10 Best Tricycles for Adults: Super Sturdy and Comfortable (Summer 2023). Folding trike for adults

Best Adult Tricycles (Trikes) Buying Guide

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Adult tricycles are becoming increasingly popular for those looking for a safer alternative to the traditional two-wheeled bicycle. We’re going to review some of the best tricycles on the market.

The Schwinn Meridian 7-speed drivetrain is perfect for anyone who wants to get out in nature. Easy shifting will help you through a variety of terrains.

best, tricycles, adults, super, sturdy

#1 Best Seller in Complete Cruiser Bikes

This commuter trike makes carrying your shopping a whole lot easier with its rear folding basket. If you’re carrying a lot of goods, there’s even space to fit additional accessories.

Why Do Adults Ride Tricycles?

Tricycles add a bit more stability and comfort than the classic two-wheeled bicycle. Aging, illness, and a lack of balance are among the most common reasons people stop cycling or don’t partake altogether. The inability to mount the bike and the risk of falling are too dangerous for some people. The tricycle eliminates these problems, which allow more people to enjoy the sport of cycling safely.

Folding or Non-Folding Tricycles: Which Is for Me?

Folding or non-folding? Which is best depends on two things; portability and storage. Evaluate these two things before deciding which one is best for you.

If you need to transport your trike before you set off on your ride, a folding trike makes life a lot easier. They can fit in the back of your car or on the train, allowing you to reach more than what’s in your local vicinity.

When you’re not on your trike, where are you going to store it? Trikes aren’t particularly compact. Do you have enough space to store a non-folding trike, or do you need it to condense so you can hide it away?

Reviews of Our Best Adult Trikes of 2021

Best Overall: Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle 7 Speed

The Schwinn Meridian 7-speed drivetrain is perfect for anyone who wants to get out in nature. Easy shifting will help you through a variety of terrains.

#1 Best Seller in Complete Cruiser Bikes

Our all-around favorite trike is the Schwinn Meridian. Schwinn, the original American bike brand, has developed a strong reputation within the cycling industry. Producing trikes like the Schwinn Meridian, we know how it’s maintained its strong brand.

The Schwinn Meridian trike has a low frame for easy access and swept-back handlebars for a comfortable upright riding position. The springer cruiser seat provides extra comfort for those longer rides. One of our favorite features is the extra-large folding mesh basket. In this functional yet stylish added feature, you can pack a day out or pick up a week’s worth of shopping. This trike is truly the perfect mix of functionality and class.

The Schwinn Meridian 7-speed drivetrain is perfect for anyone who wants to get out in nature. Easy shifting will help you through a variety of terrains. If you’re not too fussed about multiple speeds, Schwinn also produces a 1-speed Schwinn Meridian trike. The 1-speed version of the Schwinn Meridian suits riders sticking to flat terrain over short distances.

Riding through varying terrains can get messy. The Schwinn Meridian trike comes with full-coverage fenders to keep you dry and free of dirt on those off-road cycles. Heavy-duty double-wall alloy rims and 26-inch wheels also provide strength and stability while riding.

Add character to your bike by choosing a color that suits your personality. The Schwinn Meridian comes in 9 different colors, perfect for riders who want to add a bit of style to their rides.

Runner-Up: sixthreezero Body Ease 26 Inch

This commuter trike makes carrying your shopping a whole lot easier with its rear folding basket. If you’re carrying a lot of goods, there’s even space to fit additional accessories.

In close second is the sixthreezero Body Ease. As sixthreezero put it, “the power of three eliminates all balance concerns.” The sixthreezero Body Ease is a great commuter bike for those who want a bit more stability while out on the road.

1.95” width tires create a smooth and bump-free ride, providing you with maximal comfort. The sixthreezero Body Ease ergonomic design with a low frame and high handlebars puts your body in a relaxed, upright position. Additionally, its deluxe cushioned saddle and foam grips provide maximal comfort from head to toe. If that wasn’t enough, its virazorb front suspension reduces vibration and shock on uneven terrain. If you’re looking for ultimate comfort, the sixthreezero Body Ease will suit you well.

best, tricycles, adults, super, sturdy

This commuter trike makes carrying your shopping a whole lot easier with its rear folding basket. If you’re carrying a lot of goods, there’s even space to fit additional panniers and accessories.

best, tricycles, adults, super, sturdy

Similar to the Schwinn Meridian, the sixthreezero Body Ease comes with a 7-speed derailleur. Multiple speeds make it easier to climb hills and travel over rough terrain. The sixthreezero Body Ease gets you through neighborhoods, cities, parks, and beaches in style and comfort.

Best Recumbent Cruiser: Mobo Triton Pro Adult Beach Cruiser Trike

Adds a more laid-back style compared to other trikes. The reclined seat provides evenly cushioned support and places minimal stress on your knees and back.

The Mobo Triton Pro trike adds a more laid-back style compared to other trikes. The reclined seat provides evenly cushioned support and places minimal stress on your knees and back. The lack of handlebars means you can simply lay back and cruise along your favorite routes. This trike is specifically designed for flat paved surfaces and gently sloping terrain and is ideal for riding along the coast. It’s like lying on the beach while exercising, great right?

No handlebars, so how do you steer? The Mobo Triton Pro uses dual-joystick steering to get you around town. It offers smooth maneuverability with simple hand movements. You don’t have to be a gaming wizard to control this simple piece of kit. The lower center of gravity created by the Mobo Triton Pro creates maximum stability, putting your mind at ease with balance concerns. Easy use and maximum make this a great trike for special needs adults who have a problem with balance. They can take in the sites while still getting some exercise.

The Mobo Triton Pro requires next to no maintenance. Its chainless design and free-wheel single gear hub with caliper brakes mean you won’t be having to reach for the toolbox after every ride. With a hi-ten steel frame, the Mobo Triton Pro is durable to a range of conditions and lasts for years.

One feature we really like is the Mobo Triton Pro’s inclusivity. This trike can be adjusted to fit riders from 4’ 2” to 6’ 3” and weighing up to 250lbs.

Best Folding: MOPHOTO Adult Folding Bike Tricycle 7 Speed 20 Inch

Operates with a quick-release lever. Simply twist and pull the lever to fold the trike in half quickly and efficiently. Can be carried in a car, van, or train for easy transportation in its folded position.

Folding trikes are perfect for riders who need to transport their trike to their destination before getting on the saddle. The MOPHOTO folding tricycle is our favorite foldable trike.

The MOPHOTO folding tricycle operates with a quick-release lever. Simply twist and pull the lever to fold the trike in half quickly and efficiently. The MOPHOTO folding tricycle can be carried in a car, van, or train for easy transportation in its folded position. Keep in mind trikes are typically on the heavier side, so make sure you can safely lift the trike where necessary. Foldable trikes are also perfect for those with limited storage capacity.

The MOPHOTO folding tricycle comes with a premium steel frame. Steel frames are significantly more robust and more durable than aluminum bikes. They’re also more forgiving to bumps in the road. With 7-speeds, this trike also suits a range of terrains and inclines. No need to worry about hills or bumpy roads with this high-quality, adaptable trike.

If you’re planning a big day out on your trike, don’t worry about taking extra luggage. The MOPHOTO folding tricycle comes with a large rear basket to carry all your bits and bobs. Don’t worry about weight either; this trike also has a carrying capacity of 350lbs.

Best Mountain: Barbella Adult Mountain Bike 7 Speed

Specifically designed to go off-road, you can stay in control while crossing the toughest of terrains.

Most of the trikes we’ve reviewed have the capacity to cross multiple terrains. But, if you’re looking to get really off-road, the Barbella mountain tricycle has you covered. Specifically designed to go off-road, you can stay in control while crossing the toughest of terrains.

The Barbella mountain tricycle is constructed from sturdy steel and has a load capacity of up to 420lbs. It also sports front suspension forks for reliable, responsive riding. Its high-quality construction minimizes vibrations for a comfortable, controlled ride, even off-road. Adding to its comfort, the Barbella mountain tricycle also comes with Rapid-release fitting for the saddle. Adjust the seat height throughout your ride to suit your terrain. This trike’s handlebars are also adjustable. Total adjustability allows you to manipulate the trike to suit your individual anatomy for maximum comfort and performance.

Stay in full control of your trike with its adjustable 7-speed derailleur, anti-skid mountain tires and rims, and front disk brakes. Mountain biking isn’t the most forgiving sport. With these additions, you can stay in control for a fun and safe ride.

Need to take extra supplies on your ride? No problem, the Barbella mountain tricycle comes with a large rear basket to carry all your additional equipment. The Barbella mountain tricycle is available in six different colors to suit your personality.

Are Trikes Safer Than Bikes?

Yes and no. Trikes provide more stability than bikes, thus they’re less likely to tip over. Fewer falls lead to fewer injuries. But, trikes are typically less visible than bikes. Picture the height difference between a person riding a trike and a person riding a bike. There’s a notable difference. This distinct lack of height makes it harder for people, especially drivers of motor vehicles, to see the trike rider. Many trike riders attach flags or reflectors to their trikes to make themselves more visible and reduce their risk of getting hit by a motor vehicle.

Is It Hard To Ride a 3 Wheel Bike ?

Some people believe riding a trike is difficult. A lot of this misconception comes down to comparing the cycling style of a trike with a bike. The additional wheel, lower center of gravity, and wider wheelbase make it very different from riding a bike ; therefore, an adjustment period will be needed. But, the additional stability and comfort make trikes very easy to ride.

What You Should Consider Before Buying a 3-Wheel Bike

We’ve shown you our top adult trikes; now it’s time to decide which trike is for you. There are several things to consider when determining which trike is suitable for you.

Folding or Non-Folding

Are you riding from your home, or do you need to transport your trike to another location before you start your ride? Trikes are big and bulky, they’re not mainly built for transportation. If you’re looking to transport your trike, foldable trikes are a great option. The MOPHOTO folding tricycle easily folds into a compact unit with a small lever. Perfect for cars, vans, and trains. Foldable trikes are also great if you’re limited to storage space. They can be easily stored in a cupboard or the corner of a room. Non-folding trikes might take up more room, but fewer components mean fewer things to go wrong.


If mobility is a concern, you may want to opt for a lower step through. Adult trikes are sometimes chosen due to their extra stability. Thus making them suitable for people with mobility issues due to aging or illness. If this is a concern, ensure you are able to mount your trike safely and comfortably.

Storage Space

Many trikes come with additional baskets and space for panniers etc. Determine if you’ll need to carry anything on your rides before choosing your perfect trike. Due to the trike’s 3rd wheel, they have greater stability and heavier carrying capacities compared to traditional bikes. This unique feature makes them great for transporting goods. Will you need just enough space for your personal items, or do you need enough room to carry a week’s worth of shopping? Just note, you might have to purchase storage accessories on top of the trike itself.

Rider Position

Do you want to be in an upright position, or would you prefer to lay back? Recumbent style trikes such as the Mobo Triton Pro creates an almost horizontal position for your torso. This laid-back style reduces low back pain and lowers stiffness in the neck and back. If your primary reason for getting a trike is to reduce strain on your lower back, a recumbent style trike is more suitable. Upright trikes place your torso in an almost vertical position. Some users prefer to keep their spine in a neutral position while cycling. Additionally, an upright position allows you to push more power through the pedals making for a more efficient cycle.

Frame Material

A trike needs to be strong enough to carry the rider and their cargo, but we don’t want them to be so heavy they become difficult to ride. Trikes are typically made from carbon fiber, aluminum, steel, or titanium. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of each.

Carbon fiber is highly durable and incredibly light. They are very easy to ride due to their lightweight. Arguably the biggest disadvantage of carbon fiber is price, it will set you back significantly more than the other materials.

Aluminum frames are the cheapest of the bunch, but they’re also the weakest. Aluminum isn’t as adsorbent to bumps but will save you some cash.

Steel is also a cheap material, but it’s heavier than aluminum. Its weight makes it more durable but also adds to carrying load and cycling efficiency.

Lastly, frames can be made from titanium, but this is rare. Titanium is strong, flexible, and light. But, like carbon fiber, it’s expensive.

As you can see, each material has its pros and cons. The main things to consider are price, weight, and durability.


Trikes often come with 20”, 24”, or 26” wheels. The size of the trike’s wheels typically correlates with their weight carrying capacity. If you’re carrying heavier loads, larger wheels will be beneficial.


Trikes can be single or multiple speeds. Single-speed trikes have just one gear, thus one speed. If you’re traveling on flat terrain, a single-speed trike is perfect. It means you won’t be having to fiddle around with gears. It also means there are fewer components to break, thus making maintenance a whole lot easier. Their simplicity is great, but they’re not ideal for varying degrees of elevation and terrain. Lower gears will help you up hills, and higher gears will help you produce more power on the flat ground. Keep in mind more gears equate to more things going wrong. If you’re not looking for small margins and just want a few options, 7 gears is enough.


Trikes add a lot more stability and comfort than the traditional two-wheeled bike. There is a range of trikes on the market; which one is best for you will depend on a couple of factors. Notably, the most important are gears, riding position, and cost.

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Best Tricycles for Adults: Super Sturdy and Comfortable (Summer 2023)

We reviewed the best tricycles on the market and compared the best features, ranging from cruisers to functional trikes.

John is an experienced cycling enthusiast and a great asset when it comes to writing skills. He’s a Bachelor of Arts and a talented journalist. John is in charge of our blog read more

Jessica is our expert consultant on all things connected to biking. gear, technique, you name it. Being a pro cyclist in the past, she knows exactly how things work in and read more

Bike The Site is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

We considered the best tricycle for adults and chose a variety of trikes that meet different needs. So, whether you like to cruise, or you’re overweight, disabled, or short, or simply enjoy shopping for new innovative items, there’s something for you.

Our reviews will show we considered durability because some frames are more prone to bend or wear than others. Comfort was another important feature, as was cost – for the budget-constrained. Practical issues like baskets and foldability of trikes are also important because of issues with storage space. Additionally, we included features such as night reflectors and brakes for reasons of safety.

Quick Summary

A sturdy tricycle to suit many needs, great for first-time riders. Budget-friendly and comfortable.

The solid tricycle is the best quality for budget-friendly wallets. Comes with variable speed and front and back baskets.

This trike enables you to go through doorways because it is narrow. Has basket for pets and warning bell.

Very sturdy recumbent tricycle with innovative rear steering and extendable frame for people with different heights.

The tricycle is electric and folds well. Enables easy moving from point A to point B for those with low mobility.

Top 10 Tricycles for Adults Reviewed in 2023

Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle

  • Wheels sizes: 24- and 26-inches options
  • Suspension: rigid
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Frame material: aluminum
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs.

features: has a cargo basket, fits riders 5,4 to 6,2 feet in height, linear-pull brakes

The Schwinn Meridian is the best adult tricycle we’ve tested, and here’s why: Firstly, it is made by a reliable company, and the parts are likely to be around for quite some time. Secondly, it’s a sturdy tricycle and gives a smooth, easy ride. It’s fairly lightweight, which makes maneuvering simpler. Its aluminum frame also makes it corrosive-resistant. A comfortable seat means you ride over the bumps without much discomfort.

There is only one speed, but that leads to a very user-friendly functionality. The fenders keep your leg and clothes from being damaged. The Schwinn has a basket at the back, which is ideal for carrying shopping and other small items. The bike is excellent for the budget-end of the market. We chose it for its simplicity, style, and functionality. The trike is built for taller people, so if you’re a woman and you want a bike built for shorter people, search here.

We chose this model as our Premium Pick because it is very functional. It gets you around from A to B in a very simple, straightforward manner. Whilst there are no frills or fuss, it is sturdy, solid, and practical. It was the Editor’s pick because it is a sound bike for the budget-end of the market. It’s easy to ride, and you will be able to entrust it to many disabled people without fear of them injuring themselves. This trike can be compared with the Viribus, another 1-speed vehicle. The Schwinn has the name and reputation behind it, and you can trust that the parts will be around for years. The Viribus may have a folding basket and saddle with adjustable height, but these can be overcome on the Schwinn.


Riding this adult trike three wheeler features a folding frame for the added convienence and easy storage. This bike is super easy to ride with the low step thru frame design and 7 speed gearing. Comes with front v-brake and rear Band brake that includes a parking feature. Added rear basket for extra storage.

ALLOY COMFORT GEOMETRY The rust-resistant aluminum frame features a relaxed geometry, making pedaling easier for the rider. Rust resistant hardware keeps your bike in tip-top shape all year long.

TWIST GRIP BELL Easy to use, low maintenance quality-of-life features like this set Haven bikes apart from the competition.

OVERSIZED HANDLEBAR Cruisin’ is way easier with our extra wide, swept back handlebar. Made to give the riders a wider arm positioning which allows for a more comfortable ride. Dual Band brakes for the front rider make stopping a breeze.

DELUXE COMFORT SADDLES Our comfort saddles are equipped with extra padding and wrapped with a waterproof covering. Perfect for the beach!

ENHANCED FEATURES Smooth-rolling tires, stainless steel spokes, alloy rims, rust-resistant chain, rear cargo basket, and parking brake are just some of the features that make this specialty Haven bike so great.

ICONIC DESIGN We know you’ll love our bikes as much as we do, and we’re very proud of the work we put into them. When you see our iconic lighthouse logo, you’ll know you’re getting a quality product.

























We have a 1-year warranty for parts from the date of purchase.The Haven frame and fork is warranted for the usable life of the bicycle. See our full warranty here: WARRANTY POLICY


A 8-speed bike can tackle rougher routes, climb hills or go over uneven terrains. These bikes are perfect for riders who plan on riding a little off the beaten path or take who like to take longer rides.


8-speed bikes give you even more range, which in turn makes riding over different types of terrain easier. You’ll be able to conquer hills, city streets, and sloping ground with ease.


The 8-speed gears are also preferred for their easily maneuverable personalization features. Riders can adjust the bike’s gears to better suit their needs. Once riders fully understand how their drivetrain works, they will find their bike to be quite well-performing.


On a 8-speed bike, there is a greater ease when pedaling. The lower and higher gears allow for smoother pedaling. The lower gears on the bike allow for a more relaxed pedaling. The higher gears also allow riders to tackle a downhill, sloppy trails more easily.

Adult Tricycles on Sale (25-35% Off)

There’s no better time to buy your adult tricycle bike than RIGHT NOW! During our annual sales event, not only will you get HUGE SAVINGS. but every adult tricycle for sale here ship for a flat rate of 39 per order!

Choose from the best adult trike manufacturers on the market. Trailmate, Worksman Cycles and Performer Recumbents. and rest easy knowing that not only do you have a great adult tricycle, but you have one backed by the best warranties in the industry!

Choose from our impressive selection, below. Most of our three wheel bikes have gears (or options to add them) and many offer the option to turn them into motorized adult tricycles. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this page where you’ll see why more and more adults are switching to tricycles:

Worksman Side-by-Side Team Dual 3-Speed Recumbent Trike

Performer JC-70 Recumbent Trike (2 Speeds Available)

Worksman Side-by-Side Team Dual 1-Speed Recumbent Trike

Performer Trike-F Folding Recumbent Trike

Performer JC-26-X Recumbent Trike

Trailmate 24 Desoto Classic Adult Tricycle

Performer JC-26-X Folding Recumbent Trike

Trailmate 26 Desoto Classic Adult Tricycle

Trailmate 20 Desoto Classic Adult Tricycle

Performer Futuro – Delta Recumbent Trike

Performer Cantus Carbon Recumbent Trike

MODEL S | Electric Bike Company

MODEL C | Electric Bike Company

Trailmate 26 Hefty Hauler Industrial Adult Tricycle

Trailmate 24 Desoto Hefty Hauler Industrial Adult Tricycle

Smart Adults Ride Tricycles!

Why in the world would an adult want to buy a tricycle, you might ask. Anyone whose ridden one can tell you why. They are safer, they are more comfortable and they are better for your body than a bicycle is. Besides, especially if you buy a recumbent adult tricycle, they look really cool, too!

As we get older, we’re usually not quite as coordinated as we were when we were younger. Our muscles are usually not quite as strong relative to our body weight and while falling off a bike at any age really hurts, adults usually end up with far more serious injuries than children do when they take a tumble off of a bike.

Obviously, three wheels are a heck of a lot more stable than two are. That’s why small children usually start off with a tricycle. An adult recumbent tricycle rides much lower to the ground, which means it has an even lower center of gravity than a traditional upright tricycle. That makes it even harder to tip over. What’s more, in the extremely unlikely event of a fall, you don’t have far to fall. Less distance and force means it is far less likely that bones will be broken!

than anything, adult tricycles are more comfortable than bicycles are. Adult trikes typically have wider seats and a great many of them have seat backs, which greatly increase your comfort and help alleviate back strain. If you go with a recumbent adult tricycle, you’ll also reduce the strain on your wrists and shoulders.

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