2022 Honda CRF-E2 Review 15 Fast Facts: Electric Motorcycle Test. Electric 65 dirt bike

How Much is a Ktm Electric Dirt Bike?

KTM, a renowned manufacturer of off-road motorcycles, has embraced the growing trend of electric mobility by introducing its line of electric dirt bikes. These eco-friendly machines combine the thrill of motocross with the benefits of electric power.

The price of a KTM electric dirt bike varies depending on the model and features. For specific pricing information, it’s recommended to visit KTM’s official website or contact a local KTM dealer.

KTM’s electric dirt bikes boast cutting-edge technology, high-performance components, and the durability expected from the brand. Whether you’re a professional rider or a recreational enthusiast, KTM’s electric dirt bikes offer a thrilling and sustainable way to conquer the trails.

How Fast Is A Ktm Electric Dirt Bike?

KTM electric dirt bikes offer impressive speed and acceleration capabilities. Here are some points highlighting their speed:

  • Top Speed: KTM electric dirt bikes can reach top speeds ranging from 45 to 65 miles per hour (72 to 105 kilometers per hour), depending on the specific model and terrain conditions.
  • Instant Torque: Electric motors provide instant torque, allowing KTM electric dirt bikes to deliver quick acceleration off the line.
  • Variable Power Modes: Many KTM electric dirt bikes feature adjustable power modes, allowing riders to choose between different power levels to suit their riding style and preferences.
  • High-performance Components: KTM equips its electric dirt bikes with advanced components, such as high-output electric motors and responsive drivetrains, to enhance speed and performance.
  • Race-ready Performance: KTM’s electric dirt bikes are designed to compete at professional racing levels, showcasing their speed, agility, and handling capabilities.

How Long Does Electric Ktm Last?

The battery life and range of a KTM electric dirt bike can vary based on several factors. Here are some points to consider regarding the duration of electric KTM bikes:

Battery Capacity

The battery capacity of KTM electric dirt bikes varies across different models. Generally, they come equipped with high-capacity lithium-ion batteries designed to provide extended riding time.

Riding Conditions

Factors such as terrain, rider weight, riding style, and temperature can affect the range and duration of the electric KTM bike. Challenging terrains and aggressive riding may consume more battery power.

Power Modes

KTM electric dirt bikes often feature multiple power modes, allowing riders to choose between different power levels. Selecting lower power modes can help conserve battery life for longer rides.

The range of KTM electric dirt bikes typically varies between 25 to 50 miles (40 to 80 kilometers) on a single charge, depending on the specific model and riding conditions.

Charging Time

Charging times for KTM electric dirt bikes can vary based on the battery capacity and charging method used. Fast chargers and Rapid charging technology can significantly reduce charging time.

How Fast Does A 24V Electric Dirt Bike Go?

How Does The Price Compare To A Gas KTM?

When comparing the price of an electric KTM dirt bike to a gas-powered KTM, there are several factors to consider. Here are some points to help understand the price comparison:

Initial Cost

Electric KTM dirt bikes often have a higher upfront cost compared to their gas-powered counterparts. This is primarily due to the advanced electric motor technology, high-capacity batteries, and other specialized components required for electric bikes.

Long-term Savings

While electric KTM dirt bikes may have a higher initial cost, they can offer potential long-term savings. Electric bikes generally have lower operating costs since they don’t require gasoline.

Fuel and Maintenance Costs

Gas-powered KTM dirt bikes require regular fuel purchases, which can add up over time. Additionally, the maintenance and servicing of gas-powered engines may be more involved and costly compared to electric motors.

Tax Incentives and Rebates

In some regions, there may be tax incentives, rebates, or subsidies available for electric vehicles, including electric dirt bikes. These incentives can help offset the higher initial cost and make electric KTM bikes more affordable.

Resale Value

Resale value can also play a role in the price comparison. While both electric and gas-powered KTM dirt bikes can retain their value depending on their condition and demand, the electric bike market is still evolving, and it’s important to consider potential resale value in the future.


Ktm electric dirt bikes are some of the most popular bikes on the market. They are known for their quality and performance. They can be quite expensive. The average price for a Ktm electric dirt bike is around 4,000. There are some cheaper options available, but they may not have all of the features that you desire.

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22 Honda CRF-E2 Review [15 Fast Facts: Electric Motorcycle Test]

The first electric motorcycle from Honda is here, and it might not be what you expected—the new 2022 Honda CRF-E2 is a trail bike for kids. The CRF-E2 is manufactured and designed by Greenger Powersports, with Honda helping with the setup of the final version. The result is described as a Honda Official Licensed Product, and we call it a Honda CRF-E2 because we’re a motorcycle publication. We grabbed one of the first E2s available from Greenger, and then let our youngest test rider loose on the local trails.

  • The 2022 Honda CRF-E2 is a quality motorcycle. The frame is a twin-spar aluminum design patterned after Honda’s adult motocrossers, disc brakes slow it down, Kenda Millville K771 tires put the electric power to the ground, and the E2 has a linkage-less cantilevered shock with adjustment for rebound damping and spring preload. The motorcycle looks great, and the finish is up to Honda standards. This isn’t a cheap toy you’ll find at hardware or department stores. It is sold exclusively at Honda dealers with a list price of 2950.
  • The size of the CRF-E2 is midway between a Honda CRF50F and CRF110F. The E2’s seat is adjustable to a height of either 24.8 or 25.5 inches. In the low position, the seat is 3.2 inches higher than the CRF50F, and the high seat position is 0.4 inches lower than the CRF110F. Test rider Avery Bart is almost 8 years old, stands 4 feet 2 inches, and weighs 48 pounds, and the E2 fits her perfectly. Speaking of weight, at 106 pounds filled with electrons, the E2 is four pounds lighter than the CRF50F and a staggering 64 pounds lighter than the CRF110F—a huge difference for a young rider.
  • Operating the Honda CRF-E2 is incredibly easy. It has a keyed ignition. Once the key is in the switched to the on position, the rider or supervising adult can select one of two power modes. With the power mode engaged, push the on button (a repurposed e-start button), and all the rider has to do is twist the throttle. It’s instantly game-on, as the fully automatic one-speed transmission means no clutch or gear shifting. Any youngster of sufficient size who can balance a bicycle will be able to ride the E2.
  • There is a significant difference between the two power modes. Stage 1 limits the speed of the E2 to 10 mph, while Stage 2 ups the ante to 20 mph. The 3.4 horsepower peak output is not nearly as important as the 18.4 ft-lbs of torque available. Without any doubt, the CRF-E2 is not underpowered.
  • Taking off from a standing start is not as smooth in Stage 1 as we’d like it to be. Electric motors on motorcycles are only as usable as the controller for the motor. With so much torque available as soon as an electric motor turns, it must be padded down for the power to be usable. In Stage 1, we found the power delivery too abrupt when getting underway, especially when the rider is trying to work through obstacles that require turning the wheel. Once the rider gets going, the throttle response is just right, and the 10-mph speed restriction will please nervous parents.
  • Put the 2022 Honda CRF-E2 in Stage 2, and it’s a little rocketship. The Greenger representative we spoke with reminded us that the E2 is a trailbike, not a racebike. While we respect that, the power delivered in Stage 2 will undoubtedly have a young hot shoe looking for friends to dice with. It’s fun watching the E2 tear around in Stage 2, and especially odd when all you hear is the whine of the electric motor.
  • We think the CRF-E2 controller should be a bit more high-tech. Rather than only having two fixed modes, we want the ability to fine-tune throttle response. A parent should be able to dial in the throttle response over a wide range, as well as the maximum output. Ideally, it would be doable via Bluetooth and a mobile app. While Honda and Greenger are at it, an adult-controlled kill switch would be a great safety feature.
  • The chassis is perfectly matched to the motor. The suspension worked fine for Avery in both modes, and we had her out on some pretty bumpy trails. She isn’t ready for airtime, though the Honda promo photos show the E2 being jumped, so that activity is within its intended use.
  • The suspension setup balances the needs of riders who just want to putt, while still providing the taut action needed for Stage 2 kids. When adults hop on—as they invariable will—the rear suspension nearly bottoms out. That tells you it’s set up for kids under the maximum weight of 99 pounds. At 44 pounds, Avery had no complaints. The shock has rebound-damping adjustment, which seems superfluous on a trailbike for kids. If your youngster asks for damping adjustments, it’s time for a racebike. Suspension travel is just under four inches at each end—plenty, thanks to the settings, and a perfect match to the motor.
  • The Kenda Millville K771 tires are a great choice. This intermediate tire worked on the various terrain we tested on—rocky, hard pack, and sandy. The two 12-inch rims are mounted with 60/100 tires. Honda and Greenger should upgrade to a 14-inch front wheel so the CRF-E2 can better roll over off-road obstacles.
  • Avery challenged herself more confidently on the Honda CRF-E2 than on 50cc motorcycles. The predictable power delivery of the whirring motor allows learning riders to FOCUS on acquiring new skills. There’s no auto-clutch engagement or gear shifting to think about. The rider prepares for the new tasks—riding through rock gardens to tackling modest hillclimbs, for example—without distraction. The E2 is an outstanding learning tool.
  • The hydraulic disc brakes are simple and easy to use. Each is controlled by an adjustable lever on the aluminum handlebar. Avery likes the action of the brakes, and we haven’t seen her struggle with them. With the E2 having no foot controls, the rider’s feet are securely planted on the stout footpegs.
  • Runtime for the 2022 Honda CRF-E2’s lithium-ion battery is listed at two hours, and it wasn’t an issue for us. While Avery wasn’t shredding, she has tested the E2 on some tricky power-sucking terrain. It takes four hours to bring the battery from flat to full with the standard charger—the optional quick charger takes two hours to get the battery to an 80 percent charge. If your rider drains the battery before running out of personal energy, the battery can be easily swapped out. However, you’ll be dropping 1k for that second battery—worth it if your rider is inexhaustible.
  • There’s pretty much no maintenance required. With no motor oil, no air filter, and no cable-actuated controls, the E2 takes care of itself. The chain might require adjustment now and then, depending on how hard the bike is ridden. You definitely don’t have to be a gearhead to own a CRF-E2.
  • For a young rider learning the powered two-wheeled ropes, the 2022 Honda CRF-E2 is undeniably enticing. It’s a strong performer, backed up by the Honda dealer network, incredibly easy to keep running, can be ridden in untraditional locations, and puts huge smiles on kids’ faces. You can’t beat that for less than 3000.

Photography by Don Williams


  • Helmet: O’Neal Youth 2 SRS Attack
  • Goggles: Blur B-Flex Youth
  • Jersey pants: O’Neal Youth Element Ride
  • Gloves: O’Neal Youth Element
  • Knee guards: O’Neal Pee Wee
  • Boots: O’Neal Youth Rider

2022 Honda CRF-E2 Specs

  • Type: Brushless DC w/ inner rotor
  • Maximum power: 3.4 horsepower @ 4000 rpm
  • Maximum torque: 18.4 ft-lbs @ 4000 rpm
  • Top speed: 20 mph (Stage 2) or 10 mph (Stage 1)
  • Cooling: Air
  • Battery: Swappable lithium-ion
  • Capacity: 950 Wh
  • Charge time to 100 percent: 4 hours (2.5 hours w/ optional quick charger)
  • Charge time to 80 percent: 3.2 hours (2 hours w/ optional quick charger)
  • Charger line voltage range: 90-264 volts
  • Run time: Maximum 2 hours
  • Battery warranty: 24 months or 1000 charges (whichever comes first)
  • Transmission: Clutchless direct drive
  • Final drive: 428 chain
  • Frame: Aluminum perimeter
  • Handlebar: Tapered aluminum
  • Front suspension; travel: Non-adjustable 33mm fork; 3.9 inches
  • Rear suspension; travel: Cantilevered rebound-damping and spring-preload adjustable DNM shock; 3.8 inches
  • Wheels (front rear): 12 x 1.6; wire-spoked
  • Tires (fr): Kenda Millville K771; 60/100 x 12
  • Brakes (fr): 190mm disc w/ hydraulic caliper


  • Wheelbase: 38 inches
  • Rake: 25 degrees
  • Trail. 1.3 inches
  • Seat height: 24.8 or 25.5 inches
  • Ground clearance: 7.8 inches
  • Maximum rider weight: 99 pounds
  • Curb weight: 106 pounds

2022 Honda CRF-E2 Price: 2950 MSRP

22 Honda CRF-E2 Review Photo Gallery

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Dirt Bikes for 8-Year-Old Kids

Kids that reach the age of 8 generally progress from beginner level dirt bikes and demand either an intermediate model that offers more power or a bigger model since they have outgrown their current bike and no longer enjoy their “toylike” capabilities. Regardless, if your kid wants to take a next step in dirt biking, it is time to upgrade.

Dirt bikes for 8-year-old kids must meet specific needs in terms of adaptability and must allow your kid to become independent once in the saddle. While some kids have already mastered the skills, others are just beginning to explore their abilities. So, it’s important to evaluate your child’s capabilities, as well as the budget you want to allocate to this purchase. Because, even though these dirt bikes are intended for kids, they can be pricey, so it’s important to choose the right dirt bike that suits your own budget and still appeals to your child.

However, it is often difficult to make the right choice with so many options available to us as parents, with an overwhelming choice in terms of design, pricing, and features available in the market. So, let’s try to enlighten some of the best dirt bikes that are ideal for your 8-year-old kid.

Best Dirt Bikes for 8-Year-Old


The all new KTM 65 SX is a beginner-friendly, compact, and an all-round dirt bike for young kids. And with recent upgrades, it is now no less than a high-performance full sized motocross bike made for adults!

It features the revolutionary XACT 35mm WP Upside-Down fork and includes numerous technical improvements throughout, all of which contribute to a new benchmark in terms of performance, riding dynamics, handling and precision. And thanks to this new fork, a significant reduction in weight has been achieved that further adds to its responsiveness.

An anodized robust handlebar made from aluminum features a rider-protective foam pad. And the body itself is covered in graphically striking plastic.

With a narrow, sporty seat and ergonomically optimized overall design, the KTM 65 SX is mounted on a sturdy chromium molybdenum steel frame. It is also equipped with a powerful single cylinder engine with a Smart cooling unit and two large radiators. Plus, this engine is coupled to a Formula multi-disc wet hydraulic clutch, and a 6-speed gearbox offering effortless shifting.

Owing to the new suspension system, the bike offers increased shock absorption at the front, as well as an option to adjust the hydraulic pressure levels for different riding styles.

One of the advantages to choose KTM in comparison with any other brand is the accessibility of spare parts, something that is of great importance since kids regularly crash their bikes no matter how careful you are!

Base Price: 5,399.00 USD

2022, honda, crf-e2, review, fast, facts
  • Dry weight: 53 kilograms
  • Seat height: 29.5 inches
  • Starting mechanism: Kick start
  • Displacement: 64.9cc
  • Engine: 2 Stroke
  • Clutch: Multi-disc clutch
  • Transmission: 6-speed

Husqvarna TC 65

Inspired by the flagship Husqvarna Cross Country bikes, the Husqvarna TC 65 is characterized by its precise ergonomics and sporty riding posture. Featuring state-of-the-art electronics to enhance the performance of the bike, the TC 65 offers a wide range of riding styles and features a highly durable chassis that is extremely lightweight, compact and reliable.

In addition to the use of the latest technology, the engine is also equipped with a pressure-regulated exhaust valve, which contributes to its superior performance. On top of that, it is equipped with a 6-speed gearbox with manual override and a hydraulic clutch. In this way, the rider always has full control over the power.

To optimize weight distribution, the crankshaft has been moved slightly closer to the center of gravity. Further, an efficient exhaust system with a balanced and lightweight muffler design is developed specially for the TC 65.

The proprietary WP AER 35mm front fork and WP mono 270mm rear shock ensures outstanding dampening. This suspension effectively absorbs any bumps on the trail, allowing your kid to FOCUS on the more important things. Added to this is an ergonomically designed handlebar made of heavy-duty aluminum which includes cushioning at the center for the safety of your kid.

And finally, the TC 65 features hydraulically driven brake calipers and large wavy front rear brake discs measuring 198mm and 160mm respectively. Thus, offering an enhanced braking feel and stopping capability in all conditions.

Base Price: 5,499.00 USD

  • Dry weight: 53 kilograms
  • Seat height: 29.5 inches
  • Starting mechanism: Kick start
  • Displacement: 64.9 cc
  • Engine: 2 Stroke
  • Clutch: Multi disc automatic clutch
  • Transmission: 6-speed

Yamaha YZ 65

A new addition to the YZ series of moto crossers, the YZ65 is powered by a liquid-cooled 2-stroke 64cc engine in a lightweight chassis that can be easily maneuvered by an 8-year-old.

YZ 65 is aimed at kids weighing 50 kilograms or less who are new to the world of motocross bikes.

The YZ 65 incorporates more than 40 years of Yamaha’s expertise in technological development, beginning with the first-generation YZ 250 in 1973. This model is both lightweight and downsized to make it easy for young riders to operate, and has the much-needed performance required for a quick ride.

The main features include a redesigned liquid-cooled 2-stroke 64cc engine that is really simple yet powerful, a completely revamped aluminum rear frame, and front and rear suspensions that ensure a stable ride especially around the corners.

Unless you take a closer look at this bike, you can easily mistake this 65cc dirt bike for an advanced full-sized cross model. In fact, one can feel the same simplicity and swiftness in the profile, that you usually find in advanced dirt bike’s specifications.

Contributing to the appearance is a narrow seat, on which the kids can move quickly and easily for effective balancing, a pronounced fender designed to direct the oncoming flow of air toward the radiator and protect it from rocks and branches, and an impressively arched exhaust pipe that ensures minimal restriction to the exhaust gases.

Base Price: 4,699.00 USD

  • Wet weight: 60 kilograms
  • Seat height: 29.7 inches
  • Starting mechanism: Kick start
  • Displacement: 65 cc
  • Engine: 2 Stroke
  • Clutch: Multiplate wet clutch
  • Transmission: 6-speed
2022, honda, crf-e2, review, fast, facts


Benefiting from all the expertise in the field of electric powered bikes developed over the last ten years, KTM has come up with the KTM SX-E 5, an all-electric, high-performance, compact, and professional dirt bike with a torque similar to that of 50 SX.

When compared to its petrol-powered sibling, the SX-E 5 is both low in maintenance and practically noiseless thanks to its electric drive. Your 8-year-old will find it much easier to get started by choosing from six power modes, while the maximum power mode offers plenty of action required by any experienced rider.

The seat height of the SX-E 5 can be varied by 4 inches (from 26 inches to 22 inches) using the rear end of the frame that can be bolted in two positions. An optional lowering kit is also available from the KTM PowerParts catalog in case you need to further lower the bike to accommodate your little junior.

The power lasts for 25 minutes on a full blast and approximately 2 hours on beginner modes.

The KTM SX-E 5 is built to transform the off-road dirt biking segment among kids. The fact that young off-roaders will be able to do their laps in the backyard of the house and will no longer be tied to practice schedules on the motocross track will open up a whole new range of possibilities for your kids.

Base Price: 5,399.00 USD

  • Rated output: 2 kW / 3,200 RPM
  • Torque: 13.8 NM
  • Battery: Lithium-ion
  • Capacity: 21 Ah
  • Full charging time: 70 minutes
  • Seat height: 26 inches
  • Wet weight: 40.5 Kilograms

Kawasaki KX 65

Being the smallest in the KX series, the Kawasaki KX65 is intended to be the first motocross bike for your kid that prepares him/her for the future championships. And despite its small size, it is absolutely robust and can even be viewed as a full-fledged performance machine.

2022, honda, crf-e2, review, fast, facts

The dependability and rugged durability of the KX series is well known, which makes the Kawasaki KX65 a good choice for your young one. In fact, this bike is engineered to withstand the demanding conditions of dirt biking and yet is really easy to maintain.

2022, honda, crf-e2, review, fast, facts

The KX65 features a miniaturized version of the shock absorbers from its bigger brothers in the KX cross-country series. over, it employs a 33mm leading axle telescopic fork with 4-way rebound damping.

If you are looking for a used one, we would suggest you to choose a model produced after 2015, as it includes some significant changes that further revamped this dirt bike.

The power supply uses a 24mm Mikuni carburetor, the ignition is electronic, and the engine employs a kick start mechanism; a proven reliable option for cross-country models.

Its powertrain is based on the principle of high performance combined with compact weight and size. Added to this is its liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, two-stroke engine boasting a displacement of 64 cc and a 6-speed gearbox. Plus, the 59kg wet weight of the bike combined with the 17.03 HP engine produces enough power that will even leave you amazed.

Base Price: 3,899.00 USD

  • Wet weight: 59.8 kilograms
  • Seat height: 29.9 inches
  • Starting mechanism: Kick start
  • Displacement: 64 cc
  • Engine: 2 Stroke
  • Clutch: Wet multi-disc manual clutch
  • Transmission: 6-speed


The KTM 50 SX is a premium dirt bike with lightweight construction that is designed for young enthusiasts. It features state-of-the-art self-cleaning wave brake discs and hydraulic calipers and is equipped with an ultra-modern ergonomic handlebar design that provides a high level of stability and comfort.

With its high-quality WP Suspension components, the KTM 50 SX offers excellent shock absorption for improved handling and a smoother ride. Its automatic clutch can be easily adjusted according to the riding mode and the weight of the rider.

With its liquid cooling system and integrated radiator, the compact power unit of the KTM 50 SX is designed to protect even from engine overheating. And thanks to its impressive power, your kid will enjoy higher revs and increased traction. In addition, the KTM 50-SX features the latest WP XACT front fork with revolutionary AER technology, fully adjustable rear suspension, cool graphics, and the potential to make dirt biking fun and safe. To ensure rider safety, protective padding around the center is also provided to prevent hard knocks.

If you want to reduce its power, KTM also provides an additional kit designed specifically for beginners and intermediate riders.

All in all, this is a true off-road dirt bike that is ideal for any beginner rider. In fact, the KTM 50 SX is the first choice for parents when their kids are entering the world of motocross or taking their first step in a racing environment. But do note, if your kid is already trying to jump on the trails or trying to look for more adventure, it’s better you consider a 65cc dirt bike.

Base Price: 4,599.00 USD

  • Dry weight: 41.5 kilograms
  • Seat height: 26.1 inches
  • Starting mechanism: Kick start
  • Displacement: 49 cc
  • Engine: 2 Stroke
  • Clutch: Multi disc automatic clutch
  • Transmission: Single-speed automatic
  • Power reduction kit

Yamaha TT-R50E

There are plenty of great bikes that are excellent for an 8-year-old, but if you think your child is a little shorter than his or her peers, there is no need to push for a taller bike. So, what you can do instead is FOCUS on improving his/her riding skills, whilst providing a safer environment to learn and enjoy.

The TT-R50E is the perfect bike for such situations, having a seat height of only 21.9 inches, yet it offers a lot in terms of performance when compared to beginner dirt bikes like the PW50 or CRF50F.

The other thing about this bike is that it will prepare your child and bridge the gap from entry-level 50cc dirt bikes all the way to 85- or 110cc bikes that are designed for intermediate riders. As it is, the TT-R50E is a 49-cc air-cooled engine with a 4-stroke cycle, making it extremely easy to handle.

In addition, you also get a throttle adjuster to control the power if your kid has just started to ride this bike. Plus, you get a 3-speed constant-mesh automatic clutch that gives a real dirt bike feel. And because it’s not exactly entry level, Yamaha has offered an electric start rather than a kickstart. This said, you get an ignition key along (you can’t start the bike without the key) in case you want to keep an eye on your kid all the time.

With a weight of 58 kilograms, the TT-R50E is about 18 kilograms heavier than the PW50 and 9 kilograms heavier than CRF50F. So, it’s definitely ideal for an 8-year-old who wants the feel of a real dirt bike, but is still having a hard time tip-toeing on any intermediate bikes.

Base Price: 1,749.00 USD

  • Wet weight: 58 kilograms
  • Seat height: 21.9 inches
  • Starting mechanism: Electric start
  • Displacement: 49 cc
  • Engine: 4 Stroke
  • Clutch: Automatic clutch
  • Transmission: 3-speed

Our Verdict: KTM 65 SX

With a very impressive technical specification and a robust yet beautiful body, the KTM 65 SX stands out as our first choice for an 8-year-old kid.

First and foremost, it is worth noting that the revamped chassis significantly increased the bike’s strength and resistance against both torsion and impact, while simultaneously enhancing the bike’s handling. In fact, this was made possible through the use of chrome-molybdenum steel, which further contributed to its high speed stability.

In addition, its swingarm is made of die-cast aluminum designed using the latest calculation and simulation software, that further reduced the overall weight whilst retaining an optimal level of stability.

A single cylinder two-stroke engine with a displacement of 65 cc together with a 6-speed gearbox thrusts the 65 SX with power that can easily surpass 100 km/h mark. Besides, the tank can hold around 3.5 liters of petrol that further provides a good range.

Just like the full-sized dirt bike, the 65 SX sports lightweight black anodized aluminum wheels for strength and durability. And with these wheels, you get OEM MAXXIS knobby tires that deliver unparalleled traction regardless of the trail.

It further features a 198mm front and 160mm rear disc brake and a massive 4-piston caliper that offers a quick and effortless braking performance. On top of that, these bikes are actually easy to master by a young kid, owing to the hydraulic braking system that guarantees the highest level of efficiency. Plus, its rugged and resilient handlebar is able to withstand occasional falls without any problems, which is typically a common sight when a kid is maneuvering around.

In a nutshell, the 65 SX is loaded with everything your kids can desire starting from right clutch and transmission to the latest WP XACT front fork with revolutionary AER technology as well as modern graphics and class-leading power delivery.

Young Rider

Young riders. The reason we exist. The reason that the first ever KUBERG was created. To build a fun, quality, performance machine both to teach little hands to ride with ease and to give them enough power to rip it up and give it everything.

Young rider features

To ensure your child’s safety, a kill switch with a wristband will immediately disengage the motor when pulled out.

Young Rider Models


Tiny bike, limitless possibilities

The best bike out there for the smallest riders. A great tool to learn and sharpen their riding skills safely, with fully adjustable speed and acceleration, and with the capabilities to allow them to progress quickly.

5 Years 24 kmh 21 kg 1 h Riding 6 h Charging


Peak performance, razor sharp skills

Agile. Light. Powerful. Fun. Made to manoeuvre through tough, challenging terrain, the KUBERG TRIAL allows the standing rider to take on nature and the elements, and push both their skills and experience to the max.

12 Years 27 kmh 33 kg 2 h Riding 6 h Charging


Really rugged, true freedom

Hard. Fast. Electrifying. Free. The KUBERG CROSS is the mini motocross bike that delivers serious thrills, performance and speed over any ground in any conditions. This is the proven, rugged, hard wearing, fun machine for young riders looking to rip up the toughest terrain out there.

12 Years 27 kmh 33 kg 2 h Riding 6 h Charging

First rush

Learn the ways of the trails. Practice your riding skills and push the edge.


Rip through the tracks in the spirit of friendly competition.

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