, use common sense, and respect the rights of others when you ride. Make sure you have a proper license when riding on public roads, and never modify your motorcycle’s exhaust system.

Unit Checklist

FOR YOUTH ATV BEGINNERS – Adjusting the Throttle Control before letting rider ride. When starting the unit up make sure that throttle control is as low as it can be tightened. The throttle control is located on the topside of the throttle on the handlebar. Loosen the nut and then tighten the screw down. Continually do this until you find the right adjustment to it’s safe enough to let your child ride. You’ll need to play with this to find the right speed.

Make sure the emergency brake is on before starting the unit. This is located on the left handlebar. Push the button in and clamp the brake before starting the unit up. To start the bike, the hand brake needs to be in a locked position anyway.

Make sure the rider is prepared to ride when the brake is released.

Tighten all bolts on wheels. Make sure wheels properly rotate.

Tighten all bolts on unit.

Make sure that handlebars, exhaust pipe, frame and other noticeable parts on bike are properly attached and bolted down.

24 Beta Explorer First Look [All-New Electric Trail Bike]

The new 2024 Beta Explorer electric dirt bike is a small-chassis trail bike aimed at “trail riding, camping, hunting, or just working around the ranch.” It features a 17 horsepower motor with a 74-volt, 34 Ah hot-swappable battery, giving the Explorer a top speed of 40 mph.

A Beta insider describes the new Explorer as “roughly 30% smaller than a normal off-road motorcycle.” The seat height is 33.8 inches, though the suspension travel is not yet revealed. While the rear rim is a standard 18-inch diameter hoop, the Kenda tire is just three inches wide. The front wheel is a small 19-inch, with the tire just 2.75 inches wide. The brakes and suspensions resemble mountain bike spec rather than traditional motorcycle units. All these features combine to save weight, so the 2024 Beta Explorer tips the scales at 150 pounds.

Range is always an issue, especially with off-road electric motorcycles. Beta is vague about the range, claiming “50-100 miles” in the Casual mode. The Casual mode cuts the top speed and torque in half compared to the Medium mode, which Beta says is good for “30-60 miles.” A Rocket mode is good for a 10-second power burst; reverse is standard.

The battery can be swapped out in minutes. Charging time is also a bit hazy, with Beta telling us “2-3 hours” when plugged into a standard outlet. No quick-charging options are mentioned. Beta warranties the battery and sealed motor for two years, and there’s no word on the cost of additional batteries.

There’s a storage space under the seat. Beta claims room for “a water canteen, a small dome tent, or a nice lunch for a picnic.”

The 2024 Beta Explorer will be available at dealers in October with an MSRP of 4890. The Explorer results from an Apollo Moto and Beta USA collaboration, and California riders will be happy to know it can be registered as an off-road bike.

2024 Beta Explorer Specs

  • Motor: Electric
  • Maximum power: 17 horsepower
  • Top speed: 40 mph
  • Battery: Swappable 74-volt
  • Capacity: 35 Ah
  • Charge time: 2 hours
  • Range: Speed One: Up to 100 miles; Speed Two: Up to 60 miles
  • Battery and sealed motor warranty: Two years
  • Transmission: Clutchless direct drive w/ reverse
  • Frame: Forged aluminum w/ steel upper structure
  • Front suspension: Adjustable inverted fork
  • Rear suspension: Linkage-assisted fully adjustable shock
  • Tires: Kenda
  • Front tire: 2.75 x 19
  • Rear tire: 3.00 x 18
  • Brakes fr: 210mm disc w/ hydraulic caliper


  • Wheelbase: 52.4 inches
  • Seat height: 33.8 inches
  • Maximum rider weight: 265 pounds
  • Weight: 150 pounds

2024 Beta Explorer Price: 4890 MSRP

2024 Beta Explorer Photo Gallery

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Apollo Dirt Bikes: Brand Review and History

Apollo dirt bikes are a new brand in relation to the big boys that have been around for ages. Brands like Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha are all names people know and trust, but with a new brand, just like Apollo, people tend to have a lot of additional questions before they feel satisfied enough to part with their hard earned cash. In this post I thought it would be a great idea to explore Apollo, review their dirt bike production and answer some of the most common questions people are asking. After reading this, who knows, your next dirt bike maybe an Apollo!

What Company Makes Apollo Dirt Bikes

Many believe that Apollo is not a real brand in it’s own right, but mearly a name made up by someone who was selling generic ‘white label’ bikes and putting their own stickered name on them. This however is not the case. The company that make Apollo dirt bikes is called Zhejiang Apollo Motorcycle Manufacturing Co. LTD. A Chinese company founded in 2003 and located in the province of Zhejiang, China. They design, manufacture and sell motorbikes into 69 countries around the world. This also answers another question, are Apollo Dirt Bikes Chinese? I think this is frequently asked when researching prior to buying, in a bid to find out the quality and standard of this new unknown brand. Well yes it is Chinese but that doesn’t always mean poor quality. Dirt bikes are just one category of product that the Zhejiang Apollo Motorcycle Manufacturing Co. LTD produce. ATVs and Electric Bicycles are another two areas they are active in and all 3 categories have multipe products within them. Checking out their website (www.apollovehicle.com) you can see no fewer than 40 current products across the different ranges.

Is Apollo A Good Dirt Bike Brand

I am sure there are many others that benefit from Apollo bikes but you get my point. In fact it’s worth mentioning that their RXF range are their higher level bikes and these are aimed at competing riders. You can check out all the latest models later in the post.

The reason these bikes benefit these specific people is because of the pricing ranges they fall into. ( on pricing in a moment.) Without a doubt Apollo provide amazing value for the money.

What about quality of the bikes though, do you get the same quality for the lesser price tag?

On my travels I have seen people comment on the finish of some of the products. That is to say the standard of the component assembly may not be consistant from bike to bike with people reporting loose fixings on parts that really shouldn’t be loose.

This maybe down to the cheap labour and lower standards that the China government impose, who knows. Or it maybe just people voicing there opinion to the masses because they have a fault with the bike they have bought and want make out this is the standard of all bikes from that company.

Hopefully most people reading these type of reviews would see that the positive reviews outway the negative by a long way, and all manufacturers, big brands included have disgruntled customers at some point. The web just makes it super easy to have a moan.

For me, I have an electric Chinese dirt bike and the easiest solution to ensuring it didn’t suffer from loose bolts was simple. Give it a good check over on delivery and have a good maintenance schedule to make sure you are running a safe and solid machine.

Worth mentioning too is that the majority of Apollo bikes that are bought online are delivered in parts and arrive for you to assemble, which makes me feel like saying ‘whose fault were the loose nuts anyway!’

It also helps to buy from a reputable place that you can go back to should something go wrong. Buying from certain places like the ones I mention in this article will give you the option of having you Apollo delivered assembled by them. That’s one less thing to worry about.

How Much Is An Apollo Dirt Bike

These bikes are possibly the most affordable option if you want a new dirt bike, and you maybe surprised at the ‘bang for your buck’ you get with them.

Apollo dirt bikes for small kids start at 750, mid sized bikes start at 850 and the top of the range go for 2500. These include shipping, the bikes arriving preassembled and with a 1 year warranty.

For the amount of money you are spending you can pick up older, used dirt bikes from bigger named brands, like Honda XRs and Suzuki DRs etc, but condition can vary widely and you may end up with a lemon.

If you are interested in buying a used dirt bike then it’s definitly worth checking out my guide which comes with a handy checklist to help you avoid any mishaps. Find that post here.

Why Are Apollo Dirt Bikes So Cheap?

Sometimes we stay clear of products just because we believe they are too cheap and assume therefore they can’t possibly be any good. That along with the saying ‘if it sounds to good to be true it probably is’. mean that we doubt anything with a price tag to far under the market average. So what about Apollo?

Apollo can afford to sell dirt bikes at a lower price because in China lower material costs, cheap labour, minimal health and saftey compliance standards and enviroment regulations all contribute to keeping down production costs.

Apollo have also built a refined in house manufacturing system which sees them do their own research and development, design, and the manufacturing for their dirt bikes without the need to outsource. This will also keep costs down.

Marketing is aimed more towards beginners and kids so taking advantage of their lower production costs mean they pass on cheaper pricing to the end user. This makes Apollo dirt bikes very attractive to people in these categories for obvious reasons.

One of the reasons I think these are an excellent option is because they are that cheap compared to bigger brands, that you can even afford to replace the bike for a brand new one and still save money.

Where Can I Buy Apollo Dirt Bikes?

Talking online here, you have a few options but I strongly recommend www.orionpowersports.com/apollo-pit-bikes-dirt-bikes-fully-assembled/ if you live in the US. These guys are great, they assemble the bike for you, and provide a 1 year warranty.

If you live outside the US then Orion Power Sports are still worth contacting because they do ship internationally but depending on your location it may not be the most cost effective option.

Many people buy Apollo Dirt Bikes on Amazon, which can be good. People who love shopping with Amazon may prefer this option, but be aware that the range of Apollo Dirt Bikes offered on Amazon is limited and many don’t come pre assembled so thats a job for you when it gets delivered.

The cost difference between having the bike assembled or not is small, and for the minor increase in the price (50) to get the bike built for you, it is so worth it. Not to mention Orion stock most, if not all, of the Apollo models and the 1 year warranty you get as well. Oh and they have phone tech if you need to call about something.

Apollo Dirt Bike Models – updated 2020

Take a look at the current models Apollo are marketing. I have organised them into a table for ease. Basically they have 2 ranges, the RFZ and RXF.

The RFZ is aimed at beginners and the RXF’s are higher level bikes that Apollo claim to be built to ride alongside the big brands like Honda, Kawasaki and KTM and indeed have been seen at competitions.

Model Engine Size Cost Transmission Bike Weight (LBS)
Apollo DB-21 70cc 749 Semi Auto 105
Apollo DB-25 70cc 769 Auto 105
Apollo RFZ DB X-4 110cc 879 Semi Auto 137
Apollo DB-007 125cc 959 Manual 180
Apollo RFZ DB x-14 125cc 969 Semi Auto 180
Apollo RFZ DB X-16 125cc 979 Auto 180
Apollo RFZ DB X-15 125cc 989 Manual 180
Apollo RFZ DB X-18 125cc 1079 Manual 180
Apollo RFZ DB X-19 125cc 1079 Manual 180
Apollo RFZ DB Z20 125cc 1139 Manual 168
Apollo RFZ DB Z20 MAX 125cc 1199 Manual 192
Apollo DB-36 RX 250cc 1869 Manual 247
Apollo DB-36 RX Deluxe 250cc 1949 Manual 247
Apollo RXF 150 Freeride 140cc 1999 Manual 187
Apollo RXF 150 Freeride MAX 140cc 2199 Manual 196
Apollo RXF 200 Freeride MAX 190cc 2399 Manual 201

for all of these bikes have been sourced from OrionPowerSports.com and include the bike being preassembled. You can deduct 50 from these to the price to assemble the bike yourself.

Bikes with an engine size of 125cc or smaller are classed as pit bikes and the larger engine sizes are classed as dirt bikes. Although the distinction between pit and dirt bikes today is very little, most people judge it by the size in terms of engine size and actual physical size.

What Is The Biggest Apollo Dirt Bike?

There are a few ways of interpreting this commonly asked question. The first is the size of the engine, the next is the size or weight of the bike and then there is the seat height.

Because people reading this may be after different answers from one to the next I have once again created a table to cover all of these points.

Model Engine Size Bike Weight (LBS) Seat Height(Inches) Wheel Base(Inches)
Apollo DB-21 70cc 105 22.5 38
Apollo DB-25 70cc 105 22.5 38
Apollo RFZ DB X-4 110cc 137 27.5 47
Apollo DB-007 125cc 180 32 49.6
Apollo RFZ DB x-14 125cc 180 33 50
Apollo RFZ DB X-16 125cc 180 32 50
Apollo RFZ DB X-15 125cc 180 32 50
Apollo RFZ DB X-18 125cc 180 33 50
Apollo RFZ DB X-19 125cc 180 33 50
Apollo RFZ DB Z20 125cc 168 32.5 49.2
Apollo RFZ DB Z20 MAX 125cc 192 34.5 49.2
Apollo DB-36 RX 250cc 247 36 56.4
Apollo DB-36 RX Deluxe 250cc 247 36 56.4
Apollo RXF 150 Freeride 140cc 187 35 51.2
Apollo RXF 150 Freeride MAX 140cc 196 35.8 51.2
Apollo RXF 200 Freeride MAX 190cc 201 35.8 51.2

It makes sense that the bigger sized engines use a bigger frame to accommodate them and this makes for a bigger bike overall, therefore as a rule of thumb the smaller bikes are at the top of the table and larger bikes at the bottom.

Fastest Apollo Dirt Bike – which one is it?

There are different variables that will effect any motorbikes top speed, such as the riders weight, how well maintained the bike is and the terrain its being riden on. So lets assume all things are equal then the fastest Apollo is the DB-36.

The Apollo DB-36 has a top speed of 70 mph making it the quickest dirt bike in the Apollo range. It is also the bike with the largest engine at 250cc. Models with an engine size of 125cc will achieve approxiamtley 55mph.

What Is The Best Apollo Dirt Bike?

Apollo dirt bikes have a range to suit most riders so pulling one as the best is going to be difficult but I’ll give it a shot based on my knowledge and experience.

The automatic Apollo DB-x-16 and its manual counterpart the Apollo DB-X-15 both offer a 125cc engine at a very reasonable cost. This is one of the most popular dirt bikes Apollo has made and is a good beginners bike as well as being fun for more experienced riders.

These bikes are excellent and even if you already own a big brand dirt bike then many people have played on these.

You can get it assembled and shipped for under 1000 and they come in a wide range of colors so that is my pick for the best Apollo Dirt Bike. They sound great too!

Apollo Dirt bike Videos

Below I have selected some videos that I think show a good sample of the Apollo videos and will be interesting to view.

Video 1 – This video shows a ride on a Apollo 125 RFZ and gives you a good idea of the quality and performance of the bike. Long video and you dont need to watch it all. The first 6 mins are the best.

Video 2 – Nice short one of the Apollo DB-36 which is the biggest engine Apollo offer at 250cc.

Video 3 – Ride out on an Apollo 125

Apollo Dirt Bike Parts

Sooner or later you will likely need to buy parts for your Apollo, and this is the case with all brands. Weather it is due to something breaking or maybe you want to upgrade, sourcing parts is all part of the game.

Finding parts for Apollo dirt bikes is not as hard as some people make out. If you read forums and reviews, for some reason people say that getting hold of Apollo parts is totally impossible but that just isn’t true.

Maybe those statements were written back in the early 2000’s when Apollo were first on the scene and that would make sense because the bikes weren’t widely known or used. The knock on effect of this would be fewer parts being available.

At the time of writting this post, spare parts and upgrades can be purchased from a variety of places.

Many times you will find that the place you purchased the bike from will also sell parts for the bike so going back to the same place is probably a good starting point.

EBay is another great place to search and you will also find that some parts can be interchanged with other brands like Honda, according to a couple of forum posts I was reading.

Apollo Dirt Bike Conclusion

This chinese company manufacture and distribute dirt bikes at a very reasonable prices. They are probably the number 1 selling chinese dirt bike and have done a great job at cornering a position in the market.

I personally wouldn’t hesitate to buy one of these, the price wont break the bank and as a first time learner bike or a second bike for a run around town, these Apollos are ideal.

I really hope this post has helped you on your researching journey. Be sure to let me know in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев if you decided to buy an Apollo Dirt Bike and what you thought of it.

Hopefully in the not to distant future I shall be featuring some Apollo bikes on my YouTube channel to further help people see what they are like. You can find my channel here, be sure to subscribe.

Own a Honda XR 250R ’91 and a Honda XLR 200. Loves to ride trails and learning how to rebuild his machines About Neal

Electric Dirt Bike Posts

Both Mototec and Razor produce a range of electric dirtbikes aimed at kids, and both brands are very popular, but we wanted to compare them against each other to try and work out the differences.

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Hi, I am Neal Hendes. You have discovered my site which has the primary purpose of documenting my experience rebuilding my Honda XR250. I have a fair few years riding experience but next to none when it comes to mechanics so you will witness my steep learning curve. Lets hope I can complete it and get it back on the road!

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Apollo electric dirt bike

One of the oldest UK bike brands going, Apollo Bikes is a name that many of you will have heard of already in your travels.

Its signature logo can be found across a wide range of two-wheelers, from mountain bikes, to fat bikes, to commuters. When you’ve been around the block a few times you begin to pick up a thing or two, including: how to put together some of the best electric bikes currently in the market.

Apollo Bikes might be known for its dirt bikes, but there’s just something about its e bike offering that keeps us coming back to this brand over the likes of Giant and Raleigh.

Trying to work out which is the best out of the lot is driving us insane, which is why we’ve decided to get to the bottom of it once and for all. In this post we’ll be ranking each of electric Apollo bicycle from worst to best to decide on an official victor.

And that’s not to say that any of them are bad (as the word ‘worst’ would suggest), we just feel that some are better than others, be it from a price standpoint or a power point of view.

If you’ve ever wanted to know which electric Apollo is the best of the bunch, then you’ve come to the right place.

Disclaimer: We should point out that there are actually two notable Apollo brands out there making e bikes — one out of Australia (Apollo Bicycles) and the other, the UK (Apollo Bikes).

For the sake of competition, we’ve decided to include both within the same post (just note that some of the bikes mentioned aren’t available in the UK).

Think of it as the UK vs Australia, only the winner is you.

Apollo Bikes Ranked From Worst To Best

As it stands, there are plenty of electric offerings coming from both Apollo brands, each as different as the last in terms of size, power and foldability — you see, some of these e bikes do fold allowing you to move/store them a lot easier.

Some of the electric bikes shown here are Halfords exclusives. Meaning you can only buy them from this retailer, unless you were to buy one second hand from an independent seller (although there are some risks involved in that, so buy carefully).

You’ll notice a significant difference between those mentioned on the official Apollo Bicycles site and those sold by Halfords. The latter gives you the cheapest options of the two. We say ‘mentioned on the official Apollo Bikes site’ as you’ll need to find an official Apollo Bicycles supplier to buy the e bikes shown here — the Australian company, that is.

We’ll talk a little about how we decided on the below order. But for now though we’re just going to jump straight into it. Here is every electric Apollo ranked from worst to best.

Apollo Metis Womens Electric Hybrid Bike

Which Apollo? Apollo Bikes (UK) Electric Range: 20 Miles Charge Time: 4-5 Hours Battery Power: 209Wh

Unfortunately, we had to start somewhere. While the Apollo Metis Womens Electric Hybrid Bike is a fantastic option for the ladies out there, we just couldn’t help but feel like it limited its appeal compared to the others. Every other Apollo bicycle fits in that unisex category, making it a lot more accessible to the adults reading this.

As an electric womens bike, it’s one of the very best in the current market. Dare we say, the very best when it comes to great value for money? As a hybrid e bike, it fulfils that everyday style what with its low step-through frame and upright riding position.

Living a life of leisure has never been easier. Riders shouldn’t worry too much about range as this e bike can travel up to 20 miles between charges. The front hub motor can also deliver speeds of up to 15.5mph (a standard speed for most e bikes in the UK).

Again, it sits at the end of scale simply because it isn’t unisex. We’d do the same if it were a mens only bike.

E Bike Features/Attributes

  • 6-Speed Gears
  • Lightweight Aluminium Frame
  • Removable Battery
  • European Styling

Apollo Bicycles EON Commuter 10

Which Apollo? Apollo Bicycles (AUS) Electric Range: 37 Miles Battery Power: 250Wh

The first of many Apollo Bicycles that you can only buy through a dealer. We’re of course referring to the Eon Commuter 10.

What it does best is hinted at in its name. This e bike is an ideal commuter, capable of travelling up to 37 miles between charges. This does increase the charge time but not by a lot as long as you use the right charger.

The low profile high impact pedals make for increased comfort, more so when coupled with Kraton gel dual density grips.

One of the best ways to describe the Apollo Bicycles EON Commuter 10 is to liken it to a thoroughbred horse, given it can traverse all kinds of surfaces and feel like it’s never slowing down.

So with that in mind, why then have we decided to put this Apollo electric bicycle so far up in the list? That’s easy, there’s a better Commuter out there in the Commuter 20.

E Bike Features/Attributes

  • Kraton Gel Grips
  • JAK-8 Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • Multi-Terrain Tires
  • Supreme Matte Finish

Apollo Bikes EON Comfort 10

Which Apollo? Apollo Bicycles (AUS) Electric Range: 37 Miles Battery Power: 250Wh

Looking for something a little more comfortable that serves as an everyday type? Introducing the Apollo Bikes EON Comfort 10, made for long distances and exploring the great outdoors.

This Apollo bicycle trumps that of the Metis Womens bike as the better commuter bike given the increased range and power. This does drive the price of the bike up unfortunately, but that was always to be expected.

You’ll notice that the technical specifications (miles and power) are identical to the previous Apollo e bike mentioned in our rankings here.

This is but one of the reasons why we’ve included placed the EON Comfort 10 so far up. That and there’s an EON Comfort 20 that has a few key upgrades, upgrades that we just can’t shake.

E Bike Features/Attributes

  • Alloy Riser Bars
  • Low Profile Pedals
  • Shift Levers
  • Gloss Slate Finish

Apollo Transport Electric Folding Bike

Which Apollo? Apollo Bikes (UK) Electric Range: 20 Miles Charge Time: 5 Hours Battery Power: 209Wh

Electric folding bikes are a different conversation entirely. These e bikes are smaller but they pack a different kind of punch. So try not to write them off before you’ve even seen what they’re capable of.

Just look at the Apollo Transport Electric Folding Bike for one of the better folding bike options out right now. It’s an electric bike we’ve featured a few times across many of our posts because of what it offers, exactly.

As a folding bike, the Apollo Transport E lets you take it just about everywhere and isn’t too heavy to lug around with you (16kg total).

Its alloy frame is very durable, although taller riders might find that sitting on this one is a little tough given the smaller dimensions.

This is one of the better options from Apollo Bikes in that it’s just so different from some of the other e bikes in its range.

There is a folding bike audience out there who will love this one, but they are somewhat of an acquired taste. It’s why this Apollo Transport E didn’t break into the top spots.

E Bike Features/Attributes

  • Rigid Suspension
  • Black Comfort Grips
  • 20″ Steel Fork
  • Kenda K149 Tires

Apollo EON Comfort 20

Which Apollo? Apollo Bicycles (AUS) Electric Range: 114 Miles Battery Power: 250Wh

Range range and more range. That’s exactly what you’re getting with the Apollo EON Comfort 20, easily one of the best electric bikes Apollo Bicycles has ever crafted.

In terms of build, the EON Comfort 20 is very similar to the 10 at face value. However, look within and the differences will present themselves.

For example, this e bike has smartphone connectivity. Riders can connect their smartphone to the bike and view everything from speed to riding mode!

The EON 20 series are a cut above all the rest in the power department with a maximum power output of 250W courtesy of an E5000 system.

There’s a reason why we’ve put the EON Comfort 20 before the EON Commuter 20, and we’ll explain why when we get to it.

E Bike Features/Attributes

  • 6061 Alloy Low Step Through Frame
  • Shimano STEPS E5000 Crankset
  • Shimano BR-T445 Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Low Profile High Impact Resin Pedals

Apollo Bikes Phaze E Bike

Which Apollo? Apollo Bikes (UK) Electric Range: 20 Miles Charge Time: 4-5 Hours Battery Power: 209Wh

It’s time we looked at a best-seller. We’re, of course, talking about the Apollo Phaze E Bike, one of the most cost effective electric bikes in the current market when you consider its quality.

This Apollo bike is made out of a lightweight aluminium, but don’t let that fool you. Riders can weigh up to 120kg to ride.

The 209Wh battery within is the same as most of the other e bikes sold by Halfords. If you’re wondering why that is simply look at the standard price of this Apollo bicycle (around £850 on average).

You can purchase one of two frame sizes with this one (17″ and 20″) so we should hear none of this: “this bike is too big” or “this bike is too small.”

It’s easily the best electric bike from Apollo Bikes sold by the popular UK retailer. It’s why we’ve gone so far as to give it the silver medal.

E Bike Features/Attributes

  • Kingmeter LED Display
  • Front Wheel Drive
  • Steel 36T Chainset
  • Front Suspension

Apollo EON Commuter 20

Which Apollo? Apollo Bicycles (AUS) Electric Range: 114 Miles Battery Power: 250Wh

At the top of the mountain, in our opinion (of course), is the Apollo EON Commuter 20, one of the best power-assisted bikes out right now.

The build quality of this electric bike is off the charts. Which was always to be expected when you consider it only released a year ago (in 2020).

Like the EON Comfort 20, this e bike is an improvement from the previous iteration and uses that E5000 drive unit we’ve already mentioned.

In terms of performance, this e bike has a lot in common with the Comfort 20. In fact, the two are identical.

There’s only so much you can say about an e bike. The Apollo EON Commuter 20 is one of those seeing is believing types of rides. Sure, it might be on the pricier side, but is it worth it? Absolutely.

Why does this Apollo bicycle make the top of the list? That’s easy, the battery is located on the stem of the bike, not at the rear.

In our experience, this makes for a much smoother ride as the weight is evenly distributed better. You might have an alternate perspective, but that’s our take.

Another reason why the Apollo EON Commuter 20 takes the crown is the fact that it looks sharp as hell. Sharp as in stylish, not edgy to the point of harmful.

E Bike Features/Attributes

  • Veetire Speedster Tires
  • Kraton ERGO Comfort Grip
  • RST Volant Hydraulic Lockout Fork
  • Shimano 9 Speed Cassette

Apollo Bikes Review: How We Decided

And the winner is: Australia.

Welcome to rationale section, a section where we explain our reasoning for the above order amongst some other notable tidbits. We imagine a few of you are up in arms about our selection, which is fine.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but our choices were rooted in the science for the most part, although we did take popularity as a consideration too.

It’s hard to ignore popularity as an influencer given how many people already own an Apollo bicycle of some kind. It’s something we think about a lot when reading up on the latest electric scooter news. Only those transporters are technically illegal whereas e bikes aren’t.

We tried to consider the costs associated with each electric bike and what we considered to be value for money. Make no mistake about it. Some electric bikes from Apollo won’t be for everyone because of how much they cost. Some sell for up to £3,000 while others, like the Apollo Transport E exist on the opposite end of the scale (roughly £750 on average).

Apollo Bikes use similar parts in most of its electric catalogue (motor, battery, etc). It’s why you see so many of its bikes with similar ranges and charge times. This made it quite difficult to put one bike over the other. We tried to be as conservative as possible in that regard.

2024, beta, explorer, first

If the technical spec of these e bikes matched, we would instead ask ourselves which offers better functionality for the price you pay.

Apollo Bikes Review: Every Electric Bike Ranked

Apollo Bikes, and most of its non-electric collection, might be the talk of the cycling world, but there’s no denying the pure power emitted by its electric bikes.

The same could be said of Apollo Bicycles (AUS) and its range of electric bikes. Although the power of its EON collection does tend to shine a lot brighter than those offered by the UK brand (which you can kinda tell by the order above).

And the crazy thing is, this is only the beginning. We can all but guarantee that there will be more electric bikes coming out in the next few years that will require updated rankings. Again, you might have ranked these power-assisted bikes differently.

So be sure to tell us in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below which Apollo bicycle you’d have put over the other.

But yes, we believe the Apollo EON Commuter 20 is the best Apollo of the bunch, the best in class compared to all the rest — which is quite the achievement when you consider the quality of ‘all the rest.’

Does Apollo sell electric bikes?

Yes, both Apollo brands sell electric bikes, each fit for a variety of functions. Apollo Bicycle’s electric collection sits in that lifestyle section. They might not be the most powerful electric bikes in the market, but they never needed to be, given the audience.

Are Apollo Bikes and Apollo Bicycles different brands?

Yes, both are completely separate from one another despite having the word Apollo in the name. One originates from Australia and has been making bicycles since 1978, and the other is a known brand associated with the UK retailer Halfords. Unfortunately, the bikes sold by the former aren’t available in the UK, but they are worth knowing about given the level of quality on display.

Is Apollo Bikes a good bike brand?

We think so, as do the hundreds, if not thousands of riders who currently roam around on the back of their two-wheelers. Some of these electric bikes aren’t nearly as revered as those from, say Specialized, yet. Which was one of the main reasons why we decided to rank/review these Apollo Bikes. To highlight some quality e bikes that are either underrated or deserve a push.

What is the best Apollo bike sold by Halfords?

That would be the Apollo Phaze E, easily one of the most popular electric bikes sold by the popular UK retailer. Halfords actually offer an exclusive section of Apollo bikes, similar to Pure Electric who offer its own unique section that only they offer.

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Dirt bike enfant Apollo RXF Rocket 1000w

Agrandir l’image

Après une expérience de 15 ans en Pit bike Apollo Motors a développé sa mini moto électrique pour enfants : La rocket 1000w. Cette moto bénéficie des toutes dernières évolutions que le marché peut proposer.

Légère, maniable et très complète, la mini moto RXF Rocket 1000w est parfaite pour les enfants de 6 à 10 ans.

Idéal pour débuter la moto en toute sécurité, cette mini moto cross Rocket 1000w est faîte pour votre enfant, elle est équipée d’un potentiomètre pouvons régler à la fois l’accélération, la vitesse de pointe (jusqu’à 40KM/H) ainsi que le temps de réaction de la poignée d’accélérateur, de freins à disque (avant / arrière) et dispose d’une protection de chaîne. Rien de tel pour rassurer les parents qui souhaitent voir leurs enfants progresser dans de bonnes conditions.

Elle est équipée d’un moteur 1000w automatique, et d’une batterie 3x12V12Ah pour une autonomie de 1h à 1h30.

La moto a une fonction marche avant et marche arrière grâce à un commutateur.

Contactez-nous par téléphone ou par e-mail : un de nos conseillers va vous aider.

  • Moto pour débuter de 6 à 10 ans
  • Moteur puissant et robuste 1000w
  • Roues de 10 pouces à l’arrière et 12 à l’avant
  • Potentiomètre pouvons régler à la fois l’accélération, la vitesse de pointe (jusqu’à 40KM/H) ainsi que le temps de réaction de la poignée d’accélérateur
  • Fourche inversée


  • Type moteur Électrique 1000W
  • Vitesse maximale Potentiomètre pouvons régler à la fois l’accélération, la vitesse de pointe (jusqu’à 40KM/H) ainsi que le temps de réaction de la poignée d’accélérateur
  • Autonomie1h/1h30
  • Refroidissement Air
  • Batterie 36V 3X 12V12Ah
  • Puissance max 1000W
  • Embrayage Variateur électronique marche arrière
  • Mise en route Électrique
  • Transmission finale Chaîne


  • Suspension arrière Amortisseur réglable
  • Frein arrière Disque WAVE. Étrier Racing
  • Roue avant 2.75 x 12
  • Roue arrière 2.5 x 10
  • Selle Noire
  • Guidon Acier noir
  • Cadre Double poutre. Acier tubulaire
  • Poignées Noire
  • Modèle Cross
  • Suspension avant Fourche inversée
  • Bras oscillant Cross acier


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