10 ERoad bikes that are almost too good to be true. Ribble electric road bike

eRoad bikes that are almost too good to be true

eRoad bikes are firmly here to stay. Check out our pick of the electric-assist drop bar rides currently dominating the roads.

Road cycling is a funny old thing. While eBikes have grown in popularity with mountain bikers, for fans of a skinnier tyre, the electric bike has traditionally been a shameful pastime synonymous with commuters, older cyclists and (whisper it) the odd cheating pro.

Times are changing however and as an increasing number of riders begin to see the benefits of a little motorised assistance, the rise of the eRoad bike has well and truly begun. They’re perfect for improving and prolonging your time in the saddle and with more manufacturers than ever building high-performance bikes, there’s never been a better time to go electric.

Gtech eBike Sport

Affordable and not unpleasant on the eye, the Gtech eBike Sport is a classic looking bike powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery. The eBike from the British brand is perfect if you’re after an all round easy ride. All you need to do is pedal and the bike does all the hard work for you.

With an in-built computer that measures your pedal stroke, the bike’s speed can adjust to give you a much-needed boost of up to 24kph (the legal limit for all eBikes is 25kph).

Simple and easy to maintain, the Gtech’s battery can be removed for charging and is capable of covering a range of 48km when full. What’s more, the traditional chain has been replaced by a light carbon fibre belt drive, so say goodbye to annoying chain oil tattoos or messy trouser legs when commuting.

Boardman ADV 8.9E

By taking its ever-popular ADV 8.9 model and making it electric, British favourite Boardman has produced a reasonably priced adventure eBike capable of tackling any terrain.

Fitted with a removable Fazua drive system that’s discreet and relatively light (4.6kg), the Boardman’s battery will last for 90km on the low assistance ‘Breeze Mode’, making it perfect for those longer days in the saddle, where you might need an extra push to get up and over the hills.

With a SRAM Apex 1 groupset, hydraulic brakes and a lowered bottom bracket for increased stability, the ADV 8.9 is a classic-looking gravel bike built for both on and off-road exploration.

Ribble Endurance SL e Tiagra

In a market where sleek and stylish design is often compromised to squeeze in an unsightly battery, the Ribble Endurance SL e is a welcome sight.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the Endurance SL e certainly stands up to its billing as the ‘ultimate stealth eRoad bike’. Featuring a well-hidden battery and integrated cabling, to the untrained eye the aero-looking Ribble could easily pass as a non-assisted roadie.

Built around an impressively light carbon frame and a Shimano Tiagra groupset, the Endurance SL e is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a serious piece of kit with a price tag that doesn’t require you to remortgage your home.

Giant Road E1 Pro

Giant says that the E1 is ‘engineered for exhilarating road performance’ and it might just be right. Like the Ribble and Boardman, the Giant’s geometry is more akin to a true road bike. The E1 features drop handlebars, narrow tyres and an aluminium frame – perfect for taking part in sportives or local club rides.

Giant claims that the bike uses ‘hybrid cycling technology’, but like all eBikes, an electric motor is used to supplement the pedal power of the rider. In the case of the E1, this comes from a SyncDrive Yamaha motor and a moderately light 500Wh lithium-ion battery.

To improve the riding experience, an ergonomic display with a remaining range indicator has been mounted on the handlebars, making it even easier for you to get out and explore up to 128km before the battery runs out.

Cannondale Synapse NEO SE

As with many eBikes on this list, the Synapse NEO SE is made as much for off-road experiences as it is on-road. A well-constructed gravel bike, the Synapse is just as at home racing over byways and forest trails as it is accelerating over mountain passes and valley roads.

Powered by the Bosch Powerline Plus, it comes with a 500Wh battery that’s more than capable of taking you on a full day of riding and then some. A handlebar-mounted LCD display allows you to view both your remaining mileage and choose one of four assistance levels – from Eco and Tour through to Sport and Turbo.

Comfortable and good-looking, it’s an ideal companion whether you’re after support on long-distance endeavours, fancy going off the beaten track, or simply require a boost to get you through the rush hour traffic.

Coboc One Soho

If you’re after the best looking bike on the market, the Coboc One could be just the ticket. Embracing the pared-back ‘fixie’ look that’s been popularised by hipster cyclists the world over, the One is available in various colours, each named after a different city.

Taking inspiration from retro-racing bikes of the 1960s, the One Soho comes in a simple brushed aluminium frame and includes carbon forks, bullhorn bars and, for an added touch of class, a Brooks leather saddle.

Being, in essence, a single-speed, the Coboc isn’t going to be the best when it comes to long or steep hills. Yet weighing in at a super-light 13.7kg and with a battery life that lasts for 80km, if you’re willing to look past the lack of gears, you’re going to have a lot of fun.

Bianchi Impulso E-Road

If there’s one manufacturer that springs to mind when it comes to road racing, it’s Bianchi. At the very heart of bike culture since 1885, the Italian manufacturer’s bikes have been ridden by some of the greatest ever cyclists.

Designed to look like a typical Bianchi road bike, the Impulso’s frame geometry wouldn’t look out of place in the Tour de France. The Polini EP3 motor is one of the least bulky on the market and the battery, which is kept well hidden inside the down tube, is one of the longest lasting on our list and packs a range of nearly 200km.

eroad, bikes, almost, good, true

While the motor is unlikely to add anything on the flat (due to the assistance limit of 25kph), as soon as it meets a hill, the Impulso will dominate even the smallest of inclines, making it ideal for those riders anxious about going on longer rides or keeping up on climbs.

Best Electric Road Bikes of 2023

Are you dreaming of pedaling up that hilly mountain road at speeds fast enough to qualify you for the Tour-de-France? Well, dream no more.

Thanks to advances in battery technology, e-bikes have come along way, and can go along way as well, pun intended.

Electric bikes come in a variety of forms and flavors, fat tire, eMTB, folding, you name it. In this review we will be focusing on road e-bikes, which when compared to their fat tire or mountain bike relatives, are really able to extract the maximum performance out of the electric motor and battery. This is due to lower rolling resistance, as well as better aerodynamics, but more on that later.

If you’re new to the e-bike world, you should do your research first (that you’re probably doing right now) before going with a specific e-bike.

There are a lot of options to choose from, and every single one may be a bit different or a lot different, depending on the bikes you’re considering.

Keeping this in mind, we highly recommend you write down possible uses for an e-bike in your life, how often you’ll use it, and under what conditions you’ll ride an e-bike.

These are all essential things that will help you choose the perfect electric bike for yourself.

What Kind of Electric Road Bikes You Can Buy in 2023

Today electric bikes are no longer rare. Many well-known bike manufacturers are offering their e-bike models. Trek, Giant, Cannondale, and many others today have their own models of e-bikes in 2023. Many manufacturers provide simple pedal-assist or so-called “pedelec” bikes, but they also offer power-on-demand bikes as well as fast S-pedelecs bikes.

Electric Bike Classes

The motor engine is not larger than 750W, and pedal assistance is up to 20mph.

The motor is limited to 750W, and motor throttle assist is as standard, limited to 20mph.

It has a 20mph throttle, and 28mph pedal assist with the motor engine up to 750W.

It has a motor over 750w or pedaling assistance over 28mph.

Cannondale – Topstone Neo 5

Adrenaline lovers will be particularly interested in the Topstone, a model that has been redesigned and remodeled in 2020, and it has become quite better.

This bike is equipped with a BallisTec Carbon frame, and it has a Bosch 250 W motor, as well as a matching Bosch 500 Wh battery. The hydraulic disc brakes by Shimano ensure your safety and ease of braking, while the slightly bendy tires ensure a smooth ride on most terrain.

The bike’s frame is made of carbon, which is a completely new technology that helps with control and sturdiness, but it also increases the bike’s weight slightly. The Bosch motor helps you reach up to 28 mph, which is something most bikers enjoy when hurrying to work.

One more thing worth mentioning on this bike is the phenomenal Bosch Kiox display that we prefer over the Bosch Purion. It has better visibility, more info, and it’s very intuitive, making it perfect for both the kids and the elderly.

Aventon. Pace 500

When you think of comfort in eBikes, a few criteria should be met, and a few checkboxes should be checked. Aventon Pace 500 checks many of those boxes. and is worth mentioning when it comes to comfort.

The biggest thing that sets the Aventon Pace 500 from the rest of the eBike roster is that they don’t believe in the “one-size-fits-all” approach that the majority of eBike companies go by these days. Instead, they have three sizes that you can pick and choose from depending on your body type and height.

In addition to that, the speed of this e-bike hits an impressive 28 MPH on pedal-assist. which, by the way, has five levels. and 20 MPH on throttle alone, and that puts it well above average performance-wise.

The motor on this eBike is fantastic. With a peak power of 750W and a sustained power rating of 500W, this 48V brushless rear hub motor sounds like it could make the Pace 500 climb walls.

The Aventon Pace 500 is a steal for how impressive it is. You simply can’t find a better road bike that’s in this price range.

Ride1Up. Roadster

Elegance and grace are not something you expect to see when looking at an eBike made for rough terrain and extensive use. But the Roadster, while bringing that rugged feel, also looks like something you could label as “sophisticated.”

Having said that, you can’t disagree with the fact that looks aren’t everything. Well, it seems like Ride1Up thought about that, as well.

Besides the good looks, this eBike provides you with much more.

In addition to the elegance, the frame is pretty light, clocking in at 33 pounds. which is easy to move around and carry if necessary.

An efficient 350W geared hub motor with 40Nm torque provides you with the ride you’re willing to take. You should be able to get between 20 and 30 miles, depending on rider weight, terrain, incline, level of assist, and some other circumstances.

The battery in the Roadster is a 36V 7.0ah Samsung 35e Cells battery that only takes two to four hours to charge. which is practically nothing compared to an average electric bike. It can be done overnight. or even during the day, between two rides; two hours fly by fast!

Trek – Domane ALR

Trek is one of the most popular bike companies in the world. They made one of the top bikes, which helped many professional drivers to climb the racing podium. But not many people know that this company also offers electric bikes. To tell you the truth, their electric bikes are as good as their regular bikes.

Domane ALR has a removable battery and motor. When you don’t need pedaling assistance, you can remove electric parts from the bike. This is also helpful if you want to race in standard races and don’t want to cheat.

Trek Domane ALR is a class 1 bike with a 300 Series Alpha aluminum frame. In this model, Trek uses Shimano 105 hydraulic brakes and Shimano 105 R7000 2×11 gear system. The frame makes clear that this is a professional racing bike. It is as good as other Trek racing bikes, only that this model comes with a motor and battery to provide additional power to the bike when needed.

Cannondale – Adventure Neo 4

Here we have another great addition from the Cannondale family. Unfortunately, it’s not as powerful as the Topstone Neo 5, but the smooth ride it offers is nothing to laugh at. Equipped with a 400W Bosch PowerTube it has a range of up to 65 miles. This ebike is ideal for long city commutes and it’s 27.5″ Kenda tires insure that you’ll have a great time out on the open road.

The Adventure Neo 4 has a SmartForm C3 Alloy step-thru frame which also brings a few pounds to the total weight. Brakes are very solid, Tektro M275 hydraulic disc brakes, so you don’t need to worry about coming to a safe stop even when reaching the bike’s top speeds.

Juiced Bikes. Crosscurrent S2

Speed and endurance are pretty important when it comes to electric bikes; that’s a fact that’s obvious to the makers of Crosscurrent S2 eBike.

Besides looking like something from a sci-fi movie, Crosscurrent S2 is a bike that offers many things in the categories of speed and endurance.

First of all, the pedal-assist on this eBike is something you’ve probably never tried. And with the 9-Speed Shimano Cassette transmission, you’re guaranteed a smooth ride. Cadence Torque Sensors on the pedal-assist do make a huge difference. something you’ll notice right away.

Also, the speeds that you can achieve while riding this eBike are no joke:

The manufacturer says that you’ll be able to develop a top speed of 28 MPH, but if you’re really trying to go a bit faster, it is possible. This speed is dangerous, so all riders need to be aware of that. and proceed with care.

Other than that, Crosscurrent S2 is an overall fantastic e-bike to own and ride regularly. Comfort and good looks are always a good pair. especially when backed by a reliable motor.

LOOK – E 765 Optimum Disc 105

LOOK obviously has looks, but that’s not all; this bike is made explicitly for making massive miles.

Without a doubt, this bike is a high-end road bike made for professionals or anyone who likes to ride a bike with excellent performance. Whether you are traveling the hills or lowland, you can benefit from everything this bike offers.

E 765 Optimum Disc 105 is a durable, lightweight bike made for road biking. You better not go off-road with this bike because that’s not its purpose, and you may damage it.

Assistance Levels

You can use four different assistance levels. You can power it by yourself by pedaling or choose one of the three speeds at your disposal. You can select 125W, 250W, or 400W.

The bike is made from carbon and alloy. This material allows bike lightweight riding with a very comfortable seat and handles. E 765 Optimum Disc 105 is a class 1 bike which means pedaling assistance works up to 20mph.

Other Specifications

When pedaling, you can use extra precise 22 speed Shimano 105 and Shimano 105 hydro brakes. Fazua Evation battery is of decent quality.

Orbea – Gain M20i

Orbea Gain M20i is a full carbon electric bike that offers a lot. You would think this is a regular bike since the motor and battery are well hidden on the first look. Orbea makes one of the best e-road bikes, and thanks to their expertise, Gain M20i is famous among bikers. Many folks enjoy this bike that allows them to do long distances and travel at 20mph at ease since that is the pedaling speed assistance that this bike offers.

Suppose you appreciate old-school looks but want innovative pedal assistance technology. In that case, the Orbea Gain M20i is one of the ideal bikes for you. If you want an affordable bike, you can choose a heavier frame to save some money.

Gain M20i is a class 1 bike which means you won’t need any additional license to drive it on public roads. You can either choose a light carbon frame or choose a heavy frame and save some bucks. Brakes on the bike are hydraulic, Shimano Ultra. You can pedal in one of the 22 speeds offered by Shimano Ultegra Di2 R8050.

Overall this bike is excellent for longer traveling and light offroad driving if you have tires for it.

Niner – RLT E9 RDO

If you love futuristic looks, then RLT E9 RDO is the one for you. An excellent frame with professional handlers will leave you breathless. Everywhere you go, people will turn their heads around. Colorful green just adds to the looks and makes this bike look like it is coming from the distant future.

Niner RLT E9 RDO is ideal for road traveling, but you can go off-road without a problem, thanks to the powerful tires. With this bike, thanks to its battery, you can do long-distance traveling or fast short rides. You can choose pedal assistance up to 28mph.

RLT E9 RDO is a class 2 bike that can handle high speeds thanks to a robust Niner RDO Carbon frame. Such powerful bikes need high-quality brakes, which are thanks to Shimano GRX 400 hydraulic brake system. When pedaling, you can enjoy a 2×11 gear system by SHIMANO GRX 800.

Specialized – Turbo Creo SL

Turbo Creo SL is one of the bikes that can travel for the whole day, and after the entire day of pedaling, you would not be particularly tired. This bike is an absolute monster thanks to its heavy-duty battery that can assure enough power for pedal assistance up to 28mph. With battery assistance, you can travel up to 80 miles. Recharging the battery will take a little bit over two hours. After that, you are ready to do another 80 miles with assisted pedaling.

With Specialized Turbo Creo SL, you can travel the whole day, especially if you pick the model with full carbon. However, we need to warn you that Turbo Creo SL price can go up to 15 000 if you opt for the high-quality material.

Specialized Turbo Creo SL is a class 3 bike with a lightweight frame that can do distance riding with little effort. It can go up to 28mph without problem, and thanks to the lightweight but robust frame and Shimano GRX 810 hydraulic brakes, high speeds are safe. When pedaling, you can choose one of the 11 Shimano RX812 GX gears.

Wilier – Cento 1HY Ultegra

Wilier is famous for making highly competitive racing bikes. Cento 1HY Ultegra is made for competitive cyclists who need all the benefits of the competitive bike with a light battery that provides energy in pedal assistance. The battery is light which keeps the total bike ewight under 27lbs. This bike is ideal for training because you can choose from three different assistance modes. When you feel you need more assistance during the training, you pick a higher assistance mode, and when you feel powerful, you can opt for low assistance. With this bike, you can train even when feeling tired. With a low weight and powerful motor and a decent battery, you can climb mountains without a problem.

Other parts of the bike are also great and provide good racing additions. Carbon frame allows this bike to be light, but Shimano Ultegra hydraulic brakes provide safety at high speed or downhill driving. Pedaling gears are also unique, and you can choose gear from 2×11 Shimano Ultegra R8000.

Bianchi – Aria Ultegra

When you see the light blue color on the road, you can hint that this bike was made by Bianchi. The light blue color is their trademark. When you look at this road bike, you can see that it is not that different from regular Bianchi bikes. The only difference is a fatter frame where the battery is installed. The motor used in Aria Ultegra is adjustable and can provide from 30%, 60%, and 100% pedaling assistance. However, the battery is not that powerful, and you will be able to do up to 25 miles with one charge.

Bianchi made this model for competitive riders who want additional electrical horsepower to help them in some part of the training. Everything else on the bike screams professional bike. A high-quality carbon frame with Shimano Ultegra R8070 hydraulic braking system is what most regular professional bikes have. Shimano Ultegra R8000 gear changing system allows pro riders to enjoy all the benefits of the professional bike.

Bianchi Aria Ultegra is a class 1 bike which means you won’t need any additional driving license for riding this bike on open public roads.


What to look at when buying an electric road bike?

When buying an electric road bike, you need to ask yourself if you need a bike for endurance, race, or gravel. After that, you need to choose the proper size for you. And the third option is parts that the bike offers, like battery quality, breaks, derailleurs, and other bike components.

Why choose an electric bike?

Some people pick e-bikes to cheat at races. That’s wrong, and you won’t go too far with that because the motor and battery are visible on many models. However, many bike drivers pick e-bikes because they need a comfortable ride without breaking a sweat.

Some people want to ride a bike, but they have some problems like arthritis or joint problems. Even if you are not 100% fit, you can enjoy a bike ride with an electric bike. Other people just want to travel high distances, which with the regular bike they are unable to do.

Suppose you think that e-bike is not a good exercise. In that case, you are wrong because the latest research shows that people improve their fitness with e-bikes, probably because they stay on the road longer with an e-bike.

In the end, we must say that riding a bike is lots of fun and the majority pick an electric bike over a regular one just because of that reason.

How much do electric road bikes cost?

Just like with regular bikes, you can buy affordable e-bikes or expensive ones. But we must agree that electric bikes are more expensive than traditional bikes. You will hardly find a decent e-bike under 2000. Top bikes are around 6000, while the price can quickly go over 10 000 if you look at the most innovative bikes.

E-bikes disadvantages?

Ebikes are usually heavier than regular bikes. These bikes are also expensive, and if something goes wrong with bike repairs will also cost more than the regular bike repairs.

Which electric road bike brand is the best?

There are many manufacturers, well-known Trek and Merinda, but we think the best electric bikes for the road are made by Look company.

Are electric road bikes still worth it?

If you need an electric road bike to keep you outside cycling, then without a doubt e-bike is a good investment. Many people use e-bikes to go to work, and by that, they save money on transport. Ebikes today are more accessible because affordable batteries and motors make the bike price lower than ever before.

What groupset is best on an electric road bike?

Just like regular bikes, e-bikes use the same equipment. However, the gear system is what is most important on an e-bike for the road. Usually, Shimano Ultegra or GRX are decent solutions for electric road bikes.

What electric road bike is lightest?

We know that because of the battery and motor, an e-bike can not be extremely light. However, the Scott Addict eRIDE has only 23.7lbs and is probably the most lightweight bike in the world.

What’s the most affordable electric road bike?

Unfortunately, finding a decent electric road bike for under 2000 is a problem. If that’s above your budget I can only recommend the Ride1up Roadster, which is going around 1000. The more money you can spend on the electric bike, the higher quality one you can get. However, it is public opinion that e-bikes’ price will only go down over time because more competition is coming to the market, and parts like batteries and motors are getting cheaper every day.

The Best Electric Road Bikes in 2023

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Electric road bikes are quick and designed for riding on paved roads. Having a battery and motor gives you a boost when you need it.

Trek Domane LT

The Trek Domane LT is an excellent carbon drop-bar electric bike. Its rear IsoSpeed soaks up the bumps, which gives you a smoother ride. It’s built well and provides a ton of value for a good price.

Instead of the Bosch motor that the original Domane used, Trek switched to a Fazua Evation motor and a 250Wh battery that assists up to 20 mph. The Fazua motor allowed Trek to reduce the weight to 32.3 pounds.

Trek’s Domane LT has a 2×11 Shimano Ultegra drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes. Riding it feels like a traditional road bike with added power. It offers a sleek look because the removable battery is integrated into the downtube.

Canyon Grail:ON CF 8 eTap

Canyon’s Grail:ON CF 8 eTap is a gravel bike that also rides well on roads. It’s has a 500Wh battery pack that powers a Class 3 Gen4 Bosch Performance Line Speed motor, offers 85 Nm of torque, and assistance up to 28 mph.

While it’s a powerful e-bike, it’s also lightweight. The Grail:ON CF 8 eTap has a carbon frame and weighs 35.05 pounds. The carbon frame allows Canyon to reduce the bike’s weight while maintaining strength and sturdiness.

Aside from the carbon frame, it’s also equipped with a Canyon S15 VCLS 2.0 CF Seatpost and the CP07 Gravelcockpit CF for a comfortable ride. The 50mm Schwalbe G-One Bite Evo tires give you less resistance on the roads, allowing you to go faster.

Trek Domane HP 7

The Trek Domane HP 7 is quick, slim, and stylish. It’s everything you’d want in an electric road bike. It has a 500 Series OCLV Carbon frame and fork along with IsoSpeed, which absorbs bumps.

It’s equipped with a 500Wh battery that powers a Bosch Performance Speed motor. The Domane HP 7 offers assistance up to 28 mph.

It also includes a Bosch Kiox controller, a 1×11 Shimano drivetrain with Ultegra Di2 electronic shifting, Bontrager Aeolus Pro 3V carbon wheels, and hydraulic disc brakes.

By having electronic shifting, you’ll have a smoother and more efficient ride. On a single charge, it can take you up to 80 miles. It’s one of the best electric road bikes you’ll find.

Specialized Turbo Creo SL Comp Carbon Evo

The Turbo Creo SL Comp Carbon Evo from Specialized is the perfect electric road bike if you’re looking for something that doesn’t look like an e-bike. It has a fully integrated 320Wh battery pack, which makes it look streamlined and gives it a nice silhouette.

With up to 80 miles of range and a 240W SL 1.1 motor, you can take on the roads with confidence. You can also select the range extender option, which provides up to 40 additional miles of range.

Specialized utilizes an 11-42t Sunrace 11-speed cassette, Shimano HG601 chain, and Shimano GRX 810 hydraulic brake levers. It gives you solid performance while also having the ability to stop quickly.

Ribble Endurance SL e-Pro

Ribble’s Endurance SL e-Pro is another excellent option that doesn’t look like an e-bike. It has a stealth hub-driven motor and the Ultegra Di2 electronic groupset for a seamless ride.

It’s completely made of carbon and weighs 25.3 pounds, making it lightweight and allowing you to accelerate quicker. The Panasonic 250W battery offers up to 80 miles of range. If you’re using a higher level of assistance, expect to get closer to 50 miles.

When it comes to design, Ribble nailed it. You can choose between many different colors, and you can customize the handlebar to fit your riding style.

Bianchi Aria Ultegra Di2 e-bike

Bianchi’s Aria Ultegra Di2 e-bike is designed for speed, and it’s hard to tell that it’s an e-bike. In its slim down tube, it features a 250Wh Panasonic battery. It also has a 250W Ebikemotion motor unit that offers 40Nm of torque.

The Aria Ultegra Di2 is made with a lightweight carbon frame. It has a total weight of around 26 pounds. It features Shimano Ultegra components, which helps make it efficient by offering smooth shifting and braking.

Bianchi focuses on making it aerodynamic. The geometry of the e-bike is sleek and built to perform. You can ride for hours with the assistance that’s not overpowering when you need it. It’s also capable of quickly cutting corners.

Giant Road E 1 Pro

Giant’s Road E 1 Pro is a powerful and fun bike to ride on the road. It’s built with a responsive aluminum frame, composite fork, and tubeless tires to provide a smooth ride.

The e-bike is also equipped with an 11-speed Shimano Ultegra groupset and hydraulic disc brakes, which give you incredible stopping power.

The Road E 1 Pro has an EnergyPak Smart Compact 500Wh battery. On a single charge, you can ride up to 90 miles. It also features a SyncDrive Pro motor that offers 80Nm of torque. If you’re using assistance on a hill, you’ll glide up easily.

Cannondale Synapse Neo SE

Cannondale makes some of the best electric bikes. The Synapse Neo SE is a top-notch electric road bike that offers an excellent combination of power, range, and comfort.

It’s a lightweight e-bike, as it has a SmartForm C1 Alloy frame and carbon fiber fork. It also has SRAM Apex hydraulic disc brakes for instant stopping power.

Cannondale built it with a Bosch Active Line Plus 250W motor and a Bosch PowerTube 500Wh battery. The battery is located in the down tube, and it’s removable, which is easier to charge.

You can ride up to 137 miles on a single charge. The range you get with the Synapse Neo SE is one of the best on the market.

Orbea Gain M20i

The Orbea Gain M20i allows you to ride longer distances faster and take on hills much easier. Its equipped with an Ebikemotion X35 Plus 20mph motor and an Ebikemotion 248Wh ANT battery.

It has an OMR Monocoque Carbon frame, a carbon fiber fork, and several Shimano Ultegra components. The Gain M20i offers exceptional shifting, instant stopping, and fun performance.

The internal battery and cable routing make it look sleek. It’s one of the best-looking electric road bikes. So, you’ll enhance your ride and look good on it.

Frequently asked questions

How fast do electric road bikes go?

Electric road bikes go as fast as you can go. However, most offer assistance up to 28 mph.

Are electric road bikes worth it?

Electric road bikes are absolutely worth it because they allow you to ride longer and further. In some cases, you can also ride faster.

What’s the best electric road bike?

Overall, the best electric road bike is the Trek Domane LT. It’s not as expensive as many other electric road bikes, and it offers excellent performance and handling.

Bottom line

Electric road bikes are worth the money if you consistently use them. They allow you to ride longer, faster, and further. You don’t have to use assistance at all times, but it’s there if you need it. Many of them are also lightweight and look like traditional road bikes.

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The best electric road bikes

Electronic road bikes are a sticky subject among road-riding cyclists. They’re sometimes considered a cheat, but are far from it. The best electric road bikes can set you up for a fantastic day in the saddle, conquering climbs you never thought possible and elongating your ride to match your fitness levels. You can work as much or as little as you like. Don’t let it be fooled – you still have to pedal with an electric bike! If an electric road bike isn’t for you, we’ve rounded up the best electric bikes to buy.

If you want a little boost for your rides or to keep up with members of your squad who are just that bit quicker than you, an electric road bike is a great option. Equally, if you’re returning to road riding after injury or illness, then an electric road bike will be what you need. The best e-road bikes will give you all-day comfort in the saddle, be easy to use and have a motor capable of powering you along, have a battery with a good range and not be overly heavy.

What makes the best electric road bike?


Most, but not all, e-road bikes will have a rear hub motor. These are compact, lightweight but still pack 250 watts of power. They generally lack torque for getting up the steepest climbs, carrying lots of weight and setting off from a standing start. The opposite of which is a mid-drive or crank motor. These generally offer a higher amount of torque but are heavier.

Both are equally as good but bare this in mind when choosing: a heavier, more torquey motor will require more power from the battery, which will either mean a heavier battery or a reduced range.


As the development of e-bikes has gone along, as has the development of batteries and frames, each now being built so that batteries are internal and an integral part of the frame. Being housed in this way, the designs of e-bikes are much sleeker, and you may not even notice them at first glance.

Batteries are measured in watt hours (Wh), and we have a handy tool to help you figure out how much range you’re an e-bike has on a single charge. The larger the Wh number, the bigger the battery, and the greater your range. A bigger battery means more weight, which negatively affects range. It’s a balancing act and one which you can help yourself. We have explained how to get the most range from your electric bike.


You won’t find an electric road bike on this list without disc brakes. That’s because disc brakes offer superior stopping power over rim brake alternatives. This stopping power is needed as e-bikes are generally heavier than standard road bikes. The best electric road bikes will have hydraulic disc brakes. These allow for better modulation over the brakes and require less power to stop the bike.

Vitus E-Substance Alloy

£2,479.99 (RRP £3,299.99) | VIEW OFFER

This, from Wiggle’s own brand Vitus, is a great entry-level electric road bike. With a mid-drive Fazua Ride 50 Trail motor and integrated 252Wh battery is ample but a bit meek at 55Nm of torque for a mid-drive motor, considering the bike weighs in at 15.3kg. With an alloy frame and carbon forks, road buzz is reduced, and a frame compatible with either 700c or 650b tyres is a versatile bike.

Pros Shimano Tiagra groupset Versatile frame Recognised motor

Cons A heavy bike at 15.4kg

SpecMotor – Fazua Mid-drive motor, 250W max, 55NmBattery – 252Wh internalRange – Up to 60 miles power mode, depending.Weight – 15.4kgBrakes – Shimano Tiagra R4700 Hydraulic Disc ST-4720-L BR-4770-R, flat mountGearing – Sunrace CS-RX0 10-speed, 11-32t

Boardman ADV 8.9e Evation 2023

£2,799 | VIEW OFFER

Adding a Fazua Evation motor to the already brilliant Boardman ADV 8.9 and making it an electric road bike makes perfect sense. As it was, the 8.9 was an excellent all-around bike. With the addition of an electric motor, it opens itself up to a whole load of more fun rides. However, the battery isn’t large, at 250Wh and weighing in at 16kg, it’s not lightweight. The whole battery and motor system weigh 4.6kg, but you’re given help with the SRAM Apex 1x 11 groupset.

Pros Very capable bike Hydraulic disc brakes for superior stopping power 60Nm of torque is punchy

Cons Heavy at 16kg

SpecMotor – Fazua EvationBattery – 250Wh Fazua removable integrated batteryRange – Up to 56 miles power modeWeight – 16kgBrakes – SRAM Apex hydraulic discGearing – SRAM Apex PG1130 – 11-42t

Trek Domane AL5 2023

£2,850 (RRP £3,200) | VIEW OFFER

While you might look at this and think, ‘Only up to 55 miles in eco mode?’ in terms of range, an optional extender will give you up to 110 miles, which seems excessive, but you know it’s plenty to get you home again. A nice little feature is the Human Interface (HMI) display integrated into the top tube, giving the rider information on which mode they’re in and battery life. A Shimano 105 groupset makes this sing.

Pros Shimano 105 groupset Massive range with the additional extender Ample tyre clearance for some light gravel

Cons Heavier than some at 14kg

SpecMotor – HyDrive rear hub, 250W, 40NmBattery – 250Wh integrated batteryRange – Up to 55 miles power mode depending – optional range extender for up to 110 miles of rangeWeight – 14.06kg (56cm frame)Brakes – Shimano 105 R7070 hydraulic disc, Shimano RT66, 6-bolt, 160mm rotorGearing – Shimano 105 HG700-11, 11-34t, 11-speed

Orbea Gain D50 2023

£2,899 | VIEW OFFER

The D50 is the entry point in the Orbea line-up and is perfect for casual cyclists who want to extend their rides, keep up with their more experienced friends or as a way back into cycling after injury or illness. The use of an electric motor is also great for older riders, too. With a comfort-focused geometry, it’s undoubtedly a bike which will keep you riding further for longer.

Pros Internal cabling keeps the design sleek Reliable Mahle motor Shimano Claris groupset is simple but reliable

Cons The iWOC ONE system doesn’t indicate battery life without the app

SpecMotor – Mahle SmartBike Systems X35 M1, 250WBattery – Mahle 36V/6.9A 248Wh ANTRange – Not givenWeight – 15kgBrakes – Shimano BR-RS305, mechanical discGearing – Shimano HG50, 11-32t, 8-speed

Ribble Endurance SL e – Sport

£3,999 | VIEW OFFER

Ribble has been flexing its muscles lately, making quality bikes with equally excellent paint. The Endurance SL e is no different. The clue here is in the Endurance name, which translates to a geometry set for all-day riding, with about 50 miles per charge (depending on how you use the motor). In other words, you’ll feel comfortable on it until it’s time to head home and charge up.

Pros Hydraulic disc brakes for superior stopping power Reliable Shimano 105 groupset Reliable Mahle motor

Cons The range could be longer for a £3,000 bike

SpecMotor – Mahle SmartBike Systems X35 M1, 250WBattery – Panasonic I250 36V/250Wh, 18650GA-10S/2PRange – Up to 50 milesWeight – 11.94kgBrakes – Shimano R7070 hydraulic flat mountGearing – Shimano 105 R7000 11-speed

Scott Addict ERIDE 30 2022

£4,999 (RRP £5,399) | VIEW OFFER

Dipping our toes into carbon fibre here now, and that’s not the only thing which is lightweight – the Mahle X20 Rear hub motor with 50Nm of torque is too. It’ll be the perfect additional aid to get you up the hills and boost your ride, as it comes in at an acclaimed weight of 10.75kg. There is a 36V 250Wh Panasonic integrated battery and an optional 208Wh booster to help elongate your ride. Scott claims a total of just over 74 miles with over 2,000m of climbing with the booster. Without the booster, you’re looking at around 46 miles.

Pros Huge range with the booster Lightweight Looks great

Cons Not many, but at this price, you wouldn’t expect any

eroad, bikes, almost, good, true

SpecMotor – Mahle X20 hub drive 50NmBattery – Mahle 36V-250WhRange – Up to 46 milesWeight – 10.75kgBrakes – Shimano BR-R7070 hydraulic disc, 160/F SM-RT800 CL and 160/R SM-RT76 6B rotorGearing – Shimano 105 FC-R7000#Hollowtech II 50×34 T

BMC Roadmachine AMP THREE Disc 2022

£4,845 (RRP £5,700) | VIEW OFFER

BMC again utilises the Mahle X20 motor, but this time with a much bigger 350Wh integrated battery for better range straight out of the box. Which BMC claim to be 140km with 3,000m of elevation. Pretty good. There is also an optional 172Wh range extender to boost that mileage. With a full Shimano 105 groupset and strong, tubeless-ready XRD-522 wheels, the Roadmachine AMP rolls smoothly, with the Vittoria Rubino Pro tyres giving good traction and puncture protection.

Pros Reliable groupset with Shimano 105 Good range Very respected brand

Cons At this price, we’d like to see all cables kept well out of the way

eroad, bikes, almost, good, true

SpecMotor – Mahle X20, 25NmBattery – Mahle iX350 – 350 Wh (optional 172Wh range extender, purchased separately)Range – Up to 140km with 3000m of elevationWeight – 11.8kgBrakes – Shimano 105, RT70 rotor 160mmGearing – Shimano 105, 11-32t, 11-speed

Specialized Creo SL Comp Carbon 2022

£5,625 (RRP £6,250) | VIEW OFFER

We chose the 2022 Creo SL because it’s cheaper than the 2023 bike. Why? It’s a year older. Not a lot of difference other than that. A lightweight carbon chassis paired up with a Future Shock 2.0 fork that’ll flatten bumps to reduce fatigue on the bike. It functions as a suspension that’s fully adjustable on the fly thanks to a knob on the stem, which adjusts compression. The motor is Specialized’s own SL 1.1, which can deliver 240 watts of power with an impressive 80 miles of range thanks to a 320Wh battery pack. The optional range extender will boost this to 120 miles of range.

Pros Massive range Big integrated battery Adjustable, on-the-fly suspension

Cons The motor doesn’t deliver 250 watts of power, but what’s 10 watts?

SpecMotor – Specialized SL 1.1, custom lightweight motorBattery – Specialized SL1-320, fully integrated, 320WhRange – Up to 80 milesWeight – Around 14kgBrakes – Shimano 105, hydraulic discGearing – Sunrace, 11-speed, alloy spider, 11-42t

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