1000W or 750w Electric Bike for Men or Adults, Which is Better. 750w ebike kit

00w or 750w Electric Bike for Men or Adults, Which is Better?

Do you want to know the difference between 750W and 1000W electric bikes and which is better for men or adults?

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One of the best technology is E-bikes which have improved our lives, no doubt about that. The difference between e-bikes can sometimes be confusing, especially if you buy for the first time and may only be on the motor’s rating. In this article, we have described the differences between an E-bike 750W vs. a 1000W rated motor so you can choose the best one.

50W vs 1000W e-bike

A 1000W electric bike might fulfill your needs if you are a heavy rider looking to do some serious off-road riding. Consider purchasing a 750W e-bike if you don’t want to be restricted to only riding on private property.

They might not be as powerful as 1000W e-bikes, but purchasing one with a mid-drive motor should even out that power difference and provide excellent torque or speed, even in throttle-only mode.

50W 1000W Electric Bikes

750W will give much more exciting acceleration off the line for light riders. This level will also start to offer good hill-climbing performance.

For heavier riders, 750W is when flat land performance becomes more enjoyable, and hills become consistently possible. Though, most heavy riders will be more pleased with the performance at 1000W of power. Speeds of 45 km/h (28 mph) are increasingly familiar with 750W e-bikes.

E-bike 750w vs. 1000W: Which is Faster?

The 1000-Watt engine will give you more energy to easily reach top speed and effortlessly uphill than the 750 Watts motor. If you will be doing a lot of uphill riding, then the more powerful engine would be sufficient.

The rider’s weight is crucial, and a 750-Watt motor is ideal for a 250lbs individual.

Heavier riders can pick the 1000 Watts motor, and the 1000-Watt motor has more torque than the 750 Watts motor, which will reach top speed much faster.

For example, if you weigh 250 lbs and ride a 750-Watt motor e-bike, and another person weighs about 450lbs and rides a 1000 Watts motor, the speeds may be similar. So, the big difference between a 750W e-bike and a 1000-Watt e-bike is power.

In most cases, a 500-watt motor e-bike is enough for heavier set people, and the 1000 Watts rated motor is a bit overkill. You may not need so much power unless you are around 500 pounds or intend to ride on hilly terrains.

Does it Mean a 1000 Watt E-bike is Efficient than a 750 Watt E-bike?

Electric motors operate at a particular RPM range to achieve optimal performance. So, if you compare a 750-Watt motor and a 1000-Watt motor, you have to ask yourself which between the two will help you travel at the speed you want, but efficiency is different from that speed. Just because a 1000-Watt motor can attain a superior-top speed within a particular time does not mean it is more efficient than the 750-Watt e-bike. But how is this even possible?

Typically, an e-bike motor designed for high speeds will be inefficient when traveling at low speeds. No matter how strange that sounds, there is no link between wattage and efficiency.

So the main factors that determine the motor’s efficiency include the motor KV and the power.

  • Motor KV determines the RPM per volt of the spins’ intensity at a given voltage. For example, if your motor has a Kv of 10, then supplying it with 5 volts will give it a spin of 50 RPM. To get the rpm, you can multiply the input voltage with the motor KV.

However, the RPM alone is insufficient to determine the motor’s efficiency and depends on power.

  • The e-bike will also need sufficient power to overcome mechanical resistance, aerodynamics, incline, and rolling to achieve efficiency.

If you have a motor rated at 750 Watts and another 1000 Watts with a similar Kv rating, their efficiency difference will be minimal.

  • Lastly, the e-bike or motor brand most often comes into play. For example, if you have an excellent quality 750 Watts motor on the one hand and a 1000 Watts motor, the 750 Watts will be much more efficient.

000W vs. 750W e-bike Motor

The significant difference between a 1000W motor and a 750W motor is how much power each can put out. 1000-Watt motors can generally handle resistance better and more efficiently than 750W motors.

For instance, electric bikes with 750W motors perform fine on flat roads and pretty steep gradients. However, if you were to increase their payload, you’ll notice their speed drop.

1000W motors, on the other hand, are more torquey and can overcome almost any resistant force they are faced with.

What Is The Top Speed of a 750 Watt vs. 1000W E-bike?

A 750-Watt e-bike can attain speeds of up to 20 miles per hour for most brands. The motor belongs to the class three category, and they can reach 28 miles per hour at the maximum. This estimate goes down in the face of other factors, such as your weight, riding uphill, and the battery condition.

In most cases, 1000-Watt e-bikes are faster and more powerful than 750W e-bikes. It has a maximum payload capacity of 350 lbs and is said to reach speeds of up to 20 miles per hour.

Are 1000W Rated e-bikes Allowed?

In the U.S, most states prohibit the use of 1000W e-bikes in public spaces. Currently, only six U.S states: Kansas, Georgia, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Oregon, and Virginia allow electric bikes with power ratings up to 1000 Watts on public roads and tracks. Federal law in the United States does not make it illegal to own a 1000W rated e-bike and other motor vehicle labels. Usually, the individual States describe e-mopeds at speeds achievable at 30 miles per hour and in the 1000W range. They may include a few other requirements, such as a driver’s license, a helmet, and other safety clothing.

If you have any questions contact us for further information and check out our electric bike collection.

0W Bafang Mid Drive Crank Motor Lithium Battery Electric Bike Conversion Kit

0W Bafang Mid Drive Lithium Battery E Bike Conversion Kit

Turn your regular bicycle into an electric bike, Do It Yourself kit.

Get motorised electric power, accelerate with the hand twist throttle and pedal assist sensor. Pedal at your own pace, or sit back and cruise on the electric motor.

Climb hills with ease, cycle longer distances faster! Huge 48V 15Ah Lithium Battery. 750W Mid Motor Fits Through 68MM Bottom Bracket.

Please Note: This is a DIY Project. In this kit, we supply the parts needed to perform the e-bike conversion. Be prepared to get hands-on, get your hands dirty and get involved in the e bike community for tips advice. Also, as every bike is different there is no standard instructions for performing the conversion.

Great option for getting into an e-bike cheaper.

We can deliver to any area of Australia, all remote areas, small towns, major cities including Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Newcastle, Canberra, Hobart, Gosford, Central Coast, and all areas.

What You Get In The Pack

Bafang 750W Mid Drive Motor BBS02B

48Volt 15Ah Lithium Battery Bottle Mount 360mmx90mmx110mm

Upgraded Colour LCD Screen Control

Hand Twist Thumb Throttle

PAS Intelligent Pedal Assist Sensor

Brake Levers with Saftey Motor Cut Out

240 Volt Plug In Charger

Chain ring, Crank, and Wiring


Our guarantee to you!

Your REEF Electric Bike Kit has 1 Year Warranty on all parts including the battery, motor and the electrics. Reef Bikes are manufactured with only the best quality parts, so we are confident that your electric bicycle will have no problems during the warranty period. Reef Bikes has been producing high end electric bikes since 2005, an Australian brand name you can trust for years to come.

However, should you happen to have any problems whatsoever, we are serious about helping you through them. We provide dedicated after sales service at our REEF Service Centers.

Simply contact us with your warranty claim to get your E Bike repaired under warranty. Click to read our Warranty Policy.

0w ebike kit

E-BIKE 48V 400RPM 750W BLDC Geared Motor Full Kit

Available Quantity Discount


E-BIKE 48V 400RPM 750W BLDC Geared Motor Full Kit

This Full Kit includes a 48V 400RPM 750W BLDC Geared motor and compatible E-bike controller designed to run motors up to 750 Watts.

1000w, 750w, electric, bike

This kit has all necessary items to build your brand new bikes, scooters and tricycles and to save your efforts in looking out for all compatible products and you can get it in just one go at reasonable cost.

This full fledge combination of motor and controller is Universal for bikes, scooters and tricycles.

Motor Specifications:

  • Rated Operating Voltage: 48V
  • Rated Power: 750W
  • No Load Current: 4.0A
  • No Load Speed: 500 RPM
  • Rated Torque: 102Kg-cm
  • Rated Speed: 400 RPM
  • Rated Current: 13.4A
  • Efficiency: 80%
  • Gear Ratio: 6:1

Controller Specifications:

  • Rated voltage: DC48V
  • Rated power: 750W
  • Rated current: 30A
  • Under-voltage protection: DC41.5V-0.5V
  • Current limited:30A±0.5A
  • Efficiency: ≥83%
  • Consumption:

The kit includes: 1. 1x E-BIKE 48V 750W BLDC motor 2. 1x Motor controller 3. 1x #420 Chain (70 links) 4. 1x Chain wheel (36 tooth) 5. 1x Freewheel 6. 1x Freewheel adapter 7. 1x Throttle 8. 1x Switch key 9. 1x Position switch Note: This kit without battery and battery charger. This 750W conversion kit is suitable for tricycle / rickshaw / three wheels bike Load capacity: 350 KG

Images are for representation purpose only actual product may differ from actual product.


25-45 miles depending on rider weight, terrain, incline, level of assist, etc.


Lightweight Alloy Frame with internal protected locked electronics


Frame geometry components built for the most comfortable ride ever

Service Support

Seasoned Bike Mechanics Offer Expert Technical Support and Friendly Customer Service.

1-Year Warranty

Every Ride1UP eBike Comes With a Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects. Terms Apply

1000w, 750w, electric, bike

30-Day Returns

We’re Confident That You’ll Be Thrilled! If Conditions Are Met, Send It Back For a Refund. Terms Apply

Free Shipping

On All Bikes to Contiguous 48 States. 100 Direct Shipping to Canada. Exclusions Apply.


  • ST Frame Dimensions:
  • Height range 5’1-6’2
  • Stand-over height 23
  • Handlebar reach 15.5
  • Handlebar height 44.5
  • XR Frame Dimensions:
  • Height range 5’6-6’4
  • Stand-over height 30”
  • Handlebar reach 15.5
  • Handlebar height 43


60 Lux Front Headlight to See and be Seen in Low Visibility Conditions

Handlebar Mounted 2.2 Dual-Tone LCD Display. Customizable Pedal Assist (PAS) Settings and Advanced Metrics for Intelligent Riding Feedback.

Kenda K1227 27.5×2.4 Anti-Puncture Brown Side Wall Tires. High Performing and Reliable for all surface riding.

Alloy Front Rear Fenders to Keep You and Your Bike Clean

Heavy Duty Adjustable Chainstay Kickstand. High Load Capacity for Extra Support and Stability.

Two Keys for the Removable Integrated Battery System. Theft Protection Design. Battery Anxiety Begone!

Shipping Information

Bike Will Arrive 85% Assembled (electronics are pre-assembled). Basic Assembly Steps Are Required.

Bikes In Stock Ship In Under 24 Hours. Email Tracking Provides Transit And Delivery Estimates Once Shipped. Package Size is 53″x10″x27″ and approximately 70lbs.


Can I test ride a bike?

We are a direct-to-consumer company both in pricing and strategy. You will generally pay a premium for the ability to test ride through a dealer. However, our bikes have been thoroughly tested by top reviewers such as Electric Bike Review, Electric Bike Report, Cycling Weekly, Clean Technica, Electrek and many others who have published their reviews on YouTube. Additionally, we are now supporting an independent network of owners offering their bikes for demos. Learn more here Locations

What can I expect ordering a bike from Ride1Up?

This article will explain all about what to expect when ordering a bike from us. Ordering With Us

Can I upgrade the battery on the e-bike?

Unfortunately the 12.8ah battery pack is the largest available that will fit this bicycle frame.

Can I switch the handlebars to another model?

No, you cannot switch the handlebars on our electric touring style bike. The variations you see on the site are the only options available.

Can you ship to _?

We only ship our electric bikes within North America. The Continental United States is FREE. Hawaii and Alaska are 400. Shipping to Canada is 100. We are not responsible for any additional tariffs charged by your local government which often-times are applied after importing. Unfortunately, we are not able to ship our bikes directly to Europe. You can use a shipping forwarder like ShopUsa.com to reach your country.

Are the bikes water-proof?

The bikes are not water-proof, they are water-resistant, rated IP-65. While we do not recommend leaving the bikes out in the rain or riding in the rain or other hazardous conditions due to personal safety, the bikes can handle water exposure.

What Is the Best Electric Bike for Long-Distance Touring?

The newly launched Turris is in the running as a top-rated adventure touring-style e-bike. It has an advanced, high-spec design engineered for comfort touring, with a powerful array of components and a robust Class 3 motor that can carry up to 300 lbs and make it easier to travel up steep gradients on the road or into strong headwinds.

E-bikes created especially for touring are a great choice, with Zoom 180 mm disc brakes for stopping power at speed. Still, the hybrid functionality makes this model adaptable enough for touring, recreational cruising, and commuting.

What should you look for in a long-distance electric touring bike? We recommend an e-bike with an ergonomic gel saddle for comfort, excellent suspension for bumpy routes, and a smooth, high-performance pedal assist function.

The best electric touring bike needs sufficient gearing to traverse steep climbs and maintain decent speeds on flatter routes. The Turris comes as standard with a 46T Prowheel Alloy Chainring and Shimano seven-speed shifters alongside a sensitive cadence sensor, which boosts pedal assist when necessary by switching between assist levels.

What Is the Difference Between a Touring Bike and a Hybrid Bike?

Touring bikes are workhorses designed to cover greater distances and carry all your kit with you. While a touring bike is ideal for longer rides and cycling excursions, an electric hybrid takes it a step further. The frames on a electric bikes tend to be sturdier and more rugged to increase the weight capacity, and these bikes are faster because they are built for open-road rides with the most powerful hill-climbing gears.

A standard hybrid refers to mixed-use MTB and touring bikes, with a trade-off in aspects such as tire thickness, weight, load-bearing capacity, and comfort. Hybrids often have different tires than bikes designed for touring since they are partly intended for off-road terrain.

Adventure touring e-bikes like the Turris provide a comprehensive solution, with the ergonomics, intelligent design, and durable components that mean one bike ticks every box. The Turris is built for adventure, with a more vertical upright seated position to avoid stress and fatigue in your shoulders and back after a long day in the saddle, and features Kenda K1227 touring tires with a wider diameter that can handle rougher terrain, smoother roadways, and cycle paths.

What Are the Advantages of a Touring E-Bike?

One of the reasons a touring e-bike is so popular is that riders can travel faster and further, completing tours and tougher rides quicker and making longer courses more accessible if you’re limited on time or wish to reduce fatigue or incorporate longer, more demanding excursions into your adventures.

As an indication, a rider who covers a lot of distance per day on their touring bike could add twenty miles per day with a touring e-bike. Hydraulic lockout suspension forks absorb every lump and bump, ensuring you have the ease of an e-bike with the design specificity of a touring model, as well as the ability to ride safely and smoothly on the roads–a win-win for every rider!

Freeride kit 750W rear wheel with 48V frame battery

The reference ! Pioneer of mountain bike kits since 2010 the Freeride OZO kit has all the improvements that you can expect from an intensivemountain bike kit. Robust motor and rim, waterproof connector, color display 9 modes, optimized mapping,if you want to ride in the most extreme conditions, it’s this kit !

Controleur 15A externe

Main wiring harness for 15A and 22A OZO controller

This is the main harness that connects the various accessories to the engine (displays, brakes, accelerator)

8V Lithium Battery frame 750Wh to 1000Wh


For novice users the Freeride 750W kit will meet your needs. The power of the motor in 750W is defined according to the choice of your battery in 48V, the bonus of the 750W / 48V format is an increase in the top speed of 8 km / h and 15% of additional torque.

The Freerider motor is a reduced motor. It incorporates an epicyclic train on which the gears are reinforced. This motor operates in sensorless mode, that is to say that any risk of failure following a failure of a sensor is eliminated. You can hit the slopes at full speed without risk.

The winding and the power cables are dimensioned to pass a maximum of power without overheating and the mapping of the controller is configured for “MTB” use and not for “city” use, which gives it a dynamic and playful behavior you like trialising outings, jumps or steep paths? this is the kit for you!

The mapping of the Freeride kit has really been studied for the practice of E-MTB. which allows to have a maximum torque available immediately without response time to acceleration allowing you to facilitate the crossing of obstacles.



The Freerider motor is a reduced motor with reinforced epicyclic gear and internal freewheel. This allows you to have a lot of torque and great ease in pedaling since the motor is completely disengaged when it is not powered. You then pedal as on a traditional bicycle without the motor braking you.

The cassette body is compatible with Shimano and Sram 9 and 10 speed cassettes. If your bike is equipped with a 7 or 8 speed cassette, you will need to add cassette spacers.

The Freerider motor is supplied with lock washers which will allow you to center the wheel in your frame. It can be installed on all traditional frames equipped with a rear axle with 135mm center distance.

You can screw your standard 6-hole brake disc onto the motor. For bikes equipped with pad brakes, don’t forget to order a rim with planed edges like the KLIXX.

With your kit you receive a complete drive wheel. All our wheels are carefully radiated in our workshop by enthusiasts: spoke tension, centering, runout and runout, everything is checked before shipment.

The 36 spokes are made of stainless steel, 2.3mm in diameter, made in France.

For “committed” uses, we advise you to choose a rack on a mountain bike rim such as the KLIXX or the MAD. These French-made rims will allow you to use your kit in all conditions.

For bikes fitted with pad brakes, choose a rim with planed edges like the Mach1 KLIXX.


The 22A controller comes with a completely waterproof Julet connector which is very easy to install. Each connector has a key, you have no risk of making a mistake.

1000w, 750w, electric, bike

This controller is only compatible with OZO frame batteries


All connectors are waterproof and have visual keying. You can’t go wrong when plugging in.

A single cable goes up from the engine to the handlebars to connect the various accessories:

2 Red connectors for brake cuts

1 Green connector for the control screen on the handlebars (display)

1 yellow connector for the accelerator (optional)


The frame batteries are to be installed in place of the bottle holder on the frame of the bicycle. If your bike does not have an attachment for the bottle holder, you can install the frame battery using the threaded adapters.

These batteries have a shroud that protects them from shocks, dust and water. This fairing also offers good protection against theft thanks to a lock that allows the battery to be locked to the frame of the bike using a key. An autonomy gauge and an ON / OFF switch are integrated into the battery.

In order to meet all autonomy needs, OZO offers a wide choice of capacities. from 500Wh to 1000Wh.

The choice of battery capacity should be made according to the autonomy you want. For example, a 500Wh battery will give you around 50Km of autonomy without forcing the bike and up to 100Km depending on your effort. A 1000Wh battery will give you double the autonomy.

You will find all the dimensions of the frame batteries in the documentation tab and the detailed description on the 48V frame battery page


The autonomy indicated above according to the capacity of the battery represent an average that a cyclist of 75Kg can cover in the city or in the countryside on a slightly hilly course. For the above range calculation, we take a consumption base of 7Wh / km. The actual range you will get will depend on various factors such as your weight, tire pressure, the gradient of the course.

The above autonomies are mentioned for information only. We take as a basis of calculation, for consumption in mountain bikes, a consumption of 10Wh / km. This is an average reached by the majority of mountain bikers who use the motor as an assistance of 50% compared to the normal effort. Some of you will consume less and others more, but the experience of using the engine also matters. A beginner in E-MTB will consume 12Wh / km where an experienced pilot will consume 8Wh / km on the same route.

If you want to know more about estimating the range on an electric bike, OZO has a full article available to you entitled How to estimate the range of your electric bike


Black and white vertical display. entry level: Black and white display, it combines all the main functions. The original mount is intended for installation on the handlebars, but we offer an optional stem mount for the MTB. 9 assistance modes.

Compact color display : Its compact format makes it perfect for committed mountain biking. It sits on the left of the handlebars so you cannot use it if you have the derailleur lever on the left of the handlebars. 9 assistance modes.

Vertical color display : With this display, you access what is best on the eBike market. This model displays more parameters and it has an auto-adaptive backlight and a USB port for charging a smartphone or GPS while riding. 9 assistance modes fully configurable by the user: You are free to configure the 9 modes so that your assistance best adapts to your needs.


On wheel motor kits which are fitted with 15A controllers, you will need a pedal sensor. This will allow the engine to be engaged and therefore the assistance of the bicycle.

The pedal sensor is a rotation sensor. You have to pedal for assistance. There are several types of sensors to match 90% of the bikes on the market.

Integrated bottom bracket sensor: For square axle bottom brackets that have a minimum clearance of 4mm between the crank and the frame.

Crank sensor with magnetic disc: For all other bikes that do not have the minimum clearance to install an integrated sensor.


The accelerator offers the possibility of controlling the engine without pedaling.

In the form of a thumb trigger, the throttle can be installed on the right or left of the handlebars.

Note, however, that the accelerator is not approved for driving on a road open to traffic.

He finds his interest on a mountain bike to help with hill starts and obstacle passages.

The brake cut-off is an additional safety device which cuts off the power supply to the motor during braking. This is particularly useful during delicate maneuvers.

The brake cut-off comes in different forms:

The brake handles that replace your original handles.

The cable sensor that is installed on the brake cable.

The magnetic sensor to be reserved for bicycles equipped with hydraulic brakes.

The battery is delivered with a 2A charger as standard.

If you want to halve the charging time, you can opt for the 36V 4A charger.

The Freerider wheel motor is compatible with all Shimano and SRAM cassettes in 7, 8, 9 and 10 speeds.

You can therefore recover the cassette of your original wheel or buy a new one with your kit and at this time we install the cassette on the engine during the preparation of your wheel.

Note that if you have 7 or 8 speeds, you will need to take a cassette spacer to fit it on the engine.

OZO has selected the best E-MTB tires on the market for you. With integrated puncture protection or double ply, you will find all the tires in the tires section

Le démontage de la roue d’origine de votre vélo peut aussi nécessiter des outils plus standards comme un démonte manivelle ou un démonte boitier pédalier à axe carré

Removing the original wheel from your bike may also require more standard tools such as a crank remover or a square axle bottom bracket remover.


The Freeride wheel kit is compatible with all bikes fitted with a 9x135mm or 10x135mm rear wheel axle.

To be sure that the installation of the Enduro engine is possible on your bike, you must check that you have a traditional open frame with 135mm center distance.

With a ruler, measure the inside width of your frame (value A). You must have at least 135mm (13.5cm).

Then measure the frame notches (value B). You must have 9 or 10mm.

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