2023 Biktrix Juggernaut XD Duo 2300W Mid Electric Bike. Biktrix electric bikes

23 Biktrix Juggernaut XD Duo 2300W Mid Drive Electric Bike

The Biktrix Juggernaut XD Duo 2300W Mid Drive Electric Bike is in a class of its own.

Getting plenty of power to the rear wheel is exciting, but has always come at the risk of ongoing costs in replacement parts, and time lost riding. Many casual to moderate riders will not ride hard enough to cause such issues. But for those who want to push the limits, a more robust solution was needed to build the dream e-bike machine, with extreme endurance.

Enter the XD Duo e-bike.

The XD Drive system was designed and built in Saskatoon, Canada, by a team of e-bike enthusiasts with a shared passion for better transport solutions. The global pandemic conditions forced them to improvise, adapt, and overcome, tackling the bike parts shortages, chip shortages, and shipping shortages.

The resulting bike and its manufacturing approaches are primed for navigating such challenges with agility, and competitive in-house solutions.

Mid-Drive Motor

This in-house designed and tested motor feeds 2000 Watts power through a direct drive secondary chain to the rear wheel. This means unparalleled power, performance and durability.

Heavy Duty Dual Drive Chain

This rugged 219 chain can handle many times the forces a regular bike chain can. This chain is over-engineered for extreme durability!

Twist Throttle

Unleash the power of the XD Dual Drive motor with a simple flick of the wrist.

0mm Rear Brake Rotor

The 220mm rear brake rotor along with Tektro Dual Piston brakes will quickly and safely bring you to a stop.

SRAM NX Bike-Side Drivetrain

The 11-Speed SRAM NX Drivetrain on the bicycle side of the bike with a 11-42T Cassette provides you the range to tackle any adventures the XD leads you to.

Armageddon Headlight

The Biktrix developed Armageddon Headlight with 2000 lumens of brightness will ensure your path stays lit up and fully visible.

Product Specifications:

  • FRAME: 6061 Aluminum
  • BRAKES: Tektro Dual Piston Brakes, 220mm rear rotor, 180mm front rotor
  • BATTERY SIZE: 52V 17.5Ah 910Wh Hidden Battery
  • FORK: RST Guide w/ Lockout, Preload, 80mm travel
  • BRAKE LEVERS: Tektro adjustable with integrated motor cutoff
  • HEADSET: Threadless 1-1/8 1-1/2 Tapered
  • HANDLEBAR: 780mm Wide, 25mm Rise w/31.8mm Clamp (Adventure Package) / 700mm Wide, 80mm Rise w/31.8mm Clamp (Commuter Package)
  • SHIFTER REAR: SRAM NX 11 Speed Trigger Shifter
  • STEM: 55mm (Adventure Package) / 90mm (Commuter Package)
  • GRIPS: MTB Grips
  • SEAT POST: 28.6mm
  • CHAIN: KMC X11
  • SEAT POST CLAMP: Quick-Release
  • CRANK SET: Short Crank Arms
  • SADDLE: Nebula MTB Saddle (Adventure Package) / Wide Comfort Seat (Commuter Package)
  • BOTTOM BRACKET: High Strength Stainless Steel Square Tapered
  • MOTOR: Biktrix Mid-Drive Motor
  • FRONT HUB: 135mm 36H (150mm 36H with Wren Fork)
  • DISPLAY: 500C
  • FRONT AXLE/SKEWER: 5mm QR (15mm Thru Axle with Wren Fork)
  • LIGHTS: Armageddon Headlight (all), Rear Reflector (Commuter Package)
  • REAR HUB: 197mm 36H
  • THROTTLE: Low Profile RH Twist Throttle
  • REAR AXLE/SKEWER: 12mm Thru Axle
  • ASSIST LEVELS: 1-5 (Note that when ordered with a cadence sensor the throttle will always offer 100% power, if not throttle power is based on PAS level)
  • RIMS 26×4 Black w/ Round Cutouts, 27.5×3 Solid Black
  • ASSIST TYPE: Cadence
  • TIRES: 26×4, 27.5×3
  • OTHER: Kickstand (all), Rear Rack and Fenders (Commuter Package)

Size Fittings:

Best Electric Bike for Short Riders

Some companies have a ‘one size fits all’ policy because it simplifies manufacturing, reduces inventory and increases profitability. Others favour a more customised approach since it means they can provide their customers with exactly what they need.

Buying a new electric bike definitely demands the latter approach because a comfortable ride is essential. Since people come in a variety of shapes and sizes, the bike needs to accommodate them correctly and so finding the best electric bike for a shorter rider requires careful selection.

Choosing Electric Bikes for Short Women and Men

It’s pretty obvious when choosing any sort of bike that you want one that’s the right size for you because, otherwise, you won’t be comfortable or able to ride it properly. That generally means providing your overall height, weight and leg measurement, which you can do through our Help Me Choose facility to find a bike that fits.

In addition to size, there are other factors you need to consider to find the best electric bike for a short female or male.

  • Choose the most suitable class. Class 1 and 3 bikes require you to pedal for the throttle to engage while class 2 bikes do not and so are easier to get moving. Class 3 bikes are the fastest with a maximum speed of 28 mph against 20 mph for the other two classes.
  • Most motors are well-known brands and are reliable with excellent customer service while lesser known brands will be cheaper but may be less reliable. They may be mid-drive motors that are on the bottom bracket or hub drives in the center of the rear wheel, the former offering a smoother ride while the latter are cheaper and require less maintenance.
  • If you ride long distances, you need a battery with enough life or you could get eBike replacement batteries for the ride. The minimum capacity is generally 500 Wh but you can get batteries with 1,000 Wh or more. To reduce weight, look for a slim-line battery and choose one that’s easy and quick to recharge.
  • Electric bikes are heavier than normal models due to the weight of the motor and battery. If you’re small, this might be a challenge to manoeuvre so go for a bike that’s as lightweight as possible.
  • A step-thru frame design where the top bar slopes lower may make mounting and dismounting easier, especially if you’re wearing a skirt.

How We Make it Easier to Choose the Best Electric Bike for Short Riders

We have a range of bikes online and, to make it easy to choose, there’s the Help Me Choose facility. Here you can enter your height and leg length, choose your preferred frame and enter details of your bike use, either on your own or with the help of one of our bike specialists. Likely recommendations are:

Kutty X2, a folding bike that’s easy to get on and off

Challenger 2 has a powerful 750W motor and is ideal for commuting

Juggernaut Hub Duo Step Thru is a fat tire 750W hub-drive motor electric bike with large carrying capacity, you can also check out our other Juggernaut all terrain electric bike series for something similar.

biktrix, juggernaut, 2300w, electric, bike

If you’re still unsure after assessing the recommendations, you can book a video call with one of our experts. We’re here to help because we want you to get the best and most suitable bike rather than a one size fits all model.

Biktrix Moto review

We’re a little torn with the Biktrix Moto. We initially loved the unusual styling, but living with an e-bike like this proves to be challenging, especially seeing as in day-to-day use it’s more of an electric scooter than a cycle. Pedalling any distance is largely pointless given the design style and riding position, so you’re forced into using the power most of the time. It’ll therefore give you an easy ride, but there’s little in the way of exercise involved, save for when you have to manhandle the heavyweight bike into a storage location for example. It’s fun, and funky, but if you enjoy real cycling the Biktrix Moto may disappoint. Though if you just want to get from A to B with little in the way of effort this e-bike will be a delight. Just go easy on all that power.


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Two-minute review

The Biktrix Moto is less of an e-bike and more of an e-scooter, which is good news if you’re looking for a two-wheeler that can do the bulk of the hard work, while you simply sit back, twist the thumb throttle and enjoy the ride.

What’s less clear is where it sits in the bike-buying landscape. The Biktrix Moto is categorized as a class two e-bike for the US market, which means it comes with an official limitation of 20mph, but by featuring a throttle control it can essentially bypass pedaling duties altogether.

That’s also good news because the design of the Biktkrix Moto makes it ill-suited to pedalling any real distances, especially without powered assistance. This is a very heavy bike and the wide, non-adjustable seat isn’t conducive to regular-style cycling. However, given the rather muddy picture on how and where e-bikes like this can be ridden the Biktrix Moto could put buyers off with its current setup.

It’s not lacking appeal though, with a 750W Bafang hub motor, single-speed drivetrain and the capability of going around 100 miles on a charge from the optional dual 48V 21Ah battery combo.

While the styling is urban funky, with frame colours that include Charcoal, Electric Blue, Lava Orange, Sandstone and White, the Biktrix Moto also packs fat tyres that allow you to hit trails and trickier terrain when needed.

Price and release date

The Biktrix Moto is available now for 2,299 (about £1,670 / AU2,976) direct from Biktrix for the single battery edition, while the dual battery model adds 599 to the asking price and costs 2,898 (about £2,103 / AU3,751).


Images of the Biktkrix Moto certainly capture the imagination, but it’s not until the e-bike turns up on your doorstep that you realise how much of a mini monster this thing is. It arrives in a chunky box, which is extremely heavy and made more so if you’ve opted for the dual battery package. Biktrix supplies everything needed, but you’ll spend some time getting all of the add-on components put together.

Buyers are pointed in the direction of online guides but, as with the previous Biktrix Juggernaut Classic e-bike we tested, these aren’t particularly helpful. Attaching the enormous front headlight, for example, proved tricky and we’re still not sure if it’s been done correctly.

Nevertheless, the quirky design is eye-catching and even more so if you pick one of the more vibrant frame colours. The design perches you up on top of the bike, with high-rise handlebars and that moped-style bench seat creating a slightly peculiar riding position.

The wide seat also makes pedalling unappealing plus there’s no adjustment on offer, so you’ve got to be sure you pick the right frame size when you order. The smaller frame is aimed at 4’ 8” to 5’ 5” riders and boasts chunky 20-inch tyres while the larger variant suits 5’ 3” to 6’ 2” riders and comes with bigger 24-inch rubber. Thankfully there are fenders included because in the water that gets propelled off the knobbly tires would soak you otherwise.

The Moto also has other practical design features, such as a chain guard and there’s a 25kg max cargo rack on the back too, while those lights front and rear come as part of the package. The tail illumination also works as a brake light, with the stopping power coming from sizeable Tektro discs and levers that are much needed when you discover the power potential of this e-bike.

Meanwhile, Biktrix does a decent job of producing bikes with colourful designs, but as we’ve seen before, some elements can look a little like add-ons. The bulky battery pack, for example, sits on top of the frame rather than forming an aesthetically pleasing part of the overall design.

Controls for unleashing the power are attached to the handlebars, with a thumb throttle on the right and power mode options on the left. A display in the centre gives you all of the corresponding information. However, these components also seem a little like accessories rather than delivering a look that’s cohesive. The Biktrix Moto does work as a design, but it’s lacking a little refinement shall we say. It’s not exactly cheap either, so some future improvements to the design might be something Biktrix wants to consider.


Getting on to the Biktrix Moto for the first time is a little different to sitting on a regular bike. The first thing you notice is the seat, which replaces a conventional saddle. For us it changes the whole way you ride the bike because you feel more like a passenger, which is emphasized even more by the way the pedals are more of a supplement, rather than being the main way you move the bike forward. You’re basically left feeling like you’re on a battery powered moped, which presumably is what Biktrix planned when it was designing the Moto.

biktrix, juggernaut, 2300w, electric, bike

The other thing you notice as you take off down the road is those small wheels, which thankfully provide a decent bit of cushioning to the ride quality. The suspension built in to the front forks didn’t seem to make much difference either. While the smaller wheels do soak up some of the bumps in the road, their limited diameter means there’s a slightly different way of riding too, with the effect being more akin to riding something like a Brompton bike.

Another noticeable aspect of the Biktrix Moto is its weight, so while it sits nicely planted on the road it’s not the sort of e-bike that you want to have to move around much without powered assistance. With the power on and the mode selected from the handlebar-mounted computer display the bike can go from being stationary right up to about 20mph, just by using the thumb-operated throttle on the right side of the handlebars. It’s very pokey too, so you have to be careful that you don’t tweak it in the wrong location, where space might be tight.

There’s a tendency for the bike to feel like it’s running away from you, which thankfully can be tamed by a quick squeeze of the brakes. Our test model had a European-style configuration, with the front brake assigned to the left lever and back brake to the right one. That’s another thing you’ve got to watch out for. There’s no doubt the Biktrix Moto moves on down the road though, and that long seat lets you take someone on the back too, although there’s nowhere for them to rest their feet.

The more we used the Biktrix Moto the better it got, though it does seem to be afflicted with a slightly erratic delivery of its electric power. We had a similar experience when we tried the Biktrix Juggernaut Classic, which appears to use the same components. Considering the power of the battery and motor, we’d like to see a slightly smoother and more dynamic injection of assistance as you control the throttle.

Some might love the rather unpredictable excitement factor on offer, but considering this is a heavy e-bike a more efficient distribution of power might be wiser and safer. The Biktrix Moto is also great if you head off the beaten track, and although its weight and dinky wheels makes it a non-starter for any real off-road terrain the bike is quite nifty on dirt tracks.

Overall though, while it goes well, the Biktrix Moto doesn’t offer much in the way of a bona fide cycling experience and purists will probably feel it’s a little bit of a Frankenstein creation. Lazy riders with a penchant for power will love it however.

Buy it if

You’re looking to cycle less The Biktrix Moto has plenty of power and few options when it comes to pedalling due to its single-speed and fixed riding position.

This offroad cruiser is an electric bike for all seasons

Tom’s Guide Verdict

An excellent upright powerhouse that can handle rough routes without demanding that the rider be a mountain bike expert, the Biktrix Stunner X is worth the price, particularly for all-season bikers.


  • Super solid ride in the rough
  • Good hill-climbing power
  • Smooth mid-drive motor


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Battery: 840 Wh (as tested) Max estimated range: 40 miles Max assisted speed: 20 mph Motor: Bafang 750w mid drive motor Gearing: Shimano Alivio 9-speed Wheel diameter: 26 inches Weight: 65.8 pounds. (with large battery)

In the go big or go home category of ebikes, the Biktrix Stunner X is brawnier than most. But it’s got a purpose: handle all weathergood, bad, or indifferentand keep the rider comfortable and in control. It does an excellent job of doing exactly that.

With a commuter-like stance but power and components more typical of mountain bikes, the Stunner X can deal with mud, snow, or pot-hole dotted city streets. It’s got enough of a kick to get you up a gravel hill, and enough padding so that your ride doesn’t turn into a torture test. Sure, at 2,798 (as tested), the Biktrix Stunner X costs more than some other, similarly positioned ebikes, but those models lack the power and quality components you’ll find here. Conversely, it costs a lot less than some svelte commuter bikes that usually have smaller 500 Wh batteries. Read the rest of our Biktrix Stunner X review to see if it’s right for you.

Biktrix Stunner X: Price and availability

Available direct from Biktrix.com with free shipping, Biktrix offers a full lineup of ebikes, many of which are focused on the mountain and trail riding category. The Juggernaut series are straight handle bar, all-terrain models that start at around 2,000 and go all the way up to the 4,099 Juggernaut Ultra Beast with a 1440 Wh battery and 1,000 watt mid-drive motor.

Biktrix also makes specialty folding and cargo bikes, as well as a more affordable city bike Swift line. The latter models have shorter electric ranges but start at just 1,349.

The Stunner line of Biktrix ebikes sits somewhere in between: part mountain climber, part urban rider. The entry level LT model is 2,199, and the Stunner X starts at 2,499, before you start adding upgrades like the 840 Wh battery that boosted the price of our tester by 299 for a total of 2,798.

Biktrix Stunner X: Design

Coming from a country where the beavers gnaw through underground Internet cables (yes, that’s a thing in Canada), Biktrix bikes are designed to deal with less than perfect weather and road conditions. If you want an ebike that can handle all four seasons, including snow and mud, you’ve come to the right place.

The Stunner X, which the company describes as an off-road cruiser, uses a heavy-duty step-through aluminum frame outfitted with comfort-enhancing elements. There are the wide, bull-horn handlebars, a heavy compression fork up front to absorb bumps and berms, and a wide, dual-spring seat with full padding to keep your derriere from suffering on hilly terrain.

The Shimano 9-speed gears are paired to a Bafang 750W mid-drive motor in the crankshaft, which makes for responsive electronic assistance, plus a large 1008 Wh battery to back it all up. Our test model had Kenda Juggernaut 26 x 4 fat tires and big aluminum fenders to keep the dirt off our jeans, plus a big rear rack to handle large panniers.

To bring this hulking beast to a stop there are Tektro dual-piston hydraulic brakes so you still feel like you’re in charge of the Stunner X, rather than the other way around.

Biktrix Stunner X: Performance

Subtle is not a word that comes to mind with the Biktrix Stunner X. When you first shove off, its initial electric boost can take you by surprise before you get your hands situated on the brakes. You quickly learn how to rein in the power. There are 5 levels of pedal assist, as well as a thumb throttle for full-on electric driving, restricted to a top speed of 20 mph. (The Biktrix website notes you can request that a bike be unrestricted for a top speed of 28 mph — but only for off-road use.)

Roaring around on dirt, gravel and sometimes simply rocky roads in Vermont, we bounced around a fair amount with the Stunner X. There’s no rear shock system, but the combination of size, tires and spring-loaded seat meant we didn’t have to suffer unduly. The front RST Guide shocks handle the rest, and the bike felt stable and in control in dirt and slush.

After a few days of shake-down runs, we found the Stunner X delivered a reassuring ride in the rough. The pedal assist was responsive and we ultimately found it very helpful launching this big bike from a standstill. The 4-inch wide tires were unperturbed by dirt and gravel and also did well on the messy rutted roads during what Vermonters affectionately refer to as mud season.

Going all electric, the throttle is quick to respond but can make the rear wheel spin easily in snow. On the other hand, its 120Nm of torque got us up all the hills we threw at it.

As for handling, the Biktrix Stunner X is not a bike you toss around corners or wiggle through narrow gaps. And you need to be careful on tight turns not to push the electric assist or you’ll find yourself thrashing through the underbrush. Still, the big fenders kept the muck off our jeans, and mud-slicked roads were no problem. Indeed, after a while rather than avoiding it, we started aiming for the mud and slop.

Maneuvering the bike when you’re not in the saddle can be work. A walking assist electric mode (you engage it pushing the minus button next to the throttle) triggers the motor to drive the bike at about 3.5 mph. It’s a big help if you have to push it uphill.

The only weak link in the Stunner X package is its Bafang controller. The monochrome display is certainly not the epitome of ease of use. Figuring out how to turn on the included head and tail lights will send you looking for the manual (you have to turn on the bike and then push and hold the plus button). But this isn’t unique to the Biktrix bike.

We find the Bafang C961 controller needlessly difficult to master. It uses three-button sequences to make changes, zero out the odometer, etc. So it takes some practice to get used to its operation. For example, you have to press the power and minus button to clear the trip distance; to get to the advanced setting mode, you have to press and hold the plus and minus buttons and then press the power button eight times. You get the idea.

Biktrix Stunner X: Battery life and range

The battery is rated for 40 miles, which is typical for this price range. But as with all ebikes, this is a difficult specification to pin down.

Battery mileage depends on the terrain, weight of the rider, how aggressively you use the throttle, and even the weather. We found it to be comparable to similarly rated bikes we’ve tested — although we were more aggressive with the Stunner X.

Biktrix Stunner X: Competition

With slick commuter ebikes from major bike companies, such as Gazelle, Specialized, and Trek easily topping 4,000, the Biktrix Stunner X at 2,798 looks like a deal. It’s not as elegantly designed as those more expensive models, and, by any measure, it’s heavy. But it is also durable and built with quality components.

There are a raft of less expensive ebikes increasingly aimed at the same market. Many are favored by delivery people and do some serious daily duty. Models like the Turboant Thunder T1, for example, cost about 700 less. But those ebikes typically use hub motors, rather than smoother mid-drives, favor less expensive components, and smaller 700 Wh batteries.

Biktrix Stunner X: Verdict

What was once a niche design — a rugged, upright cruiser with power to handle off-roading — is quickly becoming an ebike design for all seasons. As such, the Biktrix Stunner X is one of the best electric bikes in this class. Unlike less expensive models, Biktrix uses premium parts here and a mid-motor design that should prove more reliable and require less maintenance. And we’re all for that. It means more riding, especially with the Stunner X, which doesn’t care what the weather is like outside.

biktrix, juggernaut, 2300w, electric, bike

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