13 Places to Buy an Electric Bike in Seattle. Swift electric bike battery

Overview of the Biktrix Swift Step-Thru e-Bike

When a company acknowledges and includes all of the details necessary to exude quality with the e-bikes they sell, the result is a bike like the Biktrix Swift Step-Thru. It’s clear that Biktrix has set its sights on being the ultimate electric bike company, and the Swift Step-Thru proves that.

The Swift Step-Thru brings performance, ergonomics, economy, and speed to its owner in a stylish package. That first-time rider smile will be sure to appear each and every ride. On the handlebars, riders will find grip, handle and screen positions that are perfectly ergonomic. It all fits. The easy to read color LCD display is an information and interaction center. It provides data and control for speed, range, pedal assist (PAS) control, lighting, and odometer readings.

The thumb throttle is a universal (left or right position) pressure sensitive component that fortifies the bike’s prowess without pedaling. If pedaling is a part of the rider’s preference, the Shimano 7-speed derailleur provides a gear range that will work from flat Florida terrain to mountainous Colorado. When that transmission range is coupled with the MXUS 1000W motor and the 48V-52V lithium-ion battery (14.5-21.5Ah), the machine lives up to its reasonable price tag, worth, and clout in the e-Bike market.

The Battery

The standard battery capacity of 14.5Ah justifies the base price of 2,299.00. But the greatest part is that Biktrix offers more options in amp hours (Ah) and battery voltage (V). The 48V battery can be purchased with up to 21.5Ah extending the rider’s range potential over 50 miles. If the owner wants maximum power, a 52V battery option is available as well.

Included Accessories

The color choice range is minimal, but this e-bike does not require flashy colors to stand out in a crowd. This is possible because of included aspects such as the rear derailleur guard and rear rack. The rack has a mounted rear tail-light, and it contours to the lines of the Swift. Suntour front suspension forks will alleviate the jarring of any bumps in the road. And at night, the integrated LED headlight lights the rider’s path. If the rider doesn’t need it, the light can be turned off from the control pad.

places, electric, bike, seattle


The square frame is another bonus for the Swift Step-Thru. This bike’s frame is an accessory mounting dream for those owners wanting to customize their rides. It has flat mounting surfaces for all the needed extras. If that wasn’t enough, the frame has integrated mounting for front racks and/or baskets. Front and rear fenders are the icing on the cake, as they protect the rider from water splash as the MXUS motor powers the pilot towards 30mph in off-road use.

With free shipping to the US, a 14-day return policy and a lifetime limited warranty, the Biktrix Swift Step-Thru provides all the comforts needed for a low-step frame and rider entry, with all the buyer confidence needed for that “what if” scenarios of the future.

In conclusion, buy this e-bike with confidence in future satisfaction.

Places to Buy an Electric Bike in Seattle

According to statista, the electric bike market may reach 24 billion by 2025 — and for good reason. Battery assistance enables bicyclist to ride longer and faster while using less energy and carrying heavier cargo. This technology makes longer bike commutes possible and more pleasant.

Seattle has some incredible local e-bike manufacturers and conversion shops. We strongly believe in supporting these local businesses to strengthen the community and reduce shipping emissions. But, we believe any e-bike is better than none, so we’ve listed some nationwide retailers too.

We sorted through Seattle’s top electric bike shops to make find out which brands they carry, what they charge, and what they specialize in. Before shopping, check out “What to know before you buy an electric bike” and Washington Bike’s review of the 2018 e-bike law.

Seattle-based electric bike brands

Save money and support local brands by buying an e-bike made in the Emerald City!

Hilltopper Electric Bike Company – Hilltopper was “born in Mike’s garage in 2008.” Three models of pre-built e-bikes made in Sodo range from 1,000 to 1,200, which is very inexpensive for an e-bike (here’s why). Hilltopper specializes in e-bike conversion kits that turn almost any bike into an e-bike. These cost between 599 and 1,399 and require home assembly or help from a professional.

For each bike Hilltopper sells, they donate a bike to a child in Seattle through Bike Works. CEO Andrew Jay said an affordable “e-bike hack” is to buy a used bike at Bike Works and enhance it with a Hilltopper conversion kit.

Rad Power Bikes – Since forming in 2015, Rad Power Bikes has been riding a wave of hypergrowth. The company’s seven ebike models range from 1,299 to 1,499 and are up to 200 off during its Black Friday Cyber Monday sale. Rad Power Bikes keeps down its costs by keeping all of its operations – except for manufacturing – in-house in Seattle.

The Rad Academy offers e-bike classes to teach riders about maintenance and riding skills. Proceeds from the class go to Outdoors for All.

Bike Swift – Bike Swift also specializes in converting traditional bicycles into e-bikes. Its homemade conversion kits, The Swift and Meridian, cost 995 and 1,295, respectively. It also sells complete bikes that pair well with conversion kits, and pre-built floor bikes that cost between 1,698 and 3,999.

Propella – Propella is a Seattle-born brand “bridging the gap between bikes and e-bikes” with a sleek, lightweight design. It currently offers two models for pre-order: single-speed (V3.2) for 1,099 and 7-speed (V3.2) for 1,299. The 7-speed is recommended for riders in hilly areas. Check out a demo model in the Seattle b8ta store in U-Village.

Propella offers a 10% discount (on an already low price) to university students and faculty with a valid ID or email address. The founder, Ben Tarassoli, is a former University of Washington engineering student.

Bundle and save in the Emeraldology Shop!

For a super-custom e-bike…

West Coast Electric Cycles – This home garage-based business is the epitome of local. Operator Barent Hoffman was a founding partner of Kinaye Motorsports where he engineered and assembled a race bike that achieved a speed of 78.9 mph.

While they won’t always reach 75 mph, Hoffman builds custom bikes that typically cost between 2,500 – 5,000. He also sells conversion kits and parts for select bikes. Definitely a sneaky, cool local option for e-bike enthusiasts!

Local electric bike retailers

GO Family Cyclery – Owned and operated by a couple of Seattle dads, GO is the area’s most family-inclusive e-bike retailer. Alongside traditional bicycles, GO has e-bikes designed for comfort, speed, compact, cargo and family uses. Expect to pay between 2,200 and 8,329 based on the model and purpose.

Electric Folding Bikes Northwest – Established in 1996, EFBN was Seattle’s first e-bike shop and has been carefully evaluating and selecting e-bikes ever since. One of the few places to buy an electric folding bike, EFBN carries 14 brands of e-bikes ranging from 1,699 to 9,999 along with power kits and e-bike accessories.

Alki Bike Board – Established on Alki beach in 1936 and family owned since 1987, Alki Bike Board is West Seattle’s go-to bike destination. As for e-bikes, it carries the IZIP E3 Vibe for 1,799.99 (on sale) and the Bafang 8Fun Electric bike motor and battery kit for 1,099.99.

Gregg’s Cycle – Gregg’s Cycle has been a family-owned Seattle staple since 1932 and has locations in Greenlake, Bellevue and Lynwood. Along with a vast selection of traditional bicycles and bike accessories, Gregg’s carries eight e-bike brands including Trek, Electra and Specialized Turbo. Gregg’s offers a free service and bike fit program, and sponsors a number of local bike events and racing teams.

E-bikes cost between 1,499 and 12,075 depending on the make and model.

Seattle Electric Bike – For nearly 10 years Seattle Electric Bike has been making longer bike commutes possible. With locations in Seattle, Bothell and Bellingham, Seattle Electric Bike carries 10 brands of E-bikes ranging from 1,499 to 8,499. They also accept trade-ins for credit toward select new e-bikes.

Seattle E-Bike – Not to be confused with the aforementioned Seattle Electric Bike, Seattle E-Bike has the city’s widest selection of e-bikes and vehicles. Shop over 20 brands of e-bikes alongside electric scooters, skateboards and folding bikes at its Pioneer Square location. E-bikes range from 1,250 and 9,999. They also provide expert service for e-bikes and traditional bikes.

Single-brand retailers

Nationwide e-bike brands with storefront in Seattle.

EVELO Electric Bikes – EVELO’S Seattle showroom displays its 15 e-bike models, which range between 1,899 and 3,499. E-bikes ship (for free) directly to customers and assembled at home or at a recommended e-bike-friendly shop.

Pedego – Pedego has stores in Redmond, Seattle and Sequim, and its e-bikes can be found at Wattzup E-Bikes in Tacoma. With 20 models for commuting, cruising and cargo, Pedego has an e-bike for most riders. Expect to pay between 1,895 and 5,495, or as low as 1,699 for a “pre-loved” e-bike.

Featured photo: A brand new Propella 3.0 e-bike created by former UW engineering student Ben Tarassoli. Photo courtesy of Propella.

E-bike battery sparks another huge NYC blaze, guts grocery store and injures 7

An e-bike sparked a massive hours-long blaze that gutted a Bronx grocery store and injured seven people — two seriously — on Sunday, officials said.

On: fires

I-95 collapse caused by tanker truck that flipped while carrying 8,500 gallons of gas to Wawa

An EMS worker and a civilian were seriously hurt when flames broke out around 10:40 a.m. at the Concourse Food Plaza at 2096 Grand Concourse in the West Bronx section, officials said. Five firefighters suffered minor injuries.

The quick-moving fire was blamed on a scooter’s lithium-ion battery and rose to five alarms, requiring over 50 units and more than 200 firefighters to douse it.

Mayor Adams went to the scene and used the incident to call attention to the batteries, which have sparked a slew of recent fires in the city, some of them fatal.

“We have witnessed this over and over again, and that is why we’re going to continue to amplify the message that a simple device like this, this charred scooter, is only a symbol of what is happening behind us and what has continued to take place since early this morning,” Adams said Sunday afternoon. “We’re still fighting the fire because of the type of device the fire started from.”

An e-bike sparked a massive hours-long blaze that gutted a Bronx grocery store and injured seven people on Sunday, officials said.

The fire was blamed on a scooter’s lithium-ion battery, requiring over 50 units and more than 200 firefighters to douse it.

Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh said the bike caused “extraordinary damage.

“This entire building behind me is completely destroyed,” Kavanagh said. “The roof is caved in. There’s nothing left. And it is all because of this single bike.”

Firefighters could be seen carrying the burnt bike away from the scene.

Fires caused by e-bike batteries killed six people in the city in 2022, officials said. Those blazes were among 219 started by the batteries last year and left another 147 people injured.

Sven Cycles Swift first ride review

Britain’s Sven cycles of Dorset has impressed us before with its fresh approach to custom and off-the-peg bikes. The company is not afraid to take chances and the ambition of founder Darren to create something bigger than a micro-custom builder and bring proper bike production back to the UK is highly commendable.

Sven Cycles Swift frame and build

The Swift’s frame is built around a custom-spec Reynolds 631 frame and fork. Darren has worked with Reynolds to refine this tubeset to the demands of the extra stresses and weight of an e-bike transmission.

My test bike comes fitted with a Shimano Steps E6001 motor and an optional E8010 504w battery to extend the range (£120), Shimano also claims 1,000 charge cycles for the battery, so it should last long enough to see me through plenty of long-distance commutes.

The Shimano Alfine 8-speed hub is matched to a Gates belt drive Warren Rossiter / Immediate Media

The motor drives a Gates belt drive (chosen for its low maintenance and oil-free cleanliness) and an Alfine hub gear. The bike isn’t exactly a flyweight at 23.3kg so I like that it’s kitted out with a moto-style Hebie twin-leg kickstand.

The wheels mate 650b DT Swiss rims to a Hope Pro 4 front hub and an 8-speed Shimano Alfine unit at the back with Di2 control. Shimano also provides the hydraulic disc brakes.

I’ve gone for the larger capacity Shimano battery option on the Swift Warren Rossiter / Immediate Media

The Brooks Cambium C17 saddle is equally as comfy as the Ergon grips, which feel like the ideal companion to the back-swept bar and upright riding position.

Busch and Muller lights come fitted as standard and they can be operated directly from the Steps head unit.

The Schwalbe Big Ben tyres roll over everything and anything and feel tough. They also come enclosed with full carbon guards — a custom commission by Sven cycles with a suitably high price of £140, although Darren tells us he is looking for a better priced alternative when the Swift switches to a full-production version.

The bike is priced from £3,250, and anyone interested in international pricing or delivery should contact Sven Cycles direct for details.

Sven Cycles Swift ride impressions

I haven’t had much time with Shimano’s Steps system. but so far I’m impressed with its clever power-assistance delivery Warren Rossiter / Immediate Media

I’ve only had the bike a couple of days, and a couple of shopping runs got me used to the Shimano power — Steps does an excellent job of gently feeding in the power so there’s no jerky slow-speed manoeuvring.

What also impresses (compared to the Bosch systems I’ve used before) is there is much less drag on pedalling when the system is off — yes you can still feel a bit of drag, but it’s nowhere near the pedalling-through-treacle feel of an unpowered Bosch motor. I know that’s not exactly a common occurrence when riding an e-bike, but it’s good to know anyway.

I’ve also taken the Swift on a long run through a hilly 50 miles of Wiltshire’s back roads, gravel and pathways, and the bike is a joy to ride. It’s no ‘head down and hammer’ machine, but the commanding upright position and great contact points make it the bike equivalent of rambling — just get out in the country and enjoy the surroundings.

The Steps system is combined with Shimano’s premium urban drivetrain Alfine Di2, and a simple left and right dual-button operation — the right-hand buttons handle up and down shifts across the 8-speed hub gear, while the left handle shifts between modes (Off, Eco, Normal and High) and metrics (Range, Mode, Odometer, Distance, Speed, Max Speed, Average and more) on the display.

The shifting from the buttons is pretty spot on, although I did get the occasional glitch between six and seven with the hub gear holding onto the previous gear just a fraction too long.

It also has a neat auto-mode where the system shifts up or down depending on cadence and how much power you’re drawing to the e-assist. This works well but, like any auto gearbox, it does sometimes trip up. It is possible to adjust the auto settings though and I’ll play around with it once I’ve got a few more miles under my belt.

Sven Cycles Swift early verdict

I plan on using the Swift long term for commuting and general transport, but so far I’m loving the way it rides, and the quality of the meticulous hand-built steel frame really shines through.

It’s not often that utility bikes get this amount of care and attention in their construction (and even less so when it comes to urban e-bikes), and Sven Cycles should be applauded for raising the game.

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Swift S1 Folding Electric Bike: A Complete Review

One of the most common problems that electric bike owners face is the transportation of their bikes. Electric bikes are a great way of getting from point A to point B, but when you’re taking an electric bike around the city, you may encounter a few challenges. In most cases, they won’t fit in the space available to you, and carrying them isn’t an option either (since they’re relatively heavier).

The Swift S1 Electric Bike attempts to disrupt this market altogether. This bike can be folded down into a box which is rapidly becoming a favorite amongst electric bike enthusiasts. Even though its ability to be folded is useful, the Swift S1 is a high-performing electric bike that can serve various purposes on multiple terrains.

Read on as this complete review of the Swift S1 electric bike takes you through all the important features and the pros and cons. over, it will also tell you whether this bike is built for you or not.

Turboant Electric Bike: Foldable Convenience

Turboant electric bikes have introduced several great electric bikes into the industry, and the Swift S1 is no different.

Even though most people would prefer a traditional, non-electric and mechanical bicycle, Turboant has been able to make space for itself in a rapidly evolving industry.

Since they offer electric bikes to consumers, people have that added support from the pedal-assist feature, making the cycling experience considerably more enjoyable.

Electric bikes don’t disappoint whether people are cycling on gravel pavements or urban roads, electric bikes don’t disappoint.

The Swift S1 is a bike that can be used for various needs. It can easily handle urban roads and still be up for a shaky ride on the rocks on the same day. Even if you’re riding it in gravel road conditions, it has tires with the right knobs for all needs.

The most iconic feature of this bike is that you can fold it. This means that it easily fits into the storage spaces in your apartment or home, or you can easily carry it when you’re commuting via the subway.

Even if you’re driving to the woods, you can quickly put it into your car’s trunk and take it along.

The Features of the Swift S1

Hydraulic Forks

The Swift S1 has an adjustable front fork with a 2.4 absorption range. These front forks can easily smoothen out those bumpy rides by slowly compressing and expanding when your bike’s wheel goes over the irregularities of the surface.

Swift’s wheels are built to withstand those harsh riding conditions, unlike the forks you’d usually find on a road bike (primarily suitable for urban roads).

The forks on the bike can also be adjusted to take on the weight of different riders. This makes the Swift S1 suitable for both off-road and on-road riders.

Foldable Frame

The Swift S1 takes the portability factor to another level. Almost every component of this bike can be fit into a smaller size (even its pedals)! When the bike is straightened out, the S1 stands at 52 inches and has a complete length (from the rear to the front tire) of 68 inches.

Folding the bike can reduce its size and height to 31 and 38 inches, respectively. Its stem and saddle can be adjusted for shorter rides as well.

So if you’re looking for an electric bicycle that you conveniently fit into a car or under the office desk, you should consider buying the Swift S1. You’ll just have to fold the handlebar and the frame, and you’ll have a transformed bike that is convenient to carry.

However, it’s important to remember that once the bike has been folded, it may be tricky to pick it up and put it in your car’s trunk or the back o your truck.

Since there will be no handles, you’ll have to carry the bike’s entire weight, which can be heavy for some people.

Sturdy Fat Tire

Fat tires often provide increased traction when compared to an average tire. As a result, you can ride these bikes on different surfaces and under almost all conditions.

Whether you’re riding it on a snowy surface, rocky terrain, paved surface, watery or snowy, the S1 is a bike for all seasons – while being an electric bike!

places, electric, bike, seattle

The S1’s fat tire isn’t only going to grip the surface; it will improve the tire’s grip while also improving the ride’s quality. The fat tires of the bike can also do a good job of shock as well.

While they may not be as good at absorbing shock as a suspension fork or a coil spring, their sheer size gives them ample room for the smaller irregularities on the road.

Extensive Range

The electric motor on the bike can easily give it a top speed of 19.9 mph and a range between 35 to 60 miles. This is enough to move a person up a trail and bring them back down without pedaling.

This way, you can enjoy the ride with a wheel while the motor does all the work even though it’s facing an uphill battle (literally) that is full of heavy gushes of wind.

LCD Display, Shimano Shifter, and Pedal Assist

There’s no need to push your legs and knees to a limit when you’re traversing up a hill when the road never seems to end. The Swift S1 has a long range, which ensures you can travel on your bike with minimal effort.

The bike also comes with a 7-speed rear derailleur which can adjust your bike’s gears when necessary. Its effectiveness can also depend on the surface on which you’re riding the bike.

Ultimate Performance

The Swift S1 can be easily assembled as soon as you take it out of the box. Once you’ve taken everything out, you’ll have to attach the front wheel with a lever and install the pedals, front fender, and headlights.

The bike also comes with a toolkit that can help you assemble the bike even faster without waiting to find the right tools. According to most people who have bought the bike, this process takes less than an hour.

You’re also going to be impressed with the bike’s sleek design. Unlike some cheap electric bikes on the market, the S1 hides the tube by placing it right under its saddle. This makes the design look a lot cleaner, and you can also avoid potential damage to the battery.

Even though the bike’s battery is hidden, you can still easily remove it after unlocking it with the key. This means you can easily remove or replace it when it starts malfunctioning.

This is also important for every electric bike since batteries can start to degrade over time. You can easily order a replacement battery from Turboant and replace it yourself if this happens. The brand has been around for a long time, so its parts are easy to find.

Long Battery Life and Powerful Motor

You can expect the bike to cover 30 miles on a single charge on full throttle. The bike has five different levels of pedal assistance, and if you often pedal while riding the bike, you can also cover 60 miles with this bike.

In the last few years, electric bikes with fat tires have seen a surge in demand. These bikes have entirely changed consumers’ prejudice about folding bikes since people usually perceive them as subpar quality.

When you start riding the Swift S1, you won’t be able to see the difference. It has a 750W motor, but the speed will be limited to 20 mph when you’re on the road. You’ll easily feel that the engine is capable of a lot more, and you’ll particularly feel this when you’re going up an inclined path.

What makes this bike outperform is that the motor won’t give you a sudden speed boost when you press the speed boost button. It’ll be a gradual increase. Therefore, the riding experience with the Swift S1 is smooth, and you’ll feel safer, too.

Added Comfort

Another reason why several people love this bike is because of the added comfort that it provides. The hydraulic suspension combines with the front fork and the fat tires to absorb all the bumps you encounter on the road.

You can lock the bike’s suspension if you want a firmer feel, but the fat tires will still deliver a smooth riding experience. Trust us; you can ride this bike for long periods without feeling anything in the saddle.

The bike is quite bulky for most users. The wheels are quite big, and you may have trouble carrying the 68-pound bike into your car or while you’re taking it out.

Some bikes can also have a problem with the frame since the hinges can be too stiff at the start. Over time, the hinges of the bike can ease up, which will make the folding process a lot easier.

The Pros of the Swift S1

90% of the Bike Will Be Pre-Assembled

The only major component you’ll have to install once you bring the bike out of the box will be the front wheel. The tools will be provided in the packaging, and you can use the guidance manual for the instructions.

Even if you’re not a gearhead, this process shouldn’t be too hard. You’re not going to need the help of a local bike shop either!

The Bike Can Cover 60 Miles After a Single Charge

Whether it’s a long commute on an urban road or a trail in the mountain, the Swift S1’s lithium-ion battery is packed with sufficient power. It will ensure that your trip isn’t cut short, even if the ride is challenging.

However, you should also remember that if you:

places, electric, bike, seattle

The battery will drain quicker, and the bike’s maximum range will reduce, too.

Multiple Modes

Even though the S1 is a high-performing electric bike, it can still perform well when the battery isn’t charged. Riders can choose to ride the S1 without assistance from the bike’s motors.

In the modes that don’t give the rider any assistance, the bike will move forward solely on the power in the rider’s legs. This way, riding the bike should feel like riding a traditional bicycle.

Even when you utilize electric power, you can always stay in control of the amount of power you get from the bike. When you switch between the five different assistance modes, you’ll get five varying degrees of assistance.

The Cons of the Swift S1

It’s Heavy

Weight has consistently downplayed the demand for electric bikes, and the story of the Swift S1 is no different. This bike weighs approximately 68 pounds, so this isn’t a bike you’d want to carry in your arms everywhere you go.

You may also want to ensure that your bike is ultimately charged before taking it out for a ride. If you don’t, you’ll have to pedal your way back home on a heavy bike if the battery runs out.

You won’t have any assistance, too!

It’s High Maintenance

Carrying out repairs and maintenance on the Swift S1 isn’t as easy as on traditional bikes. Whether you’re reinflating the tires, servicing the chain, or fixing any other component, you must remember it’s a foldable bike.

It’s supposed to be foldable and adjustable, and you’d want to keep it that way. This is also why most people get their foldable bikes serviced by a professional.

If you don’t want to go down this route, consider reading the bike’s manual. It’ll tell you how to clean its hinges, lubricate its moving parts, or tighten those loose bolts.

Final Verdict: Is the Swift S1 Built for Me?

All-season riders, off-roaders, and heavy riders will love the Swift S1. Even if you’re a commuter (heavy one particularly), you will benefit from the bike’s feature list since it’s built for all kinds of people.

If you’re a person who is particular about speed and want a fast bike, you should look for other options. This isn’t the fastest bike globally, mostly because of its weight. Its frame won’t exactly “cut through” those heavy gushes of wind.

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